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ball Animals as therapy
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If you don't already have an animal therapist of your own then I do encourage you to find one. The calming, soothing effects of a well-matched person/pet pair are so well documented that this form of therapy needs no defense. My personal critter doctor is a wild-ass'd kitty by the name of Harley. When the world closes in on me and no human voice is welcome or appreciated, Harley's always is, and he never says the wrong thing. Nor is he overly critical (except when I forget to fill the food dish that is).

I've worked with animals most of my life: owned an animal supply dog_gifbusiness, trained horses and dogs, shown horses and dogs, worked as a groomer, galloped racehorses on the track, and managed a large department of exotic birds and reptiles. Suffice it to say, animals have ALWAYS been a major focus in my life, and so it is with some degree of confidence that I can say that the biggest and most oft-cited problem people have when it comes to their animals is incompatibility. free

As a free service to those who visit this site, and in the interest of seeing that as many bipolars as possible have a critter doc of their own, I'm offering advice on pet selection, care, health and training to any who wish it. Don't make the mistake of getting an unsuitable pet and having a lousy experience. Go ahead, all ya gotta do is just email me with a question (or questions), or go to this form submission page and type in your questions and I'll get right back to ya with an answer as soon as possible. Disclaimer: I'm not a veterinarian and I don't pretend to be, but I dearly love beating them out of a buck when so many of them grosslycat_gif overcharge for unnecessary and/or bare-bones routine stuff anyone can do.

Fractal--(who thinks it's time for nurse practitioners in veterinarian medicine.)

My sweet animals..

gentle eyes of angels delight
i feel them so close to my heart
each day and every night
i love them.. i cherish their
sweet curiosities and ways
my sweet animals

dancing to the sounds
of the sunny day's rays
never a bother.. never a pain
so afraid of the rain
so curious to all in sight
as angels.. on the first flight
my sweet animals..

soft fur and eyes that smile.. hello
i can feel them whispering to me
calling my love and compassion
as the gifts of patience they teach
as the gifts of care gently reach
as my reaction they crave to feel
they are the silent teachers
so wise in their silent ways
my sweet animals..

gentle as the sunny days
they brighten my sadness within me
they sense my pains as wise ones
they are aware of the smallest
the tiniest of creatures
hearing all, seeing all, feeling all
such wise and great teachers
all of my love is within the eyes
of the gentle animals
i am there hiding gently
taught by the silent ones
my sweet animals..




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