Bail up at the Glenrowan Hotel.
Where you will find the country style
hospitality warm and the beer always cold.

If you are visiting Glenrowan or just travelling through call in for a meal or a drink. You will find us within walking distance of all the attractions and historical points of interest in Glenrowan.

Sit down in our dinning room and enjoy a sumptuous meal for either lunch or dinner prepared by our dedicated and talented chefs. Our large beer garden with it's BBQ facilities can cater for those looking for a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. EFTPOS is available.

Glenrowan Hotel (formerly the Railway Hotel)

The current Glenrowan Hotel was built by Eugene McDonnell and Fred Chas. Purbrick.

Permission to transfer the licence from the Railway Hotel, next door, to the new premises, was granted on 17th October 1908. The licencee at that time was Honorar O'Keefe.

The Railway Tavern was established in the early 1870's and shortly after purchased by Patrick McDonnell. Paddy McDonnell was a keen Kelly sympathiser and many other sympathisers would frequently congregate in his bar.

When the Kelly Gang first arrived at Glenrowan they stabled their horses at the back of his Hotel.

Paddy changed the Hotel's name in 1893 to the Railway Hotel, and in 1902 he sold the liquor licence to Honorar O'Keefe.

McDonnell's Railway Tavern/Railway Hotel

The Glenrowan Inn


The Glenrowan Inn was established at the end of 1878 by Mrs Ann Jones. She paid 6 for the block of land, which had a small slab hut built on it. A 100 mortgage allowed her to erect a weatherboard building lined with hessian and paper and ceilings of calico, furnish it, and have enough money to start the business.

On Sunday 27th June 1880, just after midnight, Ned Kelly took over her Hotel so that it could be used to house the Gang's hostages.

By 3.30 am the following day, her hotel was nothing but ashes, it being burnt down by the police, to try and flush the last of the Kelly Gang out of hiding.


The Glenrowen Hotel

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