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This web-page is part of a larger site giving examples of how to install Windows+Ubuntu Linux operating systems 'dual boot' in a computer. 
Illustrated Dual Boot HomePage

Ubuntu Karmic Koala was officially released on Thursday the 29th of October 2009 and it was the first operating system to use the new GNU GRUB as it's default boot loader. Most of us are now running Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04. This website is supposed to be current up to GNU GRUB 1.98-1ubuntu7 in Lucid Lynx.
Please check your GRUB version number with 'grub-install -v' to check whether you have an up to date version of GNU GRUB.
If you were looking for a web page about the older 'Legacy' GRUB, 0.97, here is a link GRUB Legacy Page .
GNU GRUB is a work in progress and the information in this website is incomplete and may be wrong and/or out of date. Please consult the official GNU GRUB 1.98-r2692 manual.

This website is not an official GNU GRUB website. I'm just another GNU GRUB user who is trying to help by  finding things out for myself by research and experiments and attempting to share what I hope is useful information.
Now that the official GNU GRUB Manual is being written, this web site will depend on the manual.
I'll try to supplement the manual by explaining things in my own words and providing a few more examples and illustrations in the hopes that will help people digest the information easier. The information in these web pages may tend to be specific to Ubuntu users, whereas the official GNU GRUB Manual tries to be more operating system generic.




GRUB Menu Mode -  For normal booting GRUB's main menu is easy to use.

GRUB Edit Mode - For special booting, edit boot entries 'on the fly', and boot.

GRUB CLI Mode - Commands for CLI mode with some example uses

GRUB How To Boot From CLI Mode -  Rescue your System  


GRUB Configuration File - Custom Boot Entries.

GRUB Linux Commands - for working on GRUB from within Ubuntu

GRUB Splashimages - How to make your GRUB Menu look beautiful


How to Have All Your OS Hostnames in your GRUB Menus -    NEW!    EXCLUSIVE!  

How To Use GRUB to Boot Normally - Using GRUB in Menu Mode

How To Edit Boot Entries and Boot With GRUB - Using GRUB in Edit Mode

How To Use GRUB's Command Line Interface - GRUB CLI Mode Commands

How To Check Installed GRUB Version Number - with grub-install

How To Re-install GRUB from within Ubuntu - use grub-install

How To Re-install GRUB from a Ubuntu Live CD - without the need to chroot

How To Have Your grub.cfg Updated Automatically - run grub-mkconfig

How To Make a Dedicated GRUB Partition - with an editable grub.cfg

How To Make a GRUB USB Disk - with an editable grub.cfg

How To make Your Own GRUB Boot CD - use grub-mkrescue

How to make a GRUB floppy disc - use grub-mkrescue

How To Set a GRUB Splashimage - GRUB Splashimages

How to make your own splashimage for GRUB - GRUB Splashimages

How To Change the Font Colors - for use with your splashimage

How To Change Boot Menu Resolution -  by editing /etc/default/grub

How To Change Menu Colors - (with no splashimage) - by editing edit /etc/grub.d/05_debian theme

How To Set Your Own Custom Boot Entries - edit GRUB2 files & re-run grub-mkconfig

How To Add Boot Options Your Ubuntu Boot Entry - by editing /etc/default/grub

How To Add a Boot Entry for an .iso File in the hard disk - use loopback boot entry

How to install or refresh GRUB - with grub-install

How to Update the GRUB Menu - by running update-grub

How to Update the GRUB Menu - by running grub-mkconfig

How To Set The Default Boot Entry for GRUB - with grub-set-default

How To Install GRUB to a Partition Boot Sector - with grub-setup

How to Install GRUB-Invaders -  The Space Shooter Game for GRUB

How to chroot - use a Live CD or another Ubuntu installed in a hard disk or USB to fix your GRUB

unlock encrypted fs, e2fsck, mount and chroot script -

GNU GRUB Manual - Recommended!

HOWTO: Booting LiveCD ISOs from USB flash drive with Grub2 - JustRon - Ubuntu Web Forums

HOWTO /boot partition is full (Remove Superfluous Kernels) - iissmart - Ubuntu Web Forums

HOWTO: Grub2 removing old kernel versions forever - unknown hero - Ubuntu Web Forums

HOWTO: Flash BIOS, The Ubuntu Way - ciscosurfer - Ubuntu Web Forums

Invaders - a multi boot compliant kernel game you can play with GNU/GRUB.

Colin Watson's blog - index | Colin Watson's blog - Windows Applications Making GRUB2 unbootable

GRUB Graphical Menu Development Journal - Colin Bennet

Grub2 Theming - autocrosser - Ubuntu Web Forums

Booting Linux on x86 using Grub2 - Mine Of Information

GRUB 2 Bootloader -  Dedoimedo - Full Tutorial

StartUp Manager - SUM Home Page - GUI grub editor - GRUB2 support being developed

Grub 2 - Ubuntu Wiki

Grub 2 Basics - drs305 - Ubuntu Web Forums

Grub 2 Password Protection - drs305 - Ubuntu Web Forums

Grub 2 Title Tweaks Thread - drs305 - Ubuntu Web Forums

GRUB 2 Introduction - ranch hand - Ubuntu Web Forums

GRUB 2 installation - TechEnclave

Jaunty and GRUB2 - Experiences in the community

GRUB2- ArchWiki

gfxterm - GRUB Wiki - gfxterm uses GRUB 2's VideoSubsystem to draw graphics to screen.

Sidux Grub2 Intro - sidux.com

Boot an ISO via Grub2 - mikas blog