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Mullins & Mullens First Family Trees

This page contain listings of the various separate Mullins or Mullens family trees throughout the world and the links to the various researchers of each particular family. Generally the earliest known family group, or 'first family' is listed with their known children.  Some subsequent descendant families, along with inter-related surnames are also provided to assist in identifying the various family groups - use the hyperlink attached to the Family Reference No.

  All Mullins & Mullens researchers are invited to submit details of their MULLINS/MULLENS first families on this listing.






Family Ref No. : DOR-001

Renatus MULLINS (1735-1765) & Ann DAWSON (1735-1765)

[Children: Ann (1751), Richard (1755), Betty (1757), Renatus (1759),
Elisabeth (1762), Jane (1764) ]

and then, Richard MULLINS (1755-) & Susanna HUNT
[Children: Jane (1778-), John (1780-1842), Sussanna (1782-1783), Richard (1785-),
Nathaniel (1787-) ]

and then, John MULLINS (1780-1842) & Sarah Unknown (1792-)

[Children: Jane (1816-1822), John 'the Younger' (1817-1888) m1. Harriett NORTHOVER m2. Maria LOWENS, Nathaniel (1819-1873) m. Elizabeth MASTERMAN, Sarah (1821-) m. John RIDOUT, William (1824-1901), Issac (1826-1901), Jane (1831-), Samuel (1833-), Mary (1835-) ]

John MULLINS 'the Younger' - a convict arriving in Van Diemens Land in 1840 on board
'David Clarke'  who there married Maria LOWENS, a convict from Leeds, England.


[Related Surnames include: Dawson, Penny, Hunt, Northover, Collins, Chinn, Lowens, Quin, Masterman, Ridout]

c1750 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset, England

c1780 in Marnhull, Dorset, England
then 1810-1819 in Burin, Newfoundland

then 1820-1840 in Sturminster Newton, Dorset, England

then 1840-1920 in Van Diemens Land /Tasmania

Garry Mullins

Cottesloe, Western Australia


Family Ref No. : SRY-001

William MULLINS & Alice (ATWOOD)

 'The Mayflower Emigrants'

[Children: William, Joseph, Sarah, Priscilla]


{Please note: William Mullins, his wife Alice, and the three youngest of their four children traveled on The Mayflower in 1620 that transported the English Separatists, better known as the Pilgrims, from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States (which would become the capital of Plymouth Colony). Their eldest child, William, remained in England.  Priscilla Mullins was the only Mullins survivor of the Pilgrim's first winter at Plymouth, she married John Alden as told in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous poem, The Courtship of Miles Standish. John Alden & Priscilla Mullins had many descendants. It is reported that the fourth Mullins child, William, who had initially remained in England in 1620, eventually did travel to the Plymouth colony and may have had descendants there.}


{There are some researchers who believe that this William MULLINS (Snr) is in fact descended from a long line (from about 1050) of the (DE) MOLYNEUX family of Sefton, Lancashire, who by 1525 became the MULLINS family firstly of Wareham, Sussex and eventually of Dorking, Surrey}


1578-1619 in Dorking, Surrey, England

then on 'The Mayflower' in 1620 to Plymouth, America

then to Duxbury, Massachusetts

2,807 people listed on Rootsweb's World Connect project!!


Alden Kindred of America


Family Ref No. : DOR-002

George MULLINS (c1700-)
and then Lucy MULLINS (1734-)

and then Moses MULLINS (1759-1844) & Jane TUFFIN


[Related Surnames: Tuffin, Brown, Reed, Green, Barlett, Barnes, Hoare]

c1734 Sutton Waldron, Dorset
Various Ancestry trees and
 various UK census records

Family Ref No. : DOR-003

George MULLINS (abt 1800-1833) & Sarah (Unknown)


[Children: Sarah, George, Charles, Elizabeth, Emma]

[Related Surnames: Goff, Groves, Meaden, Symes]

c1820 in Yetminster Dorset, England

then to Yeovil, Dorset, England

Jane Taubman


Family Ref No. : VA-001

Thomas MULLINS (1714- ) & Ann Unknown

aka the Immigrant of Virginia and North Carolina


Descendants include:-

John MULLINS (chr. 1743 Albemarle Parish, Virginia)

Bud MULLINS (b. ca 1759 - d. Jan. 1857 Paulding Co., Georgia)

Malone MULLINS (b. ca 1756 North Carolina - d. 3 Feb. 1841 Hancock Co., Georgia)


This MULLINS family line is one of several being actively researched by various members of the MULLINS DNA project.


1714 - Gravesend, Kent Co., England

1733 - emigrated to Virginia


Cornelius Carroll

Ancestry member 'scan12',
of Tarrant Co., Texas, USA

Family Ref No. : FRA-001

Wolfgang Des MOULIN (1613- )

Abraham Des MOULINS (1630-1687) & Madelaine Chupret

Abraham Des MOULIN (1665-1743) & Rachel BRORET


Children include:-

Richard MULLINS (1698-)
maybe William Grancer MULLINS (1704-1734) m. Kathryn SMITH

Jacob MULLINS (1705-1757)

Henry MULLINS (1706-????) m. MAUPIN

Abraham MULLINS Jnr (1707-1762)

Matthew MULLINS (1720-1785)

Issac MULLINS (1721-1762) m. Eliz. SUTTON

John MULLINS (1723-) m. Elizabeth CONNOLLY

1613 - Paris, France

1665- b. France

1685-1687 came to England with his mother and three siblings

1699 - m. London, England

1700 - sailed from Gravesend, England to Jamestown, Virginia aboard 'Mary & Ann' with other French Huguenots, including a Jacques BRORET (his father-in-law)


Annette Potter
There is much conjecture as to whether this William Grancer MULLINS is the son of either Abraham Des Moulin (as above) or Matthew Mullins (as below).

Family Ref No. : VA-002

Matthew MULLINS (1680-1736) & Elizabeth (Unknown)

{Children: Patrick, Richard, William, Matthew, & John}

Emigrated to Virginia, USA from ???.


Descendants include:-

maybe William Grancer (or Grandsire or Grandsir) MULLINS (1704-1734 m. Kathryn SMITH)

James 'Booker' MULLINS (1768-1864, m. Nancy/Judith STANLEY)

John Wesley 'Revolution John' MULLINS Sr  b. c1752 Yancy Co NC -d. 1849 Holly Creek, Russell Co VA

John 'Holly Creek' MULLINS (1784-1859) Dickenson Co VA

Solomon 'Money Making Sol' MULLINS b Broad River, Burke (now Yancy) Co NC d 28 Aug 1858 Big Creek, Chapmanville, Boone Co VA


This MULLINS family line is one of several being actively researched by various members of the MULLINS DNA project.




1699 in Pamunkey Neck in New Kent Co. in Virginia,

which in 1701 became King & Queen Co.,

which in 1702 became King William Co.,

finally his holdings were in Hanover Co.

Ann Garner (nee Mullins)

California, USA

Ken Mullins, San Antonio, Texas

Annette Potter

Family Ref No. : GA-001

Bird MULLINS (????-1846)

{Children include:- Thomas, Rebecca, Nancy, Samuel, Mahalise & Reuben}

1791-1846 - Paulding Co. Georgia

The Georgia Frontier: Revolutionary War families to the mid-1800s (a book)  by Jeannette Holland Austin



Family Ref No. : SOM-001

Thomas MULLINS or MULLINIX (c1590-)
& Ann (Unknown)

 [Children: John (1698), Martha]
and then
John MULLINS (1698-1754) & Hester QUANCE (1693-)
[Children: Issac (1723), Abraham (1737) ]

[Related Surnames include: White, Beach ]


Lamyatt, Somerset, England (1676)

Evercreech, Somerset, England (1723-1754)

Chris Griffiths

Pasadena, California, USA


Family Ref No. : CLA-001


[Children: Kate, Mary, Bridget, Patrick, Michael, Bartholomew, & Thomas].


Descendants include Bridget  MULLINS - who married Thomas DALY and arrived in Queensland in 1854 on board 'Genghis Khan' and settled in the Drayton locality at Toowoomba.


c1810 Carrownamadra, near Corofin, Co. Clare, Ireland

from 1850's, some children settled in Toowoomba and districts, Queensland, Australia

Diane Glancy

Brisbane, Queensland, Aust.


Family Ref No. : KY-001


 [par. William P. MULLINS & Elizabeth JUSTICE]

m. 1865-1866, Pike Co., Kentucky, USA

[Children: Causby Jane, Eprham, and Lou Ema]

c1865 Pike Co. Kentucky, USA

Rootsweb message board query - Nov 2008


Family Ref No. : TN-001

James MULLINS & Anna Jane MALONE

m. 07 Jul 1861 Carroll Co., Tennessee, USA

[Children: Buel (b. Oct 1863) ]


c1861 Carroll Co., Tennessee, USA

Rootsweb message board query - Nov 2008

Family Ref No. : GA-002

James MULLINS (1803-1888) & Hannah STEWART (1804-1888)

 [Children: James (1827), Jerimiah (1835), Andrew (1838), Mary Ann Olivia, Julia Ann, Margaret Jane, Sarah Louisa Eliza ]

1827-1838 in Georgia, USA

by 1860 in Alabama, USA

Rootsweb message board query - Jan 2004


Family Ref No. : VA-003

David D. MULLINS (1745-) & Athaliah BOYD (1750-)


[Children: 10 children including three MULLINS daughters who married three GWINN brothers and a son, Abner who married Jedidah HAMPTON]


1745 in Halifax Co., Virginia, USA

c1840 in Wilson Co., Tennessee, USA

Rootsweb message board query - Oct 2008

Family Ref No. : DOR-004

Robert MOLENS (1450-)


then to Thomas John MULLINS (1557-1622)


then to Stephen MULLINS (1793-1852) & Sarah FRAMPTON and Harriet LONDON


[Related Surnames include: Freeman, Gould, Burt, Carley/Curley, Frampton, Wright, London, Pooley, Hallett, Bealing, Galpin, Brickell, Lucas, Foot, Maidwell, Monckton, Crew, Cox, Trowbridge, Hacker]

1450-1550 in Dorset, England


1557-1689 in Ashmore, Dorset, England


1793-1901and beyond in Cann, Dorset, England

Graham Maidwell,

Christine Glover,

Valerie Blackburn,


Family Ref No. : DOR-005

John MULLINS (1810- ) & Frances UNKNOWN (1805- )


[Children: Emily, Mary, George, Lucy, William, Elizabeth, Julia]

From 1805-1810 in Shillingham and Stour Provost, Dorset, England


and then from 1839 to 1849 in Blandford Forum, Dorset, England


and then from 1850 to 1901 and possibly beyond in Stour Provost, Dorset, England.

From Census records only

Family Ref No. : DOR-006

Duglas MULLINS (1857- ) & Eliza UNKNOWN (1860- )


[Children: Eliza, Charles, Louisa, Ellen, Albert]

From 1857-1860 in Moor Crichel and Witchampton, Dorset, England


and then in 1878 in Witchampton, Dorset, England


and then from 1880 to 1891 and possibly beyond in Moor Crichel , Dorset, England.

From 1891 English Census record only

Family Ref No. : WIL-001

Jacob MULLENS & Jane 'Jenny' DEW(E)


[Children: Mary, Benjamin, Elizabeth, John, Jenny, Frances]

[Related Surnames: Tottershall, Wheeler, Dickinson]

Tisbury, Wiltshire, England (1760-1794)
(includes locations such as nearby Chicksgrove,Hatch, & Fonthill Gifford)

Patricia Mullins-Henny, California, USA
 (via MULLINS-UK-L Rootsweb mailing list)

Family Ref No. : WIL-002
Richard MULLINS (abt 1730-abt1792) & Ann MASLIN

[Children: Richard, Sarah, Ann, Mary, Thomas, Jane]

Devizes, Wiltshire, England
Ron de la Hoy (via MULLINS-UK-L Rootsweb mailing list)

Family Ref No. : IRL-001
Thomas MULLINS (1856-) & Margaret MOLLOY (1862-)

[Children: Thomas, Robert, William, Theresa, Hubert, William, Winifred, Victor, Sabine, Katherine]

c1856 Templemore, Ireland

c1884 Wrexham, Wales

Jane Long

Family Ref No. : NZ-001
Dennis MULLAN & Margaret O'DOGHERTY

[Children: Peggy, John, Patrick (aka Snow), James & Dan]

Three of Dennis' grandsons (Patrick's sons) emigrated to New Zealand in the 1880's, possibly from Garvagh, Co. Leitrim. Two settled in Waiora, Hawkes Bay and the third eventually returned to Ireland after having a family in New Zealand. By 1890 the MULLAN surname had transformed into MULLINS.
Margaret White, James (aka Brian) Mullins

Family Ref No. : HAM-001
Unknown MULLINS (c1400)

John MULLINS (c1581)

John MULLINS (c1602)

George MULLINS (c1625)

John MULLINS (1662)]

Christchurch, Dorset/Hampshire

Lychett Mattravers, Dorset


Ashmoe, Dorset


Richard Mullins

Family Ref No. : DEV-001

Richard MULLINS (b. c1792)


Convicted at Devon Assizes in March 1818 and transported to Van Diemens Land on board 'Dromedary' arriving in January 1820. In 1832 married Sarah Ann HOPKINS and had three daughters. He left VDL about 1846 and followed his estranged wife to possibly South Australia or Victoria.

Bideford, Devon







Bob Pearson

Family Ref No. : TIP-001
Michael MULLINS (b. c1785 Tipperary, IRL)

& Margaret HALEY (b. c1785 Tipperary, IRL)


[Children: Daniel, Margaret, Michael & John (1809) ]


This last child, John, came to Australia with his wife and young children, sometime between 1846 and 1869, and thus began several MULLINS families in the Dunolly/Eddington area of Victoria as follows:-


John MULLINS (b. c1809 Tipperary, IRL; d. 1885 Eddington, Vic., Australia) & Margaret KELLY (1811-1878)


Children as follows:-

Michael MULLINS (1835-1902) m. Maria D'ARCY

{had ten children - John Sarah Thomas Margaret Michael James Maria Joseph Gerald & Agnes}

John MULLINS (1838-1918) m. Mary Ann CAMERON

{had ten children - Margaret Catherine Mary Isabella Charles Sarah John Annie Herbert & Veronica}

Ann MULLINS (1840-1870) - no issue found yet

Daniel MULLINS (1844-1871) m. Mary Ann NOWLAN

{had one child - Daniel}

Margaret MULLINS (1844-1926)  - no issue found yet

Mary MULLINS (1846-  )  - no issue found yet


Tipperary, Ireland






1869 to 1870 - Melbourne, Victoria




1874 to 1902 - Eddington, Victoria


Ancestry.Com family trees including:-

Hewitt family tree (dowsett35)

Burge family tree (dbu32880)

Family Ref No. : DOR-007

Joseph MULLINS (b. 1721 Abbotsbury, Dorset)

& Hannah FARR

[Children: Joseph (b. 1744, m. Mary HALL), Benjamin (b. 1745), Elias, George, Grace & John] 

[Related Surnames include: Boatswain, Hall, Gee]


1721- 1750 - Abbotsbury, Dorset

then 1770 - 18?? Teffont Magna, Dorset

Ancestry member 'renoir137'

Susan Murray (via Rootsweb)

Lynn Munday (via Rootsweb)

Family Ref No.: YKS-001  
George MULLINS (b. 1570, d. 1625 Harthill, Yorkshire)

[Related Surnames include: Burnlay, Nicholson, Barlow, Browne, Heaps, Phillips, Gleadhall/Gleadall]

{Includes a William MULLINS (1824-1871) who emigrated to the USA in about 1856 with his second wife Eliza BROADBENT and two young children - they resided in Nevada, Utah & Arizona.}

1625-1800's      Harthill, Yorkshire

1800's   Waleswood, Yorkshire

Family Ref No. SRY-002   
William MULLINS (1790-1855) & Ann SPENCER (1791-1864)
 [Children: Ann, Mary, William Thomas, John, George Edward, George Thomas, Elizabeth, Thomas Trigbuth, Richard]

[Related Surnames include Stannard, Mansfield, Gray, Sorge, Barber]

1790 - Lambeth, London, Surrey, England

Angela Robinson

Family Ref No. MAY-001 

Charles Malone MULLINS & Anna McQUAID

and then
Patrick MULLINS (1854- ) & Bridget LYONS (1863- )
[Children: Mary Josephine, Annie Elizabeth, John Joseph (1890-1947), Bridget Helena, Patrick James, Michael Maurice, Charles Vincent, Bernard Henry]

1854 - 1890+ - In Mayo Co. Ireland

1894-1947 - John Joseph MULLINS in South Dakota, USA

Jennifer Hall

Family Ref No. LON-001  
John MULLINS & Johanna BRIEN
[Children: Margaret, Mary Jane, Matilda, Johanna, Martha, Emily, John James]

1826 -1855 Londonderry, Ireland

1855 - ???? South Australia (including Brighton, Templars, Lobethal, Millicent)

Christine O'Keeffe
(Ancestry member)

Family Ref No. HAM-002  

           Thomas MULLINS
(c1784-) & Elizabeth Unknown
            [Children: Frances (1824), George (1827), James (1831) & William (1835)]

          Hunton, Hampshire, England (about 8 miles north of Winchester)

          Martyr Worthy, Hampshire, England (about 2 miles north-east of

My Fam Ref No. ANG-001  

          Robert MULLINS (1659-1695) & Mary Unknown
          and then
          Edward MULLINS
(1685- ) & Elizabeth Unknown
               [Children: Robert (1708), Edward (1717), John (1721)]

       Married in 1701 at St Andrew, Angus, Scotland

My Fam Ref No. WIL-003 

            Augustus MULLINS (1820-1894) & Eleanor KEEPING (1819- )
                 [Children: Mary Jake (1847), Richard Augustus (1858), John (1861), Alfred,
                  Benjamin Augustus, Elizabeth, Maria]

                 [Related Surnames include: Hiscock, Collis, Baker]

     Born in Wiltshire, England in 1820

     By 1847 residing in Recontre East, Newfoundland

My Fam Ref No. DOR-008 

            John MULLINS (1770- ) & Hannah UNKNOWN (1770- )

                 and then Jacob MULLINS (1811-1871) & Rebecca GREY (1811-1888)
                 [Children: Jane (1834), George (1836), John (1837), Francis (1840),
                  Mary (1846), Hannah (1848), Ann (1850), Alfred (1853), James (1855) ]


        Semley, Wiltshire, England ( -1811)

         Motcombe, Dorset, England (1832-1871)

   Various Ancestry public trees

My Fam Ref No. DOR-009 

            William MULLINS & Mary UNKNOWN

             and then William MULLINS (1782- ) & Rebecca LANE (1785- )

             and then James MULLINS (1813- ) & Elizabeth UNKNOWN
                 [Children: Mary Ann (1839), Rebecca (1842), Robert (1845), Roda (1849),
                  Elizabeth (1853), Jane (1857) ]

                 [Related Surnames include: Bennett]

       Axminster, Devon, England

       Thorncombe, Dorset, England (1813-1891)

      Colyton, Devon, England (1901)

   Various Ancestry public trees

My Fam Ref No. DOR-010 

            John MULLINS (1820) & Eliza BUGG

           [Related Surnames include: Bugg]

      Alvediston, Wiltshire England (1820)
      Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England (1851-1871)

        Various Ancestry public trees

My Fam Ref No. DOR-011 

            Robert MULLINS (1659-1695) & Mary UNKNOWN
             and then
            Edward MULLINS (1685- ) & Elizabeth UNKNOWN
             and then
            Edward MULLINS (1717-1789) & Mary REBBECK
                and then
               John MULLINS (1743-1821) & Christiana FELTHAM (1745-1827)
               and then
               John MULLENS (1774-1841) & Harriot BURT (1794-1844)

                [Children: William (1815), Maryanne (1817), Frances (1820), John (1821),
                  Marianne (1824), James (1827), Jane (1831) ]

                 [Related Surnames include: Warham, Burt, Feltham, Rebbeck]

     Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire, England

     Chettle, Dorset, England

        Various Ancestry public trees

My Fam Ref No. DOR-012 

            George MULLINS (1822- ) & Charlotte UNKNOWN
                [Children: Emma (1850), Sarah (1852), Elija (1854), Mary (1857) ]

                 [Related Surnames include: .........................................]

   Evershot, Dorset, England (1861)

      Various UK Census records and
      various Ancestry public trees

My Fam Ref No. DOR-013 

            George Tucker MULLINS (1797- ) & Sarah MAISH/MARSH
                [Children: James (1824), George (1827), Priscilla (1828), Margaret Adelaide (1830,
                 Amos Marsh (1833), Sarah Marsh (1835), Eli Marsh (1837), Job (1838),
                 Mary (1841), Eliza (1843), Mary (1843) ]

                 [Related Surnames include: Wort, Bishop,  .........................................]

     Hawkchurch, Dorset, England (1797-1851)
     Axminster, Dorset, England (1871)

      Various UK Census records and
      various Ancestry public trees

My Fam Ref No. DOR-014 

            George MULLINS (1836- ) & Ellen UNKNOWN
                [Children: Elizabeth M. (1859), Emma (1865) ]

                 [Related Surnames include: .........................................]

     Motcombe, Dorset, England (1836-1861)
     St George, Gloucestershire, England (1871-1891)

     Various UK Census records

My Fam Ref No. DOR-015 

            Thomas MULLINS (1742-) & Elizabeth MOORES
                and then,
                George MULLINS (1777-)  & Martha HURDEN           

                and then,
         Thomas MULLINS (1807-1870)
& Hannah SNOOK (1806-1892)
                [Children: Mary (1826), Ann (1828), Michael (1830), George (1832),
                Rebecca (1834), Martha (1836), Emma (1839), Charles (1841), Grace (1844),
                Joseph (1846) ]

                 [Related Surnames include: Moores, Hurden (or Harden), Snook


       Bourton & Silton, Dorset, England (1742-1901)

     Various UK Census records

My Fam Ref No. DOR-016 

            Unknown MULLINS
                [Children: Elizabeth (1834), Martha (1838), Jane (1850) ]

       Devizes, Wiltshire, England (1834-1850)
       Sherborne, Dorset, England (1861)

         Various UK Census records

My Fam Ref No. DOR-017 

            Bartholomew MULLINS (c1590-) & Florence UNKNOWN 
                [Children: Magdalen (1616), Margarit (1621), Joane (1624) ]

      Hermitage, Dorset, England (1590-1624)

        England & Wales Christening
        Records, 1530-1906

My Fam Ref No. DOR-018 

            Thomas MULLINS (1799-1866) & Mary BUTLER (1798-1847)
                [Children: Caroline (1826), Maray Ann or Marianna (1829), Jane (1837),
                  Jasper (1840) ]

                [Related Surnames include: Butler, Dowling, Smart]

     Teffont, Wiltshire, England (1799)
     Pentridge, Dorset, England (1826)
     Wimborne St Giles, Dorset, England (1829-1866)

   Various Ancestry public trees
    and various UK Census records

My Fam Ref No. DOR-019 

            William MULLENS (1817-) & Mary BAGG (1816-1848)
                [Children: Harriet (1833), James (1838), Ellen (1840), William (1844),
                 Hannah (1845) ]

       Marshwood, Dorset, England (1817)
       Langton Herring, Dorset, England (1838-1861)
       Dorcester, Dorset, England (1921)

Ancestry member

My Fam Ref No. SOM-002 

            Richard James MULLENS & Mary CAREY
                [Children: James (1818), Ann (1821), Eliza (1821), Ellen Carey (1825),
                 Letitia (1828), James (1831) ]

                [Related Surnames include: Carey or Cary, Golledge, Reeves, Hunt, Wilkinson]

       East Pennard, Somerset, England (1818-1831)
       West Harptree, Somerset, England (1871)
       Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England (1881)

       Various UK Census records

My Fam Ref No. DOR-020 

            Unknown MULLINS
                [Children: Maria (1819), Elizabeth (1835) ]

        Penselwood, Somerset, England (1819)
        Bourton, Dorset, England (1851-1901)
        Gillingham, Dorset, England (1861)

         Various UK Census records

My Fam Ref No. DOR-021 

            Thomas MULLINS (abt1750-) & Elizabeth UNKNOWN

            [Child: George (1777) ]
                [Grandchildren: Hannah (1816) md. George ENGLISH, Mary (1820), Jane (1820) ]

      Bourton, Dorset, England (1777-1881)
      Gillingham, Dorset, England (1841)

         Various UK Census records

My Fam Ref No. DOR-022 

            David MULLINS (1841-) & Elizabeth ANDREWS (1828-)
            [Children: William (1865), Louisa J. (1867), Francis J. (1871), Henry J. (1873) ]
                 [Note: Elizabeth ANDREWS firstly married George FOOT, and had a son
                  Samuel (1860). Then secondly
in abt 1864, she married David MULLINS.]

      Sherborne, Dorset, England (1841-1881)

         Various UK Census records

My Fam Ref No. DOR-023 

            John Walter MULLINS (1847-) & Annie UNKNOWN (1852-)
            [Children: John W. (1876), Annie (1877), William (1880), Bessie Louisa (1884),
                 Polly (1886) ]


    Thorncombe, Dorset (or adjacent parish Axminster, Devon), England (1848)
    Winsham, Somerset, England (1876)
    Cricket St Thomas, Somerset, England (1877-1880)
    Hawkchurch, Dorset, England (1881)
    Marshwood, Dorset, England (1884-1891)
    Odiham, Hampshire, England (1901)

         Various UK Census records

Used to be My Fam Ref No. DOR-024; now has been connected into DOR-002 

            Charles MULLINS & Jane UNKNOWN
            [Children: Fredrick (1857) m. Jemima BAKER or PARHAM (1855) ]

    Sutton Waldron, Dorset, England (1857)
    Compton Abbas, Dorset, England (1878-1881)
    Iwerne Minster, Dorset, England(1891)
    Newmarket All Saints, Suffolk, England (1901)

         Various UK Census records

Used to be My Fam Ref No. DOR-025; now has been connnected into DOR-015 

            Unknown MULLINS & Hannah UNKNOWN,
                 or just Hannah MULLINS as an unmarried parent

            [Child: Walter (1856) ]

                and then Walter MULLINS (1856-) & Sarah Ann MILLS
                [Children: Sydney or Sidney George (1881), Albert E. (1884), Clara E. (1886),
                William R. (1889), Herbert (1892), Florence (1898) ]

     Bourton, Dorset, England (1856-1901)


         Various UK Census records

My Fam Ref No. DOR-026 

            John MULLINS (1861-) & Eliza RICKETTS (1859-)
[Children: Frank (1880), Harry (1883), Ethel (1885) ]

      Crichel, Dorset, England (1861)
      Gussage St Michael, Dorset, England (1881)
      Tarrant Rushton, Dorset, England (1891)
      Liss, Hampshire, England (1901)

         Various UK Census records

My Fam Ref No. VEN-001 

            Sir Richard MOLYNEUX (1425-)
                 of Sefton, Lancaster

                from whom eventually descended
               William MOLYNEUX, or MULLINS  & Jane LUDLOW,
                of Burnham, Norfolk
                [Children: Frederick (1616) ]

               and then,
              Col. Frederick William MULLINS M.P. (1616-1712) & Jane EVELEIGH
               {Ed: He settled in Ireland, initially in Ulster where he obtained considerable
                grants which he sold and then in about 1650 purchased estates in
Kerry at
               Burnham Estate, originally called Baile Goilan, overlooking
Dingle Harbour,
               between Dingle and Ventry, about 2 miles west of Dingle}

               [Children: Frederick (1654) ]

               and then
               Frederick MULLINS (1654-1695) & Martha BLENNERHASSETT (1656-)
[Children: William (1691) ]
               {Ed: Martha Blennerhassett is reputedly a descendant of King Edward III.
                She re-married after Frederick's death..}

               and then

               William MULLINS (1691-1761) & Mary ROWAN
               [Children: Mary, Thomas (1736) ]

                and then
                Rt Hon Col Thomas MULLINS, 1st Barony Ventry (1736-1824)
                & Elizabeth Margaret GUNN (1736-1823)
                [Children: William Townsend (1761), Townsend (1763), Thomas, Richard (1766),
                  Theodora, Elizabeth, Arabella, Charlotte, Catherine, Helena-Jane (1773),
                  Frederick (1778) ]
                {Ed: The title Baron Ventry, of Ventry in the County of Kerry near Dingle,
                was created on 31st July 1800 for Sir Thomas MULLINS. He had already
               been created a
Baronet, of Ventry in the County of Kerry, in the
Baronetage of Ireland on 7th December 1797. The Mullins family claimed
               descent from the
Norman De Moleyns family
. The listing below shows only
               the sucession of the Baronetcy, and thus is not the strict genealogical
               descencancy of this family. For a full genealogy of this complex family,
               please see my Ancestry public tree called Mullins ONS.}

                and then suceeded by his eldest son,
                William Townsend MULLINS, 2nd Baron Ventry (1763-1827)
                 & m1. Sarah-Anne PALKINER
                [Children: Anne, Elizabeth ]
                 & m2. Frances Elizabeth SAGE
                 & m3. Clara JONES
                 [Children: Thomas (1798-1817) ]

                and then, dying without living male issue, was suceeded by a nephew
                Thomas Townsend Aremberg DE MOLYNS, 3rd Baron Ventry
(1786-1868) & Eliza Theodore BLAKE (1802-1879)
                {Ed: In 1841 by Royal License, he adopted the surname DE MOLYNS to
                 link his ancestry with the once famous Norman family of Burnham, Norfolk.}

                and then
                Dayrolles Blakeney EVELEIGH-DE MOLYNS, 4th Baron
& Harriett Elizabeth Frances WAUCHOPE (1839-1906)

                and then
                Frederick Rossmore Wauchope  EVELEIGH-DE MOLYNS,
            5th Baron Ventry
                {Ed: Died without issue}

                and who, in 1923, was suceeded in the title by his younger brother
Arthur William EVELEIGH-DE MOLYNS, 6th Baron Ventry
& Evelyn Murial Stuart DABENEY
                [Children: Arthur Frederick (1898), Francis Alexander (1901) ]

                and then
                Arthur Frederick Daubeney Olav EVELEIGH-DE MOLYNS,
             7th Baron Ventry (1898-1987)
                {Ed: In about 1927, the fine house known as Burnham Estate, near Ventry
                and Dingle became
a private girls boarding school, Colaiste Ide, run by
                the Sisters of Mercy until 1996, and now by a charitable trust. This
                Baron appears to have died without marrying and had no issue.}

and who, in 1987, was suceeded in the title by a nephew
                Andrew Harold Wesley Daubeney DE MOLYNS, 8th and
            present Baron Ventry
                {Ed: In 1966 he legally changed his surname from
                EVELEIGH-DE MOLYNS to just DE MOLYNS by Deed Poll.}
               m1 in 1963, dv in 1979: Nelly Edouard Renee CHAUMILLON
               [Children: Elizabeth (1964), Francis (1965), Brigitte (1967)

               m2 in 1983: Jill Rosemary ORAM
              [Children: Lisa (1985)

    Sefton, Lancaster, England (1425-1650)

    Burnham Estate, Ventry/Dingle, Kerry, Ireland (1650-1927)

      International Molyneux Association

      For the lineage of the Baronetcy of
      Ventry refer to Leigh Rayment's Peerage

My Fam Ref: KER-001

         David MULLINS (1755-1815) & Ellen CONDON
             [Children: James (1793) ]
       {Ed: Fellow Mullins researchers John & Clare (nee Mullins) Collins believe
             that  this person is descended from the Ventry line above. But the precise
             connection cannot accurately be determined at this time.}
            and then
          James MULLINS (1793-1830) & Catherine HAYNES (1801-1863)
             [Children: Ellen (1822) m. Thos. Stanfield, David, James (1826),
               Richard (1828), Michael (1830) ]
             and then
             James MULLINS (1826-1879) & Elizabeth LANE (1829-1870)
             [Children: Michael James (1856), John Francis Lane (1857), Catherine Mary (1859),
              James Joseph (1861), George Thomas (1862), Thomas McCarthy (1866),
              Michael Aloysius (1868) ]

              and then
             George Thomas Lane MULLINS (1862-1918)
              & Mary Ellen BURKE (1865-1931)
             [Children: Lane (1892), James Patrick (1894), George Oswyn (1896),
              Owen Burke (1898), George Fitzmaurice (1901), Meldon Keith (1907) ]

              and then
             George Fitzmaurice Lane MULLINS (1901-1960)
             & Mary King HAWKES (1908-1990)
             [Children: George Albert, Mary Beatrice (1935), David Owen (1936), Francis
              Xavier (1938), Denis John, Brendan Joseph, Juanita Mary,
              Clare Therese (m. John Collins), Adrian Patrick, Anne Eloise, Carmel Dorothy,
              Terence Gerard  ]

        Dingle/Ventry, Kerry, Ireland (until 1780)

        Killountain, Cork, Ireland (1750- 1851)

        Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (1851- present)

    John & Clare (nee MULLINS) COLLINS

My Fam Ref: CLA-002

Patrick MULLINS (1797-) & Bridget 'Biddy' BARRY (1804-)
[Children: Michael (1821), Catherine, Mary (1829), John Thomas (1830), Bridget 'Biddy' (1833), James (1835), Maurice/Morris (1837), Patrick (1839), William 'Billy' (1844), Honora 'Nora' (1846)]

Inagh, Broadford, Co. Clare, Ireland

Immigrated 02 Jul 1849 aboard the 'Carline Nesmith' ex Liverpool

Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Andrea Newbauer
Wisconsin, USA   

Joan MULLINS (c1730-)
John MOLLINS (1763-1840) & Frances COLLINS
[Children: Grace (1792), Emma (1794), Elizabeth (1796), John (1797), Ann (1798), Godfrey (c1800), Edwin/Ernest (c1802), Frances (c1804), Thomas (c1806)]

Barwick, Somerset, England (1730- 1763)
Odcombe, Somerset, England (1763-1816)
Immigrated 1816 to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Salisbury/Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (1816-1830)

Terry Mollins
New Brunswick, Canada

My Fam Ref: NSW-001

and then

Thomas Herbert MULLINS (1894-1950)
& Dorothy O'BRIEN

and then
Leonard Lane MULLINS (1924-1986) & Shiela May BROWN
and then
James Michael MULLINS (1960-1990)

Albury, New South Wales (in 1894)
Goulburn, New South Wales (from 1922-1950)
Darwin, Northern Territory (from 1949-1954)
Ulverstone, Tasmania (in 1986)

Vic Schafer
Ancestry member 'vjschafer47'
(as at May 2012)   

My Fam Ref: CLA-003    
James MULLINS (abt 1790)

and then

John MULLINS (1820-1892)
& Bridget RYAN

Mary (1842, James (1844), John (1845), Catherine (1850), Margaret Ellen (1852), Bridget (Elizabeth) (1855), Micahel (1857)]

            Clare, Ireland

            Born: Clare, Ireland 1820
            Arrived:  Melbourne, Victoria, Aust. 1841 aboard 'Neptune'
            Married: Melbourne, Victoria 1842
            Resided: Oakleigh 1856-75
            Resided:  Burramine 1884
            Died: Yarrwonga 1892

       Frank Mullins OAM