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The Environmental Chemistry Division of GEOTECH offers clients a complete consultancy service encompassing design of analytical programmes, sampling containers, analysis and data interpretation.

The division performs analyses for a large range of clients, eg the oil industry, refineries, government organisations and environmental consultancies.

Areas of particular expertise are air emission testing for a wide range of clients and seafloor surveys for the oil industry.

On a routine basis, the division determines ultra-trace concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy metals using analytical methods developed through years of experience.

Geotech have well developed capabilitiesfor provision of the analyses required to support Oil Spill Contingency Planning risk assessments, including:

  • Weathering studies simulating a range ofgeographic conditions to determine thehydrocarbon behavior if a spill were to occur
  • Dispersant efficacy assessment using theMacKay Testing Apparatus, to determine theappropriateness and efficacy of a dispersant incombination with the oil
  • Ecotoxicology assessments to determine thepotential biological effects of the oil anddispersant. Ideally the neat oil and acombination of the oil and dispersant areassessed to replicate the likely scenarios in theevent of a spill

Environmental impacts from industry discharges have long been cause for concern. To address this concern, GEOTECH offers a range of environmental services to industry which comply with the requirements of the industrial and environmental government agencies. These services have been designed to assist in monitoring and disposal of emissions, produced formation waters and drilling fluids.


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