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Psychology, Psychiatry, and Self-help Resources


For the most part, information on this page may be of most interest to mental health professionals and/or serious researchers, but I will also endeavour to include sections on self-help as well. Please do send any suggestions for additions.




Academic & Professional Websites:

  1. Social Psychology Network - A multifaceted site for the serious psych student or professional. There are options covering all branches of the psych field as well as tools and tips for research and grant-writing.

  2. Psychology Research Information Resources - This Tulane University site has a number of truly excellent resources for the serious researcher.

  3. Online Dictionary of Mental Health - This resource is brought to you by InterPsych and the Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies as a global information resource and research tool. A mammoth site covering personality tests, social phobias and a ton of other interesting topics.

  4. Directory of Mental Health Sites on the World Wide Web - A compendium of sites covering death, bereavement, eating disorders etc.

  5. Psychology of Philosophy Bibliography - A great resource for a variety of issues in current psychology, this University of Kentucky site includes sections on virtually every facet of psych theory.

  6. Institute of Rational Emotive Therapy - Dr. Albert Ellis developed this form of therapy in the 50's and it's steadily gained in popularity as one of the more effective therapeutic approaches. Dr. Ellis answers questions on this site and, in fact, answered mine, as well as sending me several excellent articles. Highly recommended

  7. U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) - A decent site for researchers with a variety of search options, advice and information.

  8. The Mental Health Resource Centre - A very nice Australian site that serves as an umbrella organisation for a variety of associations such as AFAFMI, Moodswing Education Centre, and eating disorders clinic.