Coping With Work and/or School

From a variety of quarters comes some much needed advice on jobs and job hunting as well as tips for how to maintain sanity once in a job. This is a particularly tough area for bipolars since their illness can dictate certain limits that most people won't ever experience or understand. But as you'll see, there's great cause for optimism if you take the time to properly prepare yourself to deal with what lies ahead.

Much thanks to Rocki for the following advice. . . .

I think the biggest thing to remember about getting or keeping a job is not to look over your shoulder wondering if it shows. If you are confident that you can do the job, then go for it. Once you get it, you can work around the illness. I am fortunate, I have bosses who know and work around my illness.

There are ways to work around it though. On days when it is hard to go in, unless you have a people-intensive job, try to stay in your own little space and just make it through the day. I am allowed to listen to headphones where I work - so I just plug in and basically tune out everything but what I have to do and what I can concentrate on at the moment.

Whatever you do is good. You will almost always make up for it on a manic day when you get tons of work done. Try and save time off for days when you absolutely cannot make it in. On those days, hibernate and rest yourself.

Take everything one day at a time - try not to worry about the future.


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