How to Join

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Our club is a part of the Australian Kokikai Aikido (AKA) organisation and operate under their National Code of Practice. Gregor is AKA accredited and 
is also a qualified personal trainer registered with the Australian Health and Fitness Industry Association.

The AKA requires that all prospective students complete a membership agreement and pay a membership fee before taking part in our classes. The annual membership fee is $80, payable at the start of each financial year. New members make a pro-rata payment for the remainder of the year.

Membership enables you to train at any dojo throughout our national and international network. You will also be invited to participate in any AKA special training events with our top national and international instructors. 
Download your New Membership Form (Adobe PDF format)
Class fees
Adult monthly mat fee: $80 per calendar month (unlimited classes)
Student monthly mat fee: $60 per calendar month (unlimited classes)
Casual students: $15 per class
Aikido students wear a white judo-style dogi comprising a jacket and pants. The jacket is secured around the waist with a belt which is white for beginners. It is encouraged that you obtain a dogi as soon as possible, however until then a loose fitting top/t-shirt and tracksuit pants are recommended as some training is performed on the knees.