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What is Aikido 
Founded in the 20th century, Aikido is unique among martial arts in its emphasis on balance, flexibility, redirection, extension, and relaxed power as a means to learning self defence and coping with the challenges of everyday life. The goal of Aikido is self development and self victory. Aikido practice enables the gradual replacement of instinctive aggression and fear with a calm, confident and graceful martial wisdom required to diffuse confrontation without excessive force, violence, or causing harm to oneself or others. Aikido is a martial art of peace and creativity that strives for inner development and social harmony and draws from the best of a rich and long Japanese martial arts history. Its path is deeply and positively transformative for all who follow it. 

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art that emphasises blending with an opponent's attack. The essence of Aikido techniques are circular in nature. The movements are designed to co-ordinate the defending and attacking bodies in order to redirect the natural flow and energy of the attack and neutralise it. In this way, Aikido harmonises all motion in a positive way instead of trying to conflict with it. 

The philosophy, ideals, and ethics of Aikido are inseparable from the actual physical training. In order to "lead" another person into the circle, we must first be in control of ourselves and be the stable, energised centre.
The Blue Leaf Dojo 
Founded in 2009 from the seedlings of the Macquarie University Aikido Club, the Blue Leaf Dojo brings a fresh new spin on Aikido to Sydney’s inner west.  The training method is a fusion of a number of schools with a strong influence from Kokikai Aikido. We strive to make ourselves strong through correct practice and understanding of an underlying goal of character building as the root of personal growth and success. 

We practice in accordance with the following four principles and the laws of nature. Many people think power results from muscular effort; the Aikido practitioner understands that true power results from being natural and relaxed. It is what we call our strongest state.
The training curriculum varies from week to week and caters for beginners to the more advanced student. As we grow, we come to realise the importance of helping beginners. At the Blue Leaf Dojo, we care for and nurture beginners with the same dedication that we would wish for ourselves. The atmosphere at our school is one of co-operation, acceptance and fun.

Also important to our group is the feeling of community, and social events are held regularly. Many of our students are fans of anime, martial arts movies and we often find new common interests amongst ourselves.