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Please park in our driveway or on our lawn please - not on the opposite neighbours' verge, thanks!

Clinic reopened from April 14th

Permission has been granted to reopen my clinic from April 14th. There were only 3 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday in WA yesterday, 2 from cruise ships.

Health Minister Roger Cook said there had been no evidence of community transmission of the virus in WA since authorities began a broader testing regime last week.

I will still be extremely vigilant, however and will continue to use a face mask and rigorous infection control.

Complete Joint Statement from 4 massage associations, April 13th

Over the Easter weekend we received clarification that members in WA are permitted to provide professional services at this time. This information was provided by the WA Police Force Liaison for the COVID-19 Response. If for any reason you are approached by Police or any other authority and instructed to close your practice, please provide a copy of the below statement to that authority. We also strongly encourage you to please complete the Australian Government COVID-19 Infection Control Training, if you haven't already. Click here for more information. Notification of clarification of the ruling in WA and those that have occurred in other states have been achieved as a result of the efforts of the Combined Association initiative between ANTA, Myotherapy Association Australia, Australian Traditional Medicine Society and Massage & Myotherapy Australia. We thank you for continuing to support the work that your association is doing at this time, and stay united as a community of health care providers. In Western Australia, massages that are provided through professional services like physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists and myotherapists are not currently prohibited by the Closure and Restriction (Limit the Spread) Directions made by the State Emergency Coordinator on 7 April 2020. WA Police Force Liaison to State Health Incident Coordination Centre | Covid 19

Cold, Flu and Coronavirus Policy

If you have a cold or flu, please don't make an appointment!

If you wake up with a cold or flu and have an appointment, or if any of your family have a cold/flu, please cancel your apppointment. There has never been a cancellation fee and there never will be.

As part of my infection control procedures, I now wear a face mask for your safety. These are expensive and hard to come by! However, I offer hospital grade infection control because you're worth it!

I would recommend you do the above course. Here are some videos I found useful from the course:

How to use hand sanitiser properly

How to wash your hands properly

Phone or SMS 0407 173 320

9 Apus Close Rockingham

Opening hours

7am to 10pm Monday to Thursday

7am to 8pm Friday

8am to 8pm Saturday

10am to 9pm Sunday

Online bookings

You can now also book online

Important details

Privacy Policy
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Emergency Exit
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Compliments and Complaints Policy
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Compliments and Complaints Form
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Remedial Massage now free with ADF Family Health Card

Remedial Massage is now free until you reach your annual limit. I just swipe your ADF Family Health Card and job done, no gap fee!

You have $400 per calendar year which you can spend on any Allied Services from (opens in new window)

I have a HiCaps terminal. This means I can process ADF Family Health Cards online.

Look at the power of Remedial Massage and Postural Bodywork!

These are photos of me before and after 12 sessions of bodywork. You can see that my right shoulder was down before session 1 at the start of the bodywork, and sorted by the 12th session. Visit the Postural Bodywork page

Next Clinic Closure

None planned..

Remedial, Sports and Pregnancy Massage

30 minutes $40

45 minutes $50

One hour $60

75 minutes $75

90 Minutes $90

Two hours $120

Instant Health fund rebates (you just pay the gap fee) using HiCaps. Instant Health fund rebates (For almost all health funds I swipe your card and you just pay the gap fee). I don't know what the gap fee will be in advance, you need to find out from your health fund before booking if it is a concern.

Discounts for Veteran's Card Holders

20% off first consultation, 10% thereafter

Note for mobile massages that you pay the full amount and I issue you with a receipt so you can claim a rebate from your health fund. This will normally be less than the receipt, unless you use a Bonus Package.

Please note that Medibank Private RRP is $56 for half an hour and $78 for an hour, so my prices are permanently discounted substantially!

Face and neck yoga, massage and cupping

1 hour $70.00

Galletly Method loosens neck, increases Range of Motion, neck yoga exercises, face and neck massage, cupping and lymphatic drainage. Tightens up sagging chin muscles, and the most natural face lift there is! Includes a set of cups and an email of links to useful videos as a refresher

Get your Christmas Gift Vouchers Now!

$60 for an hour of Remedial Massage,

$70 for the face and chin lifting face/neck yoga and cupping, 1 hour includes a free set of cups and an email full of helpful links to videos.

Why use my services?

Having worked on so many thousands of people, the chances are that I have worked on people with your problems many times before!

And I have refined techniques for more rapid improvement.

I also made a bold and risky decision to change careers in my fifties because I had spent years in pain, and spent a great deal of money looking for a solution but without getting any long lasting results.

I had lower back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain and had difficulty turning my head. Then I tried Remedial Massage and my pain went after a weekly session for three months. This prompted me to devote the rest of my life to relieving aches and pains and headaches. But don't expect expensive treatment plans with me, as I try and deal with your problems in as few visits as possible! People who have tried other types of therapy are often pleasantly surprised by how quickly they get results with me.

Naturally, I encourage people to come on a regular basis for maintenance, but many people only come when they are in pain!

Many of my clients are not coming to me for a massage, they are coming for pain relief, and couldn't care if I am a Remedial Massage Therapist, chiro, physio, acupuncturist, shaman or witch doctor as long as it works!

We live in a time of great underemployment and uncertainty and financial insecurity with people working part time or casual or short term contracts. Australia has one in four workers employed as casuals. Many are on low hourly rates in cleaning, security guards, carers, retail and hospitality. I try to enable as wide a section of the community to have access to my services. The UK has ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS which I find hard to believe and could take hold here.

In more recent times I have added a second string to my bow, with a treatment focussing on face and neck so you can turn your head more freely, relieve tension in face and neck muscles, tighten chin muscles and help with a natural facelift using cupping. Includes exercises to strengthen face and neck muscles and aims to reduce lines such as frowns, crows feet etc. Treatment includes a set of cups and an email full of links to useful videos as a refresher.

A bit about myself

I love dancing! I also like photos that have me in them, say something about me, but, through distraction, people can walk past me in the street and not recognise me. Here is one (amazing how much fun you can have with a red top hat!) :

Note for mobile massages that you pay the full amount and I issue you with a receipt so you can claim a rebate from your health fund. This will normally be less than the receipt, unless you use a Bonus Package.

Relaxing Massage

Is also available but is not eligible for Health Fund Rebates

I put the prices first so if you don't like them you need look no further. But what is not to like? I am the cheapest Medibank Members' Choice Provider of Remedial Massage in Australia!

Stockist of Karma Rub

Back Exercises

I have included a section on Back exercises which are great for everyone, but particularly people suffering from lower back pain.

The oils I use in my clinic

You can now select from four oils! Unscented, Relaxation (Lavender), Muscle & Joint (Eucalyptus) or Detox (Rosemary, Geranium, Juniperberry, Fennel and Carrot Seed). Your feedback is welcomed...

Unscented a nourishing blend of soya bean oil, jojoba and grapeseed oil enriched with Vitamin E to promote smoother, younger looking skin. Leaving a silky moisturised finish, the light texture is easily absorbed and is ideal for all skin types. Odourless, this blend is perfect for use with essential oils without altering their fragrances.


uses a calming blend of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils to soothe tired, aching muscles, while also promoting relaxation for the mind and body. With a light, refreshing fragrance, this oil will encourage a peaceful nights sleep and help the body unwind after a busy day.

Muscle & Joint

is a deeply penetrating blend of wintergreen, eucalyptus, pine, rosemary and pepper essential oils, to help relieve inflamed joints, stiffness and muscle pain. Massage into sore, tight muscles to supercharge circulation and reduce pain and inflammation. This oil is ideal for athletes or anyone experiencing aching muscles and joints.


Detox is a combination ofRosemary, Geranium, Juniperberry, Fennel and Carrot Seed with a pleasant aroma

Karma Rub Liquid Magnesium

This is not an oil at all! Straight from a natural spring in Queensland. Also contains traces of elements such as zinc and lithium.

Great to have a massage with Karma Rub after vigorous exercise, which depletes magnesium from the exertion itself and through sweat. Great for muscles, bones and for producing cellular energy.

I am hopeful that people with Fibromyalgia will find that Karma Rub helps their cells, particularly in muscles, produce more energy, as many symptoms of fibromyalgia are caused by the body not producing enough energy (ATP, or adenosine triphosphate.) I am a stockist of Karma Rub, including the newly released Sports Spray on bottle

ADF Family Health Card

Since May, 2017, the ADF Family Health card can now be used for any of the following: Radiology, pathology, exercise physiology and most importantly from my point of view, Remedial Massage.

I have also been lobbying for over four years now for serving members and DVA Gold card holders to be eligible for Remedial Massage.

In 2017 I sent emails lobbying the Ministers of Defence, Health, DVA and also the ADF Joint Health command once more. Pretty silly to offer Remedial Massage to the families and dependents, but not to the serving ADF members themselves! Get on to it Madeleine King! Please earn your corn! Unfortunately I have found her office to be ineffective,

View the announcement on the ADFFamilyHealth FB page

Helping you fight the effects of gravity.

Gravity is a formidable opponent. We fight the effects of gravity 24/7. Over time gravity wins and changes our posture. My job is to help correct gravity induced problems.

Helping you fight the effects of stress.

Stress is not just something you feel in your mind. It has significant impacts on your physical health, too. In particular, you have tight muscles which need lengthening, your body starts being on guard protecting your vital organs as in the fight or flight response. I can assist in relieving many of the symptoms of stress.

I offer instant health fund rebates and EFTPOS facilities at my clinic. My aim is to provide long lasting pain relief, and to do so takes time, which is why I do not recommend half hour sessions except for minor problems. However, I recognise that half hour sessions are great for people who are time poor, so they can have a treatment or relaxing massage in their lunch hour.

Services now include modern myofascial cupping. Cupping has many uses from easing pain and restrictions and tightness, lengthening soft tissue such as muscles, fascia, but it also draws toxins to the surface of the skin. These days people suffer more pollution from many sources than ever before. The skin is a major way of eliminating toxins through sweat, but cupping can greatly enhance it. I will soon be charging more for sessions which include cupping as I believe such sessions will amplify the benefits to make relief last longer, so get in soon and give it a go!

Hi! I'm Arthur Galletly. (That's Scottish for Go Lightly!)

I trade as The Remedial Massage Guy, so I clearly practice Remedial Massage but I also provide Sports massage, Pregnancy massage and rehabilitation work for injuries. I am best known for relieving aches, pains, headaches and stress, and correcting posture via techniques known as structural bodywork and structural integration. I also do relaxing massages.

I live in an area where massage seems to be the solution to the unemployment problem and there are between 150 and 170 (I estimate) people keenly vying for your custom, and so you have many choices available. Indeed, there are 18 places (that I know of) where you can get a massage or Remedial Massage within just 2 kilometres of my clinic!

Some other reasons you may want to give me consideration include:

And here is my receptionist, Mishka with her medals at the Dwellingup 100 MTB Race in Dwellingup 2017. It was also the first running of the Mighty Jarrah Trail Run on the same day and location!

And here she is again with a pumpkin and some marrows we purchased at the Dwellingup Pumpkin Festival!

Mishka's interests include being cuddled and stroked, nuzzling your legs, lying on your feet to stop you escaping, going for walks and a run, and having a splash in the ocean.

Mishka also loves riding shotgun, and helps me put the van out in the morning before she takes me for a walk down the beach

Mishka loves the new jetty near The Cruising Yacht Club, and likes to say hello to the crew of the Dolphin boat.

Most of the time Mishka takes her duties as receptionist very seriously and gives people an enthusiastic welcome. However when it is hot, sometimes she prefers to chill out and take a nap and conserve her energy for the evening.

Coccyx or tailbone pain

Happens more in women as the coccyx is bent back during childbirth and if it gets stuck, causes pain sitting down. I have written some notes in this PDF file which opens in a new tab...

The Galletly Method and 'Neck Yoga'

The strange thing is that much of the work I do involves craniosacral therapy, but if I called myself The Craniosacral Therapy Guy, I think I would starve! I studied CST with the Upledger Institute and Rodney Hunt, and read and own all the books by Upledger.

I incorporate some cranio sacral therapy and what I call 'Neck Yoga' in a special routine I developed to relieve and prevent headaches, relieve stress and tension in the neck, shoulder and back, and to enable people to turn their heads further to the right and left without stiffness, pain or pulling sensations. I have decided to call my approach the Galletly Method.

Instead of using pills to mask the symptoms, I help address the cause of the issues using a combination of methods such as craniosacral therapy, PNF stretching, trigger point therapy, positional release, myofascial release and Bowen.

One of the most important of these techniques is craniosacral therapy, which is an orphan. It is not claimed by any one profession. It is not covered in the Diploma of Remedial Massage for example. The odd chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist might do it. The strange thing is that I only use a small subset of what I know to get some great results in terms of headache relief and prevention, in combination with the trigger point therapy, myofascial release and PNF stretching. Most people benefit from being able to turn their heads further to the left and right without stiffness or pulling sensations and stop getting headaches.

Just like your phone is different now from what it was 10 years ago, I would like to think that if I demonstrated my refinements to Dr Upledger he would approve of them and might even adopt one or two in his teachings! I also use his craniosacral therapy for problems in the jaw. It also helps with lower back issues, but again I use this in combination with other techniques I learned along the way.

The Galletly method also deals with correcting posture, and stretching and strengthing exercises to keep you in the new (correct position). The fancy title given to balancing muscles and correcting posture is called "structural bodywork" or "structural integration.", which I have been practising for 10 years. I first studied this in 2005 after being introduced to it by the lecturer in a Myofascial Release Class, the fantastic Subhadra Gerard at the now defunct Perth Academy of Natural Therapies.

There is much you need to know about Structural Bodywork or Structural Integration, soI have a separate page devoted to The Galletly Method and Structural Integration

Woah there tigger

I do a lot of work in the side lying position for people with problems with their iliotibial bands (ITBs), knees, compartment syndrome or athletes and cyclists who benefit greatly from work in this position.

Instant health fund rebates are available for most health funds at my clinic and EFTPOS facilities are also available. I use iSOFT HealthPoint. This is a competitor to HICAPS.

I provide services at my clinic, and also a mobile service, which is generally for people with disabilities.

I can provide mobile massage in the suburbs of Rockingham, Baldivis, Kwinana etc, mainly for emergency cases. However, in accordance with the rules of the health funds, please note that health fund rebates only apply at my clinic and are not available for mobile consultations.

Gift Vouchers are available! These are personalised for the recipient.

As a former lecturer in IT, I view Google as a golden retriever dog that I have trained to obediently read your secret wishes so that Google always retrieves my website and presents it in a prominent position for you to find me, whatever you type in!

Having spent a bit of effort making it easy for you to find me, I thought I would try and make a site that is interesting, informative, and perhaps mildly entertaining in places. (Google loves my site because it contains a lot of content and explanations.)

Strangely though, most of my clients have not even seen the website, as they were referred by friends, relatives, work colleagues or medical professionals!

Double click on the map above to open a Google map in a new window...

Hammer toes and claw toes

Do you have hammer toes or claw toes? Stand up and look down. Are your toes all flat? If the big toe is flat and the rest are all bent, you need my help!

This summer I have seen many such cases. The general convention is that it can be caused by having shoes which are too short.

In Australia I believe wearing thongs causes this and other problems. You have to curl the toes up to keep the thongs on, otherwise when you swing your leg forward, the thong could fly off.

A session with me to help reverse this problem involves working not just on the toes, but also on the feet and the legs. (Throw a rock into a pond and see how far the ripples travel). Book in now! If you are in a health fund, you have just had your annual allowances renewed from Jan 1st.

Feedback via my facebook page received September 2014

From someone with Fibromyalgia

I went to see Arthur because I was in so much pain from a whiplash injury.

After one session I could turn my neck with significantly less pain and stiffness. But I also noticed feeling better in general, more alert and energetic. It seemed like there was a flow on effect through the rest of my body, I have Fibromyalgia so live with chronic pain and this relief was a surprise.

I went back for a second longer session and again had great results with pain relief, daily headaches less debilitating and I feel better mentally. I've tried everything under the sun to manage my Fibromyalgia and its definitely trial and error in finding what helps. For me its a combination of many things and now Arthur is one of them!

It's been a few weeks where my flare ups have been shorter and less debilitating but I'm feeling the muscle tension creep back and the headaches and joint pain get worse. So its time for a tune up I techniques think ;-). Arthur's techniques have been of such benefit to me that I wanted to take the time to leave a review, and praise is not something I'm overly generous with! I also like his attitude about having fair prices (they are the best I've come across... I've paid much more at a beauty salon for a massage with no therapeutic value at all!). He also works long hours which makes it easy to get in if there's an emergency and he's both professional and friendly.

There are more reviews on my Facebook page, and you can make a review there if you wish, although I do not solicit them!

"It is not about how old you are or what you have done that matters. It is about how long you plan to live and how you plan to contribute and spend your time left on this planet that counts..."

Cleaning up the unexploded bombs in Laos and Cambodia

The USA dropped a tonne of bombs for every man, woman and child in Laos without even declaring war. That was about 240 million bombs. A third of the bombs did not go off. It is estimated that it will take 2,000 years to clean up the unexploded ordnance. There are 80 million unexploded bombs, and only 1 million have been cleared since the end of the Vietnam war. If I can help reduce that by a single day I will be able to feel I have justified my existence.

I have created a website to raise awareness and encourage people to donate funds towards the clean up and assist rehabilitate those injured in explosions. Click here to open in a new window

I have raised and donated $3,000 so far to COPELaos ( - Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise - in Vientiane, who provide prosthetics etc.

I have also donated $280 to to donate to clean up the bombs. MiVAC is an Australian organisation formed by Australian Vietnam Veterans who initially cleared landmines in Vietnam and are now also working in Laos. The receipt for $250 is shown, I also donated $30 for an annual membership

I have also sponsored five Cambodian Self Help Deminers to date, at a cost of $240 a month each, totalling $1200

I have also donated $2,750 to for HeroRats to clean up unexploded mines in Cambodia. In August 2016 we dropped off $2,000 at the minefield an hour out of Siem Reap in Cambodia. Watching the rats in action was inspirational, especially seeing how a rat reacts when it detects a mine!

Some of the ways I am raising money are by selling products such as a Cambodian equivalent of Tiger Balm for headaches and sinus relief for $10, any tips I may get, half of my earnings on a Sunday and anything else I can afford. In the general scheme of things it is not as much as I would like, but it is still way more than our big four banks are donating between them, and they are making billions of dollars profits annually including a substantial sum out of me! And not one of them replied to my requests to help the cause! I have decided to set a target for fundraising. It might sound ambitious, but I am trying to raise $100,000. In particular I want to seed a project in Laos using Hero Rats to detect the 80 million unexploded bombs. Eventually whenever and wherever peace breaks out I see a role for these wonderful rats to rid the planet of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in places such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq etc. It has taken me some 3 years to get to $6,500, so I am either going to have to live a long time or I am going to have to speed up! You can also click on the GOFUNDME graphic to the left and donate. If you donate $1 and share it on Facebook and ask all your friends to do the same it will soon spread. Each time I raise another $250 or so I will fire it off to one of the charities. That should clean up some bombs and provide prosthetics and rehabilitate people!

Please click here to view my crowdfunding website and if you can post the link or this page on facebook to increase awareness among your friends and encourage them to pass it on!

I am also interested to transfer the technology of 3D printers to create prosthetics that are good looking as well as functional.

Receipts below show how I have spent the money so far

Receipt for first donation to COPE of $250

Receipt for second donation to COPE of $250

Receipt for donation to Mivac of $250 (plus $30 annual membership is $280)

Receipt for sponsoring a Cambodian deminer for a month $240

2nd Receipt for sponsoring a Cambodian deminer for a month $240

3rd Receipt for sponsoring a Cambodian deminer for a month $240 (the medic)

4th Receipt for sponsoring a Cambodian deminer for a month $240 (the driver/interpreter)

Still awaiting receipt for 5th sponsorship for Cambodian deminers (secretary is ill at present)

Receipt for donation of $350 for prosthetics to COPE Laos

Receipt for donation of $150 for prosthetics to COPE Laos

Receipt for donation of $500 for prosthetics to COPE Laos

Receipt for donation of $500 ( received in Euros) for Hero Rats to clean up mines in Cambodia

Receipt for donation of $250 for prosthetics to COPE Laos December 2015

Receipt for donation of $250 for prosthetics to COPE Laos February 2016

Receipt for donation of $250 for prosthetics to COPE Laos April 2016

Receipt for donation of $250 for prosthetics to COPE Laos June 2016

Receipt for donation of $2,000 for Hero Rats to clean up mines in Cambodia, August 2016

Receipt for donation of $500 for prosthetics to COPE Laos Sept 2016

Receipt for donation of $250 for Apopo Hero Rats in Cambodia June 2017

That makes $2,750 for mine clearance in Cambodia!

Receipt for donation of $400 for prosthetics to COPE Laos November 2017 made in person

Receipt for donation of $400 to Mag International November 2017 made in person

Letter of thanks for donation of $400 to Mag International November 2017 made in person

Two receipts totalling $250 for Hero Rats in Cambodia to bring the total for mine clearance to $3,000.

Receipt for donation of $25 to Apopo Hero Rats in Cambodia

Receipt for donation of $225 to Apopo Hero Rats in Cambodia

Receipt of $200 for prosthetics for CopeLaos March 2018

Receipt for donation of $400 for prosthetics in Laos, May 2018

That makes $4,000 for prosthetics in Laos! In my clinic there are now some photos of a donation brick in the donors wall at the Cope Laos centre in Vientiane.

Receipt for donation of $250 for Hero Rats in Cambodia, August 2018

Overall now $9,650 raised and donated. $3250 for the Hero Rats. $900 to Mag International, but awaiting a means of donating in AUD without incurring bank fees.

After visiting the minefield in Cambodia in 2016, I suggested to Apopo, who train the Hero Rats, to put the project on the website below, where people in Australia can donate directly in AUD with no loss of bank fees or charges, and get a receipt emailed to you for a tax reduction.... Apopo later advised that they had received a $10,000 donation via the Global Development Group portal.

View the Apopo project on

Receipt for donation of $500 (less bank transfer fee) to MAGInternational for UXO clearance in Laos February 2017

I have suggested Mag International also put their projects on board the Global Development website to attract more donations without bank fees being lost...

Welcoming clinic

The approach to the clinic is full of welcoming plants and trees and a fish pond with fountain. The clinic is warm in winter, or cool in summer, there is a sofa if you have a friend or relative attending. The clinic is an unusual feast for the eyes. It is an art gallery with original artworks from Australia and several Asian countries, including Cambodia and Laos, and Bagan, the ancient royal capital of Burma, now Myanmar and home to thousands of temples. Want to know more about any of the artwork, please ask. I refer to my clinic as the Ian McConnell Room after the Broome artist featured inside...

There is also an ambient waiting room with many plants, a water fountain and my receptionist, Mishka the female Samoyed dog

Bulk billing for X-rays and Ultrasounds and the Rockingham Medical Centre

If, after a couple of treatments I feel I am not getting the results I am looking for, I usually recommend getting an X-Ray and Ultrasound done to find out if there is structural damage to the spine or intevertebral disks or damage to soft tissue such as muscles, tendons and cartilage.

Many GPs will refer you to a company which does not bulk bill. Health funds don't help with this, and Medicare only rebates about 50%. So I suggest you go to the Rockingham Medical Centre in Civic Boulevarde /Leghorn St at the back of the Council building. They are open 7am to 10pm. Ask for the first available GP. Go at the right time and sometimes you only wait five minutes. Get your referral. There is an inhouse service for X Rays which bulkbills, and charges for the ultrasound at the moment although they plan to bulkbill in the future. I recently went to Global Diagnostics in Kwinana which bulkbilled my ultrasound. The doctor gives you a list of places which bulk bill. You can also front up at the Rockingham Hospital and get both X-Ray and Ultrasound done at no cost.

Why I recommend the AHM Health Fund and the HBF Easy 8 Package

Many people ask me which Health Fund is best. There are so many health funds and different levels of cover that it makes it difficult to recommend the right one for you. However, if you want remedial massage on a regular basis, (one of the few preventative forms of health management health funds pay out on), AHM are definitely worth considering, as is the new Easy 8 from HBF.

AHM are a subsidiary of Medibank Private. The big difference is that the EXTRAS can be spent how you want them. Most health funds limit you to so much on remedial massage, so much on chiro, so much on physio etc, so you end up muddling your treatment plans with some treatments which may not be effective or appropriate simply because you can get rebates. With AHM you have just one bucket of money, so if you want to spend it all on remedial massage you can. Or you can spend it all on a naturapath or chiro or physio. Gives you freedom of choice.


HBF completely changed their strategy a few years ago, particularly with the Easy 8 strategy, with 80% back on each visit. You can spend up to $800 as you wish on eight items such as optical, dental, chiro, physio, remedial massage etc

This means you can spend all $800 on remedial massage if you want, getting $640 back in rebates, for an outlay of $400. Money for nothing is what I would call it!

For most old policies, Medibank offer you $400 a year for remedial massage. However, on many new plans this has been reduced to $100 or $200 a year, which is really ordinary and defeats the purpose of having Medibank Members' Choice Health providers. AHM, in contrast lets you have a pool of $1,000 to spend how you like, with a 65% rebate, so if you spent the $1,000 all on remedial massage, it would leave you with just $350 gap fee, which is a pretty good deal!

For further details, check out the AHM website

Quite a few of my clients are with GMHBA, and none of them come from Geelong, so they must be on to something too!

Dear Ms Googlebot

In order to make my website easier to find, I have to nicely ask google's web crawler, Googlebot, to list me on the first page of results if people type in massage, remedial massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, relaxing massage and any of these postcodes 6167, 6168, 6169, 6170, 6121,6160, 6171, 6172, 6210, 6000, 6173 as this is where my clients mainly come from, or if they type in massage rockingham, pregnancy massage rockingham, cranio sacral therapy rockingham, remedial massage Baldivis etc. In particular, as ten percent of my clients come from Baldivis, it would be really helpful if you could put me on the first page of results if someone types in remedial massage baldivis or massage baldivis and if you could also display my google plus page for Baldivis as well as Rockingham

You can view the full letter to Ms Googlebot in a new tab. This letter is already famous. Just type in Dear Ms Googlebot into Google and see what happens!

Visiting Mobile Massage Service Prices:

Rocky city central and Safety Bay first hour $85

Port Kennedy and Baldivis first hour $90

Kwinana and suburbs first hour $95

Mandurah and suburbs first hour $100

Then $66 per additional hour

I have also created a facebook page which allows clients to provide feedback on my services.

Medibank Private Members's Choice Provider

Medibank Members' Choice Provider

This means that my clinic has been inspected and approved by Medibank Private. It also means that my prices are reasonable and conform to Medibank's price structure for remedial massage ensuring you get the maximum amount of refund. It also means I am fully qualified, am a member of a professional organisation The Australian Assocation of Massage Therapists, have $20 million of public liability insurance, although I am not expecting any claims, and have a current First Aid Certificate and pursue Continuing Professional Education each year

Laws governing massage and the health industry

Laws regarding client confidentiality include the federal The Privacy Act of 1988. In WA, relevant laws include:

However, it is the lack of laws that is the problem!!!

Massage is unregulated in Australia, ie anyone can advertise massage. It is possible to have a massage with someone who has no qualifications, no training, and no public liability insurance. So even if you are not a member of a health fund, it pays to look for someone offering health fund rebates as you know that they are qualified, are a member of a professional association, have public liability insurance, a current First Aid Certificate and abide by a Code of Ethics.

The Association of Massage therapists made a Submission to the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council regarding the regulation of massage and other complementary therapies in Australia in order to provide better consumer protection.

Complaints in relation to healthcare providers in Western Australia

Generally it is better to first try and discuss and resolve any issues with the provider (whether remedial massage, GP, chiro, naturopath, dentist, osteopath etc). If you do not reach a successful outcome, then this is the procedure:

In Western Australia, The Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (or Hadasco) is the appropriate body..

There are two types of healthcare providers, those who are registered as Medicare Providers, which includes dentists etc and those which aren't, which includes remedial masseurs. If you wish to make a complaint against a medicare registered provider, Hadasco refers the matter to Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA)

With practitioners of remedial massage and other therapies not registered with Medicare, The Health and Disability Services Complaints Office attempts to reach a satisfactory result using a case manager to either reach a negotiated settlement done using emails, phone calls, or a face to face conciliation

What does a remedial masseur do?

In terms of ache and pain relief, my services can be viewed as either a complement to, or a natural alternative to, chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment.

There are many types of practitioner dealing with aches, pains and headaches. I have created a website to make it easier to find the type of treatment that suits you best, and by listing the professional assocations, to make it easy to find someone near you. Check out

Do you suffer from Rockingham Syndrome??

Some of the signs and symptoms of Rockingham Syndrome include:

Be honest, how many of these symptoms do you recognise in yourself?

A favourite with FIFO Workers - relieving Swing Lag

I have many FIFO workers as clients because I understand your needs!!! 'Swing lag' is a term I have coined to cover the symptoms people get on return from their swing.

Like jetlag, it can take a couple of days to get back to normal after your swing.

Many of you have a massage as soon as you get back from your swing to help you unwind and make the most of your time off.

Many FIFO workers are performing repetitive tasks for many hours a day for many days straight. As a result, many of you come to have aches and pains treated.

The FIFO lifestyle is not natural, and can affect your health in many ways, some of which I can help with, namely tight muscles, stress, aches, pains and headaches. Now if only I could get Twiggy Forrest and BHP and Rio Tinto to accept that Occupational Safety and Health means more than Occupational Safety, it also refers to Health!!

And not just preventing ill health, it should be about promoting good health! If that were the case, then I and others like me would also be working in mine camps looking after the work force.

Working 14 hour days for 12 days straight doing repetitive jobs produces aches and pains and tight muscles! Having a massage would give relief and improve worker morale. I'll get off my soap box now, but one day I am hopeful Twiggy or one of his head honchos might stumble across this website and see that what I suggest will also save them money!! I would love to work in a large mine. I could be holding my breath for several years though!

A favourite with Shift Workers

As with FIFO workers, Shift Workers are doing something the body wasn't exactly designed for. We weren't designed to work night shifts!

The results are tight muscles, stress, difficulty sleeping and so on, and massage can help relieve these symptoms.

Flexible hours (7 days and most evenings) and mobile massage service

People want to relieve their aches and pains when they are not working! This is pretty obvious, but people are generally more interested in my services in the evenings and at weekends than they are between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Friday. It makes no difference to a FIFO worker on their week off, but some people want a massage in the evening or at weekends and or prefer the convenience of having it at home. The mobile service may not be cheap, but I have to come from Rockingham. You may be able to find someone closer to you from my other website,

Insurance / compensation claim prices

Due to the extra time spent on paper work, writing reports, submitting invoices, and costs due to delays in payment, charges are $77 per hour for consultations at my clinic.

Services offered:

The long sessions of 90 minutes or two hours are popular. I have had people driving long distances to my Rockingham clinic to avail themselves of the service. Not many practitioners offer a 2 hour deep tissue massage. I started it because often in an hour I am dealing with symptoms, whereas I am interested in long term solutions so people don't have to keep paying for treatment. My philosophy includes giving people homework to do in terms of dealing with trigger points themselves, and stretching and strengthening exercises to improve posture. I may lose in the short term, but the number of referrals I get helps my business to grow in other ways!

Health Fund Rebates apply

My services now attract rebates from over 30 health funds! Most are online so I swipe your card and you pay the gap fee. Others, such as HCF or Police Health require me to give you a receipt with a provider number for you to claim back yourself. Most health funds have phone apps for you to take photos of receipts if technology breaks down!

Arthur at home

Arthur at the beach
Painting by Joe Fairley of the Rockingham foreshore, with my massage gazebo in the centre!
The painting hangs in my clinic.


Health Fund Rebates

My services are recognized by approximately 40 health funds.

Most of the health fund rebates are instantaneous and you just pay the gap fee, but there are a few funds where I need to give you a receipt with a provider number. Health funds include:


Mission statement


Problems I can help with

iPad neck

From spending too long looking down, puts tension in muscles in neck, shoulder and back to support the head

The scary thing is that in a couple of years I will have clients aged nine suffering from iPad neck.

Frozen shoulder

..restricted arm movement, can be due to tight muscles or bursitis, impingement at the acromion process or other injury. If due to tight muscles I get excellent results. If due to injury then some improvement is likely to be the result. Takes time to work on all the muscles that attach to the shoulder!

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Sadly many people have operations when tight forearm muscles are the original cause. Involves working the forearm and wrist in a detailed systematic way

Arm nerve pain

The problem is that the nerve can be pinched in a variety of places and in more than one place, causing pain, tingling, pins and needles or numbness. Arm nerve problems are as difficult to treat as sciatica, but I have had plenty of good results.

RSI Forearms

RSI - Repetitive Strain injury (these days known as Overuse Injury) can happen to people bashing away at computers. Deep tissue and trigger points really get to the crux of the matter before you get carpal tunnel syndrome.

Relaxing forearms and hands

Oil based work on the forearms and hands, and upper arms if you wish. When did you last reward your hands? Consider how much they do for you!

Lower back ache relief

Tradesmen's back I call this, people bending over all day, resulting in a dull ache across the lower back. This routing includes some stretches for homework to keep the problem at bay

Lower back pain

This is much trickier than lower back aches as there can be a whole host of causes including prolapsed disks and nerve pain, damaged vertebrae and so on so takes rather longer.


There are generally three places where the sciatic nerve is trapped and remedial massage seems to be more effective than physiotherapy or chiropractic work in the relief of this condition. I have worked on a number of people who have been in pain for many years who have been astounded at the relief they got from me in just one treatment! A lady still drives down from Perth once every six months or so when the problem starts to recur, and she had been in pain for over 20 years.

Pecs, posture and breathing

This improves breathing, loosens the pectoral muscles and gets the shoulders back. If you are hunched over a hot computer all day, this is the one for you!

Deep tissue for legs

Hamstrings, calves and quadriceps includes stretching and trigger point therapy. ITB work a speciality Great for sports people.


A really nice foot pamper with the added benefits of working on other parts of the body at the same time

I enjoy massaging clean, well manicured feet. Feet which are dirty or smelly or have cracked heels or athletes foot, not so much! It is amazing how many people neglect their feet!

Calves and feet

For people on their feet all day it can be tiring particularly on the feet and calf muscles. Doesn't spend as much time on the feet as reflexology, but does deep tissue and trigger point therapy on the calf muscles

Leg length discrepancies

Sometimes the bones are of different lengths in which I can't help! However, often tight muscles are responsible for hiking a hip up one side or rotating the hip forward or back, in which case I can help. Use some Bowen techniques among others.

TMJ dysfunction

Temporomandibular joint, basically means you have jaw problems. A little bit tricky to fix as it has two joints. Uses craniosacral therapy


Arthur's background

Arthur was formerly a TAFE lecturer in IT (for 15 years!, having previously worked for multinational computer companies in the UK), specialising in databases and information systems. Arthur suffered from scoliosis. He was in a great deal of pain, spent years going to chiros, physios and acupuncture but was only ever able to get temporary relief. Then he tried remedial massage. The results were such a dramatic improvement that Arthur could do all sorts of activities he couldn't do before. So impressed with the improvement in his quality of life, Arthur decided to make a career as a Sports and Remedial Masseur, and trained with Barry Harwood, Australian College of Myopractic, Central TAFE, Perth Academy of Natural Therapies and the Upledger Institute. Arthur has special interests in headache relief and whiplash injuries, sciatica, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome, and in preparing athletes prepare for events.

Arthur is proud to be the first person to gain a Diploma of Sports and Remedial Massage from Barry Harwood. Barry is an accredited teacher of the Association of Remedial Masseurs and has been teaching remedial massage and kinesiology for over 20 years. With a TAFE Diploma of Remedial Massage to boot, it means Arthur is better qualified than most masseurs.

Arthur was masseur at the Rockingham Rugby Union Football Club for 3 years. The players, over those three seasons, gave me plenty of experience of working with sporting injuries! This was a vital part of my training. I thank the Rugby Club for the opportunity to develop and hone my skills.

Arthur is a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists.


So what is remedial massage?

Here is the definition from Medibank Private:

"Remedial massage is the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. It is performed to create favourable conditions for the body to return to normal health after injury and is defined by the premise that the treatment can reasonably reverse certain physical effects a patient may be presenting. If a patient has suffered a moderate injury resulting in structural pain and/or loss of function, then remediation is required to reduce or eliminate pain and restore that function. Remedial massage is designed to balance muscle/soft tissue length, tension, tone which will in turn promote the return to normal joint/capsular/bone position; increase the flow of blood and lymph, particularly in the injured areas, thus removing blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions resulting from injury."

A remedial therapist must have knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology to determine where to treat patients. Their services must be based on best practice principles and before any remedial massage treatment begins, a thorough patient consultation and assessment is to be performed to ascertain the patient's current health status. If the patient is suitable for remedial massage and relying on the patient's feedback to identify the areas that require attention, the therapist can then apply the relevant and appropriate treatment.

I think it is safe to say that remedial massage is the most misunderstood branch of the healthcare profession. The politicians certainly don't understand it, otherwise it wouldn't be the only branch of the healthcare industry attracting GST. Why a visit to a chiropractor or physiotherapist does not attract GST whilst a visit to a remedial masseur DOES attract GST is a mystery to me, and something I have lobbied to have changed, so far unsuccessfully.

When studying for the Diploma of Remedial Massage at TAFE I could not get an answer from any of the lecturers I asked when I requested a definition of remedial massage. In my Medical Dictionary, a thick tome, remedial massage does not warrant a mention. So here then is my definition:

Remedial Massage is a holistic treatment; that is, a treatment for the whole of the body, as well as the area being treated. The primary aim of Remedial Massage is to find and treat the cause of the disorder, not only the symptoms, and that can mean correcting your body posture by stretching dominant muscles and exercising and strengthening weak muscles.
Remedial massage can afford relief from:

June 29 is World Scleroderma Day

For further details of these and other conditions use the link Can massage help your condition?

A remedial massage therapist studies anatomy, physiology, pathology and many techniques such as:


So why is there GST on remedial massage?

I am fighting a campaign to have GST dropped from remedial massage. It is the only branch of the healthcare industry which attracts GST whilst remedial masseurs are also the lowest paid health care workers. It makes no sense when chiros and physios dont pay GST and charge a lot more.

My letter to the treasurer Wayne Swan proved that he has even less understanding of the benefits of remedial massage than Peter Costello. However, in the 2020 summit they announced proposals for, guess what, a national agengy for preventative health issues! I'd say it is impossible to find anything that helps prevent health problems than regular remedial massage. Accordingly, I have taken up the issue with Kevin Rudd and the Health Minister Nicola Roxon to regulate the massage industry properly and drop the GST. The GST drives the industry underground, forces remedial masseurs to work part time or to leave the industry. Few remedial masseurs gross the average wage of $80,000, and you have all your expenses of towels, heating, oils, advertising etc to take off. If you gross $80,000 you have to pay $8,000 GST. If you gross below $75,000 then you pay no GST. I rest my case, but it seems that politicians are incapable of grasping the simplest ideas, and it also seems that none of them has discovered the benefits of remedial massage.

I also lobbied the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow Gold Card holders to have remedial massage expenses covered. Gold Card holders are entitled to free health care with the notable exception of remedial massage! I received feedback from the Department that this is under consideration and that the matter had also been raised by the AAMT (Australian Assocaition of Massage Therapists).


Secret men's business

Well the truth is that there aren't that many secrets for men! Men do not have to endure anything like the suffering that women do. Men who stretch and exercise regularly and don't sit on their wallets (which can cause sciatica) are likely to be the picture of health. The reality is that men who have finished with sport tend to stretch less than ladies. Guys tend to shy away from yoga and pilates classes for example. Often lower back pain is due simply to tight muscles in need of a good stretch. A good stretch of the glutes and the psoas muscles often provides relief from lower back pain. I have had a few male clients with sciatic nerve pain caused by years of sitting on their wallets, so guys, wise up on this one!

Wallets and back pockets don't mix

Sitting on a wallet for years whilst driving, sitting at a puta or couch potatoing squashes the sciatic nerve until one day you experience nerve pain in the leg.

Get into and out of a car like a lady with a miniskirt on

Ladies know how to get into and out of cars properly as a result of wearing skirts, ie both legs together. Guys need to do this too to avoid muscle damage! Typically men lunge to get in and out of cars and this can strain the psoas and other muscles.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

The majority of men eventually end up with this problem sooner or later, generally starting in their fifties. The prostate glands enlarge and the urinary flow is restricted. You urinate smaller amounts, the flow is not as strong, and you have to urinate much more frequently, often in the night. You can turn the tide on this using herbs such as Saw Palmetto or Pygeum. Chemists and health stores stock products containing both, such as Prostate Eze.

Weak pelvic floor muscles and urinary incontinence

As men age often the prostate enlarges and in some cases needs to be removed. As many as 1 in 10 men can end up with urinary incontinence. Help is at hand! Check out a device to assist in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles at restore the floor


Secret women's business

The things we do! Ladies, you look great in high heels, but the truth is that pointy shoes and high heels are likely to cause grief later in life, requiring treatment from the likes of me. Shoulder bags cause you to hike your shoulder to prevent the shoulder bag slipping off. This causes trigger points in muscles such as the upper trapezius and levator scapulae. Trigger points in the upper trapezius refer pain to the back of the neck. This stimulates the development of trigger points in the suboccipital muscles, and these in turn can cause headaches. All this just from a shoulder bag!

The fact is that women cop a lot more pain than men do. Women suffer a lot more than men do from fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, and the list just goes on and on... did I mention headaches already?

On the subject of headaches, I find that a craniosacral technique helps relieve headaches in many cases, a service I provide at the beachfront.

Preventing and curing urinary incontinence

If you have this problem, you are not on your own! It is estimated that over 1 in three women get this problem, usually related to the trauma caused downstairs by the birthing process

Now here is some good news:

There is a new device out called the Pericoach, produced by an Australian company Analytica, which you insert for a few minutes a day while you do your exercises and it sends signals to your mobile phone and optionally to your clinician, monitoring how well your pelvic floor exercises are doing. For more details of the Pericoach, visit A product which wraps around you and vibrates as an alternative to an inserted device can be found at restore the floor

Preventing breast cancer

The government's emphasis is on using mammograms when you are 50 plus to DETECT cancer. Alas, it does very little to promote PREVENTING breast cancer!

I believe that breast cancer is a disease that has significantly increased in incidence since women started wearing bras. Bras constrict the breast and reduces the flow of lymph, which carries waste away to lymph nodes in the axilla (armpit) where the lymph is cleaned and eventually returned to the heart as blood. Blood is pumped out from the heart via arteries, and carries nutrients to every cell in the body. It returns in the form of blood (via the veins) and lymph, via the lymphatic system of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is like a railway system with stations and trains. Lymph is the liquid which returns toxic wastes, via lymphatic vessels, to the nearest lymph nodes for processing. Most lymphatic vessels are very close to the surface of the skin, so any tight clothing restricts the flow of lymph. The build up of lymph in the breast means that toxic waste accumulates in the breast over a period of years, resulting in breast cancer. You can do yourself a huge favour by regularly draining this lymph when you have a shower. And if this sounds an improbable way to prevent breast cancer, just ask yourself how many men get breast cancer?

Check out this video of how to do self breast massage using lymphatic drainage

You also might want to check out this study on the subject of bras and breast cancer, although it is pooh poohed by the cancer council.

Alternatively, have a look at, which recommends self breast massage or lymphatic drainage

Message to the McGrath Foundation

I wrote in a couple of years ago and didnt get a reply which I found very disappointing. I wrote on the subject of PREVENTING breast cancer. I think your foundation should be trying to explain measures women can take to reduce their chances of contracting the cancer in the first place. Why has the incidence of breast cancer increased?

Answer: Women spend more time wearing bras than at any time in history, especially with increased life expectancy. Bras inhibit the flow of lymph which carries toxins to lymph nodes where the lymph is cleaned and returned to the blood system. Also self lymphatic drainage whilst having a shower is something which should be encouraged in women from puberty. I will be publishing this comment on my website, together with your reply.

Self massage: Breast lymphatic drainage

You can perform lymphatic drainage of your breasts every time you have a shower. Do this every day and you will significantly reduce your chances of contracting breast cancer. Using your hands, properly draped, I can show you how, in a none invasive way, or simply explain what to do, by demonstrating the lightness of touch required on another part of the body. Alternatively, get the DVD, entitled Therapeutic Breast Massage, from Terra Rosa.

Basically, these techniques should be being taught to girls in high school. Hello? Are the Ministers for Health or Education listening? Is there anyone out there?! Throw a little more money at prevention rather than just treating the aftermath of the disease, the results will be far more satisfactory!

Secret Everyones' Business: Preparing for holidays, moving house and other events

Athletes have massages BEFORE the event to get the muscles all nice and loose, to improve performance and prevent muscle soreness post event.

Too frequently I get people coming to me with back aches etc AFTER moving house, or AFTER doing some unusual activity whilst on holiday! Try having a massage BEFORE the activity your body in not accustomed to instead of waiting for an outbreak of pain!

Baby massage

There is a DVD available from Terra Rosa so you can learn to massage your baby. I have a number of these in stock at $20 each


As stated above, significantly more women suffer from fibromyalgia than men. Often it is caused by physical or emotional trauma which then results is some chemical imbalances so that muscles do not function optimally, resulting in trigger points, pain, and in many cases, insomnia. Some supplements are worth trying. Another is endep (amytriptiline). This prescription drug in larger doses is an antidepressant. In small doses it acts as a muscle relaxant and helps improve sleep. One of my clients heeded this suggestion of mine, went to her GP and tried endep, and got immediate relief from the pain and insomnia of fibromyalgia and now I see her about once a year.


A manifesto for mainstreaming remedial massage

This is an article published by the Association of Remedial Masseurs in their quarterly journal years ago. I used to be a member of ARM until it folded. I have a Diploma of Remedial Massage, so I feel Remedial Masseur describes best what I do!
The article resulted in a hostile reaction from some quarters who don't want to see the standards / barriers to entry to the industry raised. However, I see it as the only way forward for the industry in terms of remedial massage earning the respect of the general public and the healthcare industry at large, and in terms of remedial masseurs being able to earn a competitive salary. Here is the article:

Remedial massage isn't an alternative or complementary therapy. It is the most mainstream health care you can possibly get! I take that as my starting point and wish to paint a case for going about improving our lot as remedial masseurs.

Firstly, there is GST on remedial massage. Chiropractors, doctors, physiotherapists don't pay GST. All the GST does is drive our industry underground or force masseurs to work part time and work in another occupation. Why should we be operating from spare bedrooms while the chiros operate from the choice corner blocks with free 24/7 advertising? We clearly need to lobby the Treasurer and Health Minister of the incoming Government to have the GST removed.

Next: The health funds don't understand the benefits of remedial massage. You often have to have additional cover to get rebates for remedial massage, whereas chiro and physio are covered in more basic packages. Remedial massage would save the health funds and their members a fortune if it were covered in basic packages, as members would increasingly turn to remedial massage which is cheaper and more effective than chiros and physios for many aches, pains and headaches. We clearly need to lobby the health funds and incoming Health Minister on this matter.

Next: The massage industry is completely unregulated. In the USA they have LMTs, Licenced Massage Therapists, so the consumer knows where they stand. Here anyone can advertise massage services, so we are up against people who have done a weekend Swedish course, often on centrelink payments who advertise massages for cheap rates, undermining the industry. We need to lobby for regulation of the industry.

Next: Remedial massage training is insufficient and does not cover a wide enough range of techniques. In my view Remedial massage should be a four year course, probably at University rather than TAFE or other providers. At the moment a Diploma of Remedial Massage is not an end point, it is a starting point. We also have the problem that some providers offer a Diploma of Remedial Massage in just one year.

I studied with four providers, Barry Harwood, the Australian College of Myopractic, Central TAFE and the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies, so I think my comments about training in general have validity. The problems I see from the learning of techniques point of view is that typically a lecturer demonstrates a technique on a student, then students pair off and practice on each other. Most students don't know what it is supposed to feel like, and the students don't get to work on the teacher. There are also so many techniques that are not included in the Diploma of Remedial Massage that would be covered in a four year course, such as Positional Release / Counterstrain / Orthobionomy, Bowen or Myopractic, Craniosacral therapy, Acupressure, intro to chiropractic and physiotherapy, kinesiology and acupressure, tui na, intros to Rolfing, Touch for Health etc. Release of nerve entrapment is a must. Nerve mobilization, a DVD from Real Body Work is most helpful in relieving nerve issues in the arms for example. The course I attended covered the upper limb tension tests, but failed to adequately address how to relieve the problems you encounter during the tests. Counselling and psychology could also be included. More should also be included on stretching and strengthening. More on postural corrections for head forward, scoliosis etc is an absolute must. Marketing is also a must! I would also envisage much more detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology, nutrition, pathology, medical terminology, than is currently required, even a course in Latin. Students would be required to spend hundreds of hours simply reading their medical dictionaries with a test from a random page from the dictionary. We need to be able to speak to doctors on their level to gain their respect. Sports massage should be much more prominent. Some courses require you to work 30 or 50 hours at a sports club with a log book in an unsupervised capacity. This is woeful! You should be supervised initially, to deal with sports injuries. I have spent three years working at Rockingham Rugby Union Football Club for three seasons, and it has been a great learning experience. On match days I do warm ups and warm downs and treat injured players when not busy, and on training nights I deal with the injuries they sustain during the games.

I also have a problem with massage clinics in education. Typically the clients are massage junkies who like regular, cheap massages, and are used to Swedish massages given by first year students. There simply isn't much in the way of remedial massage happening. The procedure is for a full body massage, half hour face down, half hour face up, without doing postural assessment. The clients don't want the postural assessment to eat into their massage time, they just want to hop onto the table! This is not how the real world works or should work. I don't ask clients to remove clothing unless it is warranted, as I often assess mid treatment to ask them to walk around, sit down, stand up etc to see if the pain has eased. The third and fourth year students should be operating a centre of excellence dealing with people with real injuries, sciatica, frozen shoulder, car accidents, workers compensation etc which charge top dollar and have a teacher supervising only a handful of students.

More use should be made of DVDs in courses. I have a library of DVDs, many from Real Body Work which I got from and the australian website, terra rosa (, which I view over and over when I am not working. These will all end up as downloadable videos over the internet in the not too distant future I am sure. They help you keep up to date, and I believe that you should be able to cover 10 or 15 of your CPE points simply by purchasing DVDs as a separate issue from books.

Students who have finished such a four year course would have no problem making a career from remedial massage. As matters stand, I know many who have completed their Diploma but have switched jobs because they cannot make a living from remedial massage. Most remedial masseurs earn less than the average wage. Why? This manifesto aims to correct this in the long run.

Next: Naming. I am a remedial masseur. I am most certainly not a massage therapist! That is my main reason for being a member of ARM rather than AAMT. To me a massage therapist is someone who has completed a level four Certificate in Remedial Massage. (This was written before ARM folded)

Next: Veterans. Veterans get free health cover for everything. Everything except remedial massage that is. I once received a reply from the Minister of Veteran Affairs that Massage and Myotherapy has put forward a proposal to have their members services recognised.

Lastly: We need to create a better definition for remedial massage, as no one has ever been able to give me a short, concise, definition I have been completely satisfied with. Once we can do that, we can start promoting it to the general public, for this is what we must surely do to ensure a successful career.



I provide the following services - massage, remedial massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, trigger point therapy, postural correction, deep tissue massage, structural integration, structural bodywork, postural correction craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, mobile massage, PNF stretching for people in the suburbs of Waikiki, Warnbro, Safety Bay, Port Kennedy, Shoalwater, Rockingham, Bertram, Orelia, Medina, Kwinana, Baldivis, Wellard and Leda, Phoenix, Spearwood, South Lake, Bibra Lake SOR. Mobile Massage Rockingham, Mobile Massage Baldivis, Mobile Massage Kwinana, Mobile Massage Cooloongup, Mobile Massage Safety Bay, Mobile Massage Bertram, Mobile Massage Port Kennedy, Mobile Massage Safety Bay, Mobile Massage Mandurah, Mobile Massage Perth. Homes for rent to FIFO and 457 workers in Rockingham. Homes to lease to mining companies or FIFO 457 workers. Properties to let Rockingham. Homes to let Rockingham Central.Homes for rent to FIFO and 457 workers in Rockingham. Homes to lease to mining companies or FIFO 457 workers. Properties to let Rockingham. Homes to let Rockingham Central.