Clinic prices:

Remedial Massage

30 minutes $40

45 minutes $50

One hour $60

90 Minutes $90

Two hours $120

Instant Health fund rebates (you just pay the gap fee)

EFTPOS facilities available.

Please note that Medibank Private RRP is $56 for half an hour and $78 for an hour, so my prices are a permanent discount of $12 off!

Swedish Massage

Is also available but is not eligible for Health Fund Rebates

Visiting mobile massage service

Minimum call out is for one hour. Please note that if you are in a health fund, you need to pay the full amount and I issue a receipt which can be used to claim your rebate. There will still be a gap fee.

I also do a two hour massage which is popular as no one else is offering it, a tune up from head to toe which makes it more worthwhile to have the call out, or it also works out well if there are two people needing a massage and there are some children which need minding which makes it hard to get to my clinic.

The more people there are, the cheaper per head it gets. Prices negotiable for more than 2 hours.

Rocky city central and Safety Bay first hour $85

Port Kennedy and Baldivis first hour $90

Kwinana and suburbs and Secret Harbour, first hour $90

Mandurah and suburbs first hour $100

Then $60 per additional hour

Arthur's van for mobile massage

Insurance / compensation claim prices

Due to the extra time spent on paper work, writing reports, submitting invoices, and costs due to delays in payment, charges are $77 per hour for consultations at my clinic.

Appointment Reminders and Cancellation policy

If you like I can send appointment reminders by SMS or email.

I don't have a cancellation or no show policy, but it is really disruptive when people book an appointment and then don't show up. Sometimes it wastes my electricity making the room nice and warm in winter as well as wasting my time. Not only that but it has two other effects. One is that sometimes I am busy and I have to turn people away, some may be in great pain, some may be potential new clients, only to have a late cancellation and / or no show. It also makes it difficult to make a living, and like everyone else I have bills to pay!

Mobile massage