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The Dutch Community Radio Inc.
Post Office Box 213
Wembley W. A. 6913
Tel/Fax: (08) 9454 6879
Email: dutchradio@iinet.net.au
Web site: http://www.dutchradioperth.com

On air studio telephone: 9227 5953

The voice of the Dutch in W. A.

We present current local news and details of activities from around the Dutch Community in Perth Western Australia

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Welcome to our web site which is something new on the horizon for the Dutch Community Radio in Perth Western Australia and which we trust will enhance and compliment our transmitted program every, Sunday on 6EBA 95.3 MHz between;

1400 Hrs and 1530 Hrs (2.00pm - 3.30pm)

We have made available to you on this web site our weekly program for reference. The side pictures you see are of CD cover of famous and traditional Dutch singers, so come on, turn on your radio on Sunday's and join with us to listen and enjoy the music presented, which is specially for you the Dutch Community and its descendants in Western Australia.
Enjoy your listening and please call again.

If you would like to listen to the station now please click on the button below and enjoy the program with us.

Audio streaming is now available
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We will do our best to bring you the latest news items from around the world, but more particularly from the Netherlands so that you our listeners can be well informed with the latest happenings in the homeland.

This section has been allocated for future addition as to special news items for listeners.


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