Perth Reunion Photogallery

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Perth Reunion Photos
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Self, Ray Sullivan and Steve


Andy Williams,  Tom Wilkinson

and Andy Colquhoun.

Chris Durrant, Ken Langford-Smith

Shirley Durrant and Mal Andrews

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Charles Kerfoot, Robin Archer

and John Barbour.

Dave Lichtenstein, Richard Barbour

Tony White, Harry H, Maddie and Mike O'Brian


The motley opposition (Prince of

Wales/ St Mary's et al.)

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Ken Greathead presents the

POW School effigy to the opposing


Top: Nigel Sinclair Nigel Champion John Blackwell

Chris Durrant John Glover Simon Keast

Mein Niemeyer Patrick Nield Colin Brooks

Brandon Brooksbank Daniel Paterson John

Greathead Francis Keast

Bottom: Richard Barbour ??? 

Joff Start Andrew Hillier Richard

Tredget Ken Greathead Charles

Kerfoot Robin Archer Tony Tucker

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