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The Specialty Fuels Division of GEOTECH manufactures a treatment of fungal and bacterial growth in diesel fuel, CLADOCIDE GOLD. This is formulated as a broad spectrum biocide for the prevention of microbial growth.

In order to get the best results from any fuel testing, it is important to take a representative sample. GEOTECH can provide training in correct sampling techniques if required.

Bacteria, Yeast and Mould Growth Once the samples have been laboratory tested and a positive contamination result was found, GEOTECH will design a treatment programme to eradicate the microbial infection and to prevent re-infection.

This involves supplying the right amount of CLADOCIDE GOLD, with instructions on how to use the product, and a setting up programme for ongoing protection.

CLADOCIDE GOLD is available in four convenient sizes: 1 litre, 5 litres, 20 litres and 205 litres.

For more detailed information on CLADOCIDE GOLD, download GEOTECH's Gold Standard Premium Product Brochure.