Dancing With Fire

By: Mark Lewis (Mystic Traveler)


i dance with fire cause that is my predilection
can't you see, got no choice in that matter

silky smooth, she licks my soul sending me higher
this fire and i; dancing among the stars

should i stray or wander, nary worry, she'll bring me back
this fire and i sailing across the moonlit sky

this fire consumed by my desire roars ever higher
Dance, Dance, Dance, raise the spirit up on high
shout to the heavens and dance on, dance on
not a moments rest cause once the dance has stopped
that harmony will have ended

i will be no more, dance breathlessly
it is the last dance, there will be no more

worlds apart, moving in synchronicity, twisting and turning
forming this fire of my eternal desire
fear gives an edge that sobriety tempers, the spirit of freedom
it is the same for me or you, it's all one in fire and ice

don't you see there is no choice in the matter
the spirit moves, the body follows, there is no other way
the harmony continues, the cycle goes on unbroken
another day, another eternity, the cycle goes on
until the day when spirit stop dancing

i will be no more, so i dance, i dance breathlessly
it's my last dance, there will be no more

(C) 1994 all the world's creatures big and small