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The Petroleum Geochemistry Division is the market leader in Australia in chemical analyses and consulting for hydrocarbon exploration and production. The division is performing analyses for virtually all Australian oil and gas exploration and production companies as well as many overseas explorers and producers.


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GEOTECH has been the leading service provider of geochemical analyses in Australia since 1991. The company continues to grow, partly through its close association with the Centre for Applied Organic Geochemistry at Curtin University of Technology (a recognised world leader in petroleum geochemistry research) and partly through its own initiatives.

The Petroleum Geochemistry Division of GEOTECH provides a wide range of integrated analyses and consulting services to clients in the oil and gas industry. The company offers both routine and specialised analyses, which can be applied to both exploration and production settings, all of which are performed under strict quality control guidelines.

Leading Provider of Geochemical Analyses

GEOTECH provides a comprehensive range of geochemical analyses to characterise source rock quality, maturity and hydrocarbon generation potential, as well as information regarding source, maturity, depositional environment and other characteristics of hydrocarbon fluids. GEOTECH also specialises in detailed gas, oil and source rock correlation studies. GEOTECH is a high quality provider of analytical services and is responsive to the special interpretive needs of clients. Interpretive reports can be tailored to clients’ requirements, ranging from a basic interpretation of geochemical data obtained from just one well, to a comprehensive synthesis of geochemical and geological data from basin wide studies.

Sterene Group - Geochemical Trace

GEOTECH’s petroleum geochemistry staff are thoroughly trained and have extensive experience in designing analytical programs which meet the specific requirements and constraints of our industry clients. GEOTECH provides efficient turnaround times and a personalised, professional and cost-effective service.

Due to the integrated structure within GEOTECH, the Petroleum Geochemistry Division works closely with the Industrial and Environmental Chemistry as well as the Petrophysics Divisions to offer clients a unique combination of oil exploration / production experience and tailor made analytical programmes to help solve most chemical problems.

All information received from clients is considered confidential and is strictly protected within our laboratories. All data and samples are treated as proprietary to the client.