PRACI, Practitioner Research And Collaboration Initiative

I have so far taken part in two research studies with PRACI at

These are:
"Patient Experiences of the Complementary Medicine Consultation" and

"Comparative effectiveness of the clinical and cost outcomes on massage for the management of chronic lower back pain in Australia"

PRACI studies are designed to provide evidence to the Government of the day regarding Complementary Therapies. The Government has rejected many studies as being based on a sample size which is too small. As a result, they struck 16 therapies off the list of services eligible for Health Fund Rebates. Fortunately, Remedial Massage was not one of them.

However, the more studies there are, the more credible we become in the eyes of the Government of the day. Hence I will continue to participate in PRACI studies in the future, even though it is time consuming and should probably be being done by a younger generation who stand to gain more benefits in the long run.

Appointment reminders

Email reminders are sent automatically if you book online

Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Cases

I am recognised by the Insurance Commission of WA (ICWA) so that people covered by insurance can see me without any out of pocket expenses.

The problem is often that Work Cover or Riskcover send people off for help, but they dont make progress as fast as they like. As a result, many people with injuries in the past have come to me to speed up the healing process at their own expense even though they can have other types of treatment free.

That has now changed. I need a letter of referral from your GP which includes the name of the insurer such as RiskCover, the claim number, and the number of treatments the doctor recommends.

Feedback regarding relief from carpal tunnel syndrome

A few years ago I worked on someone with pain in their hands which was attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome. Physio once a fortnight for two years had not helped and they wanted to operate. Problem was actually coming mainly from the neck as it turned out, from trigger points in the scalene muscles. I received an email containing feedback from the client which is on the client feedback page

Medibank Member's Choice Provider of Remedial Massage since 2011

There are only 15 providers operating from 20 locations within 100km who are Medibank Member's Choice Providers of Remedial Massage. I would suggest that of these, I am the most affordable.

Many Remedial Massage Therapists these days charge more than the Medibank Schedule of Fees, so some of them have opted out of being a Members' Choice in the last few years.