Hi there, bit of culling of things on offer, I was WAY over the limit iinet (good as they are) will allow me for free :)

So I will probably keep it relevant to my interests and happenings.

Mostly that revolves around my family, friends and photography.

This was my Christmas present to my father. Hope you liked it dad.

Christmas was at Mum & Dad's place, it was nice to see everyone again.

Stephen's 11th birthday involved a visit to the Cannington AMF, it was good fun, here is some of the pics.

Dad & I visited the house that his father Giacomo helped to build. It is/was near 41a Pinjarra Rd, Coodanup, which is near Mandurah. It is probably going to be demolished soon, either by developers or the squatters. Someone had kicked over the gas meter, there was gas flowing freely from the ground, heaps of it, you could smell it up wind over at the "Soils aint Soils" place. I called Alinta Gas, they found the place, repaired it and then called me, which was pretty good of them. The fella reckons it could have been like that for about 5-6 months! He said it was extremely dangerous, as the meter was totally removed from the line and with all the road works and vehicles it could've gone up at any time.

I am looking forward to doing more of this type of trips with Dad, next time he will remember his battery charger :).
In making this small album I thought to give panoramas a try, Canon 350D's don't do panoramas out of the box, and as I use Kubuntu their software is useless to me. A quick search though Aptitude and I discovered hugin - Panorama photo stitcher the results were amazing. It produced a rather large file, but if you are interested in knowing more just drop me a line.

Mum & Dad have lots of pictures too.

Walking around Perth for excerise and interest.

So if you are tired of "defraging", "virus scanning", wasting resources and using vendor locked in software, leave the dark side, try some humanity - linux style.

While on the topic of cool tools, you should check out last.fm "the social music revolution".

and Qtpfsgui, it is an open source graphical user interface application that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging.

Why this name?
: the program uses Qt4 to show its graphical widgets.
pfs : the main backend library and original sourcecode base.
gui : this stands simply for graphical user interface.

I haven't posted anything I've done with it yet, but it does a remarkable job.

While on the topic of photography, if you are interested in joining a real world club in Perth, the Workshop Camera Club is pretty good. I have begun a Competition Entries album.

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