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Welcome to Kandy Ko Publishing.

Our first book in the “Learn Fire Safety with Jamie” series was written for very important reasons. The main one being to raise children’s awareness of Fire Safety and prevention measures.

Juvenile firelighting is also a growing problem and it is estimated that firelighting alone costs the community in excess of $15 million dollars annually.

The damage to house or bush and personal belongings with treasured

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family items is a great loss, and more importantly the loss of life or terrible burns which changes people’s lives forever. Children are naturally curious about fire but they can learn that fire is a responsible tool and not a toy.

Kandy Ko Publishing is developing a series of children’s safety books using Jamie as its main character as a tool to teach children about the hazards of fire and also about what they can do if fire does occur. Case histories show that teaching children about Fire Safety has resulted in their knowing what to do during an emergency.

Having “Learn Fire Safety with Jamie” in your home can help your children learn about fire safety and avoid tragedies.

Professor Fiona Wood, Director of the Burns Service of WA and Chair of the McComb Foundation states in the preface;

“Hot water burns like fire, fire burns! Our skin is precious and needs looking after. Jamie got it right – stop, drop, cover and roll, stay down low and go, go, go!! Taking care of yourself and your friends and family is a great thing to do. Have fun reading Jamie’s story.”

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