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Tristan Stringer
Divisional Manager /
Principal Ecotoxicologist
Ecotoxicology Laboratory
41-45 Furnace Rd, Welshpool
Western Australia 6106
Tel (08) 9263 0261

GEOTECH's complete in-house ecotoxicology and chemical analysis services ensure the fastest possible turn around time.


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Ecotoxicology Division - Capabilities...

GEOTECH's Ecotoxicology Division occupies controlled environment laboratories at the Aquaculture Development Unit in Fremantle, Western Australia. Our laboratories are specifically designed to facilitate the performance of marine, estuarine and freshwater bioassays under temperate and tropical conditions. In addition, GEOTECH's Ecotoxicology laboratories are NATA accredited and follow a comprehensive quality assurance system (ISO 9001).

GEOTECH's Ecotoxicology Division offers a complete water and sediment quality Testing of Unknown Materialassessment service. Combined with our extensive analytical chemistry, project management and consulting expertise, GEOTECH's ecotoxicology capabilities ensure water and sediment quality assessments are suitably robust for effective environmental management. In accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Water and Sediment Quality Guidelines (ANZECC & ARMCANZ 2000), GEOTECH provides innovative and cost effective environmental quality assessments for:

  Deriving site-specific trigger values
  Calculating protective dilution factors for
        industrial effluents and wastewaters
  Assessing the toxicity of contaminants in
        leachates and groundwater
  Identifying toxicants in complex effluents
        and sediments using multi-phase TIE
  Assessing the suitability of dredged materials         and mine tailings for disposal
  Quantifying the environmental performance of
        drilling fluids, drilling muds and cuttings
  Characterising produced formation waters
 Condensate weathering and biodegradation         studies
   Assessing changes in toxicity due to
        production modifications
   Registering chemical and pharmaceutical products
   Short-term and long-term monitoring studies
   Validating environmental risk assessments