This MOO's For You!

While there are many Chat rooms on IRC for bipolar support, there are no MOOs that I know of set aside for FyrenIyce folks to meet, relax and feel safe to discuss issues that affect their daily lives. So...let me tell you a bit about MOOs.


There are MOOs residing on servers in Perth, Western Australia, where F&I is, and all over the globe as well. There are any number of multimedia partnerships between government, private industry and institutions of higher education that support MOO communities. The MOO itself is used primarily as a meeting place for various social groups dedicated to making this a better world to live in.

Compared to a Chat room, a MOO offers an environment far richer in content and culture. Members of the community can be issued programming bits by the wizards who run the MOO, thus being given the means and opportunity to learn MOOcode and to make rooms, objects, verbs, and other interesting items for their and other's enjoyment. Your hostess here has been a wizard on various MOOs for several years now. On AussieMOO you will, no doubt, still meet many of my students who've made a home on there despite the fact that the classes they were in that I taught on the MOO are long over, and grades now nothing more than a memory. As soon as I've developed our new MOO community you'll be cordially invited to join me and other bipolars as we gather in the MOO for fun and friendship.

And don't forget, there are no set times in any MOO; they are open around the clock,gabby_gif 24 hours a day. You just drop by, login and see if anyone is on. If not, you can always drop them a line via MOO-mail and arrange a set meeting time. Or, you can do as some of the locals do and send a post to *soc complaining about the fact that nobody is there! (restrained chuckle) The next page provides the address and information necessary to log on to any MOO as a guest. In the near future, a precise address for aour bipolar family will be announced.


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