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WA State Election 2017
WA State Issues

☻► How to force Canberra pay the debt it passed to WA

Collect 100% of WA GST ourselves implement Swedish model and give back 35% of WA income tax(*) to Canberra

(*)WA Collecting part of income tax was suggested by former Premier of NSW and Malcolm Turnbull at last Premier's meeting Already Supported by Liberals except Victoria and Tasmania

Un article par Guy Millière(guy-milliere-demolit-un-tabou-non-la-sortie-de-leuro-ne-sera-pas-un-desastre)

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Le système suédois est un système cashless* et paperless* qui utilise une carte bancaire qui communique automatiquement chaque transaction au gouvernement, plus de papier pour les impôts moins de fraude fiscale moins de fonctionnaires. *traduction au choix

...J’ai oublié consommateurs commerçants et entreprises et administrations utilisent tous cette carte en même temps bancaire et gouvernement il y a eu le mois dernier un segment sur la suede sans billetterie au journal de 20 heures sur France2.

A propos de l'auteur de l'article: Guy Millière

Note: Is it possible to share a currency such as the Euro without fiscal integration?
This is the real question!
So what about the Australian dollar and our States that discard sharing all taxes but want to share our common currency?
Is WA to become the equivalent of another Greece inside the Eurozone?

☻► How to reduce our 40% Youth and Senior under-employment

Make contracting self-employment casual work, and more permanent work, a paperless, cashless, no hassle, just a swipe your card easy and simple tax environment
so that any working person knows instantly where it stands, implement Single desk Centrelink WA ATO in WA included with WA Income tax and GST Collection

☻► Selling State Assets (remember Alinta B&B saga!)

- the ABC of what not to do when selling assets, and never repeat the Alinta B&B saga.

☻►Improve quality and price for WA users of Internet Access and Services

implement more FTTP collective premise locations in town, libraries, associations...and better hot spot nodes from satellite services in the bush and regions for under-employed youth and seniors incuding discount with ISPs

☻► Eliminate Council assets wasting and corruption

- Stop councils giving assets away for a photo shoot to developpers backed by non banks & Equity funds speculating before development and shifting all control out of Australia and bypassing liability in Australia

☻►Roe8-9 Stirling & Army Bridges vs Metronet

- Is WA becoming a cash cow, is the currently missing army bridge to cross the river going to be built with WA Money and are Roe8-9-19 serving lobbyists over East or should we face the old recycle Metronet story of the last train to Oodnadatta while at the same time children run faster than trains in some part of the country side.

☻►Develop Real Policies for Down Processing Adding Value and diminishing in WA critical Transport Cost below Container size

- Jobs for royalties incentive to Corporations and special front desk to group parcels going overseas and interstates with a discount for WA small busineess and self employed, WA has some of the highest transport costs in the world for below container size ie parcels.

- Kingspark in the style of Cezanne

Above top The gumnut babies missing from the Law Court Gardens in Perth
from left to right

- Exhibition at the Old Royal George
- Freo old Settlers Cottages
- John-24 In the house of my father there are many mansions St John King Square Freo
- Council Place East Freo
- Cottesloe beach
- Indiana at Night

WA State Election 2017
Economic Jargon

The budget or ledger is just like the office desk above with plenty of drawers and entries/ files.

For the media and bookkeepers the budget is all about transferring the content in the drawers from one to another by increasing taxes or cutting expenditures, ...instead growing the cake is the real Mc Coy!...

All what you can see excluding the desk and the back office tasks and drawers on the above image but including the wizzard itself is what is used to grow the economy, not back office reformists!

-we- fill up the drawers with economic growth in manufacturing production down processing adding value locally and local education etc etc etc.

... ....more

Deglobalisation : We are going currently through a phase of migration from the free for all to more re-regulated and precise bi-lateral agreements, from multilateral agreements driven by industries and corporations to more flexible multi bi-lateral agreements driven by the Nation States rather than large corps, in the banking system we are talking about a modernised version of the Glass-Steagall to avoid GFC 2.0...


☻►Familiar terms used in Economic Jargon

Fiscal integration : Sharing a common tax system simultaneously with sharing a common currency, the opposite is having different tax systems sharing the common currency, the more differences the more vertical fiscal imbalance, such as the Euro with France and Germany on one side and on the other side the PIIGS, the victims, Portugal Greece etc...with their tax systems not able to compensate the effect of a very high currency.
In Australia NSW and Victoria are Germany and France, the other States are the Deplorables of Hillary Clinton. Another expression to correct this vertical fiscal imbalance is States rebalancing.

Cash rate : A non prescriptive indication from the RBA of the direction interest rates are going, it is possible to have a cash rate at 1% and interest rates on Credit cards at 19%, currently the bank are cutting the rates on Credit Cards to historical lows below 10% for some for the first time, because money spent on paying the banks is slowing the growth of the local economy so much that the ATO as officially said that it was reporting revenue well below community standards, ie our under-employment rate is very high and our ABS unemployment rate is laughable well below the reality.

Given we have the highest household debt rate in the world, money spent on Credit Cards is not spent on repaying the mortgage and massive defaulting on mortgages would precipitate a fall in house prices pushing in turn them to negative equity territory, that is when the mortgage value is much higher than the money obtained from the sale of the asset, which in turn put pressure on the bank ledger.

(1)BIS : The Bank for International Settlements based in Basel...

(2) IMF G7 G8 : Breakdown in international monetary cooperation led the IMF's founders in 1945 to plan overseeing the international monetary system's exchange rates and international payments enabling countries and their citizens to buy goods and services from each other...

(3)OECD Organisation for economic cooperation and development(ParisHQ) established 1961, ... erosion of countries Taxation base as a result of the digital economy/ eCommerce loopholes, albeit little practical measures to fight VL/VO were made available(VL/VO ).

(4) ABS The Australian Bureau of Statistics...

(5) Securities: A government debt obligation backed by credit ...
(6)Terms of Trade: ratio of export prices to import prices...
(7)RBA Since 1945 The Reserve Bank of Australia... (8)GDP (9)Current Account... (10)PIIGS ... (11)Glass Steagall....
(12) PE
Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio) ...Definition
(13)Gini coefficient (also known as the Gini index or Gini ratio) is a measure of...
(14)Household debt ratio ...... (15) rating: rating agencies, see ABC of public policy page,...
(16) Exotic Financial Products, Non-Banks, Private-equity-funds, Collateral Debt Obligations, Credit Swaps, Derivatives, Options....

read articles view videos in links below

(17) VC(Virtual currencies) VL/VO(Vertical Landing/ Vertical Ownership) Blockchains Vertical Ledgers Bitcoins see below IMF internal document used in discussions

....more...want to know more about these expressions click here

Patrick Francois and
Margaret at the MIT
Boston, USA

Author's profile

Born in a business family, his late dad was a representative of the French Chamber of Commerce in the US and employed 80 people in the Family's SME, his son, Pr Patrick Humbert worked on the genome in Boston and is a fellow of the MIT, his wife worked at the UN(Unesco) and previously at the BBC.

The author learned economics hands on, carrying out missions for the French Premier Raymond Barre combining senior software engineering expertise with finance such as leading the first large computerisation of the Renault Group Budget, and developing software to control trading floor and multinationals fraud ...sorry, tax optimisation, he had access to many FYO Documents from US CIA and GAO and many other sources overseas including internal discussions at the OECD and the IMF, the author also received a formal education with Post Graduate Econonomics and Harvard Master units in Strategic Planning and Systems Evaluation.

Francois preferred hobby is painting live in public, and writing interactive videogames on the internet such as Bastille.

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