GC-MS Instrument - Petroleum Geochemistry

Petroleum Geochemistry
The Petroleum Geochemistry Division is the market leader in Australia in chemical analyses and consulting for hydrocarbon exploration and production. The division is performing analyses for most Australian oil and gas exploration and production companies as well as many overseas explorers and producers.

VOC Instrument - Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry
The Environmental Chemistry Division provides a comprehensive range of tests for samples of environmental interest, with trace level analyses of organic and inorganic compounds being a speciality. The division has been involved in the design and implementation of chemical monitoring programmes near petroleum and other industrial facilities in sensitive environmental settings.

Microplate Diluter

The Ecotoxicology Division provides a consulting service and a comprehensive range of bioassays for all Australian conditions. GEOTECH provides freshwater, estuarine and marine, tropical and temperature bioassays using species that are representative of the receiving ecosystem.

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) - Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry
The Industrial Chemistry Division offers analytical and consultancy services including the analysis of sludges, deposits and residues, material failure and metal analysis, aviation and military fuel testing as well as pesticides analysis for active constituents and product stability.

ICP Instrument - Condition Monitoring

Oil Condition Monitoring / Fuel & Lubricants
The Condition Monitoring Division provides sophisticated and efficient analytical services in the areas of fuel and lubricant analysis and testing.

Core Samples from Petrophysics - Core Analysis

Petrophysics / Core Analysis
The Petrophysics / Core Analysis Division is set up for a large range of core analyses on consolidated and unconsolidated cores at ambient as well as reservoir conditions.

Fuel Tanker - Fuel Treatments

Fuel Treatment
GEOTECH also manufactures a chemical formulation for the treatment of diesel fuel. Special fuel treatments are formulated as broad-spectrum biocides for the prevention of fungal and bacterial contamination.