Perhaps the single most important step you'll take as a bipolar (or as a BP-lover) is to begin immediately to weave a safety net for yourself. By safety net I mean a group of friends and/or relatives, tightly interlaced, who know and care about your well-being. These folks are your first line of defense in a world that often chooses to ignore, and even abuse, your rights and needs. It's crucial that you learn now how to protect yourself from those who haven't your best interests at heart .

In a perfect world, being considered mentally ill would be viewed in no more negative a manner than being left handed as opposed to right; but this is NOT a perfect world. Until it is, look at the intricate knotting of the celtic symbol above and form for yourself a clan as fierce and loyal as any Highland band of warriors could be. Surround yourself with those you can trust to respect your wishes and your dignity as a human being. To find out how to go about gathering your own clan, please read on.



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