Personal Tales & Terrors

One of the ways bipolars help one another is to share their experiences of how they've come to terms with this illness they have in common. On this page (and through various links) are the personal tales, terrors, suffering, and humiliating experiences that bipolar disorder can, and most often does engender. If you see yourself reflected in the words of others like you it is hoped you'll no longer feel alone or as if you are the only person to have done some rather bizarre things. A warning: some of the material here may be disturbing to some people.


And the Story-thread Begins . . .         

Mark's Story -- Mark was diagnosed BP at 24, but his excessive drinking for the next 14 years would land him repeatedly in hospitalbook_gif after hospital.

Jenn - A palpable pain in so few words.

Sheri's Story - A triumph of spirit against all odds.

RIDING THE CYCLONE: Living with BiPolar Disorder -- Meet Karin Morgan, experienced cyclone-rider, mother, lawyer, and counselor with a masters degree in psychology -- now mom, struggling seamstress, and web designer.

Susans' Story: My Journey Back To Sanity -- This is the story of Susan Dime-Meenan (as told to Dianne Hales) executive director of National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association. phone: 1-800-82-NDMDA.

Giving Credence To McDougal's Mania? -- From The Allodium pages comes this tale of a political bipolar in the Clinton camp who seems to have let his noncompliance get the best of him.

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