Department of Sports and Recreation: "Sport and recreation builds stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities." To that I would add that it builds stronger, healthier and happier bodies and minds!

I love sports massage!!!

I didn't intend to get involved in sports massage, it just happened! I wanted to learn remedial massage to relieve aches and pains, but if you check the Client Feedback, you'll probably agree I must have some skill in tuning athletes up prior to big events.

For this I have to thank the Rockingham Rugby Union Club for three years of work experience, a great afternoon working with the Curtin Sprint team at the Wanneroo Gift (think Stawell Gift), and working at three Ironman events in Busselton, and the Four day Cape to Cape Mountain Bike Race in Margaret River.

There is nothing better than helping to fine tune the muscles as an athlete goes in search of a Personal Best in an Ironman or Half Ironman etc, and it is great when they report that after the race the muscle soreness is less than they are used to.

Performance enhancing massage

Can sports massage improve your performance and produce a PB (Personal Best)? Absolutely!

For example, work on the suboccipital muscles (at the base of your skull at the back of the neck) using craniosacral therapy helps cyclists enormously, as does work on the ITB or iliotibial band.

Sports massage is an increasing part of my business.

My trading name of The Remedial Massage Guy for a long time gave people the impression that I only do ache, pain and headache relief. Far from it! I think I am one of the better sports masseurs around because I have such an interest in making a difference to athletes' performance and love working at sports events.

Cape to Cape Mountain Bike Race

I have worked at this awesome event for the last six or seven years. 2017 is the tenth anniversary of the event. From 100 competitors in the first year, there were 1300 this year.

This year there were 14 masseurs on the peak days working in the massage gazebos after the race and many people also availed themselves of a mobile massage back in their hotels.