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GEOTECH employs highly skilled and trained chemist, laboratory technicians and technical staff to ensure accurate results and interpretation of data. The company is NATA accredited and quality assured to ISO 9001.

GEOTECH offers a web-based trending and reporting software package customized to suit client's specific requirements.

Oil Condition Monitoring / Fuel & Lubricants Division...

GEOTECH provides lubricant, fuel and coolant analyses to monitor the working condition of fixed and mobile machinery through early fault detection. The primary aim of any testing program is the early detection of contamination as well as wear and fluid degradation which, if left undiagnosed, can lead to unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs.

GEOTECH is an independent provider of a wide range of laboratory tests, as well as sampling and consulting services, which allows equipment users to monitor the condition of their machinery and lubricants, resulting in:

Lubricant Sample

  reduction in unscheduled downtime
  effective maintenance scheduling
  improved equipment reliability
  reduced maintenance costs
  optimum oil drain intervals

Main industries served by GEOTECH's Condition Monitoring clients are involved in hydrocarbon processing and production, mining, transport, refrigeration, marine, construction, power generation and railways.
GEOTECH provides a wide range of lubricant and fuel analyses used in preventative maintenance and fault diagnosis. GEOTECH aims to provide a quality service, striking a balance between information content, accuracy and precision, turn-around time and cost.

Lubricant analyses need to be performed quickly, once sampling has been carried out, to gain maximum benefit. GEOTECH provides results for routine testing within 48 hours of receipt of samples, with faster turnaround possible by arrangement.

Testing requirements are tailored to suit individual equipment and client requirements. Test suites are structured to obtain the most relevant data needed for a successful monitoring program.

GEOTECH's on site sampling services ensure samples are taken correctly, eg representative samples are taken even in environments where contaminants may be introduced during sampling (eg. dust or high air moisture levels)

Our consulting services range from designing and implementing sampling programs to machine failure investigations.