Get to know some of the locals here by visiting their homepages and websites you'll find listed below. We are such a varied group that you are sure to find some congenial souls amongst us. In any case, visiting their virtual homes on the internet is one good way to begin a bonding process that makes for good support when times are bad. And be sure to let them know what you think of their pages too! They'd all love to hear from you.


(Some of) The F&I Gang :)

  1. RACHEL BREWER - Death-defying Rachel is also known as Skya on IRC and can be found hanging about on ICQ: 2707462. If you wish, you can send her mail.

  2. SANDY BROADSTONE - Sandy is working hard to make her home your home so do give her a visit or maybe drop her some mail.

  3. ANG SCHREFFLER - Visit Ang's homepage first then go to the member roster at Pathetic.Org and then down to Ang Schreffler where you can read some really marvelous poetry. You can mail Ang here.

  4. Rick Hamrick The Hamguin Nest: A safe place for Hamguins and Hamguin sympathizers to hide out. The site has some poetry, an autobiographical allegory, some links to funny sites, info about my 4 beautiful daughters, and some 'out-there' stuff I'm working on having to do with The Light. Shout a message to Rick!

  5. Falling From Grace -- Rocki's page - her title too, by the way, you can read some of what Rocki has to say here. Be sure to read Rocki's Song too.

  6. Sam's Page - A real shining star, Sam has pizazzzzz :). Be sure you visit or say hi to her here.

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