Hi! I'm Arthur Galletly. (That's Scottish for Go Lightly!)

I am best viewed from the rear! I had 12 sessions of bodywork and you can see the before and after effects on my posture. I have had scoliosis since my teen. About 20 years ago I start to get pain in the lower back, right shoulder, neck, and I couldn't turn my head very far.

I spent years and thousands of dollars on chiros, physios and acupuncture. I thought I had tried everything. Occasionally I would get some temporary relief, but after several years I was in as much pain as at the beginning. Then I started attending massage courses, firstly some weekend massage courses, not so much to learn how to do it, but to see if it might help. Lo and behold it did!

I had a remedial massage once a week for about 3 months, after which my pain had gone and some of the curvature in the spine had been ironed out.

At the time I had a permanent, reasonably well paid job as a TAFE Lecturer in IT, having previously spent years working with multinational computer corporations in the UK, with a career spanning over 25 years in the IT industry.

However, even though it was a huge step into the unknown and I could not get Austudy or any financial help, I felt compelled to spend two and a half years studying to enable a change of career to become a Remedial Massage Therapist for several reasons:

What's in a name?

I trade as The Remedial Massage Guy, so I clearly practice Remedial Massage but I also provide Sports massage, Pregnancy massage and rehabilitation work for injuries. I am best known for relieving aches, pains, headaches and stress, and correcting posture. I also do relaxing massages, but when you advertise relief from aches, pains, headaches and stress, that is what most people are interested in!

I started off offering Remedial Massage at the Palm Beach foreshore in Churchill Park at weekends way back in 2004. I set up on the corner, in a highly visible spot (now occupied by an electricity substation which is trying to blend in but fails miserably!). People on the phone trying to meet up with friends and family would say 'we're standing right next to The Massage Guy'. After I heard that 200 times or so, I adopted The Massage Guy as my practice name. A few years later and I thought it could easily be misinterpreted and was perhaps a bit frivolous, so I changed it to 'The REMEDIAL Massage Guy'. Google loves the name. Whenever anyone types in 'Remedial Massage Rockingham', Google puts me in a good position below the paid adverts.

The downside of being The Remedial Massage Guy is that people don't realise that I have a great deal of interest in sports, particularly fine tuning athletes in the run up to events. It is not just the training that wins races! I have helped many a triathlete, cyclist or runner to a PB. I also have a special interest in pregnancy and post-natal massage.

I live in an area where massage seems to be the solution to the unemployment problem and there are between 150 and 170 (I estimate) people keenly vying for your custom, and so you have many choices available. There are about 50 practitioners of Remedial Massage offering Health Fund Rebates in Rockingham! (There were about SIX when I first started!)

Some reasons you may want to give me consideration include: