The Australian

Letters, January 5, 2004


Siren Call

Ian Campbell is now revealed (Australian, Jan. 3) as the latest in a long line of federal environment ministers who have been captured by the climate bureaucrats in Australia.

The minister's ambition to "win over the sceptics"shows a lack of comprehension as to how science should be applied to public policy. Science, unlike politics, is neither a popularity contest nor a consensus activity. You report that William Kininmonth, a former head of the National Climate Centre, considers that most current climate change is a reflection of natural cycles. Such a view is widely shared in the international science community.

The minister needs to pay attention to the logic of Kininmonth's argument and the substance of the relevant science.

Political action on climate change is not a game to be "won", and the minister does the electorate a grave disservice by encouraging that view. The minister's role is to seek a balanced understanding of climate change issues, which he will not achieve by listening to the siren calls of the global warming zealots.


Bob Carter

Townsville, Qld.

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