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Bamber Bridge is a small town (village?) near where I grew up in England.

The most significant things in town are

        1) A Motorway Junction.         

        2) An Olde Worlde Pub         

        3) A Shared Name.                

                        Well.... It's significant to me at least!

Why Did I Do It? (Oh God! WHY did I do it)

I recently had a holiday in England, I came back with a heap of photographs, a heap of diary entries, and a wish to conquer Web Page design..   If people come to your house for the dreaded slide night, they're trapped they can't get away.  If you decide (being of sound mind and body) to continue here, then it's YOUR decision.  The management accepts no responsibility for the content of these pages, their reason for being here, or your safety / sanity should you wish to continue. So, if you wish to pursue this folly, click the buttons to the left & let's see what happens.


I had encouragement from a lady in the States who I sent some pictures to some time ago.  Her site is at:- http://magsweb.com/index.html

Click HERE to have a look at my Mountain Bike Site, its at  http://members.iinet.net.au/~gbamber/Wilderness

The Wilderness Mountain Bike Club is a Non Competitive Recreational Cycle Club whos aim is to enjoy the Western Australian bush.


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