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                                               Taxing Air by Bob Carter and John Spooner

Brilliant! This book cuts through the nonsense like a scythe - Joe Fone




After starting to read it, I could not put Taxing Air down - Professor David Bellamy, OBE




Taxing Air is an outstanding contribution to the growing literature that examines and calls to

account the climate alarmism of the past two decades - Dr Art Raiche (former Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO)


I've read a lot of books on climate change from both sides of the debate, and I think this one … is a standout.

.. I think it … should be in every school, every university, every community library, and especially in

the offices of every federal and state MP in the country - Nick Minchin (ex-Minister of Finance, Canberra)



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This is an enthralling book, a sunrise of calm analysis and penetrating good sense
John Dyson (Amazon UK review)




Magnificent! Would that all politicians, and some so-called academics, would both read and
understand what’s really going on –
Emeritus Professor David Bowen (Cardiff University)


Bob Carter ….. has an extraordinary capacity to present well-researched and referenced science
in a way that the layman can understand
– Roger Helmer (EuroMP, UK East Midlands)

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                  Michael Duffy Fintan Dunne - 1 John Laws - 1  John Laws - 2 Philip Adams Glenn Beck - 1 Alan Jones 
             Steve Austin - 1 Steve Austin - 2 Dads On The Air Fintan Dunne - 2 Mike Smith - 1 Glenn Beck - 2 Leighton Smith
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  VIDEO   A. VIDEO LECTURE - Balance and Context in the Global Warming Debate                                   YouTube (Parts 1-4)
  "This is an awesome lecture/video and I recommend everyone watch it!!!"
Australian Environment Foundation, Melbourne, Sept. 8, 2007           
                  (higher quality version of slide presentation + audio available for download from Jim Karlock, and as a DVD from Bushvision) - review

              B. VIDEO LECTURE - Testing the Hypothesis of Dangerous Global Warming                                 YouTube (Parts 1-2)
              "I love the voice of reason presented like this"   
                   Climate Conference (Heartland Institute), New York, March 2, 2008  - review                                

C. VIDEO INTERVIEW - Balancing the Climate Debate (Alan Lee, Nzone Tonight)                                          YouTube
"I do wish this interview was shown on every network in this country (USA), and at every school!"    
Shine TV, Auckland, New Zealand, April 18, 2008 - review


D. VIDEO LECTURE - The Science and Social Context of Climate Change: A Failure of Duty to Care                     

 "Hot stuff. Excellent video. Absolutely genius presentation from Bob. Good job mate!"                                        YouTube (Parts 1-4)

 Australian Environment Foundation, Canberra, Oct. 11, 2008                                                                                


E. VIDEO INTERVIEW - Global warming: was it ever a crisis?                                                     The Glenn Beck Show
Spotlight on Science, Fox TV News, New York, March 10, 2009                                                                                        


F. AUDIO LECTURE - The problem is NATURAL climate change, stupid!                                                         Heartland
"Very powerful and informative presentation ..... exceptionally good"                                                             (link near base of page)

Climate Conference (Heartland Institute), New York, March 10, 2009                                            


G. VIDEO LECTURE - The science is settled: it's time to act                                                                Monash University

Symposium on Natural Climate Change (Monash University), Melbourne, May 24, 2009                                            


H. VIDEO LECTURE - An alternative view of climate hazard: the basis for policy                      EIKE conference, Berlin
A brilliant summary of the climate issue - many thanks, Dr. Carter. If only speeches like this one were shown at schools
and universities around the Western world, the younger generations would vote more wisely and think more carefully.

EIKE Climate & Energy Conference, Berlin
, Dec. 3rd, 2010                                            


I1. VIDEO LECTURE - The global warming fad: climate context as a better basis for policy            Sydney Mining Club   
Sydney Mining Club, Invited Lecture (4 part video), Sydney, April 7, 2011                                            


I2. SLIDE-SHOW - The global warming fad: climate context as a better basis for policy                 Sydney Mining Club   
Sydney Mining Club, Invited Lecture (Powerpoint slides + audio), Sydney, April 7, 2011                    


J. VIDEO LECTURE - Climate hazard: adaptation is the key                                                                        CEP, Prague

CEP Meeting, chaired by President Vaclav Klaus, Prague, Czech Republic, December 8, 2010.                                            


K. PLENARY LECTURE - The Story of the Black Swan                                                               Heartland-6, Washington       

6th International Conference on Climate Change, Washington, July 1, 2011.                                            


L. VIDEO INTERVIEWS - Climate change policy in Australia discussed on the BOLT REPORT          Bolt Report, May 29

Some relevant global warming questions asked by Andrew Bolt (2011)                                                       Bolt Report, Oct. 10


M. VIDEO LECTURE - Climate hazard: adaptation is the key                                                           `            Toowoomba

                        "The best lecture on man-made global warming I have seen."

Public meeting convened by Dr David van Gend, October 9, 2012.                                                                                      


N. VIDEO PANEL Q&A - Launch of Climate Change Reconsidered II NIPCC report                        The Heritage Institute

Panel interview with Dr Willie Soon and Mr Joe Bast, THI Washington, September 23, 2013.                                                                              


O. VIDEO LECTURE - Launch of CCR-II report - Context in the Climate Change Debate                     Ayn Rand Institute
"Wow! This talk was amazing, because for the first time in all the years of climate debate, I've received a good explanation why an
increase in CO2 levels, a known greenhouse gas, doesn't necessarily lead to a dramatic increase in mean world temperature."

Presentation at the Ayn Rand Institute, Irvine, California, October 8, 2013 (see 20-40 min segment)    


P. VIDEO LECTURE - Why does the NIPCC matter?                                                                             ICCC9, Las Vegas

"Another brilliant piece of information, excellently articulated."                                                                                       July 8, 2014

Presentation at the 9th International Conference on Climate Change, Las Vegas                                                     




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See - items 53, 55, 68, 92 228 and 234 for substantive reviews of the science of anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming (AGW);
      - items
23, 52, 81 and 95 for analyses of the socio-political pathology of AGW and Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS);
      - items
74, 80, 94, 99
, 217 and 229 for succinct summaries of the AGW/ETS scene;

      - items 185 and 220 for due diligence critiques of IPCC scientific advice in Australian context;
      - items
50 51 and 138 for comment on the precautionary principle and the morality of the AGW debate; and

      - items 52a, 52b (USA), 117 (Australia) and 121 (NZ) for submissions to parliamentary commissions of enquiry  
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266. [Climate] debate will show flaws
Contrary to the assertions of correspondent John Westman, empirical evidence strongly militates against the occurrence of DAGW    

Letter to the Editor, Wagga Daily Advertiser, April 15, 2015


265. The Whitehead & Assoc. 2015 NSW Sea-Level Report
Critical analysis of the Whitehead & Associates report to Gosford Council on sea-level planning benchmarks    

March 25, 2015, NIPCC Report, Heartland Institute, Chicago.


264. The Small Print: What the Royal Society Left Out
Critical discussion of the Royal Society's Short Guide to Climate Science, demonstrating how that paper has omitted many   

important facts, caveats and doubts on scientific subjects related to the cause of climate change. 

March 15, 2015. Report of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, London


263. What has climate change got to do with energy supply anyway?        
Individual nations need to return to the clear separation that they formerly recognized between energy policy and climate policy    

Guest Opinion, Catallaxy Files, March 25, 2015


262. Response to comments by Mr. Gareth Renowden at Science Media Centre on
“Hypothetical global warming: skepticism needed”
Considered response to an emotional attack by Renowden on Leyland & Carter opinion piece 259       

Bryan Leyland & Bob Carter, Opinion, Science Media Centre, Sciblogs, March 23, 2015   


261. Discussion of remarks made by Wratt, Reisinger & Renwick on global warming  

The alarmist warming case advanced by WRR on behalf of the IPCC rests heavily on anecdotal evidence, and fails to test either the null or DAGW hypotheses  

Bryan Leyland & Bob Carter, The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, March 18, 2015    


260. IPCC scientists fail yet again to justify global warming alarm                                                 
Critique of an alarmist article on global warming in the Dominion Post (Wellington) by IPCC-linked scientists Wratt, Reisinger & Renwick         

Bryan Leyland & Bob Carter, Opinion, Scoop (N.Z.), March 18, 2015    


259. Hypothetical global warming: scepticism needed                                              
Ten reasons why the public should be cautious of the hypothesis that human-related carbon dioxide emissions cause dangerous global warming     

Bryan Leyland & Bob Carter, Opinion, Dominion Post (Wellington), March 5, 2015    

[Documented version, with references, here.]  


258. Statement regarding allegations concerning Dr. Willie Soon          

The criticism of Dr. Soon is false, mean-spirited, insulting and potentially libellous. Allowing such attacks to stand, and to allow politics and fear tactics to    
Dr. Soon or any other scientist, or to censor scientific publications, would be a personal calumny and a blow against scientific freedom of expression
the world over.

The Heartland Institute, Policy Document, March 3, 2015  


257. The silence of the scientists                                                 
Attacks on independent researchers, and the exaggeration or misrepresentation of climate research results that has become  
commonplace, are in fact an evil every bit as pernicious as direct scientific fraud.

William Briggs, Bob Carter & David Legates - Opinion, Breitbart, Feb. 23, 2015   


256. Truth first casualty of climate wars - For starters, ‘carbon’ isn’t the same thing as ‘carbon dioxide’
Why is it that when polliticians make basic science mistakes in support of the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming, no     

government agency or university representative corrects them?

Bob Carter, Willie Soon & Tom Harris - Opinion, Toronto Sun, Feb. 14, 2015               

[Other versions in the Westmoreland Times, Bucks County Courier Times, Turkish Weekly & Eurasia Review].


255. Political, Scientific Chicanery Underlies Global Warming Alarmism - Soviet-style

disinformation campaigns dominate the debate

If science is to continue playing a leadership role in modern society, it must be protected from climate researchers    

who employ censorship, dishonesty, and aggression in an attempt to frighten the world into rash action.

Bob Carter, Willie Soon & Tom Harris - Opinion, PJ Media, Feb. 8, 2015   


254. Great Barrier Reef: a shore thing muddied by misconceptions                                                  
It is fallacious for conservationists to trumpet that the GBR is threatened by near-shore dredging     

Opinion, The Australian, Dec. 29, 2014


253. Global warming: the scientific context of the policy debate                                            
The hypothesis of DAGW is tested and found to be invalid; climate hazard is best dealt with by preparation for and adaptation to all extreme events    

Chapter 5 in Climate Change: the Facts, Institute of Public Affairs, Melbourne, Dec. 16, 2014


252. Tide turns on sea-level alarmists                                                 
Foolish coastal management policies based upon speculative global sea level change are causing billions of dollars of property loss every year in Australia       

Opinion, The Australian, Dec. 12, 2014


251. NZ Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment exaggerates sea-level rates 5X

The NZ Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (Jan Wright) is wrong in basing sea-level policy advice on speculative computer model projections     

Letter, The Christchurch Press, Dec. 4, 2014

[Related Letters: (i) From Jan Wright; (ii) From Bob Carter, Andy Aspersen; Geoff Henderson; (iii) (unpublished) From Professor David Palmer].


250. Obama's global-warming Down Under                                                 
Entangling climate concerns with energy policy is a costly mistake       

Bob Carter & Tom Harris, Opinion, The Washington Times, Nov. 18, 2014


249. IPCC COP 20 in Lima - UN needs to get out of climate science                                                 
UN climate change negotiators in Lima are completely unaware that their own surveys reveal little public interest now exists in climate change policy         

Press release, International Climate Science Coalition, Nov. 2, 2014


248. UN must reverse course on climate change                                                 
The focus of the IPCC's 5AR Synthesis Report on stopping global warming and moderating extreme weather events is unscientific and immoral         

Press release, International Climate Science Coalition, Nov. 2, 2014


247. Robert Manne's climate mindset is awry                                                  
 Geologists and engineers discover and responsibly develop the energy and mineral resources that form the backbone of the modern Australian economy   
Letter, The Australian, Oct. 25, 2014.

[Related links: 1. Opinion, Time for Cooler Heads to Prevail by Nick Cater, Oct. 23; 2. Letter by Robert Manne, Oct 23].


246. Commentary and analysis on the Whitehead & Associates 2014 NSW sea-level report

Homogenization of sea-level statistics is well under way in NSW, with virtual reality results that are not applicable to real world coastal management     
Bob Carter & 10 co-athors, NIPCC Policy Brief, The Heartland Institute, Chicago, 44 pp.

[Related press coverage: (i) Bay Post Maruya editorial, Nov. 6; (ii) Bay Post Maruya article, Nov. 7].


245. Whitehouse misguided on sea-level rise                                                   
Faulty arguments advanced by US Senator in support of futilely trying to moderate sea-level change by limiting carbon dioxide emissions      

Opinion (with Tom Harris), Providence Journal, Oct. 21, 2014.
[Related links: 1. Response by Senator Whitehouse, Oct. 30; Reply by Harris & Carter, Nov. 2]


244. Kerry and Patrick off base connecting climate and energy                                                   
Leading U.S. politicians fail to distinguish between energy and climate policy      

Opinion (with Tom Harris), Taunton Daily Gazette, Oct. 21, 2014.


243. Another EPA alarm about rising seas that aren't rising                                                   
U.S.. EPA chief Gina McCarthy fails to distinguish real local from notional global sea-level     

Opinion (with Tom Harris), The Washington Times, Oct. 20, 2014.


242. ABC's science program Catalyst interviews two independent climate scientists                                                  
 At last the Australian Broadcasting Commission addresses the fact that the most recent pulse of global warming ceased around 1997   
Unpublished Letter to The Australian, Oct. 19, 2014.


241. Obama misleads students about climate and energy                                                  
 Conflating climate and energy issues simply results in gross overexpenditure on "alternative" energy 
Guest Essay (with Tom Harris), Watts Up With That?, Oct. 8, 2014.


240. Climate commentary that lifts the debate to a nuanced level                                                   
Former US presidential adviser Steven Koonin belatedly agrees that there is no sustantive evidence for dangerous human-caused global warming   
Letter, The Australian, Sept. 24, 2014.


239. Leo vs. science: vanishing evidence for climate change                                                   
Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate alarmist film long on emotion and short on facts       

Opinion, New York Post, Sept. 14, 2014.


238. 13 misconceptions about global warming                                                   
More than 2 million persons have watched this video (since Sept. 22, 2014) - a piece of blatant and polished propaganda aimed at the youth market   
Critical essay here , Sept. 13, 2014.


237. Heading for ice age                                                   
 Australian winter frosts destroy grain crops: is this a harbinger of cooling?   
Letter, The Australian, Sept. 13, 2014. Comments at Watts Up With That.


236. No sure bets in the climate debate                                                   
 Public policy on climate change should be informed by both the IPCC and NIPCC reports   
Unpublished Letter to The Australian, April 23, 2014.

                        235. Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts - Full Report 
                               Parallel report to the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC, but concluding that human-related global warming is not causing dangerous biological impacts        
                   The Heartland Institute, Chicago, March 31, 2014

                   234. Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts  - Summary for Policymakers 
                                Parallel report to the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC, but concluding that human-related global warming is not causing dangerous biological impacts    
The Heartland Institute, Chicago, March 31, 2014

233. Science still up in the air                                                   
No pause in global warming is known to have occurred. Rather, global warming stopped 17 years ago; it may or may not resume.                  

Letter, The Australian, February 11, 2014.


232. The best the IPCC can do                                                   
Critical deconstruction of a propaganda video from the IPCC - Climate Change 2013                  

Doomed Planet Opinion, Quadrant Online, December 4, 2013.


231. IPCC's 5th Assessment Report, SPM - Scientific Critique of IPCC 5AR by NIPCC authors                                 
A listing of more than 30 errors, ambiguities and misleading statements in the IPCC's 5th Assessment Report - SPM                  

Heartland Institute, Chicago, October 16, 18 pp.
[Discussion at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/10/19/scientific-critique-of-ipccs-2013-summary-for-policymakers/].


230. Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science - Summary for Policymakers 
Parallel report to the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC, but concluding that human-related global warming is not causing dangerous physical impacts                  

Heartland Institute, Chicago, September 23, 2013, 20 pp.


229. Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science - Full Report 

Heartland Institute, Chicago, September 23, 2013, 1000+ pp.                                                 
Parallel report to the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC, but concluding that human-related global warming is not causing dangerous physical impacts 


228. Report gives the truth about climate change at last                                                   
NIPCC report, Climate Change Reconsidered, offers little comfort to the IPCC's alarmist promulgation of dangerous climate change                  

Opinion, Daily Telegraph (Sydney), September 17, 2013.


227. Changing sun, changing climate 

In a nutshell, climate is always changing and it is the sun wot does it       

Opinion, Quadrant Online March 8, 2013                                                 

226. The geological perspective on global warming: a debate                                                                     
Discussion of the geological evidence for climate change and its significance; commentary by Bob Carter & Vincent Courtillot   

Global Warming Policy Foundation, February 14, 2013 - in response to a letter by
Dr Colin Summerhayes, Vice-President, The Geological Society of London.


225. Floods, cyclones, droughts and bushfires                                                   
How many more cyclones, floods, droughts and bushfires will it take for politicians of all parties to understand that disasters related to weather    
and climate events are Australia's greatest natural hazard. This is not just a "consensus" of advice, but a fact.

Letter, The Australian, January 30, 2013.


224. Global warming: Anthropogenic or Not - An Alternative View from Down Under                                                   
A response to, and discussion of, an article by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Director, Climate Change Center, Texas Tech University, USA                

American Institute for Technology and Science Education, Essay, January 30, 2013.


223. Number of floods, and their severity, will rise                                                   
Contrary to Dr Trewin's assertion, global average sea-level is almost irrelevant for the purposes of practical coastal planning and management.                  

Unpublished Letter to The Age, November 11, 2012, in response to a letter by Dr Blair Trewin


222. Cometh the storm, cometh the climate lies                                                   
Hurricane Sandy was not due to global warming, an the Climate Commission is wrong to claim otherwise.                  

Opinion, The Age, November 8, 2012.


221. No evidence Sandy was caused by global warming                                   
US money spent on futile anti-CO2 measures would have more usefully have been spent on hardening weather-vulnerable infrastructure                  

Letter, The Australian, November 2, 2012


220. A bumper week for climateers                                                                                                               
Newly released CSIRO Marine Report Card has the content and importance of an ephemeral publicity flyer.                  

Quadrant Online, Doomed Planet, August 28, 2012.


219. Colonial cringe on climate policy                                                                                                               
Why do governments take advice on the scientific issue of global warming from an unaccountable, political brnnch of the UN?                   

Opinion, Capitalism.HK, July 18, 2012.


218. Settled science? No such thing                                                                                                               
Peer review guarantees neither quality nor accuracy. What matters is not whether a scientific idea is peer reviewed, but whether  
it accords with empirical evidence.

Opinion, The Australian, June 27, 2012.


217. Deal with climate reality as it unfolds 

Policymakers in Canada, USA and Japan have abandoned the illusion of preventing global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions                   

National Post (Canada), Opinion, May 23, 2012.


216. Government should re-examine the climate data                                                                                            

Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks & William Kininmonth

Official government climate agencies continue to dispense propaganda regarding dangerous global warming                   

Opinion (+ 50 comments), The Australian, April 18, 2012.


215. Analysis of March, 2012, reports by CSIRO/BOM and the Climate Commission
Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks & William Kininmonth
The reports contain no new science and mostly recycle earlier speculative arguments that dangerous global warming is occurring,   
or is likely to occur.

Quadrant Online, April 5, 2012.


214. Vested interests drive climate change                                                      

Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks & William Kininmonth
Something is very wrong with the way in which scientific policy regarding climate change is being delivered to the Australian government.     

Quadrant Online, April 4, 2012.                


213. Sea water estimates don't hold water                                                                                                               
Sea-level rise on the central NSW coast by the year 2100 is likely to be of the order of 5-10 cm, not 91 cm                   

Letter, Newcastle Herald, February 9, 2012.


212. Climate Review of the 2011 year - Part III                                     
A summary and analysis of selected events and papers about global warming, in Australian context - July to December                   

Opinion, Quadrant Online, February 9, 2012.


211. Scientific research is drowning in a sea of alarmism                                             
Misguided coastal planning policies in Australia are based upon advice from the UN's discredited IPCC                   

Opinion, The Australian, February 7, 2012.


210. Climate Review of the 2011 year - Part II                                                  
A summary and analysis of selected events and papers about global warming, in Australian context - January to June                  

Opinion, Quadrant Online, February 7, 2012.


209. Climate Review of the 2011 year - Part I                                                       
2011, and the Unlucky Country finally gets a carbon dioxide tax                   

Opinion, Quadrant Online, February 6, 2012.


208. Bob Carter: a geological perspective                                                                                                                
An assessment of the importance of the geological and geographical context for climate change policy, by Donna Laframboise                   

Opinion, No Frakking Consensus blog, February 6, 2012.


207. Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change - a credible source                                            

For a balanced and balancing perspective on allegedly dangerous global warming, consult the 2011 NIPCC-2 Interim Report.                 

The Rock River Times (Illinois), Guest Column, December 7, 2011.


206. Sea-level changes are lower than the IPCC model shows                    
NSW planning policy requires coastal property owners to allow for 10 times more sea-level rise by 2100 than is likely to occur                   

Letter, The Australian, December 6, 2011.


205. The IPCC has been wrong for the last 15 years                                                                                     

A leaked IPCC report shows unexpected caution in the projection of extreme weather events due to global warming                   

Letter, The Australian, November 22, 2011.


204. Wasted 'climate change' cash could save lives instead 

Hundreds of millions of underprivileged people go without sanitation, education and health care whilst the West squanders trillions     
on futile attempts to prevent hypothetical global warming                 

Daily Digest, Pajamas Media, November 6, 2011.


203. Can we please stick to the science?                                                                                                                   
A rebuttal of ill-founded criticism of the Galileo Movement                  

Opinion, The Daily Climate, October 4, 2011.


202. Carbon dioxide taxation                                                                                                                                     
The Australian presumes to lecture the government, at the same time flouting its own editorial advice                  

Letter (unpublished), The Australian, October 3, 2011.


201. Carbon tax can do only do harm                                                                                                       
Independent Tony Windsor's reasons for supporting the carbon dioxide tax are confused, irrational and unpersuasive                 

Opinion, The Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser, September 6, 2011.


200. A vaccine against arrogance                                                     

A brief analysis of the dangers of using editorial power to perpetrate a belief system                

Water, Air and Soil Pollution, August 12, 2011, pp. 2205-2206.


199. Thank you, President Klaus                                                                                           
Bob Carter - speech of thanks to President Klaus. IPA luncheon, Brisbane Hilton, August 2nd                   

Quadrant Online, August 8, 2011.


198. Thank heavens for Bob Carter - II                                                                                                    
Bob Carter explains how the Prime Minister's expert climate advisers are letting her down by feeding her frisbee science.                   

Miranda Devine Blog, The Telegraph, August 5, 2011.


197. Malcolm Turnbull's climate politics: which "science" and which "morality"?                                
"Mr Turnbull positions himself as a moderate on the issue of dangerous global warming, but in fact he supports the same extreme     
view as do environmental activists on the hard left".

Quadrant Online, July 25, 2011.   


196. This newspaper has long supported the need for a market-driven approach to carbon (sic) emissions    
"The government’s present plan to tax carbon dioxide represents economic vandalism, is strongly regressive and will have no measurable effect on future climate".  

Unpublished letter to The Australian, July 9, 2011.


195. The science is not settled                                                                                                                    
"If lobby group pressure defeats contestable scientific advice, then Australia will get a swingeingly expensive, regressive and   
environmentally ineffectual carbon dioxide tax - and live to regret it".

Opinion, Sydney Morning Herald, July 3, 2011.


194. An inconvenient fallacy                       
So the cost-benefit equation is this: ''Your family pays more than $2000/yr in tax in return for a possible global cooling of <0.001 deg. C".  

Opinion, The Age, June 27, 2011.


193. The factors and fundamentals of climate science                                                                             
Bob Carter - Foreward for Climate Panel Discussion Session                  

Air & Waste Management Assoc. Conference #104, June 21-24, Coronado Springs, USA.


192. Mr Abbott's statement about global warming was entirely accurate
"These data provide a test of Professor England’s favoured hypothesis that dangerous global warming will be caused by human-related carbon dioxide emissions. The hypothesis fails the test".  

Letter (unpublished), The Australian, June 9, 2011.


191. The speculative IPCC computer models again              
"Writers like Mr Steketee give prominence to the speculative, alarmist climate model outcomes promulgated by the computer engineers of the IPCC".       

Letter (unpublished), The Australian, June 4, 2011.


190. Auditing totalitarian global warming                                                                                           
What can be done to neutralize the politicization of science that has occurred in the hotly disputed field of global warming research?                   

70th birthday Festschrift Volume for President Vaclav Klaus, June, 2011.


189. Multi-party Committee on Climate Change given partial advice                                         

Australian media ignore the scientific incompetence displayed by the government's formal advisory committee on climate change     

Letter, Australian Financial Review, May 13, 2011.


188. A dozen global warming slogans                                                                          
How political spin and postmodern argument have now come to dominate public discussion of even scientific matters like climate change.     

Quadrant, May, 2011 (vol. LV, no. 5).


187. Wrong advice, wrong policy: Government misadvised on global warming            
Editorial comment on item 186.     

Quadrant Online, April 25, 2011.


186. Commentary on "Climate Change 2010" presentation by Professor Will Steffen
 Scientific audit of the IPCC-derived advice rendered to the Australian government by science adviser Professor Will Steffen.    

Quadrant Online, April 25, 2011 (as pdf or ppt)


185. Global warming: an essential reference                                                                       
List of articles and papers that audit the advice on global warming to the Australian government    

Quadrant Online, April 25, 2011


184. Climate Minister Combet still innocent of knowledge                                      
A critique of an address by Minister Combet at the National Press Club, Canberra on April 13      

Quadrant Online, April 17, 201


183. More government ignorance on climate change
Climate Minister Greg Combet is writng letters to constituents that contain blatant scientific errors and misunderstandings      

Quadrant Online, April 11, 2011


182. Climate facts that Labor overlooked: a deconstruction of governmental spin
A leaked policy strategy paper by Australia's Labor government is subjected to searching critical analysis, and fails the test      

Quadrant Online, April 2, 2011


181. Climate Commission shirks debate
The first meeting of Australia's new Climate Commission, in Geelong, reveals no balance and much spin in the science presented      

Quadrant Online, March 27, 2011


180. Ten dishonest slogans about global warming
Control the language and you control the outcome of any debate      

Quadrant Online, March 14, 2011


179. Helmut Schmidt calls for IPCC inquiry
Former German Chancellor speaks of fraud within the IPCC, and demands an enquiry      

Quadrant Online, March 7, 2011


178. The melting of the Davies Base runway has nothing to do with global warming
Propaganda rather than reporting marks press coverage of a melting runway in Antarctica.   

Unpublished letter to The Australian, March 1, 2011


177. Shhssh - don't mention the science - The People's Revolt, Part 2
4 days of saturation press coverage, yet no mainstream journalist has discussed the real issue - which is the science of climate change.   

Quadrant Online, February 28, 2011


176. Carbon dioxide tax - The People's Revolt, Part 1
The government will assuredly change over this issue - the only uncertainty is when    

Quadrant Online, February 24, 2011


175. New Zealand's hottest February ever
At last NZ's major newspaper publishes a splash article reporting warm weather without AGW-propagandizing it.     

Unpublished letter to the NZ Herald, February 15, 2011


174. Questions for Climate Commissioner Flannery
The cost-benefit of a carbon dioxide tax - less than 0.001 deg. C of warming averted for $2,000/family/yr. Response to letter by Tim Flannery.   

Letter, The Australian, February 15, 2011


173. Climatic disasters happen
And the appropriate response is to prepare for, and adapt to, them.   

Quadrant Online, February 14, 2011


172. Queensland deluge holds lessons for us (Editorial in the NZ Herald)
New Zealand has lessons to learn from Australian climate-related disasters: and the main one is the need for preparaton and adaptation.     

Unpublished letter to the NZ Herald, January 15, 2011


171. Combet's hot air tax: no seasonal break for the climate commissars
The 11 principles of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee imply a course of action exactly opposite to the government's intended CO2 tax.       

Quadrant Online, January 3, 2011


170. Gillard's climate U-Turn
Catch up, folks, global warming alarmism is dead - and the Canberra Multi-Party Climate Change Committee determinedly looks the other way.   

Quadrant Online, November 23, 2010


169. 'Cool it' with all the research dollars (Carter & Driessen)
The solution to the climate change problem is planning to adapt to changes as they occur, not futile spending on either research or "mitigation".  

The Washington Times, November 22, 2010


168. Inconvenient nonsense infiltrates the classroom
Showing Al Gore's film in English classes as part of a national Australian school curriculum is not a good idea.  

The Australian, Opinion, November 11, 2010 (extract posted at Andrew Bolt's blog,

with discussion; follow-up letters here and here)


167. Climate is cooling
A rebuttal of unfair criticism of an independent commentator on climate change.  

Noosa News, Letter, November 9, 2010


166. Disputing the Skeptical Environmentalist
Bjorn Lomborg's claim that dangerous human-caused warming is occurring is simply wrong.  

Investors.com (Investor's Business Daily), October 29, 2010.  


165. Climate change, bad arguments, and the curse of computers
Martin Cohen reviews "Climate: the Counter Consensus" and finds it "to provide the perfect case study of reason and argument in practice".   

The Philosopher, Vol. LXXXXVIII, No. 2, Autumn 2010 (October 29).  


164. Property rights in Australia: the assault on the bush
Speeches by Janet and Matt Thompson at a mock Funeral for Property Rights, Parliament House & Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Oct. 25, 2010  

Quadrant Online, October 28, 2010.  


163. Gillard is guilty of a little backsliding herself
Does Australia really have a Prime Minister who doesn't know the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide, and who thinks that   
carbon dioxide is a pollutant? How is such sheer ignorance possible?

Letter in The Australian, October 27, 2010.


162. Thank heavens for Bob Carter
President Vaclav Klaus reviews "Climate: the Counter Consensus" and finds that "this is an important book which convincingly refutes Al Gore's  

declaration that 'the time for debate is over'. It is not, thanks to people like Bob Carter".

The Spectator (Australia), October 23, 2010; p. viii.  


161. Reply to the comment of R.E.T. Ward; regarding IPCC policy advice
Robert Ward’s comments represent his own assessment of the potential dangers of human-caused global warming. Interested readers can     
contemplate and compare the contrasting conclusions that we draw in our two different essays.    

Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol. 40 no. 2, September 2010, pp. 145-146.    


160. Marius Kloppers shows youthful misunderstanding
Treating carbon dioxide as a pollutant is an abuse of logic, language and science.  

Unpublished letter to the Australian, September 18, 2009.     


159. At last! U.K. adopts a climate policy of adaptation: will Mr. Combet follow?
The UK has adopted adaptation to climate change as their primary policy; when will Australia follow suit?  

Quadrant Online, September 16, 2010.


158. Politicians miss the point on climate hazard
The immediate hazard is natural climate events and change, not hypothetical human-caused warming   

Quadrant Online, August 8, 2010.


157. Closing out dissent
The phenomena of disinviation and the brotherhood of silence against climate "denialists"  

Quadrant Online, August 1, 2010.


156. Climate: the Counter Consensus
Michael Duffy interviews Bob Carter about his new book.  

ABC Counterpoint, July 5, 2010.


155. Earth Science & Climate Change:  Australian Geological Society, Member Q&A
Seven basic questions about climate change are answered by experienced geoscientists Mike Sandiford, David Deming, John Geary and Bob Carter. 

The Australian Geologist (TAG), vol. 155, pp. 25-32 (June, 2010).


154. Censorship at AGU: scientists denied the right of reply
The McLean, de Freitas & Carter paper in JGR (2009) on the links between average global temperature and ENSO is falsely criticized, and the authors are denied the right of reply.   

Science & Public Policy Institute, Paper, March 30, 2009.


153. ABC gags Bob Carter - hear a voice that the Left wants to silence
Alarmism about global warming stems from a famous 1988 warning delivered by James Hansen, who is shortly to talk at the Adelaide Festival. 

Quadrant Online, March 3, 2010.


152. We're all climate sceptics now
After years of editorial climate alarmism, The Australian's leader writer joins the ranks of the climate sceptics. 

Unpublished letter to the Australian, January 22, 2010.


151. Global warming: Is the science settled?
Climate change policy Plan A hasn’t worked and won’t work: what’s Plan B?     

Creme de la Creme, One World Publications, January, 2010.


150. Why Barry Jones is wrong

Bob Carter responds to a critique (Bob Carter's attack on reason) of Artlcle 148 (below) by former Minister of Science, Mr. Barry Jones.    

Quadrant Online, Dec. 21, 2009.


149. Nature will decide Earth's Future

No scientific paper exists that demonstrates that the late 20th century warming falls outside the rates and magnitudes of past (geological) climate change.      

Sydney Daily Telegraph, Dec. 9, 2009.


148. Kill the IPCC

Every dollar that is spent on a false environmental issue such as dangerous human-caused global warming is a dollar lost to fixing real environmental or social problems.     

ABC, The Drum, Dec. 8, 2009.


147. The real McKay: the remarkable life of Alexander McKay, geologist

A review of Graham Bishop's new biography of the legendary New Zealand geologist Alexander McKay.      

The Australian Geologist (TAG), vol. 153, p. 35 (December, 2009).


146. Climate news is good

No scientific evidence exists that warnings greater than 2 deg. C will cause environmental catastrophe, rather, this number is one plucked out of the air for reasons     
of political targetry and control.

Kalgoorlie Miner, Nov. 21, 2009


145. Missing in Action - A Realistic, Middleground, National Climate Policy
Bob Carter debates Andrew Glikson on the global warming issue

Viewpoint (Australian Christian Lobby magazine), Issue 1, October 2009.


144. The science of deceit: science is about simplicity

It is a critical matter of necessity to understand that, in addition to being political, IPCC advice is also based upon faulty, indeed manipulative, science practice.    

Quadrant Online, Oct. 25, 2009.


143. Climate change poll shows a cooling off

No amount of carbon dioxide taxation, or human emissions reduction, will affect future climate.    

Newcastle Herald, Oct. 22, 2009.


142. Forward towards a proper climate policy

Climate hazard management policies need to be national and regional, not global, for climate risk inherently stems from local geography.    

Quadrant Online, Oct. 19, 2009.


141. "Not Evil, Just Wrong" - a Review
Watch this film, and use the knowledge that you will gain to lobby your Senator to vote against the Australian emissions trading bill.

Quadrant Online, Oct. 12, 2009.


140. Dear Malcolm
The issue is not an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), but a proper national climate policy - why can't Malcolm Turnbull understand that? 

Quadrant Online, Oct. 2, 2009.


139. Our ABC: Mired in a Moral Morass
A broadcaster is in trouble when it, rather than the news that it carries, becomes the story. Why are today’s media directors and reporters so     
incapable of making accurate critical judgements on environmental issues? 

Quadrant Online, Sept. 28, 2009.


138. Think globally, act locally: giving Earth the benefit of the doubt
The "precautionary principle" has long since been abandoned as a tool of public policy by the U.K.'s mother of parliaments: why does it remain  

so popular with Australian global warming lobbyists and politicians?

Quadrant Online, Sept. 21, 2009.


137. Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature
Most of the variation exhibited by the global average temperature reflects variations in the state of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO)    

McLean, J., de Freitas, C. & Carter, R.M., Journal of Geophysical Research, July 2009


136. Some notes on sea-level change around the Australian coastline
Sea-level alarmism is mostly based upon hypothetical global change and takes little account of local relative sea-level - the key characteristic    

that needs to be measured and understood for good coastal planning.

Briefing notes prepared June 2008.


135. Ignore scares from all sides and plan with prudence
A responsible government, or opposition, would be making plans to deal better with natural climate events, knowing that such planning   

would also cope with human-caused change - should it eventuate

Sydney Morning Herald, Letter, August 19, 2009 (prior letter by Professor Steinberg, Aug. 17)


134. Global warming not man-made, and an ETS will beggar the economy
The government doesn't ask the world bank for advice when it sets its budget, so why does it ask the UN's IPCC to set its climate policy?   

Babs McHugh, ABC Rural (WA), August 12, 2009 (RMC interview)


133. Global Warming & Climate Change - the Australian Context
Proper due diligence on AGW can now only be achieved by cross-examining competent scientific witnesses under oath and under strict rules of evidence   

RMC briefing for Senators in Parliament House, Canberra (Abstract), August 12, 2009


132. Climate Change 2009: Faster Change & More Serious Risks by Will Steffen
The conclusions of "Climate Change 2009" are misleading; they are unsuitable, if not actually dangerous, as a basis for the development of public climate policy   

Due Diligence Report by Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks, Bill Kinimonth, August 10, 2009


131. Minister Wong's Reply to Senator Fielding’s 3 Questions on Climate Change
Why is it so difficult to get an answer to three simple questions on climate change?    

Due Diligence Report by Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks, Bill Kinimonth, August 10, 2009

(Press releases here and here; for a full set of documents and an account of the meeting, see here)  


130. Which emissions trading scheme?
Will implementation of ANY emissions trading scheme have a measurable effect on future climate?  

Unpublished letter to the Australian, August 11, 2009


129. The Most Important Vote Since Federation - Online Forum on the ETS
Twenty well known Australian commentators analyse the problems that will be engendered by Australian ETS legislation  

Quadrant Online, August 8, 2009 (RMC editorial; RMC article - "ETS are immoral")


128. What science war? Shhsssh - whatever you do don't mention the AGW science war
Climate science Minister Penny Wong is acting on the basis of flawed, if not incompetent, science advice.   

Quadrant Online, July 13, 2009


127. Heaven and Earth - Fact or Fiction? An ABC discussion  

A variety of interesting views are canvassed on the merits of Professor Ian Plimer's new book - the science is most definitely NOT settled   

ABC Radio SE NSW, and blog site, July 5, 2009 (RMC interview with Tim Holt here)


126. Wong's Silent Treatment
Why is it so difficult to answer three simple questions on climate change?    

The Australian, Opinion, June 19, 2009


125. Climate change: the case for action (Dr Julie Styles, Parliamentary Library)
A report prepared by the Parliamentary Library, Canberra, distorts the science of climate change and misinforms parliamentarians      

Critique prepared for Senator Steve Fielding, June 13, 2009


124. Royal Commission needed into global warming
Business leaders always seek to do deals to enhance their own position, rather than flatly opposing the bad legislation that an ETS represents   

Unpublished letter to the Australian, May 8, 2009


123. NZ emission scheme "just tax": initial cost could spiral up from $2,000/family/yr
Adjudicating on carbon dioxide taxation systems ("ETS") should be a matter of careful cost:benefit analysis    
Hawke's Bay Today, Thursday 30th April, Page 2


121. Submission to the N.Z. Emissions Trading Scheme (Supplementary Papers 1, 2) 
Much more attention needs to be paid to a cost:benefit analysis of an ETS - cost ~$2,000/family/yr; benefit, no measurable change in climate 

NZ Parliamentary Selection Commission into the ETS, Wellington, April 27, 2009


122. The envirospin of "clean coal"

"Clean coal” is deliberately dishonest envirospin that implies that the removal of carbon dioxide from power station emissions will be a good thing   

Unpublished letter to the Australian, April 17, 2009


120. Correction of "Look carefully at the motives of those sceptical of climate change"
A rebuttal of ignorant criticism of the successful Heartland-2 International Climate Change Conference in New York, March, 2009    
Letters exchange in the Berwick Advertiser, April 16 & 21, 2009 (original letter here)


119. On a tortuous political problem
Politicians are not focused on the science of global warming, but on the political intricacies of wheeling and dealing with Greens over ETS legislation    
Jennifer Marohasy Blog, April 20, 2009


118. IPCC Climate Alarm Advocacy has Failed: What's Plan B?
"More and more, the ETS looks like a costly and ineffective lemon. Rudd's and Turnbull's advisers do not seem to giving them all the facts" (Tom Kevin)   
National Observer 79 (Summer 2008/09, April 1), pp. 23-33


117. Australian Senate Enquiry into the Draft Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill
The issue is whether carbon dioxide emissions are causing dangerous global warming, not "carbon pollution reduction" - whatever that might be  
Submission 126 by Professor Bob Carter, April 1, 2009


116. With all due respect, Mr President, that's not true
The President's characterization of the scientific facts regarding climate change and the degree of certainty informing the scientific debate is incorrect    
CATO Institute advertisement in major U.S. newspapers, April, 2009


115. A New Policy Direction for Climate Change
The hysteria of dangerous global warming has overwhelmed mature consideration of the much greater and proven threat of natural climate change  
Quadrant Magazine Vol. LIII No. 4, April, 2009


114. A sensible Plan B will help us through changes
Geoff Carmody says "We need a new policy base for climate change" - he's right; Plan B is preparation for and adaptation to natural change   
The Australian, Letter, March 18, 2009

    113. The Heartland-2 Climate Conference, New York, March 8-10, 2009

   Disinterested and independent discussions of the science, economics and policy of climate change, presented to 700 participants    

  See: Daily Conference REPORTS - Quadrant Online by Bob Carter; COMMENTARY -
  Miranda Devine (SMH), Melanie Phillips (Spectator); INTERVIEWS - Glenn Beck: radio, TV)

 112. The problem is NATURAL climate change, stupid!
    It is time to move away from stale “he-says she-says” arguments about whether human carbon dioxide emissions are causing   
    dangerous warming, and on to designing effective policies of climate adaptation   

  Abstract for Heartland-2 Climate Change Conference, New York, March 10, 2009 
(Video of talk: near the bottom of page here)


    111. Warming to the topic
    Opinion piece and interview with Bob Carter - "I'll be doing science until they nail the lid down"  

    William Verity, Illawarra Mercury, March 7, 2009 (The Weekender, p. 12)    


    110. Earth talk set to bring up new ideas
    Science truth does not derive from authority, whether that be of the United Nations or of prestigious scientific academies and societies
  Southern Highland News (Bowral), Letter, Feb. 18, 2009, p. 8   


    109. Missing in action - a cost-effective, middle ground climate policy
    Independent scientists have a very different view about climate change to that of the IPCC and various national science academies
  Sunraysia Daily (Mildura), Feb. 18, 2009, p. 17.


    108. Science versus propaganda
    Australia needs a climate strategy that prepares for real (natural) climate change, not a wasteful and ineffective ETS
  Quadrant Online, Opinion, Feb. 24, 2009


    107. Press coverage of the Australian wildfires with respect to global warming
    Wild claims by environmentalists and some scientists that the wildfires were caused by human-caused global warming are utterly untrue  
  Unpublished letter to The Australian, Feb. 10-11, 2009


    106. Cold facts debunk global warming alarmism
    Which climate models should you believe: the GCMs that project warming; or the statistical models that project cooling? 
  The Australian, Opinion, Jan. 20, 2009


    105. Australian public opinion swings against carbon dioxide taxation
    A recent ABC poll shows that 64% of respondents, rising as the poll closed, do not favour introduction of ETS legislation 
  Unpublished letter to The Australian, Jan. 15, 2009 (and illustrative graphs)


    104. Great Barrier Grief?
    Were Captain Cook to sail along the GBR today equipped with modern measuring instruments, he would detect no change from 1770     
  The Brisbane Courier Mail, Michael Madigan in Focus, p. 66, Dec. 20, 2008


    103. ETS a big pain for little gain
    Deep and costly emission cuts will yield, at best, a reduction of future temperature of less than one-thousandth of a degree 
  The Australian, Opinion, Dec. 19, 2008


    102. Greenies go ga-ga over emissions
    The planned CO2 taxation bill will be the worst single piece of legislation ever tabled in Parliament since Federation   
  The Sydney Morning Herald, Opinion (Miranda Devine), Dec. 18, 2008


    101. Time to take a cool-headed climate stand
    The IPCC model of dangerous, human-caused global warming has failed: a new middleground climate policy is needed  
  The Dominion Post, Wellington, p. B5, Dec. 8, 2008 (original, unabridged version)

  100. Deep-seated ambiguity
    For clarity of public discussion, it is vital to distinguish between natural and human-caused change  
  The Australian, Letters, Dec. 3, 2008 (and blog comment)

  99. Climate and its discontents - Intro. 1 - Dangerous human-caused global warming
    Abstract for The Richard James Chester Guest Spring Conversazione, Trinity College, The University of Melbourne  
  The Boston, Melbourne, Oxford, Vancouver Conversazione on Culture & Society, Nov. 27-28, 2008

98. Draft National Framework on Climate Change Science
Draft policy paper issued by the Department of Climate change  
RMC submission, Nov. 23, 2008

97. Running hot and cold
Opinion piece and interview with Bob Carter - "Science should be about the observation of facts, experiments and analysis of both"  
Mary Vernon, Townsville Bulletin Nov. 19, 2008 (TownsvilleEye 80, p.9)

96. Truly inconvenient truths about climate change being ignored
IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri is spreading misleading information about global warming, writes Michael Duffy in the SMH,  
prompting US climate modeller Gavin Schmidt to write this critique    

Sydney Morning Herald, Nov. 8, 2008 (article) - Published and Unpublished letters

95. The futile quest for climate control
The three realities of climate change and their implications: science reality, virtual reality and public reality  
Quadrant No. 451 (vol. LII, Number 11, p. 10-18), Nov. 2008

94. Australian climate change policy: a failure of duty to care
The Australian government does not currently possess a national climate policy; instead, it has a global  
warming policy that is based upon sub-prime science, sub-prime economics and sub-prime politics.

Australian Environment Foundation, Canberra, Oct. 11. 2008

93. Limits of computer models
Unvalidated computer projections produced by very clever programmers are now about the only argument  
left to the IPCC that dangerous human-caused global warming is going to occur
The Australian, Letters, September 24, 2008 (and blog comment)

92. Knock, knock: where is the evidence for dangerous human-
caused global warming?

To focus on the chimera of human-caused greenhouse warming while ignoring the real threats   
posed by the natural variability of the climate system itself is self-delusion on a grand scale. 

Economic Analysis and Policy 32(2), 107-202 (September, 2008)

91. Rudd government bereft of a real climate policy
An emissions trading scheme will make no measurable change to future climate, and is therefore futile.   
Brisbane Courier Mail, September 11, 2008 - Opinion

90. Carbon emissions trading is not only futile, but immoral
Attempting to "stop" climate change in the present state of our knowledge and technology   
is an arcadian fantasy. 

The Eagle (St John's Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane), vol. 4 (3), p. 9.

89. Evidence to NZ Environment Court re Hayes Windfarm proposal
Does dangerous, human-caused climatic warming exist, and should it be used as an argument in favour 
of constructing a large, environmentally destructive windfarm?

Otago Daily Times, July 29, 2008 (press article)

88. Wong's climate paper clouded with mistakes
The Government’s advisory channels on climate are clogged with rent seekers, special pleaders
and green activists who have misadvised the minister
Melbourne Age, Business Section, July 28, 2008

87. Environmental epidemic
Rudd government seeks to inflict swingeing socioeconomic damage in pursuit of the unnecessary  
and unattainable chimera of "stopping global warming

The Wall Street Journal (Asia), Letters, July 23, 2008

86. Letter to the Australian
Australia squanders coal while the Gulf states conserve their oil and gas  
The Australian, Letters, July 23, 2008

85. The Great Carbon Debate - Garnaut Report is naive
The Garnaut Report is marked by ambiguity of language and naivety of science 
Melbourne Age, Business Section, July 16, 2008

84. NZ Climate Science Coalition challenges Royal Society climate statement
The Royal Society of NZ's statement on climate change parrots IPCC views and is severely out of touch and out of date   
NZ Climate Science Coalition, July 14, 2008

83. Labor is committed to an Emissions Trading Scheme
A time of planetary cooling is a strange moment at which to be constructing an ETS that  aims to prevent warming  
The Australian, Letters, June 28, 2008

82. Response to remarks by Professor Martin Manning on politics v. science
NZ ETS policy desperately needs an input of accurate and intelligent commentary on the global warming issue  
NZCPR (Muriel Newman) blog, June 6, 2008

81. The 2006 Climate Change and Governance conference, Wellington, NZ:
Hansensism in the cause of "command and control" climate policies

The conference epitomized the unacceptable price of allowing science to be politicized, and the host organisations
therefore failed in their duty of public care.

NZCPR Research Paper, June 7, 2008

80. New Zealand parliamentary committee on emissions trading
Why carbon dioxide emissions trading is not only futile but immoral: evidence given to the committee in May  
The Indepent Financial Review, June 5, 2008

79. The global warming tutorial media should be required to take
Five tests for dangerous human-caused global warming  
NewsBusters, May 14, 2008

78. Letter to The Melbourne Age: is climate policy now being set by children?
Treasurer Wayne Swan use's his children's advice in setting national policy on global warming  
Unpublished letter to The Age, Melbourne, May 10, 2008

77. Global warming hysteria: how the pendulum has swung - by Terry Dunleavy
Trickles and fissures of independent comment are penetrating the hitherto monolithic dam of climate alarmism     
Scoop, Independent News, May 8, 2008 (re-posted at Online Opinion, with discussion)  

76. Climate indulgences: trillions in pain for unmeasurable gain
The emissions trading scheme proposed for New Zealand is unnecessary, and will be ineffectual and inevitably corrupt  
New Zealand National Business Review, April 26, 2008 (edited version, as published)

75. Letter to the New Zealand Listener
Comment on two parallel opinion pieces that were published to exemplify the rationalist and alarmist views of AGW    
Unpublished letter to The Listener, April 15, 2008

74. Tests of dangerous human-caused global warming
The hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming fails five separate empirical or experimental tests   
Abstract for NZ lecture tour, April 7-18, 2008

73. Review of "An Inconvenient Book" by Glenn Beck & Kevin Balfe
The author’s trademark whimsy is on delicious display, and no cow is too sacred to escape an ironical pasting from Mr. Beck   
Science & Public Policy Institute (Washington), April 3, 2008

72. Climate guru Blair won't save us
What's so special about global warming, Mr Blair?  
Brisbane Courier Mail, March 31, 2008 - Perspectives

71. The IPCC: on the run at last
UN climate body in panic mode as satellite temperatures turn down and a hard winter lashes both hemispheres   
Canada Free Post, March 25, 2008 (re-posted at Muriel Newman, NZ Centre for Political Research,
with editorial; and at Online Opinion, with discussion)

70. Climate change: NZ needs to know this
Rebuttal of claims that the New York Heartland conference was attended by persons who "haven't published a peer-reviewed         
climate science paper in years", are "mouthpieces of the free-market agenda" and are "not credible climatologists".
The Wellington Dominion Post, March 20, 2008 - Letter

69. On the contrary, Mr Blair, climate science is not settled
Ex-British PM makes the ridiculous claim that "there are few, if any, (global warming) doubters left"    
The Australian, March 18, 2008 - Letter (plus later letters and blog discussion)

68. Summary for Policymakers of the Nongovernmental International Panel
on Climate Change
- S. Fred singer et al.
An independent examination of the evidence available on the causes and consequences of climate change    
Publisher: NIPCC/The Heartland Institute, 2008

67. Testing the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming
The "greenhouse hypothesis" is subjected to six searching tests, and fails all of them    
Abstract, Heartland Institute Climate Change Conference, New York, March 3, 2008
(Also: video/audio of all speakers; RMC lecture slides; audio)

66. U.N. climate conference (Bali) is taking the world in entirely the wrong direction
A letter of admonition to His Excellency Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the U.N., signed by 103 leading professional  persons       
Canada National Post, Dec. 12, 2007 (plus Editorial)

65. Global warming tutorial media should be required to watch
More thoroughly and concisely explains the science refuting the current (climate) alarmism than anything to date  
NewBusters, November 4, 2007

64a. Flack for alarmists
The question of media bias about global warming is in the news again.
Courier Mail, Sept. 5, 2007.

64. The phobia of dangerous human-caused global warming
Fear of radiation and the nuclear industry is a similar phobia to the fear of global warming
Bulletin of the International Atomic Energy Authority, Vienna, 2007: invited but unpublished

63. Climate change moral failings are cowardice, ignorance: not inaction - Bob Carter & Tom Harris  
Self-interested special interest groups now dominate the climate change debate, to its scientific detriment  
Canada Free Press, August 17, 2007

62. Climate change: other side of the coin - by Caroline Kearney   
"The reality is that almost every aspect of climate change is the subject of vigorous debate"
URBAN (sustainable solutions for a developing Australia), July qtr., 2007, p. 38-39

61. What global warming, Australian sceptic asks - by Lawrence Solomon   
Profile of a climate rationalist  
Financial Post (Canada), July 17, 2007

60. It's good sense to avoid consensus on global warming
Hysterical reaction to Durkin's "Great Global Warming Swindle" shows the sensitivity of IPCC climate alarmists  
The Australian, July 10, 2007 (Reprinted in Online Opinion, with Discussion)

59. Forecasts all up in the air
IPCC scientists admit that climate GCM modelling cannot predict future climate  
Courier Mail, Brisbane, June 30, 2007

58. High price for a load of hot air
Wrong science leads to pointless economics  
Courier Mail, Brisbane, June 18, 2007 (plus Letters For and Against; Forum discussion)

57. Climate change: climate science and the Stern Review - by Carter, R.M. et al.
World Economics, p. 161-182, April-June, 2007

56. Climate change: response to Simmonds and Steffen - by Holland, D. et al.
World Economics, p. 143-151, April-June, 2007

55. The myth of dangerous human-caused climate change                                               
Brief analysis of greenhouse theory, and a critique of the climate alarmism of the IPCC  
Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, "New Leaders" conference,                               
Brisbane, May 2-3, 2007, Proceedings p. 61-74.
(Full text here)

54. A dangerous climate
IPCC's 4th SPM contains three main arguments for dangerous human-caused climate change; none are compelling  
U.K. Sunday Telegraph, April 7, 2007.

53. The Stern Review: a dual critique. Part I: The Science. Part II: The Economics.
Comprehensive critical analysis of the Stern Review of the economic aspects of climate change  
World Economics 7(4), pp. 165-230, Oct.-Dec.,2006. (Full text here)

52. U.S. Senate hearing into media influence on the climate debate
The last hearing of the Environment & Public Works Committee that will be chaired by Republican Senator Inhofe
Dec. 6, 2006 (i) RMC submission; (ii) additional tabled document.

51. When science fails, just use the precautionary principle
How an ethical principle is able to masquerade as science  
The Institute of Public Affairs Review, Dec. 2006

50. The morality of climate change
Climate change is indeed a moral issue, but not quite in the way that most people expect  
Living Ethics, Newsletter of St James Ethics Centre, Dec. 2006

49. For a balanced view on climate change - call the Tyndall Centre?
Letter rejected by The Independent, The Guardian, The Times, The Australian and The Wall Street Journal
CCNet Newsletter 160/06 (Ed. Penny Beiser), Nov. 22, 2006

48. Climate change knows three realities
Reality is, if a government says that the earth is flat, then flat it is until the next election

Australian Financial Review, Letters, Nov. 8, 2006

47. Scientists still divided on climate change
Scientists who doubt the evidence on global warming are feeling the political heat

Paul Malley in the Canberra Times - Nov. 4, 2006

46. The Stern review: last hurrah of the warmaholics
The science on which the Stern review is based is irredeemably flawed

The Australian - Nov. 3, 2006

45. Al Gore’s movie meets its match in Stockholm
KTH meeting shows that dangerous global warming remains unproven

Online Opinion - Oct. 13, 2006 (plus Forum discussion)

44. McCarthyism, press bias, policy-advice corruption, and propaganda everywhere
U.S. National Association of Manufacturers, Shopfloor.org, October 9, 2006

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