Thinking Through Bipolar Illness

I've taught Critical Thinking at the university level for over six years, and have years of critical training in philosophy to back it up. I continue to devote my efforts toward developing critical skills people can use in all areas of their life.


What I wish to share with you here are ways in which you can learn to think more clearly. I want you to know that, even with this illness, there are skills you can employ that will aid you in making crucial decisions regarding your treatment options, family relations, and friendships.

For permission to link, distribute, or copy this course, please email me.. You can help me with this ongoing project by providing feedback in the form of constructive criticism, questions, suggestions etc....thanx folks.


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Controlling the "Bipolar Beast"

I'm going to take the middle ground and make this course as accessible to all as I possibly can given it's a website. My worry is that I won't be able to give the detail I'd like to, but by answering questions, actively debating, and evaluating issues on FyrenIyce-THINK, a private list designed for this purpose, I can keep this a mini-course more fitted to this medium. You MUST subscribe to the list below if you opt to continue the course.

Please understand that FyrenIyce-THINK is NOT A SUPPORT LIST!

Hard thinking IS NOT warm and fuzzy. If you are looking for that kind of support, then subscribe to the regular FyrenIyce Support group/list or the digest version of the same. You may subscribe to the regular FyrenIyce Support list or its digest version here.

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