Strategic Economics in 2018-19
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☻► Repairing Australia's Vertical Fiscal Imbalance in 2018

☻►How can we prevent State politicians to increase taxes and borrowings by the back door.
☻►How does the triangle Canberra NSW Victoria pass the buck to other States, can it be prevented?
☻►What is vertical fiscal imbalance how where and how much of it has been created, is it a bad farce and are the States still relevant in their current form?
☻►How big is the debt of the States, how did we get there and what are the solutions to the pending crisis, is it time to press the reset button and to enforce full Vertical Fiscal Integration through a 21st century shared common single tax system for the States and the Commonwealth and remove all red tape and paper work for business and households.
☻►Explaining this critical path to the future of Australia economics and why.

☻► Pension Economics Combining Super Safety Net and Senior's work in 2018

(Retirement Income around the World)

☻►Pensions and Super in Australia from today to 2035. Calculating retirement income in Australia and around the world.

☻► Derivatives and the Glass-Steagall, Crypto-Currencies

☻►The under belly of Derivatives passed under the microscope, mixing derivatives and crypto-currencies, what is at stake by delaying or watering down the new Glass-Steagall
☻►Central Banks -QE and flat currencies versus virtual currencies.
☻►Understanding Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers with or without Crypto-Currencies

☻► Multilateral Trade Agreements, price fixing, VL/VO in Australia and around the World in 2018

☻►How does price fixing and Vertical Landing - Vertical Ownership operates, who is behind it, who is to blame for the lack of transparency regarding policies in Australia and around the world, who is doing what here and abroad to overcome the loss of Government Revenue and damage to local businesses, how can we level the playing field with the cyber economy and its lack of taxation. (Made available)

☻► Strategic planning, Government economics & Technology in Australia and around the world in 2018

☻►Why is Strategic Planning so critical with new technologies and how does the lack of it impacts the entire economy.
☻►Why should some ministers be nominated from outside the house when some ministers inside the house openly declare that some technologies are in the too hard basket regarding policies.
☻►How to implement the Swedish Government tech model with its Government Business and Banking card in Australia -(Pro-active taxation getting back control of your life and and your business, your social benefits and taxation and bank accounts balance for business and household instantly interactively on your smartphone or other device).
☻►Lobbying groups pushing post/ re-active tax systems.
☻►Taxation and social benefits in the cyber world - 18th century versus 21st Century taxation:

and yet it should be so simple in the 21st century!!!
It is so simple to implement an interactive card/ tax system:

-social worker tfn53 buy $20 of fuel from business tfn550,
-artist painter tfn59 sell a painting $90 to tfn33 and buy drawing material for $30 from TFN558 sales tax and sale dockets are instantly at the ATO who updates the balance for individuals and businesses.

A 10 years old child can swipe the card and find instantly its business or personal balance!
TFN 53 + $20 TFN 550 -$2 TFN 558 -$3
TFN59(you for example) 9(Sales Tax)+41(Centre Link Means Test) =50-30(supplies)=$20
this above immediate balance of tax paid individual or business is at the tax office and on your bank account with the balance of your current account updated instantly and at all times visible from your mobile phone or computer tablet...
if TFN59 Bank account had $200 before above operations it now has $240(200+90-20-30) simple and immediate not three years down the track, the ATO balance for TFN59 has increased by $20 whatever it was before. There was no paper involve at any time for the above operations unless you want a printed receipt of purchase or sale which have become unnecessary
Note: the ATO can also use a flexible rate for the sale tax instantly with multiple rates if needed

No excuse for Warren Truss to insult pensioners by talking about weird public servants messing it up, what he should have done is just above, not blame the Public Service.

(Swedish cashless model with pro-active taxation and Social Benefits)

Recommended reading
Saturday paper, Martin Mc Kenzie-Murray “An artless system that aggressively demands fictional debts from our most vulnerable people has, unsurprisingly caused considerable misery”.

...and promoted today in late 2017, the biggest user of it, to the highest legal position in our Nation, our new Attorney General(Christian Porter)

This article in the Saturday paper by Martin Mc Kenzie-Murray points to the inconsistencies and absurdity of Christian Porter Data Matching program created by the absence of a single desk ATO-Centrelink, ...not only it completely missed totally the black economy but it penalized and accused wrongly in many cases the people that are doing the right thing and are not in the black economy, simply crazy!!!...and with the blessing from Labor too, further more and hopeless Christian Porter is Liberal, can anyone believe it?

Many males nearly fully funded bachelors but not fully funded married persons face similar situation later in life depressed by the situation and often deciding to wait for death without getting any penny from work rather than taking the risk of facing pen pushers and incompetent politicians corrupted by lobbyists, several years down the track or even just the idea of thinking for the rest of your life about the potential for it to happen(similarly by the way to tax rulings!)

Another article in the Saturday paper worth reading about Lobbying and Lobbyists : “Barton Deakin, the Coalition's 'evil twin' lobby firm. Mike Seccombe. Hidden behind two of Australia's biggest lobbying firms is one company and an endless list ...”

--... For RED TAPE and bureaucracy it is hard to beat the inconsistencies between Centrelink and our Tax Office specially for youth and Seniors, you work three hours and you get tracked for three years supply ten pages of paper in triplicate for a CPA, the ATO and Centrelink and finally after two years you are chased by recovery debt mercenaries, bad luck it was a data matching mistake, you are a youth or 70 and suicidal you shoot yourself you do not have the thousands of dollars wrongly asked by the death squad, alternatively you prove it was wrong, after 12 months of altercations between the tax office and Centrelink with pen pushers blaming each other costing you thousands of dollar of paper work.

Are you not tired with leftists saving the world and borrowing on your behalf like a drunk camel or left and right wing politicians pretending to do business, putting one or two hands at work but killings million of jobs elsewhere either with borrowings or tax rulings or both, they are saying come and get me if you can.... Well just go and "GET THEM" out of there next time, when you vote, vote for a party or someone putting all hands at work, creating real jobs and without reverse discrimination that stinks, do not vote just for a bunch of bookkeepers bought up by lobbyists and carrying out their agenda, beware of legalmentarians ruling by small prints and lying all day like our media with fake news.

You can also follow this link for more

☻► Public Private Partnership(PPP), Rating agencies

☻►Auditing Principles guiding rating versus principles guiding most rating agencies.
☻►Auditing principles guiding rating economic performance of Government.
☻►Meta constructs guiding auditors from various places around the world.

☻► ABC of Australian Politics and Policies in 2018

Photo by the author(2010)
The above gumnut babies playing in the Perth Law Court Gardens have disappeared if you see them please contact the Perth City Council in Western Australia.

☻► The years 2018-19 summary

The years 2018-19 promises to be a cracker in term of finance and economics, first they will be the soccer world cup in Russia, then it will be followed by a new world cup of economics when the Glass -Steagall will be making a come back in the banking world to limit the growing influence of crypto-currencies and the death threat from derivatives.

Downunder the Royal Commission prequel will try to cushion the coming effects of a new Glass-Steagall. New jobs will be available at BIS as a direct consequence of the new Glass-Steagall , or BIS will disappear all together replaced by a more cyber savvy agency protecting the banking industry from suicide.

The British Pound will be re bouncing after Brexit, thanks to investors worried of a Eurozone without fiscal integration, and to some extent Australia will start to realize what sharing a currency with our States means without fiscal integration, the difficulties in the Eurozone could help Australia finally sharing a 21st century single common tax system and drop its gobbledegook's current taxation system.

In Australia the housing bubble crash will be delayed as the threat of a GFC 2.0 and the all assault on our $2.5trillion of super from the Canary Wharf javavavavava...script classes inheriting gamblers will be raging on, and as a result our real estate market will be propped up by worried investors chasing hard “real” assets also worried additionally by the effects of VL/VO, private equity funds and tax havens will have on cyber illiterate Government revenue in the Western World and indirectly to its trading floors.

Inside the new cyber world of finance they will be new threats, not from our Barry Urban legalmentarians putting off more and more people from joining our political branch stacking apparatus, but from hackers exposing our “'(L)egalmentarians (G)rounded (T)ransvestite (B)ookkeepers(LGTB) for what they are, that is, lacking the most elementary understanding in real economics, identical to the BBBurban's of this world, the absolute Zzzzzerooooes in strategic planning represented by the Christian Porter's of this world still going on with the 18th century data matching, its red tape and paper work, and rejecting a visit to Sweden cashless system and improve on it to see how to best avoid all this whizzbang, while creating real jobs and growing the economy by putting more hands at work with our ageing population.

2018-19 will see more dual citizenship fall outs in the legalmentarian's house of horrors.
We will be totally swamped by more Andrew Bolt type of politicking ushering a new vision of economics or the absence of any, make your choice, it is all about politicking versus policies, albeit he has a point with the Greens, all red inside, the toxic allies of the left downunder who have a difficulty spelling Clathrates, while the splitting of the Green Movement between the "Cafe Latte" Greens and Ecologists will continue in 2018-19 around the world.

Our printed press in 2018 will compete with the US Media brainless journalists attacking endlessly Donald Trump before dropping all attack suddenly like a brick when fake news will become too hard to digest for readers.

Our migration will keep going-on hopefully from a multitude of ethnic groups religions and geographic areas as it has been in the past keeping us out of recessions for more than a third of a century, and protecting us from our legalmentarians trying to break our economic fabric. Our migration in 2018 and well beyond will protect the demand for jobs in various industries including construction and ensure a growing economy in our lucky country relieving pressure on our retirement systems.

There will be no update of these Economic Pages on this web site in 2019, the author will be concentrating on bringing animation and videos to

La Promenade and the 1000 years in Paris Videogames

...and painting live in public around Kings Park and the Swan River.

Until 2020 have a good time reading Strategic Economics 2018-19.

At my age two years is an eternity, so before we part, few images of my early life in France with the elite mountain troop(EHM) serving as radio to General Thenoz, he would become later Military Chief of Staff to the French President, for more visit les Alpes ma deuxieme patrie.
- Also in the memoirs my ancestors and my Dad Jean, Croix de guerre 39-45 with citation "Medaille de la resistance avec palme", served at the passage de St Girond during WWII, Nancy Wake passed through it to reach Spain!(official military records on the page)

There will be more in the memoirs, may be!

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Patrick Francois and
Margaret at the MIT
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Born in a business family, his late dad was a representative of the French Chamber of Commerce in the US and employed 80 people in the Family's SME, his son, Pr Patrick Humbert worked on the genome in Boston and is a fellow of the MIT, his wife worked at the UN(Unesco) and previously at the BBC.

The author learned economics hands on, carrying out missions for the French Premier Raymond Barre combining senior software engineering expertise with finance such as leading the first large computerisation of the Renault Group Budget, and developing software to control trading floor and multinationals fraud ...sorry, tax optimisation, he had access to many FYO Documents from US CIA and GAO and many other sources overseas including internal discussions at the OECD and the IMF, the author also received a formal Post Graduate Education and diploma in Business and Administration option Information Systems with Harvard Master units in Strategic Planning(*) and Systems Evaluation(*) and complementary units in Economics Finance and Psychology

Margaret and Francois
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- Curtin University followed the Harvard Business Program when the head of the School of business in the mid 1980s was professor R.Galliers(A B Harvard) and a former head at the London School of Economics(LSE), currently emeritus Pr. in Boston and acknowledged Guru of Information Systems.

- P. Costello
(Super concessions and SMSF) &
- W. Swan
(24 consecutive months of trade surplus and how to swim through a GFC without losing any feather) followed these same units in the mid 80s.
An academic Record is not a necessary benchmark when it comes to economics, Paul Keating who influenced the most the Modern Economics of today in Australia was an autodidact. Economics is an unprecise science, it is more of an art mixed with a lot of psychology.

Francois preferred hobby is painting live in public, and writing interactive videogames on the internet such as Bastille.

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