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Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd


                               Petroleum Geochemistry Division 
                                            Source Rock Assessment
                                            Gas Analysis
                                                    Reservoir Gas Analysis
                                                    Mud Gas Analysis /
                                                        Isotech Satellite Lab
                                                    Unconventional Gas:-
                                                       Coal Seam Methane, Shale Gas & Tight Gas Sands

                                                    Hydrocarbon Characterisation
                                                    Reservoir Geochemistry
                                                    Fluid Inclusion Analysis
                                                    Rig Based Analyses
                                                    Other Services
                                            Designing an Analytical Programme
                                            Contamination Issues
                                            Sample Selection and Requirements

                               Environmental Chemistry Division
                                            Scope of Testing
                                            Case Studies
                                            Ecotoxicology Capabilities
                                            Tests & Services
                                            Case Studies

                               Industrial Chemistry Division
                                            Overview & Objectives
                                            Case Studies

                               Condition Monitoring Division
                                            Scope of Testing

                               Petrophysics / Core Analysis Division
                                            Tests & Services
                                            Routine Core Analysis
                                                    Core Handling
                                                    Surface Core Gamma
                                                    Core Slabbing (Fully Automated Slab Saw)
                                                    Core Plugging (Consolidated & Unconsolidated Core)
                                                    Core Photography
                                                    Profile Permeametry
                                                    Porosity/Permeability/Grain Density Measurements
                                            Special Core Analysis
                                                    MICP Studies
                                                    Capillary Pressure Studies
                                                    Electrical Resistivity Studies
                                                    Air-Brine Capillary Pressure (Porous Plate Method)

                               Cladocide Gold 

                   COMPANY PROFILE
                               Neville Phillips
                               Max Offer
                               Angela Downey
                               Cindy Phillips
                               Noel Mellican
                               Tristan Stringer
                               Ken Traynor
                               Tony Bocchetti
                               Khin Myat
                               Julie Darwin

                          Company Downloads
Capability Statement

                         Divisional Brochures

                              Petroleum Geochemistry
                              Environmental Chemistry
                              Industrial Chemistry
                              Condition Monitoring
                              Petrophysics / Core Analysis
                              Fuel Treatment

                         News Flyers
                              Isotech Analysis Now Available at Intertek Geotech
                              Coal Seam Methane & Shale Gas
                              Oil Spill Brochure
                              Assessing the Environmental Performance of Drilling Fluids
                              Ecotoxicology Capability Statement
                              Sediment Quality Assessment
                              Routine Core & Special Core Analysis Proposal
                              Acid Sulphate Soil Analysis
                              Mud Additives & Drilling Fluids

                         Fuel Treatment
                              MSDS - Cladocide Gold
                              Cladocide Gold Product Brochure
                              Gold Standard Premium Product Brochure