Illustrated Dual Boot Site
last updated Sun Oct 29 2017

Most of the information in this website has been withdrawn, (sorry folks).

This website used to be about installing Ubuntu Gnu-Linux alongside Microsoft Windows and setting up a 'dual boot' computer.

Ubuntu is still my favourite operating system and Ubuntu MATE is now my preferred variant.

I haven't bothered setting up a dual boot or multiple boot arrangement for a long time. I now feel it's just simpler to just wipe the other OS and overwrite it or else remove the disk that has the other operating system in it and replace it with a new empty SSD or HDD.

Official Ubuntu Websites

Ubuntu MATE homepage:

If you want to see the Official Ubuntu HomePage, use this link:  Official Ubuntu HomePage

If you would like to visit Ubuntu Web Forums, here's the link: Ubuntu Web Forums

For the Official Ubuntu Wiki, here's the link: Official Ubuntu Wiki Front Page
Click on 'Official documentation', and choose an appropriate link to download from there.
Also be sure to look through Community documentation and add some of those links to your Firefox Bookmarks.

This page has been accessed times since the move to Australia's best ISP, iinet on Friday 5th June 2009. I highly recommend iinet to Australian internet users, iinet.


Hermans Personal Website

LiLo (LiLo was the Linux boot loader before Gnu Grub came on the scene) ___  LiLo Page