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Hi, my name is Jillian Fitzgerald. It was my pleasure to work for the Western Australian Fire Brigade for many years, educating children in Fire Safety. After visiting and traveling to schools in Western Australia, I felt there was a need for a book to be used as a follow up to our sessions, so children could have something in their homes to refer to and to reinforce what they had been taught.

Many may remember Freddy Fire Engine who was used as our education tool in putting across the Fire Safety message to children. The other education officers and I traveled all over Western Australia visiting schools and shopping centres with the local fire brigade firefighters, working with the community to minimize the impact of fire on the people of Western Australia.

City and country children learnt the importance of fire safety and prevention and it became evident to me that children who had been caught in actual fire situations attributed their safety to being educated in the prevention activities they had been shown.

I gained personal satisfaction from hearing these stories and it motivated me to write this book about Jamie. Many children are curious about fire but they need to realize the consequences of playing with fire and fire prevention.