The Main Aims of Road Register Updates

The Road Register is an important legal document and the Local Government Act of 2009 requires a register of all roads in a shire to be kept up to date along with a matching map. These are to be made available on request to the public for a modest fee.

Our shire's Road Register and Road Map is available in our Council Website.

Our state government Department of Resources are able to access there web pages and they sometimes ask for this information.

Under the addressing standards AS/NZS 4819:2011 clause 5.3.1 we are supposed to provide addresses for:
each separately owned or occupied area of land
and each separately owned or occupied building
or part of a building for purposes such as:
residential, commercial, industrial, educational and farming.
Hospitals, places of worship, railway stations and sports facilities

Other places that can be given an address include
utility sites (eg toilets, substations, pump stations
machinery sheds
stock yards
rest stops on highways and

Around Hughenden there are a few roads around the outskirts of town which don't seem to have an official name, possibly because they're not really in town but they're not really rural either.
Agreeing on names for these roads would help give addresses to some of our sports facilities. There are also a few houses that we not included when the shire worked on the urban addressing in 2002.

There are a few rural roads with questions about their road names.
The rural address posts are only one part of the signage for rural addressing.
Just like for town streets, the road name signs should have address ranges on them.
Updating our road register is a good idea before ordering any new road signs.
We want to have the agreed road names with the correct spellings.