Who is George Filev?

Let's start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start.

In the 1950's my mother and father immigrated to Australia from a village in Greece called Florina. My father is on the bottom right. There were nine brothers and sisters in total. My mother had one step brother and two step sisters.

Dad met Mum at a dance in Melbourne and they courted, fell in love and got married.

About 12 months later, in 1967, I entered the world. Here I am at 4 days old.

The first 6 years of my life I grew up in this house in Northcote.

Not long after my birth, my brother Tom and sister Christine were born to make up our family.

We moved to Lalor as we out grew the house in Northcote being a family of 5 and my father's parents, my grand parents, also lived with us.

I was to have my first meeting with fame through a photo shoot with the local press. This was taken after I was an audience member for a puppet show put on at Lalor North Primary School.

Before I knew it, I was performing at school functions and devising plays that I would tour around to different classrooms. This is me with a piano accordion my grandfather gave me. My grandfather, on my mothers side, was a clarinet player in various Macedonian bands. I still have the piano accordion.

I left secondary school at year 11 in 1983 to take up a civil design drafting course at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, (R.M.I.T). After 4 months, I decided it was not a direction I wanted to go in, so I left and looked for work.

My first paid job was working in a moccasin factory in Preston. I lasted one day and punched out 80 pairs of moccasins via a pneumatic press and decided factory life was not for me.

I then got a job working as a bellboy at a hotel in Preston called The Council Club Hotel. I was offered an apprenticeship in Cooking and decided to be a chef. I qualified as a chef and for 6 years, cooking was my life. I felt I needed to do something different, something that challenged me and took me to places I've never been to before, but what...?

In 1989 I got the travel bug and went for a trip around the world for nearly 4 months. Shortly after returning to Australia I started training in circus arts and began acting in community theatre.

I have always had a love for theatre and the exhilaration of performing on stage was intoxicating. Interestingly enough, my father also had some experience treading the boards. Here he is performing at the Fitzroy Town Hall in Melbourne, Australia. He is the one in the middle and the play was called "Krvta si Kreni" translation, "Blood will rise".

How about this one, Trés Dramatic! I especially love the bucket on the head of the guy on the right.

I was an actor, set designer and writer with the Australian Macedonian Drama Group for many years and it was a great introduction for what was to come.

I formally trained in acting during 1993 at the John Bolton Theatre School in Williamstown, Melbourne Australia. This was one of many stepping stones and life-changing experiences.

After finishing the course in Acting I started my career in performing arts. Here is an example of one of the groups of which I was a member, "Missing Link". We evolved and devolved from 100% human to 100% ape.

Many other incarnations included being a puppeteer, mime artist, children's theatre performer, singer, dancer, circus performer, model and character actor just to name a few.

For 5 years I worked as a street theatre performer with various different groups before meeting a gentleman by the name of Steve Brown. Steve, formally of Rock 'n' Roll Circus, and I set up a company called Gaze. Together we created many different acrobatic theatre shows which were performed locally and toured interstate and internationally.

In 1995 I collaborated with Christy Shelper and together we created an act inspired by
Darien Sticklen called "The Flying Cockatoos" for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Christy was whisked away by Cirque Du Soleil and, although I performed on other aerial apparatus, I continued to work on the tissu, fabric apparatus, as a speciality. I created and performed solo performances and collaborated with other artists.

In early 2004 I auditioned to join a company called "
Strange Fruit". This company began in 1994 and are unique in that every performance takes place on 4.5m flexible fibreglass sway poles and I was accepted and performed all over the world as a pole dancer.

Here is an example from a show we did under Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square London UK during 2006. The show is called Spheres.

I love challenging myself and entertaining people from all walks of life.


These days I don't do much performing but every now and then I do get in front of a crowd to promote events that I facilitate.

Feel free to contact me if you want to find out more.