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Long term treatment can be of two sorts: inpatient or outpatient, and sometimes a combination of the two. Inpatient care involves extended stays in a psychiatric facility where supervision is constant and all activities are carefully monitored via extensive security measures. This kind of confinement is perhaps the rarest and yet the most feared treatment a bipolar can encounter. Feared, because the patient has no control and little choice concerning their treatment program. This is not to say such facilities don't have their place, but there is a long extant history of various kinds of abuse associated with some of the older institutions, and even the new ones are not exempt from irregularities. It behooves you as the patient to be careful before admission to an institution rather than after when it may be too late. You and your immediate family or advocate, (whether family, a friend or another designated person), should be prepared to ask some tough and penetrating questions about paperwork and procedures.

Outpatient care is another form of long term care that may consist of temporary residence in a half-way house of some sort. These facilities are generally rather small and are intended as safe places for assimilating the recovering patient back into the community. Working in conjunction with the halfway houses are various mental health professionals that have more or less influence on the patient. Generally, social workers and those not directly involved with delivering medical and therapeutic assistance will wean away from the patient. But, the psychiatrist and psychotherapist will normally be a mainstay in the bipolar person's life forevermore. It is because the doctor/patient relationship is so extended and enduring that it is vitally important you and your doctor have a strong, caring, working relationship.

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