WHERE ARE THEY NOW? 1949 -1962

Old Yorkists are listed according to which year they left school and which house they were in. In order to assist frequent visitors to the site, the most recent entries are listed first in each year. Please feel free to contact me if you spot any errors or if you wish to add further info. Entries from John Tucker's 1999 publication "The Yorkist" are preceded by the hash (#) symbol. This means that their addresses are available from me but (as convention dictates) are not for publication  on the Internet. Many thanks to Dave Lichtenstein for his continuing contributions- he really deserves the title of co-editor!

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Staff Section

Bryan "Benjie" Morwood Bryan “Benjie” Morwood and his colleague  EK “Jock” Ferguson both passed away within weeks of each other in August 2014.. In a comprehensive obituary in the Telegraph most of us learned for the first time that Benjie had a distinguished war record and was awarded the Military Cross when, as a lieutenant with the Royal Artillery  he led the defence of a prison in Greece which was being attacked by communists intent on releasing their comrades. Despite suffering multiple shrapnel wounds he organised a retreat to the main prison, which held out until reinforcements arrived. Benjie attended Larne Grammar School in County Antrim and on leaving joined the RA, becoming a field gunner in North Africa, Italy and Greece and later a parachutist in the Middle East. After the War he went up to Cambridge and read Natural Sciences before he and Muriel his wife left for Kenya and the Duke of York. He was a very popular  biology teacher to generations of boys, inspiring many to follow science-based careers.His wife Muriel pre-deceased him in 2004.

Jock Ferguson. As mentioned above, Jock and Benjie passed away within weeks of  each other; both aged 91..John Tucker was contacted by his daughter Jane, who wrote the following:

I am writing on behalf of my mother and myself to let you know that my father died a few weeks ago.  He has had a very difficult last few years, with significant physical and mental decline so, for him, it was probably a merciful release, but we will miss him hugely.  His funeral was very well attended considering he was 91 and had outlived many of his friends.

John concludes: “Jock was a great housemaster and we, who were in Thomson, were very lucky to have had him at the helm during our years at the DOY.”

 I have done some research in several “Yorkist” magazines and discovered that Jock was a stalwart of a very active Astronomical Society and helped to build a telescope. He is first mentioned in 1958 as a housemaster. He was also the founding editor of the fortnightly school magazine, the “Brooklands Baraza”. Jock and his wife left the DOY in March 1964 and after spending some leave in South Africa (he was a graduate of Rhodes University), he joined Mr Harris on the staff of Millfield School in Somerset.

Noel "Skid" Skerman.

"My father, Noel (Skid) Skerman, died on 2 April 2015, at 87 years old. He had had a short severe illness with  a long and healthy retirement before that, based in Poole, Dorset ( his birthplace and home town). Here a short biog:

Went to Poole Grammar school during the war and became Head Boy and student teacher in his last 2 years in 6th form

Went to Exeter University 1946-49 to read English. He was treasurer of Student Guild Council (SU) and was President at Mardon Hall. He left with a BA Hons and Dip ED


He met his wife Judy at university and they became engaged in 1949 and were married in 1950 at same time as he started National Service in the RAF. He was a Pilot Officer in the education arm of Fighter Command who went on to become Flight Lieutenant before he left in 1953.

After the RAF, Skid joined the Colonial Service and they emigrated to Nairobi in Kenya.  He became Head of English and Master of Mitchell House at the DOY 1953-1964.


After Kenya became independent in 1964 the family (3 children) came to live in Corfe Mullen, Poole where Skid became an English Teacher at Poole Grammar School until he retired in 1990.


Whilst in Kenya, Skid and Judy also started lifelong interests in the theatre and music, with productions at school both in Kenya and Poole. Theatre trips then continued until his death together with PROP (PlayReaders of Poole) he formed with friends for 30 years.

He and Judy started a lifelong love of going on safari, snorkelling in the Indian Ocean, walking and travels in 1953 all over East Africa, then an epic car trip to Cape Town in 1960 – all with a focus on wildlife and birds. Lots of return trips followed to southern Africa in retirement.


Let me know if old friends want to get in touch with my mother, Judy Skerman."  Keith Skerman

 Mrs Leslie James wife of  "Pansy" James, the founding headmaster of the Duke of York). Passed away in March 2010 at the age of 103. Leslie was a stalwart supporter of all matters Yorkist right to the end and her daughter Sally Rowson mentioned how much contact with Old Yorkists had meant to her. She had been in good health until just before she died but towards the end became increasingly frail and was unable to move about. Finally a bout of pneumonia claimed her. Sally's email address is rowson@telkomsa.net

Derek Wilson. "I was at DOY/Lenana 1964-71 My wife and I plus 3 children departed in July '71 and had a great trip back to U.K.  We drove to Mombasa, shipped ourselves plus car to Karachi and drove from there through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany and France.  By the time of our departure from Kenya I had already had two or three school textbooks published and was contracted to provide more for the new market of independent African states.  This enabled me to make a bid for a full-time writing career which I have pursued, through various ups and downs, ever since.  If there is anyone interested he/she can find details of my subsequent doings on my website www.derekwilson.com .  My books fall into two main categories - popular history and fiction - but I shall always be thankful for my time at DOY which enabled me to write East Africa Through a Thousand Years and, thus, to get my first toehold on the professional writing ladder.15/7/2011

Mike Heylings writes (April 2010) "I came upon your website when I googled 'Eric Westwell Nairobi'.  It's an interesting read.  I was mathematics teacher at Lenana for 2 years (1971-1973) when Kamungi was headteacher and Eric Westwell was deputy. I can add a little about several teachers not listed on your pages, starting with myself.:

Taught mathematics at Lenana during 1971-73 and is now retired in Gloucestershire after a post-Lenana career as a teacher and deputy-head in schools in England, as a school inspector with the Department of Education in Northern Ireland, and as a mathematics adviser/inspector in Lancashire and Cardiff.  After 'formal' retirement, he returned for 4 years to the classroom at Wycliffe College, Gloucestershire and has recently authored several textbooks for OUP. Email wigpool@onetel.com  25/8/10

 David Loveday taught history/economics at Lenana (1971-73) and is now retired in Whitely Bay, Tyneside, after a post-Lenana career, first as a history teacher in Northumberland and then graduating to become a headteacher of a school in the Newcastle-on-Tyne area for many years.  He and his wife Gloria continue to live in Whitley Bay.

 Charles Sutherland was head of Thompson House in the 1970s, arriving at Lenana from Maseno School.  He eventually returned to England and taught initially at a school in Essex.  He and his wife, Kathleen, are retired to a village outside Newark in Nottinghamshire.  Throughout his career, Charles was a member of CMS.

 Doug Ralphs was a mathematics teacher at Lenana in the 1970s after some years at Buddo School in Uganda. He returned with his wife, Mave, and family to become head of mathematics at Strathallen School, Perth, Scotland until he retired some years ago.  He and Mave continue to live near Perth.

William (Bill) Mowat Student in Kirk (left 1957) Staff 1963 to 1966. Bill's daughter Vicki contacted me on 13 September 2007 to say that he had passed away a little over two years ago. She writes:: "Dad always told us (his three children) amazing stories about Kenya as well as the hijinks at DOY. I think he always thought of Kenya as home, no matter how long he was away - and he lived in Canada for almost 40 years. He taught high school English for most of that time. He was very well loved by his family, friends and students and there are many of us who think of his generous, gentle, wise spirit, and miss him every day."

Harry Hesketh. Passed away suddenly on 5th January 2006. A tribute to Harry appears below. A founding member of staff and first Housemaster of Lugard, he returned to the U.K. in 1964. Joined Hillcrest Secondary School, Nairobi at its foundation in 1975. Retired to the U.K. in Dec 1988.  His younger daughter Sue is married, with twins and now lives in Canada. His elder daughter, Anne, also has twins and lives in Cornwall. Sadly, Harry's wife Pam also passed away, in 2003.

Ken Higson. Ken passed away on 15  June 2010 at the age of 95 after a long and distinguished career in education. Following service in the Royal Navy during WWII and teaching in the UK, Ken, like many of our early masters, taught at the Prince of Wales School.  At DOYS he was Mitchell Housemaster and Senior Maths Master and became senior DOYS Deputy Head Master.  He left Kenya in 1969 having spent 20 years teaching there mostly at the Duko.  He taught for a further 9 years in Devon before settling down to village life in Somerset where many of his former DOYS staff mates had ended up.  His wife Pegs passed away in 2005 and he is survived by his son Geoff, who while he lived on the Duko campus, was too young to have attended the Duko. Geoff wrote:  "I was deeply privileged to be with him at the OY reunion in Taunton last summer and to see the affection and respect with which he was welcomed by everyone who was there and and by those who waited patiently to speak to him throughout the evening. I was so impressed by the way he seemed to remember the names, faces school histories and subsequent careers of so many Yorkists and to me that is a tribute for everything he stood for - a kind, generous, thoughtful man with a deep love of teaching and, ultimately, of those whom he taught."

Brian "Bungeye"and Sybil Norman. Brian passed away on 23 November 2009 and Sybil in 2010. They leave two sons, Ian and Michael, both of whom live in Australia.

Jock Ferguson, Eric Westwell - in Somerset.

John Bieneman (Wiltshire), Dave Lichtenstein, who knew him well,  writes: "John Bieneman, one of our "younger" Masters, was at the DOYS from  1954-1964.  He was Assistant Housemaster of Delamere (and this is where my first contact with him occurred) before becoming founding Housemaster of James.   He was also Physics Master, School rugby coach and OIC Sea Cadets.   He moved to Cherhill in Wiltshire spending the remaining days of his life, there He was only 83 when he died although he outlived his wife Stella who passed away in 1998. I remembered John Bieneman very well as he was both my Assistant Housemaster (Delamere) and my physics teacher.  

 There was only a small contingent of OYs at the funeral service which included: Ben Porter, Tony Saunders, Geoff Lock and Mike Johnson.  Mike informed me that the two sons – Richard and Pat spoke eloquently about their father and what an interesting person he was – originally Russian.  [Having only become interested in genealogy this year I am now not surprised as I would have been previously given John Bieneman's RN service during the latter part of WWII.  Bieneman is certainly not an Anglo/Celtic name.]   Pat said that he had been back to Nairobi about a year ago to show his family - he has four daughters – and he said that visiting James House was very depressing as it was in a poor state of repair as was the rest of the School, although the Chapel was in pretty good nick,

Ian and Barbara Reid The family moved from Kenya to Canada in 1964, settling in Dundas, Ontario. Barbara focused her considerable energies working with textiles and the fabric arts, and in furthering various conservation organizations such as the Bruce Trail Association. She died in Hamilton Ontario on 30th March 2012. and is survived by Ian (now of Ottawa, Ontario), and children, Anna (Ottawa) and Donald (Whitehorse, Yukon;). Unfortunately Ian suffers from dementia and is in a home in Ottawa near Anna.Their son Donald has been in touch with Shaun Metcalfe

Jack Pearson (Mallorca),

Biddy Clayden (London), Rosemary Newton-Moss (Sussex).  Sadly the oldest surviving member of Staff , Frank Harris died in January '99 at the age of 92. " Update on the the Higsons - January 2006. I hear from Chris Carey that Pegs Higson passed away in October 2005 after being cared for by Ken for many years.

Peter Doenhoff (Mitchell/Speke) 1951-1956 and Staff 1962-1972. .Following his university studies at Glasgow University Peter returned to the School as a staff member remaining there until after independence and the change of the School's name. During that time he was Assistant Housemaster, Delamere becoming Delamere Housemaster from 1962-1966 when he became Kirk Housemaster from 1966-1972.   As a staff member Peter also had stints of Acting Bursary and Acting Deputy Headmaster.After he left the DOY, Peter worked in education, accountancy and a number of law firms, mainly in Mombasa. He moved to the Kilulu home in Mtwapa in his latter years.. He passed away on 17 April 2010 in Mombasa Hospital, having suffered  ill-health for some time. The year before his death he completed a most interesting account of the history of the school and managed to publish it despite very limited resources. His brother - in-law.(and DOY staff member) Robin Walton writes: "Naturally, as his brother-in-law, I am also saddened by his death as will so many Old Yorkists and colleagues. If we look back at all he did for the DOYS (e.g. producing that fascinating memoire) and his many kindnesses towards fellow-Yorkists (especially those he took under his wing) we can indeed be thankful for his life, even if it was characterised by much frustration and, later, by much ill-health.His sister Bridget, who immediately flew to his bedside from South Africa when told that he was gravely ill,  adds: "The positive is that I learnt in two days how hugely Peter was respected in and around Mombasa - and unfortunately he seemed not to be aware of this.. We can only pray that he is finally at peace. It is hoped that a memorial service will be held at the Yacht Club later in 2010.

Geoff Hughes. 1957 (Lugard) Taught at the Duko in the mid sixties (I still recall his rendition of the Wife of Bath!) Went on to scale the heights of academe and was a professor of English at the University of Witwatersrand. He also wrote several books on the English language. 29/12/03 Update. I believe he is now retired and living in the South of France.

Robin Walton Lived in Johannesburg until an unfortunate incident in which he was shot twice in the chest during a robbery led to a change of  home in Natal. Robin is married to Bridget (nee Doenhoff) who does a great job keeping in contact with ex Kitale Primary students and produces an annual newsletter for same. Email waltonrb@ANTISPAMglobal.co.za

1949-1956 Mrs C Carnegie (Lillemor) Formerly Miss Mackinnon- "Ma Mac" Lives in Portalegre, Portugal. "What wonderful memories I have of the DOY. I started there in September 1949 and my husband, John, and I still keep up with most of the staff of that time. We will be 77 next year and are very fortunate to be in good health and have lots of fun. Earlier this year (1998) we spent 17 days in Antarctica which was just wonderful. We motored to the UK in July (1998) via Santander and Plymouth and saw many friends. In September we visited Expo 98 which was impressive and enjoyable."

Roger Davey ( Grogan housemaster) and Nigel Slade (Speke) are sadly both deceased.

Alan Healy. Used to lecture at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales but now retired.

John Green. Housemaster of James House until circa 1976. Married to Moira, they live in Brisbane.

# 1961 Tony Beaulah. Lives in Dunmow, Essex. Spent 36 years teaching at Felsted School. From 1989 to present has been a volunteer worker with Gap Activity Projects. " From September 1960 to August 1961 I had a year's 'sabbatical' at the DOYS: I was standing in for Ian Reid and the Jack Clark when they were on leave. I was John Packwood's Assistant in Junior House, and taught mainly Classics."

#1964 John Bieneman. Passed away on 24 July 2010 Dave Lichtenstein writes: "John Bieneman, one of our "younger" Masters, was at the DOYS from  1954-1964.  He was Assistant Housemaster of  Delamere (and this is where my first contact with him occurred) before becoming founding Housemaster of James.   He was also Physics Master (and indeed taught me in that subject), school rugby coach and OIC Sea Cadets.   He moved to Cherhill in Wiltshire to spend the remaining days of his life."

# 1979 Dennis and Janet Bishop. Dennis was Housemaster of Tom Mboya House. Lives in East Goscote, Leicestershire. Email 100746.326@ANTISPAMcompuserve.com

#1977 Ralph Aucott. Ralph and Elaine were at DOY for 22 years. They now live in C. Tipperary, Eire.

# 1956 Derek (and Molly) Bunker. Science master, thespian and stage manager. Molly made the roses which decorated the stage curtains. "We've been retired from teaching for 14 years and celebrate our Golden Wedding this year. We are what Floridians call 'Snowbirds', spending the summer six months in England and the winter six months in the sunshine. It's wonderful." Email dbunker@ANTISPAMcompuserve.com

1972 Peter and Doreen Ayerst. "I was a member of staff (in charge of Biology) from 1963 to the end of 1972, having replaced Brian Morwood.  I joined the school to replace Bryan Morwood.  I was attached to Speke, then James Houses and finally was Housemaster of Eliot.  I also took over the Duke of Edinburgh award (latterly President's award) from Ian Reid when he left.  For some time I also helped Richard Fowler with Brooklands Baraza.  My two daughters Fiona and Lindsay were both born in Nairobi and had a wonderful young childhood there.When I left I worked for four years at Bishops (Diocesan College) at Rondebosch in the Cape and then taught Biology at Hilton College in Natal until I retired at the end of last year.  I do get news of a few Yorkists such as Bryan Roff (my next door neighbour for many years) and Peter Doenhoff from  Robin Walton.  We are still in touch with a few former staff members including John Smith and Ingrid (was Gmeinhart as a staff member).  We also occasionally here from Derek Wilson and Ruth.   It was Derek who started me writing when I helped him with a book called White Gold.   Since then I have gone into textbook writing for the local market and bless Derek for the day he started me.  It has helped me to retire more gracefully than I otherwise could."

Update 30/12/2014 Peter contacted me having heard of the death of Brian Morwood, whom he replaced as i.c. Biology in 1964. In our exchange of emails we discovered that my wife's cousins's husband was Peter's best man at his wedding in Aberdeen in 1960!! New Email  ayerst@ANTISPAMiuncapped.co.za

19?  Roy Yates. Passed away on 22 August 2000, aged 77,  in London, Ontario. Survived by his wife Valerie and children Peter, Stephen and Jennifer. Ian and Barbara Reid (ex housemaster Grogan) attended Roy's funeral and live 1 1/2 hours away from Valerie.

1961? Norman Myers - Deputy Housemaster of Delamere from about 1957. His daughter Norma King writes: "After leaving Kenya, he spent time teaching in Zambia, South Africa, Swaziland and South Africa. After his retirement and my mother's death, he went to live with my sister and her husband in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He died in 1999. I grew up during the few years we were at DOY - I went to KHS for a couple of years and then to Reeswood Secretarial College. I married in 1965, and have two sons and a daughter, and a granddaughter aged 2. I retired myself last year, hence being able to take the time to surf the net! My husband and I live in Engadine, a southern suburb of Sydney." Email normaking@ANTISPAMprimus.com.au

1960 to 1963 Dennis and Enid Cooper- Dennis was the phys ed teacher who dreamed up the assault course so loved by us all. I remember him grinning from ear to ear as he filmed  us as we struggled over the fiendish  obstacles. As his son Mark recalls, when we perfected our technique Dennis had us carrying telegraph poles in teams of five, just for that added challenge! Dennis was also a top squash coach, whose proteges included Michael Mills (British Army champion at one stage?) and Andrew Barnett. Lives in Mt Gravatt, a suburb of Brisbane, next door to Mark. Though in his 70's, still plays tennis twice a week, is into wood-carving and cares for Enid who is not so well these days. Can be contacted through cooperms@ANTISPAMsmartchat.net.au 8/8/01 POSTSCRIPT 15/9/01 Mark informed me that Enid passed away on 28 August after a long illness. He writes: "I realized, from coming across some old documents, that Mum was actually a member of the staff of the Duke of York as she taught Art at the school for some time in 61 or 62." Our symathies go to Dennis and all the boys. 15/9/01

1953 to 1963 Sheila McKellar Within days of getting the above I received an email from Roddy McKellar : "Roddy & Duncan McKellar regret to announce the death of their mother Sheila, who died peacefully in her sleep on Saturday 29th September 2001, after a long illness. Sheila was a matron at the school [Block II and Junior House] from 1953 -1963, when we moved down to Mombasa. She returned to the UK in 1976, but continued to visit old friends in Mombasa until 1992." Again, our condolences go to the family.

1959 to 1964 Eddie Green. Delamere and Head of School in 1954 and then staff member (Head of History and  Housemaster of Kirk) . " On leaving Nairobi in 1964, I taught for 3 years at Loughborough Grammar School, before coming, in 1964, to Winnipeg, where we have been ever since. After 5 yrs teaching at a Senior High school, I went into Administration, spending 4 years as a Vice Principal, before getting my own Senior High school. During this time I completed my PhD on the topic: "Great Britain and the Sultanate of Zanzibar". The next 19 years saw me as Principal of two high schools, the last having over 1100 students. After nearly 38 years in education, I retired in 1996, since when I have enjoyed 6 years of total happiness! My retirement days are spent golfing, skiing, roller-blading, cycling, and travelling (Hawaii. California, Mexico, Cuba, skiing in the Rockies). For the past 2 years I have been a Certified Fitness Instructor, with the Manitoba Fitness Council, and own a Fitness Training business with over 20 regular clients and more signing up all the time. Am at the gym 5 mornings a week. Our eldest daughter earned her PhD, and teaches Sociology/Women's Studies at the University of Winnipeg where she is a Prof., and at the University of Manitoba. Our second daughter teaches at a high school here in Winnipeg, and is a two-time Canadian National Triathlon (Age Group) Champion, representing Canada at two World Triathlon Championships. Our third daughter works as a restaurant manager in Whistler, BC, where in her leisure time she enjoys triathlon running, mountain biking, and skiing/snowboarding. Our son is employed by the Federal Ministry of Transportation in Ottawa in Public Relations, press releases, etc. While at high school he played ice hockey and basketball to a high level. Claire (my wife) and I have just celebrated 42 years of happy marriage. Email egreen@ANTISPAMescape.ca 9/6/02

1956 to 1973 Edward (Charlie) Bennett-Rees (or Charlie Chaplain) Marjolein Thrower (nee Bennett-Rees) writes: "My father and mother (Netti- the dutch one, who was a matron in Speke and Lugard) moved to England and Pa taught at Hastings Boys Comprehensive and mum resumed her nursing career at Beth Buchanan Hospital St Leonards on Sea. Sadly Pa died in 1977 – a month short of his 65th birthday and retirement. Mum stayed in St Leonards and she died in 1989. He never returned to Kenya , but mum did as do my sisters, brother and I on a regular basis. I see Mike Carr-Hartley regularly in Watamu and have also caught up with Ronnie Andrews who recognised me after 25 years! and Geoff Pelling. I keep missing the Mitchell’s whose holiday cottages are just round the bay. Phil Leakey also has a place in Watamu as did Robin Gaymer."   Marjolein's email is  MarjoleinThrower@ANTISPAMcompuserve.com   21/9/02

1964? J de Vere Allen (Jimmy Allen). Now deceased. Was deputy housemaster in Grogan. Later curator of the Lamu Museum and retired to his property in the Shimba Hills.

1966 to 1978 Peter Mills. Passed away on May 31 2005. Pete arrived at DOY in 1966 during my last year but he made an immediate impression and threw himself into the life of the school with great enthusiasm. A great rugby coach and teacher he spent many years at Millfield after leaving the Duko.Pete's son Steve is keen to trace his godfather Andre Maximan who was on the staff at DOY, probably between 1970 to 1976. If anyone knows his whereabouts please let me know and I'll pass on details to Steve.

April 1960 - August 1967 Norman William Davis - .  "Taught metalwork, woodwork, technical drawing and sport.  Loved his sport and was a
qualified soccer referee with old 1st Division experience.  Housemaster of Eliot during his last years, but also assisted with other houses.  He
unfortunately passed away August 1987. My mother was matron of Lugard and Speke for many years. My father helped the late Rev. Bennett-Rees with a number of gatherings in Hastings during the late 60's." Information from his son Warwick (see 1964).

Update from Warwick - January 2015 : "This is mainly for old Yorkists from March 1960 to August 1967.  My mother, Ada Davis would have been less well known than my father who taught woodwork, metalwork, technical drawing; sport and over the last couple of years was housemaster of Eliot.

However, my mother, who served various stints as housematron to Speke/Lugard and Delamere/Thomson passed away on Christmas Day 2014 aged 94, having suffered from Vascular Dementia for the last four years of her life.  We often reminisced  about our time in Kenya an I kept her up to date from information gathered from various emails.  At the last Old Yorkist bash in Taunton she was still remembered by old colleagues and some ex-pupils.  She passed away peacefully having lasted 27 years without my father. My sister Carrol came over from Australia for the cremation on Friday 23rd January at 1310 hours, at Stourbridge Crematorium, England."

1981 William Sale. "I was a Physics teacher at the DoY from April 1973 until Dec 1981, at first Deputy Housemaster of Thompson and later Housemaster of James. My proudest moment of my enjoyable and rewarding time at Lenana was, at the request of the Headmaster, Mr Kanyi,  to rescusitate the School Cadet Corps.  This was set up in 1978 and, with the full cooperation of the Army Barracks at Langata and help from a friend from outside the School, Aussie Walker, the Corps took off very quickly. The Army kitted out our Cadets with uniforms, boots, back packs etc and provided a senior NCO every Wednesday afternoon to train the Cadets in drill and all aspects of Army life.  The numbers rose quickly until, by 1981 the Corps averaged over 100 with two officers drawn from the 6th Form.   We were often on call from other organisations. We paraded at Upper Hill School's Open Day and were  inspected there by  President Daniel Arap Moi. At this event, he changed his speech to include a passage stating that he was asking all local Army Barracks to set up similar units !! We were always in demand at the Nairobi Show where the Cadets put on  on great display of drill. Also, of course, the Cadets were an important feature of the School Prize Day.  Having been a University Blue for shooting I undertook shooting drills and we regularly took on Army units at full bore shooting at Langata and the Ngong Hills ranges and almost invariably won !!! The Cadets also took part in night exercises  learning field craft and stalking. At the end of the year, the Cadets remained behind for a week, taking over one of the Boarding houses and having all day training by NCOs from the Barracks. For me, and I hope the Cadets, it was a most enjoyable time. Unfortunately, soon after I left for the UK ,the Corps was closed down and all the rifles and equipment was returned to the Army. I enjoyed my time at the School and, on a purely personal note, both my daughter, and later, my son were each married in the School Chapel with Mr Dodman officiating. I have been back to the School several times, the last time in 1999. I was made most welcome by the few Staff and groundsmen who were there in my time. I have extremely happy memories of James House but, at 80, my mind cannot remember the names of the majority of the lads whom it was my pleasure to look after, aided by my wife, Iris. My wife suffered a stroke in late 2000 and I can only get about with difficulty these days but we still have representatives in Kenya.  My daughter is in charge of the Feed the Children Hostel in Nairobi and my youngest granddaughter, Nicky, is a relief manager at safari lodges.  One sad moments was being unable to attend the Reunion in Taunton several years ago. I had booked but, at the time to go, my wife was ill and I had to cancel. It has been extremely rewarding to see how many ex Yorkists have done so well in their careers and my wife and I wish all the students and ex students of Lenana our best wishes and success in your lives." Email address  member@ANTISPAMsale1.wanadoo.co.uk   9 October 2006

1964. Mrs Berthe Whyte. Taught Maths from 1961-64. Mother of Adrian Whyte (Eliot, 1960-64). Left Kenya in '64 and settled in Hertfordshire until she retired in 1968. Subsequently moved to the Spey Valley in Scotland where she remained until she sadly passed away in 1993. (from her son, Adrian Whyte, 9 Dec 2006).

Eulogy for Harry Hesketh, given by Peter Kenyon:

Harold Roscoe Hesketh

                                        23.10.21 – 5.1.2006

I feel very honoured to have been asked by Sue & Anne to say a few words today in honour of a very fine gentleman who I first met 57 years ago this month.

 Harold Roscoe Hesketh was born in Bolton, Lancashire on the 23rd October 1921.

Harry was encouraged by his Father at a very early age to play sports .At both his Primary School, St Matthews & secondary school, Farnworth Grammar, he represented his school at football & cricket, & in one season he scored 40 goals for the school. In addition he played badminton, tennis & fives & again represented his school.

In spite of all this sporting activity he still found time to study passing the Higher School Certificate & proceeding to Bristol University to study Geography.

Needless to say he was still active on the sports field & represented the University at fives, cricket, badminton, tennis & squash. Harry’s time at University coincided with World War 11 & in addition to normal university activities he volunteered to do “Fire Watches” which involved spending cold & dangerous nights on rooftops.

The war eventually interrupted Harry’s university career & he volunteered for the Royal Navy. His ship, the H.M.S. Orion, took him to many fields of activity in the North Sea, the Atlantic & the Mediterranean. Harry was quickly identified as officer material, promoted to officer status & instructed to report to H.M.S. Lurcher, based in Mombasa. His first taste of Kenya. His time spent in Mombasa did give opportunities to visit upcountry & it was this that gave Harry the wish to return to Kenya. There are so many stories to tell of Harry’s time in the navy but our time is insufficient.

In October 1945 Lt  Hesketh was demobbed & returned to Bristol  to continue his studies during which time he became President of the Union & Head Student at Wills Hall. At the end of his interrupted university career he was awarded a B.A. Honours Degree. It was whilst at university that Harry met Pam & they married on the 11th December 1948.

On the 8th January 1949 Harry arrived in Kenya to become a founder master of the Duke of York School in Nairobi. The Kenya Government PWD (Public Works Department) were unable to complete the building of the new school by the scheduled date & so the Governor of Kenya, Sir Philip Mitchell, moved out of his residence to a private house in Karen. Harry was the guest of the Governor from his arrival in Kenya until The Duke of York School started at Government House on the 29th January 1949 & it was on this date that I first met Harry when I joined the Duke of York as a young schoolboy & joined Lugard House.

Harry was a well qualified but natural teacher He was firm, fair, friendly & had the great ability to impart knowledge, both academic & sporting. Whist keen to install important values & disciplines in his students, Lugard was still a very happy house. Harry had strong ethical & moral standards & was able to convey these values to the boys by instruction & example & I believe this is why, because of Harry,with the help of the other four remarkable foundation masters, that the school developed such a good reputation.  Lugard also had the advantage of having Pam Hesketh as a House Matron & very many of the boy’s, myself included, had a “crush” on the beautiful & gorgeous Pam !!

You can tell the respect that pupils had for Harry as so very many messages of condolence have come from ex-pupils of D.O.Y. from all over the world.

In 1952 an Emergency was declared in Kenya & Harry left teaching for a while to serve in the Kenya Police Reserve eventually working in “Special Branch”

Harry was invited to join the Kenya Kongonis Cricket Club & he was elected a member on the 12th December 1952.

A message of condolence has been received from the Patron of the Kenya Kongonis Cricket Club in Nairobi, Mr Peter Moller O.B.E. who pays the following tribute.

“As one of a similar vintage of  W.W. 2 veterans, I have countless memories of this cricketing ' legend ', born in 1921 and still playing serious cricket some 63 years later. 

HARRY HESKETH was the epitome of a Kenya Kongoni. He was elected a Playing Member on 12.12.1952 ,a Life Member in 1982 and a Life Vice-Chairman in 1983. He served on the Committee from 1959 to 1964 and again from 1979 to 1986. He played for the Officials in their annual matches against the Settlers & captained the team in 1953. 

He was well loved by many of our ' younger ' members whom he had taught at The Duke of York School in Nairobi and subsequently at Hillcrest Secondary School when appointed Deputy Headmaster.

When he finally decided to give up playing cricket, he took up Bowls at Karen Club and in partnership with his daughter, Sue, took top honours and they were a formidable pair to beat.

 Retiring to England, he lived in Somerset and regularly followed the English Tour, often accompanied by his wife Pam who predeceased him. He came from a generation of vintage members of Kongonis who have done so much to maintain the traditions of our unique Club. Harry, through his many years of service and support earned the love and respect of all who knew him.”                                           --------------------------------

                                  The next important event in Harry & Pam’s life was the arrival of Sue & two years later Anne. As Anne & Sue have already told you Harry was a wonderful Father. He loved his daughters dearly & was very proud of their achievements. Their time together as a family was so very dear to Harry .He was very happy for his daughters when they found their husband’s Mike & Dan & married.  He was of course delighted with the arrival of grandchildren, Gen & Claire, Vicki & Max. Harry used to relay loving stories of his four grandchildren & like with his daughters he was ever proud of his grandchildren’s achievements.

In1964 Harry returned to England to become Deputy Headmaster of Badminton School in Bristol. In 1972 Bridget & I called at Hall School to take our niece out for an exeat to find that Harry was now Deputy Headmaster there !

Harry returned to Kenya in 1974, followed by Pam the following year when he was appointed the Deputy Headmaster of Hillcrest School, again helping to develop another good school

Harry eventually retired from teaching in 1988 & returned to Somerset to the village of Ditcheat. Harry loved the village & became very much part of it. He was a member of British Legion & President of the local cricket team. He always enjoyed his visit to The Manor Inn on Friday’s which is very much a “village day”.

Harry was loved & respected by so many friends. As Anne said, he enjoyed being with people. Harry was always cheerful & loved a spot of humour. He always gave willing of his time to help, support & enjoy each others company. He was the very epitome of the motto of the school he helped create… “Nihil Praeter Optimum”…..“Nothing But The Best”. 

He was indeed an Officer & a Gentleman.  We shall miss him very much.

However Sue & Anne are not only missing a best friend but a very dear Father & Grandfather. Our thoughts & prayers are with you Sue & Anne & with your families.

 Kwa heri  Harry.

Old Yorkists everywhere will be saddened to hear of Dominic Spencer's passing, for generations of Yorkists knew and respected him. Dave Lichtenstein, who last saw him in 2001 remarks: " It would seem that he passed away peacefully without a lingering death.  And as a former cricketer and cricket lover - he had a fine innings.  By my reckoning he would have been about 95." One of his daughters, Mary, writes: "He was such good company right up to the end - making me laugh, constantly surprising me with his breadth of knowledge and enjoying sharing his thoughts on literature, music, sport, politics - you name it - he had opinions on everything but also was most interested to here everybody else's views on all the above...He was very philosophical about dying and made it quite clear that he was ready to go and that when he went we would 'probably be a bit sad' but that after the funeral we should go on our way rejoicing that he had had such a long, fulfilling and happy life."

Jane, who was the middle middle Spencer daughter of three, bravely suffered the ravages of advanced osteoporosis for some years and it was this that took her life in the end. OY Peter Symes, who attended the memorial service in the very impressive chapel at Clifton College in Bristol writes:

"Mary Spencer gave a moving tribute to her sister, with lots of anecdotes of high times at the DOYS - mostly of course during the holidays when they had the run of the place, roller skating along the corridors and having the swimming pool all to themselves. But she also talked of the work Jane has done since, clearly influencing generations of folk in exactly the same way as her father. She was very musical, which as we know ran in the family, and the tribute concluded with Byrd's Justorum Animae, something both Jane and Mary had sung in Nairobi Cathedral."

1966 (arrived) Lawrence Sail. Although I only knew Lawrence for a short time (he arrived in the year I left) I think I can speak for my peers by describing him as an inspiring teacher whose knowledge of French and English literature made a deep impression on his students. It was not a surprise, therefore, to discover that he has turned out to be a very respected, published poet.

Lawrence Sail was born in London in 1942 and brought up in Exeter.   He read French and German at St John’s College, Oxford, taught for four years in Kenya, then held various teaching posts in England (the last was at Exeter School) before becoming a freelance writer.  

He has published nine collections of poems, most recently Eye-Baby (Bloodaxe Books, 2006), The World Returning (Bloodaxe Books, 2002), Building into Air (Bloodaxe Books, 1995) and Out of Land: New & Selected Poems (Bloodaxe Books, 1992).  He has compiled and edited a number of anthologies, including First and Always:  Poems for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (Faber, 1988) and, with Kevin Crossley-Holland, The New Exeter Book of Riddles (Enitharmon, 1999) and Light Unlocked (Enitharmon, 2005).  Enitharmon also published Cross-currents, a book of his essays, in 2005.  He was editor of South West Review from 1981 to 1985.

            His poems have been broadcast on national radio and television and he has written a radio play as well as various short features for radio. He has presented Poetry Now (Radio 3) and Time for Verse (Radio 4). He has contributed reviews and essays to various newspapers and periodicals including The Guardian, Poetry Nation Review, Poetry Review and Stand.

            He was chairman of the Arvon Foundation from 1990 to 1994.  In 1991 he was programme director of the Cheltenham Festival of Literature, and a judge for the Whitbread Book of the Year awards.  He was awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship in 1992, and an Arts Council Writer’s Bursary the following year.   In August 1993 he undertook a month-long tour of India for the British Council, for whom he has since worked as visiting writer and lecturer in various countries, including Bosnia, Colombia, Egypt, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine.    From 1994 to 1996 he was the British representative on the jury of the European Literature Prize, and from 2004 to 2007 he was a judge for the Eric Gregory Awards.  In October 1999 he was a co-director of the 50th Anniversary Cheltenham Festival of Literature.  In 2004 he received a Cholmondeley Award. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and on the management committee of the Society of Authors.

 Poetry publications not already mentioned above:

Opposite Views                   Dent, 1974

The Drowned River             Mandeville Press, 1978

The Kingdom of Atlas         Secker & Warburg, 1980

Devotions                              Secker & Warburg, 1987

Aquamarine                          Gruffyground Press, 1988


 Waking Dreams:  New & Selected Poems     Bloodaxe Books       November 2010

Songs of the Darkness:  Poems for Christmas         Enitharmon               October 2010

Sift: Memories of Childhood      Impress Books          September 2010

Student Section

1949? (Gov House) Tony Waldegrave. Founder-member, lives in Ontario,Canada.John Musgrave contacted him and talked with his daughter. He left for Govt House to go to POW.P.O.W. probably in late '49.Was not in His brother Andrew lives in Vancouver B.C.There was a cousin Maureen at the Boma.

1949 (Gov House). Lyndhurst Towne. "He came from Southern Tanganyika,Mbeya area. He was a founding-member.He attended the second   term.We had one of the early tree-houses by the Caves,adjacent to a Mitchell one inhabited by Bavvy "Povvidge- oats"White. He had been operated on for a brain-tumour and told me he had not long to live.He did not appear for the third term,and early in that term Pansy informed the school that he had died.I can remember standing to attention as Pansy lowered the Flag to half-mast.He was honoured in the first edition of the Yorkist with a full-page,black-bordered,obituary.My strongest memory of him was of he and "Puddle"Smith [Kirk] having a spit-fight at the top of a tree in the"Swamp". (John Musgrave).

1950 House? Mike Gibberson. Lives in Fountain Hills, Arizona, U.S. Email  mkoragibbo@ANTISPAMaol.com  16/6/02

1950 John Focks (Mitchell) John was only at the Duko for a short while before going onto the UK to complete his secondary education. He remembers Jimmy Grant who together with him had attended the Hill School, Eldoret before going onto DOYS. He last heard of Jimmy in Tanzania in 1961. John came back to Kenya in the '50s and worked in Nairobi and Kitale among other places. He left for Australia in 1962 and now lives in Sunnybank Hill a Brisbane suburb. His e-mail address is lfocks@ANTISPAMgil.com.au  30/8/02

1951? (Govt House and Delamere). Dick Cowling "I consider myself to have been very lucky in many ways.  Being born in Kenya and  living on farms with the life that brought - the Africans, agriculture, the domestic and wild animals and going to interesting schools. I was taught at home by my Mother until I was seven, and then went to a prep. school at Langata.  After that I spent a year or so at Nairobi primary before going to Nakuru school, which I enjoyed.  I was there with several others who were part of the 49ers group.  Names that come to memory are: Martin Molony, Bill Bonson, Tim Wailes, Pete Hallowes, Bertie (now Bob) Kramer, Gordon Wakeford, Ken Payet, Puddle Smith, Ian Randall, Michael (Tubby) Gibbons, Michael Tinney, Don Rooken-Smith, Derek van Ry, and Charles Wain.  The Nakuruites formed quite a group at the new DOY.  Sadly, many are no longer with us.

The Governor, Sir Philip Mitchell was very charitable in lending us part of Government House for our first term.
How he got permission from the Colonial Office I don't suppose we will ever know. The change from living on upcountry shambas to the palace of GH was quite a revelation.  I remember we had to wear slippers when indoors to prevent the floors from being damaged by our bundu shoes and muddy tackies.  Sliding down the banisters was a new experience, and the well known incident of one of the lads speeding down, out of control and being
caught by the Governor`s private secretary at the bottom of the stairs, before a hard landing on the floor.  I was allocated to Delamere House with
Bulldog Harris as my housemaster.  Titch taught French, Bulldog taught Maths, Hesky taught Geography and Pansy taught English, if I`m correct.

Whilst at Government House, someone found out that crystal sets would pick up the radio signals from the local Cable and Wireless Station at Kabete.
Earphones, variable condensers, catswhiskers, crystals and coils were obtained from all over the place.  But the supply of aerial wire was a
problem until an enterprising Yorkist, who to this day shall remain anon., discovered lots of suitable wire in the attic.  Lengths of wire were soon removed and crystal sets were soon working fine.  It was then discovered that the wire in the attic was
part of the Government House bell system.  I wonder if the bells still don't work??

The next term started at the new school.  Construction was going on everywhere, mud when it rained, red dust got in everywhere when it was
dry.  We had the new type desks with aluminum frames  and when you moved them they made an awful racket.  Rubber feet were provided at a later
date, but they didn`t last long. Tom Evans did his best to teach me Latin and Punya Pearson had a gift for teaching me German.
Later on a Chemistry lab started up and so did a woodwork shop.  Then there were the sports fields which slowly came to life, I still remember
old Chogo the neopara keeping his outdoors team working hard. Detentions were spent raking the cricket field.

During an early term the railway was realigned and passed next to the school, seeing the first train along the embankment was a great thrill.  At the
beginning of each term the train would stop on the embankment for us to disembark, the watu helped us with our luggage.

The kitchens did a great job, I still remember the lunches on Saturdays, curry-rice followed by fruit salad.  Still two of my favorites. The dorms
were good,  There were quite a few characters in our dorm., I remember having the next bed to Peter Long.  Jake Behr was quite an entertainer. There was a room opposite the dorm entrance, which had an access door into the roofspace.  Ian Randall's Mother had baked him a cake; it was not
wise to show it in the dorm or everyone would want a share.  So Ian invited me and another lad up into the roofspace to have a piece of the cake.  All went well until this lad stepped back and fell through the ceiling, managing to grab onto a ceiling joist.  Immediately below, Martin Molony was at the
latrine having a pee.  Poor Martin nearly jumped out of his skin when two feet suddenly appeared in front of him.  Martin remembers the incident to this day.

Perhaps the best part of the school was the local bundu where we each soon claimed a patch and built our bundu houses.  We bought mahindi cobs
from the local watu and chomaed them on open fires.  One one occasion, it came onto rain and I hung my new mac. on some overhead branches to stop the precious fire going out.  The smoke soon kippered and ruined the mac. and I got hell from my annoyed parents.

After about two years at the DOY, my parents decided that further education in the
U.K. would be beneficial to me, to this day I wonder if this was the
best decision.  Moving from Kenya in the early 50's to the U.K., which was in the midst of recovering from the war and still with severe food and fuel
rationing; well I thought I'd fallen off the edge of the planet!  I landed up in a Methodist school near Bradford in Yorkshire and I had great difficulty in
understanding a word that was said.  And it was cold.  And windy. The locals could not understand why I was not black.  And I knew nobody.  Quite a culture shock, I can assure you.

I left the school in the U.K. in 1954 and enrolled as a 5 year student apprentice with the B T-H company in Rugby, a manufacturer of a wide range
of electrical and mechanical equipment.  Who should I meet there but Conrad (Gombi) Steers and later to be joined by John Bramwell.  We all lived
in the same digs for a number of years.  I remained in touch with John until he sadly died in 2008.

I much enjoyed my apprenticeship and on its completion, in 1959, I joined the Central Electricity Generating Board in the U.K. working on commissioning and maintenance in the Board's generating stations and power transmission systems. During this time I obtained my qualifications as a professional Electrical Engineer.  In 1976, my wife and then two daughters emigrated to Canada where I worked for five years in Ontario Hydro's Nuclear Training department. Another daughter and a son arrived, they must have been due to the cold winters!!  I then moved to an engineering consultant company for 12 years before setting up my own private consulting business, a good move, until I retired in 2010, after working for a total of 56 years!

I have kept in touch with Martin Molony in England and Bill Bonson who emigrated to N.Z. and was a successful farmer there until he sadly died.  In
2009 we visited Bill's widow Joan in N.Z. and there met up with Martin Molony and Peter Hallowes; I had known them all from Nakuru school days.
Email kingfisher@ANTISPAMcogeco.ca 27/11/2010

1951 (Kirk) John Brian Musgrave Another Government House original. Now living in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. H e would like the address of Bernard Blowers.

1951 (Mitchell) Tim Wynn-Jones. Founding member of the school and probably our first Old Boy. (1949). Was a witness to the unpacking of the King's Bible and the HMS York "School Bell" after the move from Government House. Tim belonged to one of three missionary families that went out to East Africa from Australia: the Wynn-Joneses, their relations the Langford-Smiths and the Cordells. Tim’s father was Bishop of Tanganyika. He died suddenly in 1951 and Tim had to return to Australia with his mother. Was an engineer but now an "active retiree"! Lives in Homebush, Sydney (venue for 2000 Olympics). Email wynn_jones@ANTISPAMoptusnet.com.au

1951 (Lugard) John Harris. Founding member. Lives in Morley, suburb of Perth. Email nairobi12@ANTISPAMbigpond.com Updated 17/2/09

1951 (Mitchell) John McConnell. Born in Kericho in 37, attended Greensteds and Nakuru Schools and then to Duke of York for 1950 and 51. Then on to Michaelhouse in Natal for 4 years returning to Kenya at the end of 55 and into the Kenya Regiment (6167) for 7 months in 56. Returned to farming at Lumbwa, married June Lamb (ex Kenya High) in 64, sons Bruce born 65 and Ian 68 followed by heaps of uncertainty in the farming arena so sold up and joined Marshalls (EA) in Eldoret for 5 years. Enjoyed rallying with 6 safaris until we immigrated to Melbourne in 73. Joined the Peugeot Import/Assembler for 8 years, then to a company that had the VW Audi Subaru Renault and Fiat franchises in 81 as a service rep for Victoria Tasmania. Became the Service Manager for these franchises in 84. The company then split up the franchises in 89 and I continued with Subaru in the same capacity but added South Australia and Northern Territory as well. In the 90’s Bruce returned to Kenya and Ian married and moved to Brisbane. Visited Kenya for Bruce’s wedding to Shirley Anne Ross Norris in 98 for a month. Brother David 1953 (Mitchell) was still in Mombasa, moved to Nanyuki in 2006. I moved to Brisbane in 2000 in the same capacity but responsible for Queensland and Northern Territory . Retired in 2005 and moved to a 5 acre property, 2 hours out of Brisbane. Have met others from Kenya at Kenya Regiment lunches including Peter Westlake. Bruce returned to Brisbane 2007 with a daughter (7)and 2 sons (5) and (1) and Ian has 2 sons (15) and (11) and a daughter (13). Enjoying retirement and pretty good health at this time.Would like to find some information on John McAlister, lost contact when I went to Natal. Email mitimingi@ANTISPAMbigpond.com 22/7/07

1952?? (Eliot) Ian Cowie. Founding member. Son of the late Mervyn Cowie, still lives in Kenya. Email iac@ANTISPAMkenyaweb.com 8/5/04 Update from Peter Doenhoff Oct 2006: Ian passed away on 30 January 2006 at home in Langata.

1952 (House?) Mike Behr. Worked on the family farm in Oljoro near Arusha after leaving school, having been persuaded by his Dad that a flying career was not the way to go. Spent three years in the SA army and while there met his wife to be. Took over the farm when his parents retired and had a few good years, with income supplemented by professional hunting. He also worked on location with the making of the movie Hatari and had the opportunity to meet the likes of John Wayne, Hardy Kruger and others. But political storms were brewing and the family moved to SA where Mike took the first available job as an operator in an oil refinery for six months and then was able to get back into the bush as a game ranger with the Natal Parks Board working in the Zululand Game Reserves (Internationally renowned for the Saving the White Rhino programmes). “I was involved with game capture wilderness trails and the general duties of game rangers.  A fantastic life but with a major drawback.......low pay and no real prospects to furthering one's career and of course kid's education etc.  After seven years I ventured into the concrete jungle into the Financial world becoming an Insurance and Medical Aid  Broker. It was during this time that I got divorced.  I re-married and my  marriage of the last 17 years is a happy one.  I still have the practice, but my wife Paddy and I are in the process of unwinding that part of our activities to concentrate on a successful Guest Lodge that we have built up over the last five years.  Have a look at our website at www.amble-in.co.zaWe also facilitate overseas visitors on tours throughout Southern and East Africa.  This is a great way to keep us occupied and there is no thought of early retirement.” Email mbehr@ANTISPAMmjvn.co.za

1952 (Delamere) Bertie Kramer. Founding member. "I still see a large number of the old boys at the annual Kenya Regiment reunion and frankly we natter together as if we were still youngsters in Kenya. What wonderful memories we have of those years. After leaving school - I joined Kenya Regiment for a short period then came to England. Bristol University - qualified as an electrical engineer. Got married and returned to Kenya and started a contracting business in Nakuru. Left Kenya 1961 - returned to UK and worked as chief electrical engineer for Trust House Forte and later Trafalgar House Group. Last ten years have had a lighting company supplying industrial lighting. We have three children, all in their mid 30's, all married. Five grandchildren. Now at the age of 67 I have bought a villa in Menorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) where my wife Doreen and I now spend a restful retirement by our pool sipping G&T and Pimms. In Menorca there are also many ex Kenyans, so it is not unusual for us to get together for a BBQ and reminisce about "the good old days". Email address in Menorca is: bwanakramer@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1952 (Govt Hse and Lugard). Peter W Kenyon.  "Left school to join Barclays Bank with whom I spent the next 40 years, other than two in K.Regt. Worked in Kenya, Tanganyika, Mauritius, Nigeria & final years in London. Met Bridget in Mwanza, married & have three children all now married & produced seven grandchildren. Now retired & living in Devon. Keep active & busy including being Chair of Governors of Torbay Primary School. Parish Council, Rotary etc. Retain contact with Kenya folk through Kenya Kongonis Cricket Club, no longer playing but act as UK Treasurer, just enjoyed annual UK Tour. Email pw.kenyon@ANTISPAMvirgin.net   28/8/02

1952 (Mitchell) Mark Nevill. Founding member. Lives in Westville KwaZulu-Natal. The first Old Boy to be married in the school chapel. Email nevm@ANTISPAMtelkomsa.net 7/3/05

1952 (Mitchell). Derek Rossenrode "My wife and I have a small "gift and inspirational" business in Natal, together with our Daughter Eleanor, which takes up a fair amount of my time. The work includes, amongst other things, designs, layouts and printing, together with a fair amount of travelling. I duly went into the website, as mentioned, and found the info most interesting, but am somewhat disappointed to see that there are a lot of chaps of my 1949 Government House founder members "original era" not mentioned at all, though some of them have since passed away! Tony Phillips (Mitchell) who, unfortunately, 'passed on' last year, is one of them. He was an all-round sportsman; perhaps one of the best the school has ever had the privilege of accommodating! Then there is Tadick Margach (Mitchell) and Digby Morphy - Morris (Delamere) ; - sadly, Digby 'passed on' in the U.K. from cancer during ( I think ) 1999. Louis Heine and Deon Hugo are another two interesting characters that have been omitted. "  Derek now lives in KwaZulu.13/6/02

Update from Derek's son Derek Jnr on 31/8/09 I quite by accident came across your website and thought you may like to add to your website further information concerning my father Derek Barry Rossenrode. I understand that he is a founder member of the Duke of York (1949) and was also in the Kenya Regiment thereafter. (4553) My Mum and Dad have both lived in So uth Africa since 1969, and only in February of this year 2009, have come over to live near me in Banbury, Oxfordshire UK. I expect my Dad will be very keen to view your website and obtain further information on how he can catch up with old rafiki’s! (He attended the dinner in Somerset in June and was so pleased!) I know he is shortly due to be up and running again via email.

1952 (Mitchell) Tim Wailes. Another school founding member. Lives in the UK Email. Twailes@ANTISPAMaol.com (2/1/02)

#1952 (Speke) Colin Chapman. Only have c/o address in Herts, UK.

1952 (Kirk) Peter Langton. Founding member. Lives in SA. (Hugh Peatling).

1952? (Mitchell) Mike Kingdom-Hockings. Memories include "spending some of the time in San with brucellosis, but I did manage a few walks to the Boma, putting10-cent pieces on the railway line, aeromodelling, roller skating, running round Brooklands before breakfast....Staff names I remember were Stokoe (PE, not my forte), Kitchener (English and blackboard-duster throwing). Pupils' names: Jogoo, Twiga, one of the Carr-Hartleys, Tim Sheppard (or was it Shepherd) who preceded me at both Lushoto and Duke-O, Johnny Ellis-Evans (my dorm monitor), Mike Davies, David Tubb.  My wife Phyllis (nee Morant) was at the Boma and has been in contact with her old buddies for years." Update 29 January 2006: Mike left Botswana in July 2004. Now living just south of Limoges, France. He has two web sites, www.franceforfreebooters.com and www.dontstoptheworld.com  Email address is  michael.kingdom-hockings@ANTISPAMwanadoo.fr.

1952 (Lugard) Rusty Millar. Founding member of the school.. Lives in Kenya, having spent a few years in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands on a hill farm. His wife works for the American Peace Corps and he travels with her Africa-wide. His son Gordon farms (wheat and flowers) at Gilgil and Stuart works for a chemicals company. Email debra_millar@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1952 (Kirk) Bill Maxwell. Lives in Albany, WA.

1952 (Kirk) Paul Maxwell. Bill’s brother lives south of Perth, WA. Note both Maxwell brothers started school in 1949 but at the Langata campus

1952 (Kirk) David Power. Founding member. Spent 4 years in RAF as fighter pilot (including Suez in '56) Two years Campling Bros then 15 years with East African Airways, 10 years with Gulf Air all as a Captain. Now retired and living in Engadine, New South Wales. davidapower@ANTISPAMoptusnet.com.au

1952  (Delamere) Founding member. Ian Randall. Studied electronics at Cambridge and lived in Australia from 1957 to 1999 but has just married an American girl and has moved to the US. Keen to contact Carl and John Svedlund from 49-52 era and Ann Carr from Limuru GS.

#1952 Nigel Braye (Kirk).  "I left the DOY at the end of 1952 and joined Shell Oil in Nairobi early 1953. I was with Shell for 13 years in various capacities in Kenya and Tanganyika (as it was then) During the last three years they offered me jobs in Rhodesia, South Africa and Ethiopia all of which I declined thank God. I had married an English girl, Gloria, in 1957 and there was a strong pull towards UK which is where we returned to in 1966. During our married life in East Africa we had two daughters.I studied for two years in UK whilst working as an office manager for a Chemical Company to gain a Chartered Institute of Secretaries qualification. This qualification helped get me back into the mainstream Petrochemical Industry when I joined Esso in London in 1969.I have stayed in this industry for the remains of my working days. I was a Director of an Esso distribution agency, General Manager of an export Company, on the board of large German associated company and I retired in 1990. I then set up my own business which traded in cargoes of Petrochemicals for five years when the business was bought off me. And so to full retirement at last !!! I spend my time travelling a little, golfing as much as I can and gardening (tropical plants of course). Our two daughters live nearby and we have six grandchildren . Next year will be our golden wedding anniversary so we must have got things right. We live in Heathfield, East Sussex, UK  and we enjoy meeting Old Yorkists or ex Kenya Regiment friends.:" Our e-mail address is niglo@ANTISPAMbraye2.wanadoo.co.uk Updated 20/11/07

1952 (Mitchell) Andrew Hitch. Lives in Whitby, Yorkshire. Has a grain business. Also a founding member (1949).

1952 (Mitchell) Barry White Another Government House original also living in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Can be contacted through a friend, Iain Lawrence. Also in touch with Brian Musgrave (see above).

Update 22/2/2013 Brian has notified us that Barry passed away in mid- January in Vancouver. In March 2013 John Haddington took his ashes to Knight's Inlet, where he scattered them on the Keenaklini River.While doing so he was in touch with Barry's sister Esme in London by satphone.

1952 (Kirk) Don Rooken-Smith. Lives in USA. Head of Kirk , founding member of school and features in Harry Hesketh's video. Elder brother of Bruce. Email donrookensmith@ANTISPAMverizon.net

1952 (Delamere) George Haynes. Is an artist living in Fremantle, WA.

1953 (Junior House) Gunnar Blom. "My name is  Gunnar Blom. I’m Swedish, now retired and living in Paris, France with my wife Françoise.I spent 1953 in Junior House while my parents were in Morocco but after that short year went on to boarding school in Sweden. I eventually graduated as a Mechanical Engineer at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Memories from the period at the Duko include the new school buildings that were being built then, the Black Watch coming to protect us from the Mau-Mau but also a caning by Mr James… I’d been cheeky to the PT teacher! I do remember the Head Prefect Gebhard Waltenberg but I must admit that I’ve forgotten the names of most of my fellow borders. I’ve been lucky to have experienced a varied career abroad with the Alfa Laval company, mainly in Sweden and France but also long periods in East Asia and South America. My last posting was in Madagascar, however, and it gave me the opportunity to go back to the Old School in 2004. What a change!!!! but nevertheless it’s still there with the boys wearing that same uniform as we did. In Nairobi I even managed to buy a pull-over with the same school-badge as on my old school jacket (which is actually in a drawer somewhere – the badge, that is). The salesmen were hilarious to see a sixty-plus in the shop to buy a piece of school uniform!! Congratulations to an excellent Web Page!

I’ll try to contact Christian Baum who seems to be the only other Old Boy from my days living in France. gblom@ANTISPAMlive.fr  22/5/12

1953 (Delamere/ Junior House) Gebhard Waltenberg  From Carolyn Waltenberg (nee Lousada). "My husband, (better known as 'Chapati') .came from Arusha school, Tanzania, with the second intake in 1950. 1952 Prefect Delamere house 1953 Head of Junior House. School Teams  Rugby, hockey, football, athletics There is also a photo of him in the pole vault in the 1954 Yorkist magazine, and in the hockey team in the same year.
1954 was sent to College in Germany for further training, returned to TZ in 1960. Started the Magumba Trade School in the Usambaras, Lushoto, Tanga region.  1966 joined German Aid, worked for them for twenty years in Cairo and Dar-es-salaam. 1985 Joined Amboni Sisal Group Tanga until 2002 Now retired and living in Tanga" E-mail:
gwaltenberg@ANTISPAMgmail.com  23/7/08 

Update 12/12/2014 ."I thought I would just inform you that my husband Gebhard Waltenberg died on 17th November 2014. He was diagnosed with inoperable cancer two months before and fought it bravely to the end. He is sorely missed by his family and his many friends. He schooled after the war 1947 - 1949 at Arusha School in Tanzania then went on to the DOY from 1950 to 1953. He was made Head Prefect and was head of Junior House." Carolyn. 12/12/2014

1953 (Lugard/ Speke).Tom Stephenson. Began in 1949. First Head of School in the school's history. Tom writes (25 June 2002) "As for myself I am retired and live on the South Coast in a three bedroom bungalow so there is plenty of room for visiting Yorkists. 36 Churchill Road, AMANZINTOTI, 4126. Obviously the degree of comfort will be in inverse proportion to the number visiting. I am in touch with the following Fortyniners: Bernard Blowers, Jake Kaburu, alias Michael Behr, Derek Rossenrode, Pieter Mouton and Harry Phol. All the guys are keeping well and we are planning a get together soon. Bernard is undertaking that job. At a Braai, BBQ in your lingo, Bernard, Derek and myself were at, our wives were saying that it is unusual for boys from the same school to stay so close together and actually write to each other. Come to think of it we were an unusual hand picked bunch altogether. None of us even knew the DOY existed. We were just told by our respective Headmasters that we were going there the following term. It would indeed be interesting to know how we were picked." Email mkhulu@ANTISPAMtelkomsa.net 6 October 2011. Tom passed away on 21 September from a stroke. Our sympathies go to Corinne and family.

1953 (Lugard) Peter Rodwell. Part of the Rodwell printing dynasty. Lives in Mombasa. Email rodwell@ANTISPAMafricaonline.co.ke (2/1/02)

1953 (Mitchell) Timothy Sheppard. Lives in the UK. Email taunangul@ANTISPAMaol.com (2/1/02)

1953 (Speke) John Waterfall. Lives in the UK. Email jmw@ANTISPAMcwp.co.uk (2/1/02)

1953 (Mitchell) John Barry ( Yorky) Hobson School Captain of Rugby and Vice Captain Soccer ) He spent a part of his life working throughout East/Central Africa building runways and roads as a civil engineer. He then started a new career in the late 1960's - owning a marina in Sharpness U.K. He retired this year and lives in Truro - his next exploit is circumnavigating France (via the canals) in his boat together with wife Pat ( ex Boma) He has a daughter Diane, and 3 grandchildren

1953 (Lugard?) Ken Payet. Brother of  Jock (see below) Was one of the founder members at Duko.Left tojoin the Accounts Dept of PWD in Nairobi as an apprentice when computers were just coming in, & later was called up for National Service with the Kenya Regiment during  the Mau Mau. He has recently returned to Nairobi, still in computers with a firm based in Ireland. Ken has met up with quite a few old rafikis from the Regiment. This last Christmas he spent in Townsville with Jock.

# 1953 (Speke) Bernard Blowers. Founding member.Worked as a surveyor for a construction firm in Orange Free State , SA. Now retired in Harrismith. Married to Judy and has two daughters. (Tom Stephenson). Email bernardblowers@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

#1953 (Mitchell) Bill Bonson. Founding member. After leaving the DOY Bill farmed briefly near Nakuru before proceeding to Massey Agricultural College in New Zealand. After qualifying, he returned to Kenya and farmed in the Rift Valley. He later emigrated to New Zealand and farmed in Taranaki Area. He subsequently bought his own farm (Hukerunui Area ) and has since owned several dairy farms in the same area. He is still milking cows in Towai Area, and is the salt of the earth. He is married to Joan, and they have 3 kids. [Contributed by Peter Hallowes] Update 25/10/07 I received an email from a Millicent Hall of Cape Town, who is desperately trying to find her grandfather Bernard Bonson (Bill's uncle). Unfortunately she discovered that Bill had passed away in September this year. If anyone has any other news of the Bonson's please let me know and I'll pass it on to Millicent. She has sent me a photo of her grandfather.

1953 (Delamere) John Edwards. Lives in Grafton, New South Wales. Has written lengthy reminiscences of his time at school in the early fifties and these are available from Dave Lichtenstein.

1953 (Speke) George Mure. Owned and operated one of the best-known restaurants in the country, Mures "seafood" restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania. Dave Lichtenstein informs me that George took a photo of a rather merry "Pansy"James consuming a bottle of Tusker at a polo match and pinned it up on the school notice board. The photo was taken down, destroyed and George chastised. Dave still has a spare copy of that photo. Update: George passed away in 2003. (1/1/04).

1954 (Mitchell/ Speke) Peter Barnes. "I went to DoY in 1949 initially in Government House, then Mitchell and Speke. I guess I am a founding member. After leaving Cambridge, was a D.O. in Samburu and Thompson's Falls, then went to UK, then to Canada. After a couple of years took a job in the Ontario Government, where I
eventually became Secretary to the Cabinet  and Head of the Civil Service. I retired in 1996. Have been working with various donor agencies in Uganda, Ghana, Viet Nam,. Lithuania, Jamaica, and a few others. Am now cutting back to play golf, write, travel for pleasure and get serious about photography. Email
pbarnes@ANTISPAMpeterbarnes.org (30/12/03)

1954 (Kirk House) Peter Goodwin .  "On leaving school joined Scott Laboratories, Kabete to study soil chemistry.  Served two years in the Kenya Regiment as D.O. Kikuyu Guard stationed in the Fort Hall area.  In 1957 drove trans-Sahara Nairobi/London with Nigel Challoner (Ex St. Mary's) in a Landrover.  A hairy trip - took three months.  Once in UK joined Joseph Lucas  as a management trainee and eventually ended up joining Kettles-Roy & Tysons in Nairobi and later transferred to Dar-es-Salaam where K.R. & T. did a runner, so I opened my own diesel engineering business in Dar which I eventually relocated to the UK in 1973.  Ran a successful business with my wife, Maggie for 25 years and retired in 1999.  Pushed off on a trip to Australia and New Zealand where I  attended the DOY reunion in Perth and saw in the millenium in the Bay of Islands, North Island,New Zealand where we met some old rafikis from school including Pete Hallowes and Bill Bonson.,   Maggie and I have lived in France for six years and I keep myself busy living the outdoor life.We have a son and a daughter - Clive and Annalise - who live and work in the London area. Would like to meet up with David Alp and Tillman McRoberts - we climbed Kilimanjaro together in 1954 and have not seen each other since.Email maggieandpeter@ANTISPAMgmail.com  13/5/07

1954 (Delamere/ Speke) Mike (also known as John) Gibbons. Bruce Rooken-Smith writes (28 July 2003) : "Regret to have to advise that Michael John Gibbons [KR4820] and ex-DOY, died in the early hours of Saturday 26 July 2003, at his home in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal. After months of remission John was diagnosed as having C on his liver, and it is understood that the rest of his organs were steadily closing down, causing great discomfort and distress. My brother Don [on holiday from Florida with his wife Mary (née Foster)] and I visited John on 24 July. Whilst John appeared to be in good form and coherent, his wife Judy and daughter Jenny, both SRN, were of the opinion that we would probably be his last social visitors. Being unable to walk and in great pain, I gather it would have been a welcome relief to both John, and his immediate family. John was obviously very tired and having refused further chemotherapy, knew his time was limited. Details of funeral service not yet to hand but can expect a good KRA representation." An extract from Mike's contribution to the 1999 Yorkist reunion magazine reads as follows:

"I was a foundation member of the School, and since the school buildings at Ngong were not ready for use in January 1949, we spent the first term of the year housed in Government House.  I think the Governor at the time was Sir Philip Mitchell.

 Many of us were introduced to crystal sets for the first time, but the problem was finding something suitable to wind the necessary coil of wire.  What better than a section of bamboo.  The Governor must still be wondering why the centre parts of the groves of bamboo suddenly died off!!

 At that time it was decided we needed a weekly swim, and so once a week we wended our way through the Arboretum to the Salisbury swimming baths.

 Many of the Governor's staff continued to live in quarters around Government House, and we gave a wide birth to the huge white goats owned by the Sudanese drivers.  One boy was caught with one of the Government House pigeons tucked inside his shirt.  I forget whether it was dead or alive, or what was intended for the bird.

 We were divided into the original four houses, and we were billeted in various sections of the first floor of Government House.  I was in Delamere House, and we were housed in a bedroom and some of us overflowed onto the balcony which was O. K. during the hot weather, but a bit uncomfortable when it rained.  We had the use of the en-suite bathroom but none of us could fathom out what the strange, seatless toilet bowl hidden under a wooden box was. "

1954 (Kirk) John Barnes.

1954 (Lugard) Lindsay Goodwin. "After leaving the Duko in 1954, I went up to Sotik to work for my uncle on a tea estate. In 1955 I joined the B.I. Steam Navigation Coy as a deck cadet, signing on my first ship SS "Kampala" in Mombasa. Obtained my Masters FG Certificate over in London in 1966. Sailed with B.I. for some 15 years, including East & South Africa, Persian Gulf, India, SE Asia, Japan, Australia & UK . Ended up as Chief Officer on a B.I. cargo ship trading between Australia, SE Asia, India and the Middle East. Came ashore in Brisbane in 1970 and worked for P&O Containers for the next 22 years, (Queensland Operations Manager). Went back to Kenya in 1992 to live with Sir Michael & Susie Blundell. On their deaths in 1993 returned to Brisbane, was unemployed for over a year, (pretty tough times), finally got a job in body corporate management for 18 months, was then head-hunted as a Shipping Agency Manager, back into the shipping industry. During 2000 I re-established contact with Lynette (Lynette Waudby- ex Molo and Limuru Girls School) here in WA. We decided that I should retire so we could get together again, so early last year I moved from Brisbane to Kalamunda, (just round the corner from Ian Campbel-Claus, who has moved back here from Denmark). Email: landlgoodwin@ANTISPAMiinet.net.au Updated 17/2/09

1954 (Kirk) Tilman McRoberts. Founding member. Lives in Reigate, Surrey. 17/10/02

1954 (Speke) Mundy Nieuwenhuizen Lives in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa e-mail mundy@ANTISPAMfuturenet.co.za 13/6/02

1954 (Mitchell/Speke) Jeremy Rowe. Lives in Nairobi. Email rowe.nbo@ANTISPAMafricaonline.co.ke (2/1/02)

1954 (Lugard) Mike Tinney. Lives in the Western Cape, South Africa. Email greytinn@ANTISPAMkingsley.co.za (2/1/02)

1954 (Mitchell) Alan Frank. "I was a founder member of the school, spending one term at Government House in 1949 while the school was being built. I was in Mitchell House, edited the Brooklands Baraza and otherwise hardly acquitted myself with any success apart from doing well in the School Certificate and Higher School certificates - mind you, I had little choice but to pass well since my mother was a teacher (Kilimani and then Heiffer Boma, before we went to live in Tanga and then Dar es Salaam). I left the Duco in December 1954 and spent a year at the University of Cape Town until I was old enough to go up to Cambridge. After several months working as a journalist for the Public Relations Department in Dar I went up to Cambridge and read medicine until a laboratory accident wrecked my hand and forced me to quit. After a happy year working as a film extra and broadcasting on the BBC World Service (including introducing Calling East Africa) a family friend from Kenya, Owen Cosgrove, got me a job in export advertising with Uniliver since I was patently unqualified for anything more intelligent. I spent some sixteen years in advertising and marketing before going to work in commercial television here, first as ITV Network Film Publicist and then as a film researcher for Granada Television before - I'd been writing books and reviewing films since the early Seventies - becoming a freelance film critic. I've now been reviewing films for 20 years for newspapers, magazines and radio and writing books on the cinema. Most weeks the time runs out long before the week does but that's the dubious pleasure of being a freelance. I'm married (second time), have two daughters and live in London. I'd be interested to know if anyone from the time (49-54) is still around in Britain." Email alam@ANTISPAMafrank.demon.co.uk

1954 (Kirk) K.P. Carr-Hartley. From the '64 Yorkist: "Escorted a couple of gorillas to Ceylon in August 1963. Engaged to miss Heather Yarwood"!! He and Heather live in Kasane, Botswana not far from Shaun Metcalfe's safari lodge in Chobe Nat. Park.

# 1954 (Lugard) Ian Campbell Clause. Lives in Kalamunda, a suburb of Perth, having moved from Denmark, Western Australia. "On leaving school joined Shell. Did national service both as an FIO and as a DOEG. Was Africanised from Shell Uganda in 1957. Given "home" leave - first trip out of East Africa. Spent 15 months in Europe. Returned to Kenya to Egerton Agricultural College. After 2 year diploma worked in tea for 7 years in Tinderet and Kericho. Migrated to Australia. Only job I could get was selling life assurance for AMP. After 7 months joined Wesfarmers Coop as a clerk. Whilst there 11 years studied for a Bachelor of Business Degree. Then moved to Jones Lang Wootton. I retired from them after 16 years in Dec 1996, having been Company Secretary, Accountant and Financial Controller." Email patiancc@ANTISPAMmsn.com  Updated 31/12/09

#1954 (Lugard) Mike Barrett. Founding member. Lives in Beecroft, New South Wales. He is a horticultural and crop protection consultant and has his own business- Mike Barrett and Assoc. Email mikebarrhort@ANTISPAMiprimus.com.au

# 1954 (Delamere/ Thomson). Richard Baxendale. Lives in Edenbridge, Kent

1954 (Mitchell) Basil Riegels. On leaving the Duko Basil joined East African Airways.  Not surprisingly
since coming out to Australia he worked for Qantas.  He recently retired from Qantas and runs Riegels Airfreight Consultancy from his home.  Basil was quite prominent in the '50s with the Old Yorkist Society in Kenya. Lives in Palm Beach, New South Wales. Email

1954  (Lugard) John "Snitch" Knight. Lived in Chiswick, London. Was one of the mob responsible for building the famed "Lugard Tunnels". John said that Lugard rabbles were "invited" to dig a couple of feet instead of receiving the dreaded tacky or PT. Update 18 Feb 2005. John's brother Clive (see 1958) tells me that John passed away on 21 January 2005 after a long battle with cancer. "Gone but not forgotten..."

#1954 (Mitchell) Geoffrey Barham. Lives in Winnipeg, Canada.

1954 (Delamere) Dave Edwards. John Edwards’ brother. Lives in Coolum Beach, north of Brisbane.

1954 (Kirk) Don Maling. Lives in Samaria, Victoria.

1954 (Kirk) Peter Baxendell. Lives in Wonga Beach, northern Queensland where he and his wife Trish are involved in the tourist industry. Email nqhit@ANTISPAMledanet.com.au

1954 (Thomson) Martin Radford. Lives in Willeton, Perth. Email  martinradford@iinet.net.au updated 11/2/09

#1954 (Lugard) John Bramwell. Founding member. Lives in Crick, Northampton. Email bramwell@ANTISPAMhome.gb.com

1954 (Delamere) Colin Randall. Now in Queensland, having lived in Canberra for several years. Email crandall@ANTISPAMcomputech.com.au Updated 2/2/09

1954 (Mitchell) John Clayton. My wife ,Fay and I still live near Bruce Rooken-Smith. We have recently sold the far to large home we have and are moving to something smaller, but still in the area. 79 is creeping up.!!! and I can no longer cope with  all the land. We now have two grand daughters, and our son and his family have just moved back to SA, and have bought a place at Somerset West in the Cape .Email hadeda@iuncapped.co.za Updated Jan 2015

1954 (Mitchell) Tim Pickford Dave Lichtenstein writes on 13 November 2005: It is with sadness that I report the recent death of Tim Pickford.   I was advised by Tim's younger sister Joanna that Timothy Edsall Pickford died in Launceston, Tasmania (his home for the last 10 years or so) at the age of 68 of prostate cancer on 19 October 2005.
The Pickfords farmed in the Trans-Nzoia district.  Tim had attended the Hill School, Eldoret (he was friends with Louis Heine) leaving the Hill School in 1948 to attend St Mary's School.  He apparently was not too happy at both of these schools.  From there he went to the Duke of York, School from 1951-1954 and was in Mitchell House, where he no doubt again caught up with Louis Heine.  He obviously did his stint in the Kenya Regiment (according to records would have been KR 6168).  He sent me a photo of his intake.   He came over to Australia early on and then went onto New Zealand where he married a local girl Rae.  They lived there for nearly 30
years and raised three children before finally settling in Launceston.  He is survived by his wife Rae, children and grandchildren.

1954 (Mitchell) Dr John Griffiths. Left DOY in the fourth form to go to King's Bruton, where he became head boy. Studied at Cambridge. Now a metallurgist working for CSIRO in Brisbane. Lives in Pullenvale, Brisbane, Queensland. Email jrg@ANTISPAMcat.csiro.au

1954 (Mitchell) David Griffiths. Brother of John. Lives in Manly, Sydney.

1954 (Speke). Alec Wilkinson. Is an accountant. Lives in Moggil, Brisbane. Email monalec@ANTISPAMbigpond.com

1954 (Delamere) Arthur Langford-Smith Eldest of the three brothers. Lives on a property in Murrumbateman (southern NSW) with his daughter and family.  Email jalsmith@ANTISPAMbigpond.com

1954 (Delamere). Jock Anderson. After DOY went into a veterinary practice, now managing director of East African Wildlife Safaris. Specialises in personalised, luxury safaris under canvas. Company web site is www.eawsafaris.com Email address is eawildlifesafaris@gmail.com Updated 12/5/2015

1954 (Speke) Mike Whittall. Now living in Busselton, W.A. , having been in real estate for 25 years. Email michaelgwhittall@westnet.com.au Updated 17/2/09

1955? William Russell (Rusty) Millar. House? Thanks to Aylwyn Halligan-Jolly (Kenya Reg) for forwarding this eulogy from Debra Millar.

22nd May 1935 – 17th December 2014 

Rusty passed away at home in Diablo Grande, California on 17th December  2014 at the age of 79 with his wife, Debra (née Neuenschwander) by his side.

Rusty was born in Kisumu, to William Cowan and Jeannette May Millar. Schooled briefly in Scotland, he was raised primarily in Kenya and attended the Duke of York School. 


At the age of 18, Rusty joined the Kenya Regiment [KR4456], serving for two years.  He trained in Salibury, Rhodesia, and grew up very quickly during the Mau Mau Emergency and the many patrols in the forests of Mount Kenya.  

Rusty later attended Egerton Agricultural College and served as a District Officer in Thompson Falls. He became somewhat infamous when he drove his Saab off the road and onto a railway line, emerging unscathed, then  to rally on-lookers to move his car before the next train came along.!

Rusty met his first wife, Belinda, in Sotik, Kenya, marrying in 1960.  They moved to their own farm near Kitale, in 1963, building their house and farm buildings with home-made bricks. He was overjoyed at the birth of his three children, Gordy, Stuart, and Kathleen, and these were some of his happiest years.  Rusty loved farming and treated those who worked for him with respect.

When Kenya gained independence, and his farm was taken over, he insisted that some of the land be apportioned for his workers to own.  After independence, he bought a hill farm in Scotland in 1975, returning to Kenya to build a home at the coast in Kilifi in 1982.  

He worked for the British Overseas Development Authority, the Kenya Agricultural Development Company, and managed large-scale private farm estates.  After his wife was killed in a tragic car accident, Rusty took off-beat jobs such as buying Somali cattle and camels in the badlands of Northern Kenya and ferrying them to Yemen.  Later,  Rusty helped on his son’s farm, planting and harvesting wheat and barley.

In his youth, Rusty was a gifted Rugby player, known as a speedy right wing, who could run like the wind. Hindered only by poor eyesight, he stopped many a match as players searched for his  contact lenses. He was the youngest player on Kenya’s rugby team during the matches with Oxford and Cambridge.  Rusty later took up polo and passed on a love for the game to his children and grandchildren.  He enjoyed sailing on his beloved ‘Laughing Dove’, and deep-sea fishing off Kilifi.


Rusty met his wife, Debra  in the Gilgil Club and they married in 1992 under two thorn trees on the slopes of the Menengai Crater.  Their work took them to Uganda, Eritrea, and Mozambique, before returning to Kenya in 1999. 

They moved to Diablo Grande, California in 2007 where Rusty enjoyed golf and cheering on many a golfer as they hit off the sixth tee.  Although disbursed around the globe, Rusty remained a central figure in a close-knit and loving family.  He loved his children and grandchildren dearly and followed their accomplishments with great pride.  


Rusty loved music, danced like he meant it, and always departed with a heart-felt ‘God Bless’. Feb 2015

1955 (Eliot). Edward Cristina  "I attended The Duke of York  in 1955 but left in  November of 55 as my father was transferred from East African Airways to Australian Airlines, much to our delight as my father was sick of doing night patrol to fend off possible Mau Mau attacks. I was a day bug and rode from Kilimani , I have been in Australia since. The best year of my life (scholastically ) was at the Duko, I have great memories of my time there,  in the past I have tried  tried to make contact but  to no avail even sending my original school badge (above attachment ) to Mr P.W. Warui whom I was informed was Head at the now called Lenana School but again no response.Email edwardjcristina@ANTISPAMnetspace.net.au  30/6/13

1955 (Mitchell/Eliot) Michael Davies "I was telling my grandchildren about the various schools I attended when I was their age, and this led to googling Duke of York, and thence to you. Many thanks for maintaining the web page.  I was at D of Y from about 1951 until 1955. I was  in Mitchell House and later Eliot.I took O levels there and had started A level when I left.  When my father (he was a meteorologist) moved to a job in Geneva in 1955, I was moved to Clifton, then to Cambridge and grad school at Illinois.  Then out here to teach Engineering at UBC, where we have remained, on and off. I'm now retired. I am in UK from time to time to visit family.  I was very sad to hear from your web page,that Ken Higson had died.  He was a first class Maths teacher (and house master), and we remained in touch.  I spoke to him by phone last just a couple of years ago, and he discouraged me from visiting only because they were painting his house.  I have vivid memories of his calculus classes (taught with a gun at his belt) - they literally changed my life.  I have had recent contact with JohnGriffiths,who was a fellow student at Cambridge as well as in Nairobi. He and his wife stayed with us here in Vancouver not too long ago. msdavies@ANTISPAMtelus.net  22/5/12

1955 (Kirk) Michael (Mickey) Fisher. Gordon Alp informs me (on 31 Jan 2010 via John Tucker) that Mike (Mickey) Fisher-ex Kirk House, circa 1955, passed away in Joburg last Wednesday after a long and painful illness very bravely borne. Mike's wife, Penny (nee Baerlein) is Liz Alp's sister. The Fishers have three children, two of whom live in Joburg and the other, Mark, has flown from London, so Penny will have some much needed support." Dave Lichtenstein adds (December 2010): "I know very little about Mickey as I previously did not have him as part of on any EA networks.   Despite being a "missing person" he was however "mentioned in despatches" in my Hill School, Eldoret network even appearing in a group photo.  So at least I knew that he was a Uganda lad who had attended the HSE prior to going onto the Duko.   He would have been at the HSE either before I went there or in his last years during my early years there."

1955 (Eliot) Brian J Pearce-Fleming. Went into the Kenya Police after the Duko. His wife Val informs us  that sadly Brian died of a heart attack in Jo'burg on the 5th July 2001.

1955 (Mitchell) Jeremy Cox. I joined the KenReg after school and did my time as required then joined the Kenya Police. After several years of policing I returned to Mombasa where my parents were and work with Dalgetys.     I worked also with the Uganda Co in Kampala   before being thrown out by Idi Amin ,and went to the Uk.    I settled in Sutton Coldfield  outside Birming ham in the midlands and worked for Dunlop Co.  I came to Aus in 1968  and spent the rest of my time in sales  with Roche,  Bayer and I C I. I am living in Sydney now and am nearly 70!!!! How time flies . Email jeremycox7@ANTISPAMbigpond.com  Email updated 25/8/10

1955 (Speke) Colin Stones. "i left in JUNE 1955,  boarded a ship from mombasa, & headed for PERTH   west australia. in SEPT 1955 i decided to join the ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE as an ENGINE FITTER.  i went & trained at RAAF BASE RICHMOND for 12 weeks as a recruit, then i was posted to RAAF BASE WAGGA - WAGGA. i underwent a 12 week course , in basic work shop practises, & when that was complete , i then began my first air craft course as an ENGINE MECHANIC.  when that course was finished i was posted to a base in western australia.  i lasted a year there before i got itchy feet & was posted to RAAF Base RICHMOND in N.S.W.  where i stayed for 7 1/2  years.  whilst there i went all over AUSTRALIA, MALAYSIA, PHILIPINES, SINGAPORE, HAWAII, & finally a 5 Month posting to a naval air station in CALIFORNIA called ALAMEDA. during this time at Richmond i had to go back for a 14 week course to upgrade my Qualifications to an Engine Fitter, but was able to get posted back to RAAF Base richmond again.  in 1965 i was posted to H.Q. in melbourne where after about a year i was posted to the LOCKHEED Factory in LOS ANGELES .    my posting was for 6 mths.   Bloody Marvelous.   then in 1968 i applied for a FLIGHT ENGINEERS Course flying P3B  ORION aircraft , i was selected & went to the USA again to a base just south of SAN FRANCISCO, for 6 mths , & trained with the US NAVY, before being posted to a base in South Australia, called Edinburgh.  i remained here for 12 yrs.   i left the RAAF in 1981.  with a HEAVY HEART,  it was a TRULY wonderful  profession. since leaving the RAAF, i have worked as a Cataloguing officer with an OIL COY, for 4 1/2 years.  as a cleaner up in the DESSERT in central Australia, for an Oil COY,  & FINALLY in the COURTS in South Australia as a COURT ORDERLY, in the MAGISTRATES COURT  ( CRIMINAL ) ,  DISTRICT COURT ( CRIMINAL ),  SUPREME COURT ( CRIMINAL ).  in AUGUST i retired from the courts , & retired to a place called VICTOR HARBOR very close to the water , & about 85 KMS south of ADELAIDE  , where i now spend a fair bit of my time with a organisation called ENCOUNTER CENTRE which has a BEAUT WORK SHOP , & i make WOODEN TOYS, ETC. it is truly marvelous." Email address cstones@ANTISPAMinternode.on.net  6/2/03    

1955 (Thomson) Robin Tyler "Before DOY I was at Nairobi Primary and afterwards I went to the UK. After graduating from Oaklands Agricultural College I returned to Tanganyika in 1960 to work for the Tanganyika Wattle Co. In 1966 I went to Canada, which I left in 1970 to go sailing round the world. I then settled in the Canary Islands and then came to the USA where I now live. I own and operate a company, called Tyler Tents. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me." Email tyltents@ANTISPAMarc.net  28/11/02

1955 (Delamere) Andrew Sellon. After leaving D O Y I came to the UK and went to The Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, where there were a number of Old Yorkists including Bruce Rooken-Smith who had sat behind me in class during our exam year. I had a spell in farming, and then joined the Suffolk police with whom I spent twenty years before retiring, spending the majority of my time on traffic patrol. Thereafter I worked for the YMCA in Ipswich becoming their
housing manager before final retirement on health grounds. I have now been on crutches for five years and hope at last to have both hips replaced this summer. (Our extraordinary health system says I have been waiting for five months only, no wonder they are having problems as they cannot even count). I was married and had a couple of daughters, the elder now married with two children, a nurse living in Lancashire. The other is a teacher; having worked for four years she is now over in Canada taking an MA at McGill. People I would like to have news of are Arthur Langford-Smith, Nigel Slade, (who I last saw at Trinity College, Oxford) and George Mure. George I remember got married and went off to Australia as a marine biologist,
putting to good use all the time we spent goggling down at Shimoni. I now live in retirement in Suffolk, near Woodbridge, UK, hobbling about on my crutches but still enjoying life, and able to get about in my car Email
andrew.sellon@ANTISPAMlineone.net 18/2/02

1955 (Mitchell/ Eliot) Barry Rochfort. "Joined the RAF in the UK. Enjoyed 30 years in the RAF Regiment, retiring early as a wing commander before going into insurance broking - hated it, then running a legal practice in East Anglia for a while before setting up as a management consultant on my own. I am presently very busy with my product - www.e-b1s.com - which I helped design and act as editor in chief for. I now live in a spacious converted barn on the outskirts of Dereham in Norfolk, sail as much as I can, ski whenever possible and look forward to actually hanging up my boots in a couple of years. Both my wife and I have extensive family all over Australia. I visited in 1985 and will probably visit again in a few years time." Email rochfortb@ANTISPAMhotmail.com 18/2/02

1955 (Thomson) Mike Lawrence. Lives in Kenya and runs Westminster Safaris Ltd. http://www.westminstersafaris.com Email westminster@ANTISPAMswiftkenya.com (2/1/02) Update Mike passed away on 18 August 2006. Condolences to his wife Heather and children Guy, Gemma and Ben.

1955 (Lugard) Mark Millbank. Stars in the Harry Hesketh school video. Lives in Zimbabwe. Email mel@ANTISPAMkeyboard.icon.co.zw (2/1/02)

1955 (Mitchell/Thomson) Michael Reavely. Lives in the UK. Email m.reaveley@ANTISPAMvirgin.net (2/1/02)

1955 (Delamere) Colin Shade. Lives in the Zimbabwe. Email shade@ANTISPAMutande.co.zw (2/1/02)

1955 (Lugard) John Steed. Lives in the Zimbabwe. Email john.steed@wol.co.za  (7/3/05)

1955 (Lugard). John Channer. Aylwin Halligan-Jolly (ex Saints and great Kenya Regiment guru) tells me that John now lives in Palmwoods, Queensland. (6/11/03) Email address rcchanner@ANTISPAMdodo.com.au  27/7/07

1955 (Mitchell) Jeremy Cox. Lives in Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

#1955 (Lugard) Dr John Byng-Hall. "After the Kenya Regiment in 1956 I caught polio and as a result read medicine rather than agriculture at Cambridge. Later I specialised in psychiatry (very un Kenya! But people are more interesting than cows) and eventually became a Consultant Child Psychiatrist at the Tavistock Clinic in London. I have recently semi-retired spending half my time painting, which is lovely. Last year I was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science (DSc). Is that a first for the D.O.Y? I have been married for 37 years and Sue and I have three sons. Email jbynghall@ANTISPAMmistral.co.uk

#1955 Speke) Roger (Lt Colonel) Blundell. Lives in Wandsworth, London.

# 1955 (Lugard) David Bowers. Went to Nottingham University, returned to work in East Africa and got involved in rallying. Drove in the Safari as Willie Young's navigator. Returned to UK in '66 and trained as a teacher. Worked in Crawley and Lambeth. Married to Jacqui with two adult children, Matthew and Janet. Now retired and living in Clapham, London.(Note: David contracted polio while at DOY but has made light of his disability and has pioneered some revolutionary braces).

# 1955 (Delamere/ Thomson) Denis (Tubby) Bower. "After the DOY I went to Massey Agricultural College in New Zealand where I had three great years before returning home to Tanzania with a Diploma and my Kiwi wife, Anne. I then ran the family farm at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro for seven wonderful years, but after uhuru we felt that our future and those of our three children lay in Australia. The next years were spent in various agricultural pursuits in NSW and Queensland. When our kids were independent we spent several years in agriculture in Fiji, Egypt and Turkey; also in various other countries for short periods. I am currently running an agricultural project in Turkey for a couple of years. Email mbower@ANTISPAMsuperonline.com

# 1955 (Lugard) Tony Bowers. Lives in Villiersdorp, W. Cape, SA. Email tonymary@ANTISPAMkingsley.co.za

# 1955 (Kirk/Thomson) Rev Ken Barham. Has address in East Sussex but now Bishop of Ruanda. Email BishopKen@ANTISPAMcompuserve.com

# 1955 (Speke) Dr Euan Anderson. Lives in Herefordshire.

1955 (Speke) Bruce Borwick. Lives in Stoneville, Perth, W.A.

1955 (Kirk then Thomson) Sid Dyer. Lives in Clagiraba in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, Queensland. He runs an Irrigation consulting business from Clagiraba covering a large area of Queensland from Rockhampton to Ballina (NSW) out west to Narrabri (NSW) and St George. Email sdyer@ANTISPAMwestnet..com.au

1955 (Lugard) Jock Payet. Lives in Pallarenda, Queensland and married to Rosemary. Email jockrosemaryp@ANTISPAMbigpond.com Update from Richard Tredgett (via Tony Tucker). Jock passed away recently from a heart attack (April 2005).

1955 (Eliot) Tony Massie- Blomfield. Lives in Nairobi and owns/ runs Cavina School. Email cavina@ANTISPAMiconnect.co.ke (9/5/03)

1955 (Thomson). Bobby McAllister. Lives in Carine, a  suburb of Perth. Married to Liz.Email remca2@ANTISPAMbigpond.com  Updated 31/12/09

1955 (Kirk) Bruce Rooken- Smith. Younger brother of Don .Lives in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Is the SA contact for the Kenya Regiment Association and has details of Tom Stephenson (Speke and first Head of School), Bernard Blowers, Euan Anderson, Ian Ross, John Clarke, the Carr-Hartleys, Bruce's brother Rob, John Pembridge and John Gibbons Email  brucer@ANTISPAMedupmb.kzntl.gov.za   

1955 (Speke) Mike Andrews Married to ex Boma girl Jean and has 3 children- Graham (Africa Mkting Pepsi) John ( manages family business) and Carol at Birmingham Uni. Spends time commuting between Nairobi and London on family business. Email mandrews@ANTISPAMglobal.net.co.uk

1955 (Delamere) Anthony (Tony) Tucker. Lives in Wanneroo, suburb of Perth. Email  tusker@ANTISPAM4u.com.au 24/4/05

1955 (Lugard) Christopher Tredget Brother of Richard (see 1959). Sadly, passed away in 1994 from lung cancer.

1955 (Kirk) Geoff White. Lives in, Red Hill, Canberra. Elder brother of Tony and cousin of Peter. Known as "Duck" at school. Was for a time High Commissioner in Kenya. Also recently published a biography on Harold White (Peter's father) who is 90 and still lives in Kenya. Harold is an Australian and followed his father Bert to Kenya just before World War I.

1955 (Speke) Bryan Hacker. Lives in Brookfield, Queensland. Email Bryan.Hacker@ANTISPAMtag.csiro.au

1955 (Mitchell) Dave Sands. Lives in Conondale, Queensland.

1955 (Eliot). John Bristow. Lives in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.

1955 (Lugard) Peter Randall. Lives in Aranda, Australian Capital Territory. Worked for the CSIRO (a scientific research organisation), which is not entirely surprising as he won the Senior Science prize at school! Still an Honarary Fellow there. Email randall@netspeed.com.auANTISPAMpi.csiro.au

1956 ( Eliot ) Bill Harris. "I’ve just come across the Old Yorkist website.  It brought back many memories of long ago.  I was at the Duke of York in 1955 and 1956.  If I remember correctly I was in the same class as Richard Leakey.   In 1956 I returned to South Africa and finished school at St Stithian’s College near Johannesburg.  After completing a BSc (Engineering) at the University of the Witwatersrand I obtained my PhD at the University of Minnesota and am now on contract at the University of Johannesburg.  I’d very much like to make contact again with others from my time at the Duke of York. Email wharris@ANTISPAM.uj.ac.za 16/10/13

1956 (Delamere) Paul Grant "My days at the Duke of York were short as my father came to the end of his tour just as home rule for the East African territories approached. I finished my schooling in UK, and,  much to my fathers chagrin, wanted to go to sea (he wanted me to enter the medical profession but I hated Latin which was an entry prerequisite in those days!)  After two years at Nautical College,  I joined Royal Mail Lines as a seagoing Radio Officer sailing to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.  After a time at sea I joined the Foreign Office serving in various overseas posts including a three-year stint in Hong Kong.  I was enticed away after many years service to become the Technical Director of a Marine Electronics company and after they were subject to a take over, I left to join MoD (Navy) in the Nuclear Submarine branch.  After a number of years I was offered and accepted early retirement.  However, being an active type I then went to work with Thompson Marconi as Technical Manager Sonar systems in their Mine Warfare Branch.  When Marconi sold out to the French company Thales and I moved on to my last post in Nuclear Safety at AWE Aldermaston.  How the years fly!" Email skyetex@ANTISPAMaol.com  4/1/10

1956 (Mitchell). Alan Johns. "I was browsing your website today after reading Dave  Lichtenstein's e-mail.  The photo of the rugby team beating the POW in 1958 took my fancy.  I certainly knew what it was like to lose to them.  I played my last game as hooker for the DOY in 1956 and was proud to have scored a try from a cross kick against the POW and to get my Rugger Colours at a subsequent assembly!  The easiest of tries I have ever scored just having to fall over the line after receiving a cross kick!

 I was in Mitchell House 1950 - 1956. I was very  sorry to learn of the death of Ken Higson, although 95 was a great age.  He was my Housemaster in Mitchell  and I have very found memories of a man who was fair and so very good at his job. I well  remember him taking his jacket off and challenging us to take him on when there was trouble in the class?  Only once thankfully.  Also  we laid him out with a tennis ball in a sock when we were fighting in a MItchell dorm and he walked in when we were expected some other poor sucker? The other was Peter Doenhoff. He was in DOY at the same time as me and in the KRTC at Lanet at the same time and boy did he have a hard time being so overweight." Email johnsralan@ANTISPAMaol.com 14/1/11

1956 (Speke/Lugard)  Vic Norris "I went to Duke of York school from Kitale primary in 1952 & spent 4 great years there. I remember some of the names on your website but can't find many chums of that era. After leaving Duko in 1956 I went to the UK to join RAF but was turned down on health grounds.  I then took a training post with ICL (was ICT then) as an systems analyst. Spent 15 years with them before deciding to go it alone. Selling & installing PCs with accounts packages to small businesses. I managed to keep this going for 20 years from 1983 to 2003 when I retired at 64.  I now live with my wife Mary in Langport Somerset & look forward to our 45th wedding anniversary in August this year (2008). I look forward to the proposed DOY anniversary next year when I hope to meet some old chums. E-mail vicnorris@ANTISPAMlineone.net23/7/08

1956 (House?) Alan Johns "I left the DoY in Dec 1956 after Overseas School Cert, and a very enjoyable education, bound for the Kenya Reg as my father had (unfortunately) moved from Tanganyika to Kilifi!  Actually really enjoyed it.  I joined  English Electric in Rugby in 1957 for an apprenticeship and gained an External London University Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I married an English Rose in 1961 and never returned to East Africa although my heart is still there!Spent 16 years in the Royal Navy as an Instructor and Marine Engineer but my  travels never brought me closer than Cape Town and Aden!  My second career has been in the Universities of Surrey and Brighton.  I retired from Brighton in 1999 as the Head of School of Engineering and still have contact as a Professor Emeritus.  Time in the university sector enable me to travel worldwide including China and Australia. Pity that I did not see your website earlier as I could have searched out old friends. I now live in West Sussex and am enjoying retirement. Can't wait to get a free ski pass for the French Alps in just over 2 years time!" Email ohnsralan@ANTISPAMaol.com 30/5/07

1956 (Kirk) David Doig. "I have two daughters - married- eldest in U.K. with 3 kids 1 boy and 2 girls.  Youngest in NZ with 2 boys.1 son bachelor in Nakuru where he grew up - living on Delamere's Soysambu Ranch.  I moved to Tanzania in 1985 from Nakuru and the country is peaceful and going ahead." David also mentions two other OYs living in Tanzania:  Cecil Walker.  Lugard?  1954 - 1958 and Richard Mann. Kirk 1957 - 1960 "Richard Mann has a son and a daughter and I don't think Cecil has ever married." Email   marymorson@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 28/1/200

Update 22 July 2015. David passed away in May this year after a short illness. Thanks to Robin Crosher for passing on this sad news.

1956 (Mitchell)   The Rev Christopher L. Carey. Kenya Regiment 1957. St Andrews University B.Sc. 1961 Botany & Genetics. London University 1964 B.D. Theology. Did my ordination studies in Bristol - with Ken Barham also ex DOYS. After a 3-year curacy in Battersea, London during which time I married Rosemary Palin (Highlands School Eldoret 1953-58) we joined CMS The Church Mission Society and worked in Kenya for the next 12 years, in Ukambani and later Nairobi. Returned to UK in 1979 with our three children, and I continued on the CMS London staff for the next 20 years as Secretary for its work in East and Central Africa, so always travelling. Rosemary (nurse and health visitor, marriage guidance counsellor) developed rheumatoid arthritis in those years so in 1999 we moved to parish work in Lincolnshire, five great years on the Fens, scattered village populations and endless high-tech agriculture. Retired in 2004 to South Wales near Chepstow to be closer to family in & around Bristol. Have met up with some ex Kenya people in this area. All the rest welcome. Our latest visit to Kenya was in April 2005 but didn't get to see the school. Email crcandkili@ANTISPAMtiscali.co.uk  9/10/05

1956 (Thomson) Robin Davis. Robin's brother Peter Armstrong writes: Robin went to Millfield in Somerset after leaving DOY. Later returned to Kenya until 2003 and is presently residing in the UK in the Golders Green area." 11/5/05

1956 (Speke/ Thomson) Peter Armstrong "Hopefully you receive this e-mail as I tried to get in touch with James Landells and it would not accept sending it. I went into the Kenya Regiment for training at the beginning of 1957 at Nakuru. then went to Egerton Agriculture College for a year.In UK from 1959-1967 back to Kenya from 1967-1975 and now living in Ottawa Canada."  Email parmstrong1@ANTISPAMsympatico.ca  Updated 10/9/08

1956 (Kirk), Peter Martin. After leaving the DOY joined EAR&H as apprentice. Changed career to brewer with Allsopps Brewery (Ruaraka) '61 to '65. Kenya Breweries (Mombasa) '66 to '74. Rhodesian Breweries (Bulawayo) '75 to '76. Moved to UK end of '76. Another career change - emloyed in steel industry until retiring in Denmark end 2000. My wife is Danish hence moving to Denmark. Email address petergordonmartin@ANTISPAMhotmail.com. 7/11/04

1956 (Kirk) Brian Naylor. Dave Lichtenstein writes: "I have just received the e-mail below from Brian's daughter Dianna who informed me that Brian had passed away 0n 29 August 2003.  She also requested that I inform everyone.  As for myself I remember Brian and his family as near neighbours (ie removed by one farm from ours) farming at "Bayete" which was at the junction of the Kipkabus road on the main Eldoret-Nakuru road about 19 miles from Eldoret.  My first year at the Hill School in 1950 was Brian's last year there.   He went onto the Duko and was in Kirk house.   From there he was called up to the Kenya Reg.  He was later involved in the land consolidation scheme which took place in the Kikuyureserve during the Emergency. Brian then became Jomo Kenyatta's jailer at Lodwar and obviously came under his influence.   He ended up marrying a Kikuyu and remained in Kenya when most of us including the rest of his family emigrated.  While Brian may have enjoyed Kenyatta's patronage, I don't believe that life was easy for him - especially after Kenyatta's death.   I understand that Brian farmed for a while not far away from Bayete towards the Burnt Forest police station and could be regularly seen in Eldoret at what was once Duncan's tea rooms.   At some stage he must have moved to Mombasa and that is where he remained until earlier this year when he managed to sell his Mombasa property and moved to the UK with his children.   I understand that at some stage his first wife died and Brian married his wife's sister.   Brian had a number of children one of whom I am informed was Miss Kenya.   I lost all contact with Brian when we emigrated to Australia in January 1962 but managed to make contact with him a couple of years ago when I began the Hill School exercise."  6/11/03

1956 (Speke) Robert Palmer- Wilson (or Njugus)  "56-61 AAS Arborfield Berks UK (Army Apprentice) where I met up with George Gash (Duko), Bordon,Tidworth, Bisley,Andover (Army Air Corp)- 61 Bought myself out, bummed around. 62 Got married to Joan  in Highgate London (At this moment in time we are still together) Had two Boys Robert and Mark. Moved to Leicester, bought a house. Got trained as a Sheetmetalworker/Welder. Moved to present location in Leicester about 30 odd years ago."
robert.palmer-wilson@ANTISPAMntlworld.com  24/8/03 Update 2/1/07

1956 (Mitchell) Duncan Knight. "At the time I used to live in Zanzibar. My father moved there when he retired from the Kenya civil service. In 1957 I came to England to Shuttleworth Agricultural college, but then joined the Royal Air Force as an Electronic Engineer completing 22 years, I then became a publican, for my sins, and retired 10 years ago to live on Anglesey, North Wales. I have a lovely wife Rosemary and one daughter who also lives in N/Wales with her husband and our two grandchildren. Email  duncanllwyn@fsmail.net  Updated 26/10/07

1956 (Kirk). Brian Carr-Hartley. Lives in Natal, South Africa. Email carr-h@ANTISPAMmweb.co.za  2/1/02

1956 (Mitchell). Roderick Jameson. "I attended Mitchell House between 1953-1956. during which Ken Higson & Fergie were my house masters I was born in Guernsey, Channel Islands, in June 1939 just prior to the German occupation in September. At that time,   my Father was in the Indian Army (a Ghurkha)  stationed in Burma commanding a supply unit behind enemy lines.  My Mother and I flew out to India where my Mother worked in the Staff College in Quetta and where I lived until I left India in 1945 – this was in the days of the British Raj!! I returned to the UK in 1945 with my Mother.

On our arrival, we went to live with a couple of maiden aunts in London SW5.  I remember to this day that when we arrived at their flat,   it was just at the end of an air-raid when the whole Square was in pitch darkness but for the profile of my two aunts in a lighted door way. I went to a day prep school in Queensgate, London SW7 for a while until I was sent to a boarding prep school in Northamptonshire until 1950 when I emigrated to Kenya with my parents.   I did a couple of years at St Mary’s School,  Nairobi  before transferring to the ‘Duko’ in 1953

 When I left the ‘Duko’ in 1956,  I did a short stint on a farm up in Molo as a general dog’s body mainly to earn my passage back to the UK.  I returned to the UK in 1957 and joined the British Army – my family regiment, the Seaforth Highlanders.(prior to the amalgamation of the various Highland Regiments)  I did my basic training in Fort George, Inverness and was transferred to the Battalion  in Munster, Westphalia, West Germany.  I was demobbed in 1960 and joined a City firm as a rooky where I worked for about seven or eight years.

I emigrated to North America in 1969 where I spent two years in the United States;  starting off in Atlanta, Georgia for about six months visiting some cousins and then went across to California  - driving across from Charlotte,  South Carolina through the middle States to San Francisco which took me about six days.( Just as a little aside, I had a puncture on the way across and not driving my own car I was not familiar with changing the wheel!! A member of the State Highway Patrol stopped and he actually told me to step aside and he changed the wheel for me and sent me on my way!! ) 

I spent about eighteen months in San Jose, Santa Clara keeping body and soul  together by window cleaning, pumping gas and house painting. I then went North to Vancouver, BC and spent about two years there mainly working for a small family commercial enterprise

After I returned from North America in 1973, I got married to Helen in Guernsey where she was living at the  time .  We got married in a delightful little country church in the Parish of St Saviours by a vicar who was most reluctant to marry us as Helen and her parents were living in St Peter Port at the time;  I was born in the Parish  of St Andrews; my surviving grand parent was then (1973) living in the Parish of St Martins!!

I started a new career in the insurance broking industry in 1981 as a commercial and political risk consultant until 1997 when I had to retire prematurely through ill-health – M E or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)..

I haven’t  regretted my early retirement one bit. I have enjoyed every moment of it and took a sadistic delight watching the commuters from my village struggling to get to work everyday!

I have lived in the village of Ramsdell in Hampshire with my wife for twenty six years;   I have two grown up children out in the world doing their own thing. I am Chairman of my Parish Council and occasionally dabbling in local Branch Parliamentary politics.  My hobbies are gardening in which I am really nothing more than a general ‘shamba boy’ and cooking of which do a lot and so don’t starve if Helen is ever away!!" Email rjameson22@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com 17/10/09

Lives in the UK. Email Hjam192844@ANTISPAMaol.com  2/1/02

1956 (Eliot) Mike Harley. Lives in the UK. Email mike@ANTISPAMstamfordint.demon.co.uk

1956 (Mitchell) Olly Knight. Lives in the UK. Email ollyknight@ANTISPAMaol.com

1956 (Mitchell/Thomson) Michael Lambert. Lives in the Seychelles. Email tecair@ANTISPAMseychelles.net

1956 (Mitchell) Keith Monkhouse. Lives in the UK. Another prominent Yorkist who rose to the dizzying heights in the Services. This time the RAF. Email keith_monkhouse@ANTISPAMmsn.com

1956 (Lugard) Jim Davis Went to UK to join the RAF at Cranwell (I was on the Governor's Nomination Scheme). Didn't enjoy the weather or the service life and returned to Kenya. Spent a year or two in the customs in Mombasa, a year in Moshi and another in Nairobi before moving to South Africa. Got my Commercial Pilot licence and Flying Instructor ratings in SA and have had a wonderful time building up my own flying school - 43 Air School, based in Port Alfred. 120 staff and 20 aeroplanes and a reputation for excellence - we train pilots for SAA and Comair / British Airways. No, I am not bragging - I just have a knack for picking good staff the rest follows pretty much on its own. Even to the extent that for the last few years I have been able to do a BA at Rhodes (with Majors in Classics and Philosophy) while my management guys run the flying school. I am also writing a couple of books and tutoring Philosophy at Rhodes and waiting impatiently for Australian immigration to give me permission to move to Perth. Update.4/3/09 Now in Perth WA

# 1956 (Lugard/ Thomson) Hugh Peatling. I eventually retired on 31 August 1997 - 6 months prior to my 60th birthday - having had enough of the corporate scene after 31 years with Diners Club, and I haven't looked back at all. I love retirement, though so far it has been pretty busy, what with a Diners Club golf tournament in Spain in September 1997; a final farewell in St. Jean Cap Ferrat in the South of France hosted by Diners Club's International Board which was most enjoyable; then hosting the wedding of our second daughter, Nina; selling up (almost giving away) our house in Jo'burg in which we had lived for over 23 years, and throwing a large farewell party combined with my 60th birthday celebration and a last exhibition for Sandy there; coping with my mother's death and funeral in Durban, and my father's move into a retirement home there; then moving to our new home in the Cape which involved a lot of hassle because the builder went bust three months before we moved. All that is history. We are very happy with our move and love the Cape. The weather has been mostly glorious and we don't miss the big smoke one bit, apart from our girls of course. Julie works for a small interior decorating business which she enjoys. Nina is Marketing Manager of a small company. She and her husband have bought a townhouse and are happily settled into married life. Michelle, however, is at Stellenbosch University and having a ball. We see her most weekends. We also see a lot of Sandy's mother who is settled in a retirement village in Somerset West. Sadly her father died last September. Email peatling@ANTISPAMiafrica.com Update 18/1/09 Dave Lichtenstein passed on the sad news that Hugh had passed away on 7 December 2008. Our thoughts are with Sandy and the three girls.

1956  (Lugard) Peter Beales . "Worked in the shipping business in Mombasa until 66 when I moved to Toronto, went back to school and took forestry and finished up managing various  Ontario provincial parks. Now  retired in Peterborough, Ontario, winter in Mexico where I am  trying to learn Spanish.  e-mail pbeales@ANTISPAMcogeco.ca Update 1/1/04

1956 (Lugard)  Brian Beardmore. Brian  and wife Sue have been running a business for many years at the bottom of the Toowoomba range in Queensland. (Jock Payet).Colwyn Beardmore (Beardmore MJL - Lugard '58?) - Brian's brother- has an email address: ytakano@ANTISPAMbo22.aone.net.au.

# 1956 (Kirk) Peter Barham. "After leaving the DOY I came to England in March 1956 and acquired a BA in Business Studies. After that I worked in various petrochemical and oil companies and I retired from Agip Oil in November 1998, and was called to run a Salvation Army Cold Weather Shelter from December 1998 to March 1999. The Salvation Army have now appointed me Manager of their latest hostel in Hammersmith where I will continue to work before retiring again.I was married in 1959 but ended that after three years and two children. I remarried in 1968 and my wife, Sally, and I have three children. Our eldest works in Lloyds of London, the second teaches near Winchester, and the youngest is teaching in Thailand.I play badminton every week and have an ancient (1987) Suzuki GS850 motorcycle which gives hours of pleasure; also an MG of the same age for when Sally wants to come out too (she doesn't like bikes!)."

# 1956 (Lugard) Dr Bill Barrett. "After leaving the DOYS I went to the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth from where I graduated in June 1961 with an Honours Degree in Geology and a Diploma in Micropaleantology. Nearly 8 years were then spent working in both base metal exploration and underground mining in East Africa.During an 18 month sabbatical (1968-1970) at the University of Leeds I successfully completed my PhD and for the next three and a half years were spent in Uganda as Chief Geologist to Kilembe Mines Limited.After being forced out of Uganda by Idi Amin I returned to the UK and, since June 1974, have been employed as Geological Manager at Tarmac Quarry Products Limited where I have responsibility for all aspects of Geology in the company's properties, potential acquisitions and prospects, including seeking new reserves through exploration, as well as the development and planning of quarries and monitoring progress.I am a Fellow of the Institution of Mining & Metallurgy, the Geological Society, and the Institute of Quarrying. European Engineer (Eur Ing) accreditation was attained in 1989.

On 13 November 2009 I received the sad news from John Tucker " that Bill had  died of pneumonia on 7 November following a stroke.  He was on dialysis prior to that, so his defences were too weakened to resist the pneumonia. He is survived by his wife, Isabel, and by his sons, Mark and Andy, and his daughter, Gill."

1956 (Speke) Nigel Slade Taught at St Mary's and Duke of York (in my time) and later moved to Hillcrest Prep School as principal. Now deceased.

# 1956 (Kirk) Rev Ian Barham. Has address in Exeter and Lynton, Devon.

1956 (Kirk) Dick Hewitt. Farming in Meredith, Victoria.26 June 2011. I heard from John Orton (EA Schools and Kenya Reg re-union organiser in Victoria) that Dick passed away in January 2011. Our condolences go to his wife Leanne and family.

1956 (Thomson) John Hill. Used to live in Lives in Watheroo, WA.but has now moved to the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland.

1956 (Thomson) Ivone Kirkpatrick. Lives in Adelaide, S.A.where he runs a Management Consultancy practice. He has a famous Kenya pedigree being related to Beryl Markham of "West with the Night" fame. Email ivonek@ANTISPAMyahoo.com.au

1956 (Eliot) Roger Davies. Killed in rally accident in Nakuru in 1970.

1956 (Kirk) Oliver Cordell.  Am now living in Denmark married to a Swedish diplomat posted there . Two kids (7&9) in addition to three grown up ones from an earlier union/marriage dissolved about ten years ago ! Still have our house/small property in Wamboin outside the Australian Capital territory and have vowed to return before i'm 70 aaaaaaggghhhhhh !. Since retiring from foreign affaires in ' 93 , have been with spouse to Helsinki -3 yrs, Canberra -3 yrs and here since August '99. I took early retirement after 30 yrs in FA , having beforehand done 2 yrs with the Brits in Tanzania - 60/62, in Shinyanga, as a district officer, leaving after independence. Last post was Lagos, for mercy's sake , second time there after Pakistan , Austria , Nauru , PNG , France, Hungary, with stints in Canberra in between! Unfortunately missed both reunions , in Aus because I was about to leave and in UK because I was on the way here! It would have been an experience , Update 11 April 2005

"well for my sins now live in addis ababa !!  ehem ! . left denmark late 2003 , then 18months in sweden before coming here jany 2005 . had a day in nairobi recently but  managed only to have a chat by phone with roy carr hartley . shall certainly look him up properly next time  and pop into the 'duko'.  had afternoon tea at the norfolk , it's as good as it ever was but the rest of the city  has gone the way of all overgrown , dirty , overcrowded  ,  diesel fume filled cities ! ! 

Update 19/12/07 "Can add that am now in warsaw for the next few years after two and a half in addis ababa. decided to sell my place in australia as am now ''based '' as it were in sweden, so life goes on ! ! ! have just learned of dominic spencer's passing  ,  sad but what an innings and an influence for good wherever he was . i was glad i took the trouble to ring him a few yrs ago and  to find him in very good form . shall do my best to be at the '09 reunion ! !  new email oj-c@tele2.se  

Update 19/1/2015 Since Warsaw which we left in sept ‘11 after about 4 yrs , we moved to Vienna for two yrs returning to Sweden for good in sept '13 . have now sold our country place outside Stockholm ( a log cabin) and will move into a smaller flat in the city in march ‘15 … and , as stated already above , life goes on ! commuting will now  be easier for my wife  and she can thus continue to keep me in the manner to which I have grown accustomed  lol ! ! olliethefirst@ANTISPAM.gmail.com

 apart from that ,  sad to learn of the passing of old  friends and staff but guess that’s par for most of us . I  was once  a close mate of Gebhardt Waltenberg , I remember his arrival at Arusha school without English in about ‘48 (?) ,  he made do with Swahili but soon moved on to English at a high level ! I wonder where younger bro  Sighardt is ?

1956 (Delamere) Hugh Langford-Smith. Lives in Sydney. Like Dave Lichtenstein ,obtained an MBA from Uni of New South Wales and works for NSW Public Service. An IT specialist, his email is hlang@ANTISPAMdoh.health.nsw.gov.au

1956 (Thomson) J.S. Landells. Lives Como, Perth,, W.A. Email jameslandells@ANTISPAMbigpond.com Updated 17/2/09

1956 (Lugard). George Perry. Lives in Perth. Email gperry@ANTISPAMiinet.net.au

1957 (Thomson) John Tucker writes: " I have just received a telephone call from John Scudder’s widow, Heather, to say John died on Xmas Eve.  When I saw John and Heather in 2012 in their lovely home in the North Yorkshire dales poor old John was very homebound.  He was suffering from macular degeneration (he was almost completely blind by then), type 2 diabetes, and the onset of Parkinson’s Disease.  At least that was what the medical profession said at the time.  Since then John got progressively worse and was subsequently diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, also known as mini Motor Neurone Disease) about which little is known.   There are only 4,000 sufferers in the UK and there is no known cure, but I gather each of his eyesight failure and shakes were symptomatic of the illness.  Suffice it to say John donated his brain for scientific research into PSP.  Meanwhile John courageously accepted death without any fear and died quietly in hospital with Heather at his side.  He grew up on a mission station (Maralal) and was a fully committed Christian throughout his life.  Two weeks before he died he and Heather celebrated their Silver Wedding." 28/12/13 

1957 (Speke) Robin Coulson. Thanks to Ros Hamilton and Dave Lichtenstein Robin has been tracked down! He lives in Cheadle, Cheshire. Married to Naomi, who says Robin is well and still has a low handicap in golf! Email to be added if I receive consent.  19/12/12

1957 (Lugard) Christian Baum. "I have lived in France sine 1958. I was at the Duke of York from 1952 to december 1957 having passed school cert part 2 and  due to money problems came to live in Paris at my Grand father's flat to study medicine. My médical career was orthopedic surgery first in the 'Assistance Pubilque' in Paris  then I started a private practice in Maubeuge ( 5 miles from the franco-belgium border 50 miles east on Lille) and retired in 2005. I am 71 years old. I was in Speke House  T.L.Evans was House master followed by Brian Morwood after Mr Evans's death. From december 1957 til october 1958 I worked on my parent's farm at Mau Narok. Hoping to have news from old yorkists and from you,. Email christian.baum@ANTISPAMwanadoo.fr 8/3/2011

1957 David Waddicar (Lugard) "From leaving school I attended Rhodes University in South Africa and obtained a degree in Physics and Chemistry. In 1961 I returned to England and worked for 3 years with a Scientific firm in Acton, North London. Emigrated to South Africa in 1965 and worked as a Chemist in the West Rand Goldmines in Krugersdorp and Johanesburg. In 1970 I moved to Durban, and was employed as a Chemist for the Durban Corporation as quality control of materials, and harbour and factory pollution. I retired in 1999 and remained in Durban. I have never married, unable to find the ideal lady but have visited UK in 1997 for the wedding of my niece, Julia and a trip to Australia after retirement to see and meet Julia and family, who had married an Australian and lives in NSW My sister Sheila also lives in NSW and we meet every year when they all come out to Durban to visit our mother. Unfortunately I don't have a computer but my address is- 6 Garden Hall, 126 Springfield, Berea,  Durban,  Natal South Africa. Tel  312080485   (Thanks to Richard Tredget for providing this info).11/2/09

1957 (Lugard) William (Scottie) Duncan. "  It is hard enough keeping in touch with old friends but I managed to confuse things even more by changing my name to Cousin after I left D.O.Y. My father died when I was one year old and a few years later my mother married my step-father “Jock Duncan” and decided I should also be called Duncan. So with a new name and a new Dad we left Scotland for a new life in Kenya. However, when I reached the age 17 and was about to apply for my first passport, they asked if I wanted to keep the name Duncan or revert to my original name of Cousin. I decided that my real name was Cousin and that was the name I should use.

 When I left Duko, having totally wasted an extraordinary academic opportunity, it was decided I should go back to UK and learn a trade. ( Not entirely wasted as I once got an ‘A’ in 3C for metalwork!!) I didn’t even last a year in UK, it was so alien to me after life in Kenya that I decided to leave and re-joined my folks at Kilifi, where the old man was now taking care of all the ferries – Mtwapa, Kilifi, Taka-Unga and somewhere on the Tana River.

I settled into a comfortable job at Kilifi Plantations and life was wonderful until a letter from H.M. Government arrived asking if I would be kind enough to turn up at Lanet for 6 months of torture! I got a postponement for a while but eventually had to face the music.( KR 7342).

 I was married in Arusha in March, 1963 to “Dukka” Figenschou  who was from a well known Norwegian family in that area. Four of her five brothers attended P.O.W. We left Kenya for England in December, 1963 and settled in Dorset. I started work at H.M.Naval Base at Portland Dockyard as a trainee diver and was later sent to diving school at Rosyth Naval Base in Scotland where I qualified in 1965. This was a good year for me as I was immediately offered a job on the first oil rig to operate in the North Sea. I spent the next 14 years working in almost every location where there was offshore activity, from Africa, Middle East, Far East, Mediterranean, Australia, South America and Norway. In 1979 I started my own offshore service company in Aberdeen, supplying mostly underwater engineering equipment and personnel. I did this for twenty years until I sold up in 1998 at the age of 57 and retired to the Turks & Caicos Islands where we now live. We also have a holiday home in Ontario, Canada where we like to go to escape from the hot summer months on the Island.We have two children and two grandchildren – Our daughter Caroline was born in Italy and our son Robert in Australia. It is our 44th Anniversary is in a couple of weeks and I often wonder where our “Best Man” Andy Blackburn ( Mitchell) is these days. I was really sorry to read about Harry Hesketh, he was a great teacher and definitely the best house master anyone could have wished for." Email bcousin@ANTISPAMtciway.tc 24/3/07

1957 (Speke)  Roger Sherrin live in Dorset UK Frequent visitor to Kenya "its
still very good once away from Nairobi." Roger also sent me a photo of Speke house 1956
. Email address is rjsherrin@ANTISPAMbtopenworld.com 22/8/04

1957 (Eliot) Alan Turton. "I left the Duko in 1957 having completed School Cert,  working for about six months with OZO Petroleum in Nairobi and then to the Kenya Regiment to do my National Service. One of my Highlights at Duko was to be christened, yes late in life. The HMS Duke Of York Bell was converted for the occasion by the woodwork Master as directed by I think, the Rev Rees who was School Chaplain. This was placed in the Hall and my late brother Robert (Bob) I and a few others were duly christened at a special Service.Before this there was an incident in which I became unpopular with the Masters Police and Parents.  Richard Brooks & I were at that time very keen cyclists and we wanted to break the Nairobi to Athi River & Back cycle record which I think was held by Lofty Harris.

This was a disaster in many respects for the timing, it was during the height of the Mau Mau and those of us who cycled from Kilimani area to School were escorted by Army/Police armored vehicles. We used to meet and ride to the shops at Dagoretti  to meet the Armed Escort before the long straight to the School. Richard & I planned to miss school to break the record.  We thought to fool our folks.  We dressed in school uniform  and waited at the end of our Road only to hurry back home once the folks had gone to work, change and off we set to try for the record. Not realizing that at School the roll check was taken & no Richard or Alan accounted for.  School contacted our Parents the Police and many more to ascertain if we had been seen. This added confusion as, “ Yes” our Parents had waved us goodbye to School.  Someone must have overheard Richard & me discussing this record attempt, put two & two together and a search was started on the Athi road. We were actually on our way back when the Old Peugeot Station wagon Police car hit his siren behind us, spoke to us and placed us both with bicycles in the van to take back to School, this was around mid day.Well we were taken to Mr. James’s office, duly caned & taken home after School, Parents then spoke to us and in my case a leather belt was used!!  Next morning at assembly the Headmaster called us out to report to his office after assembly.  We actually thought another caning was on its way but no, we were told we could be expelled for the problems we had caused. Thankfully this did not happen but we were very much under scrutiny all the time.

Being very much involved in Sport, member of the Combined Schools Soccer Team, Rugby and athletics, my biggest competitor was Roy Car-Hartley. We were always out to better each other and my biggest disappointment was when I held the Javelin record and Roy beat me by about 6 inches. We used to love going swimming after school, with our tube of toothpaste, to have a hidden cigarette and then suck on the toothpaste to take the smell away.  My last two Years at Duko I used to travel on My Jawa motorbike and had many hair-raising experiences on the Straight to school having collided once with the Big Board giving tree growth height on the left side.After the Regiment I was transferred to Kampala Uganda with e my Company and met my wife Bunty Grant.We were married in 1960 & I was transferred to Jinja where “Touser” Peter Vesey Wells & I had many happy hours and experiences. In 1961 Bunty & I immigrated to Durban South Africa to start a new life with Rodney our Son who was born in Kampala. Pauline our lovely Daughter was born in Durban where we brought a house and I started work with Mobil Refinery. Bunty very sadly passed away at the age of 40 which was a very big shock to the three of us.

Rodney my son moved to USA, Pauline my Daughter to New Zealand then after I retired Ann my Partner & I also relocated to NZ where we are now. Ann Harrison & I became partners some 7 years after Bunty passed away. Ann was a long standing great friend of Bunty’s & our family basically grew up together. We have now been together for 18 Years. We owned & ran a retail food shop for 5 years and have now finally retired second time round for us both. I still have contact with some of my old school & Regiment watu which is great. Email  theateam33@ANTISPAMxtra.co.nz 15/1/11

1957 (Eliot) Gavin MacHutchin. Graduated from DoY in 1958, served in British (Gordon Highlanders) and Rhodesian Armies (Rhodesian Corps of Signals) , commissioned 1963, moved to USA at end of 1967 to attend college. BA Eastern Washington, BEd Univ of Puget Sound, MA Boston Univ. Taught Anthropology and African History at Boston Univ, Massachusetts College of Art, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Pierce College and Tacoma Community College. Retired in 1987 and started a new career teching in a Juvenile Detention Center in Tacoma. Married to Carole in Gwelo, Rhodesia 1965 3 children - Monica, born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia, 1966, a lawyer and mother of three in Sacremento, CA. Lachlan, born Spokane, WA, 1970, a teacher in Tacoma, and Iain, born Boston, MA, 1974, a computer engineer in Seattle, WA. E-mail gavincarole@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  30/8/02

1957 (Mitchell) Richard Susskind. Lives in North York, Ontario, Canada.

1957 (Kirk) Anthony Twohey "I came to DoY after Nairobi Primary school which I joined in 1947 and left in 1952 I left Kenya in 1960 and have been resident in the UK ever since except for 4 years in the USA (New York). I worked for Grindlays Bank, subsequently taken over by the ANZ Bank. I got married in 1969 and have three daughters. I retired in 1995." Email  aje-2e@ANTISPAMzen.co.uk  (Email updated 8/6/2008)

1957 (Delamere). Tim Barton. Lives in Dorset, UK. Email africanroots@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com  (2/1/02)

1957 (Thomson). Tim Cory. Lives in Melbourne. Email timothycory@ANTISPAMhotmail.com  (2/1/02)

1957 (Speke/Thomson). Max Faulkener. Lives in the UK. Email faulkner@ANTISPAMventura5.freeserve.co.uk (2/1/02

1957 (Kirk). Tim Sherwood. Lives in Melbourne, Victoria. Email lynnesherwood@ANTISPAMgmail.com  (Email updated 7/7/09)

1957 (Lugard) Julian Goodwin. "After leaving DOY he went over to UK for several years to study agriculture at Cirencester, returning to work in Kenya for an ICI subsiderary (I think it was called Cooper, MacDougal & Robertson). Married Susie Blundell and they started a business with her father Sir Michael. The marriage broke up around 1980 and the company eventually folded. Julian now works from Nairobi as a financial consultant for a French firm. His area of responsibility is just over the Tanzania border around Arusha & Moshi. I understand. He now (4/99) lives with his fiance Judy (forget her surname- ex Limuru Girls School) out at Karen. " (Lindsay Goodwin- brother)

1957 (Delamere) Simon Combes. At one time had a successful career in the Kenya Army, rising to the rank of major. Was a well-known wild life artist (which is not entirely surprising as he won the Senior Art prize in his last year at school) his work is much in demand in the US (and fetches high prices!). He also wrote two beautifully- illustrated books. December 20 2004 update:  "The news of the death in Kenya of the internationally recognised wildlife artist and Old Yorkist Simon Combes on 12 December 2004 will have shocked and saddened all who knew him. As reported on 16 December in the Daily Telegraph in England, Simon, with his second wife, Kat and a family friend Mary Wykstra, climbed Delamere's Nose, a stretch of land on the 68,000 acre nature reserve owned by Lord Hugh Delamere. They had stopped to admire the view when they were confronted by a buffalo which charged Simon, threw him to the ground and then ripped open his torso with its horns. He had to wait 2 hours for medical help to arrive (although local first aid arrived within 1 hour) and he died shortly before a helicopter could airlift him to hospital. Thanks to Robin Crosher and Colin Wilcock for passing on news of this tragic event and our sincere condolences go to members of Simon's family, who had already lost Simon's younger brother Rob in another freak accident some years ago. Those unfamiliar with Simon's life and work may like to view his website at www.simoncombesartist.com Among his original works on the site is a fine painting of a bull buffalo looking straight at the artist. Simon had entitled it "Menace".

1957 (Thomson/ Speke) "Lofty" Drews. Lives in Biddeston, Queensland. Of  "East African Safari" fame. Email manyatta@ANTISPAMozemail.com.au

1957  (Kirk) Peter Rozenkranz. Worked on his father's farm in Kenya until his return to England in 1969. Ran a holiday flats business in Bournemouth with his father. Now semi-retired and doing wood-turning for leisure and craft fairs.

1957 (Kirk) Luigi Nassimbeni. Having done an MSc at Rhodes, he is now Professor of Chemical Crystallography at the University of Cape Town. Email xrayluig@ANTISPAMpsipsy.uct.ac.za 

1957 (Delamere) Tony Roberts. Runs a pharmacy on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, Queensland. Also indulges in the horses. Email tandproberts@ANTISPAMbigpond.com

1957 (Thomson) Tony Bramwell. Lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland.Email tony.bramwell@ANTISPAMbigpond.com

1957 (Delamere) Mike Loveland. Lives Mundaring, Perth, W.A.

1957 (Mitchell) Barry Baines.  "Currently I live in Auckland but have a property up North at Matakohe. I have relocated a Chapel on the property and converted/added to it to make a home. I have planted Pimus Pinea or Pine Nut trees and am looking at other crops such as olives, avacadoes, custard apples etc. Matakohe can be found on the web if you are interested in the area. My younger brother Martin lives nearby and runs a
dairy farm. I have three children and four grand children and three step children. Martin has three children and three grand children. I started off as a QS but then marketing development for an engineering consultancy but wanted a change so am now senior mortgage underwriter. Used to travel through Sydney or Brisbane on the way to Indonesia but never got over to Perth

Update 10 December 2010: "I see that I was last updated in 2004. Things have changed a bit since then. I am now retired, or thought I was, and am developing an Olive Grove near Paparoa Northland New Zealand. We have 1150 trees and are producing olive oil, initially in small quantities. My e-mail address has now changed to barrybaines@ANTISPAMxtra.co.nz   PS Have you ever had any details from Tim Ellis Mitchell?.

1957 (Eliot) Keith Page-Sharp. Lives in Waroona, WA. Email  K_Pagesharp@ANTISPAMwestnet.com.au (3/1/08)

1957 (Eliot) Colin Cooper. After service in the Regiment he had a career in marketing and advertising taking him to London, Toronto and back eventually ending up in Norway where he married a Norwegian lass.  He spent the last 30 or so years in Oslo with his wife Inger and son Alexander and daughter Vibeke.   He also had two grand children. Colin died on the 10th June 2010 in Norway. In his maturer years he was involved in Golden Oldies Rugby but more recently suffered from emphysema and was on oxygen for much of the time and so for the last years was virtually housebound. Colin passed away with his family and his best friend at his bedside.His younger brother OY Robin has requested those who knew Colin to please raise a glass to him.

1957 (Delamere) Ken Langford- Smith. Was Headmaster of the Armidale School in New South Wales. Prior to this was Deputy Head at Guildford Grammar School in Perth, W.A. Has now founded his own school in NSW.

1957 (Kirk) H.A.D. (Tony) White. Born in Australia, family came to Kenya in 1946. Boarder at Nakuru School and Kenton College. After leaving the Duko (where he was known as "Duckling" after his brother Geoffrey "Duck" White) he studied medicine at Cambridge and later in Sydney. Served in the Australian Army for 5 years (including a year in Vietnam and 2 in Singapore). Now practises in Sydney, specialising in dermatology. Has a particular interest in third world medicine. Married to Doffy and they have 2 children. Lives in Randwick, Sydney. Brother of Geoff and cousin of Peter. Email awhite@ANTISPAMmail.usyd.edu.au

1957 (Lugard) Bill Payet . Killed in motor accident in early 60's.

1957 (Eliot) Graham Glover. Worked in communications field in UK and came to Australia in 1969. Married to Mary with 2 grown-up children.. Has just (in early2000) taken over an electronics business in Kalamunda, a suburb of Perth. Brother Terrence went to Princeo. Email kalatron@ANTISPAMbigpond.net.au  18/8/08

1957 (Speke) Peter Vesey-Wells. Worked in a Uganda Textile Mill until returning to England in 1965. Worked on development of small 4-seater hovercraft and then went into toolmaking before becoming a lecturer in mechanical engineering at Canterbury College. Early retirement forced him into the easy life! bowmanwells@ANTISPAMgmail.com  Updated 9/1/09

#1957 (Delamere) Roger Ballard. I arrived in New Zealand in 1958, and obtained diplomas in dairy and sheep farming at Massey College. I worked on sheep and dairy farms and married Catherine in 1962 (still the same one!). I bought my first dairy farm in 1966. I now own a grazing property in Hikurangi and grow flowers for export. I am now extensively involved in local body, agricultural, and floricultural politics. I am mad keen on diving (for crayfish/lobsters) and restoring vintage cars. I would be interested to hear from anyone with the same interests. Email ballardf@ANTISPAMihug.co.nz

1957 (Mitchell). Richard Sands . Lives in Sudbury, Suffolk. Brother of Dave (1955). Email rmsands_uk@ANTISPAMyahoo.com

1958 (Thomson) Mike Seddon. Used to live in Kampala and was a boarder  in Thomson House between 1953 to 1958. Returned to UK to start apprenticeship with English Electric, Rugby, and spent most of working life on power station construction in UK and overseas, including Venezuela, Mombasa, South Africa (a few times), South Korea, Philipines,, Cyprus, India etc. Only downside was Iran during the Shah's overthrow. Married to Carol with one son, a pro golfer working on the European Tour, I'm now retired and settled in Learmington Spa. Scanning through the bios, a few names spring to mind, Ron Peet, Lance Abel (sad news), Giovanni Sardelli, Tony Bramwell etc etc Email is mikeseddon@ANTISPAMtalktalk.net  6/6/14

1958 (Kirk) Mike Hughes. . From Dave Hughes: "My elder brother Michael (Mike) Hughes, Kirk 1958, passed away recently after a long illness where he battled against the combined onslaught of epilepsy, diabetes and thyroid cancer.  Although he lost the fight, he went out on his own terms.  Mike was also Kenya Regiment. He is survived by his Australian family - wife Paula, eldest son Evan, youngest son Brian and two grandchildren.  While his severe short term memory loss left him without the ability to communicate with past colleagues, his long term memory cells remembered lots of them.  I would appreciate if you could post his farewell to past colleagues on the site.  Brief background: After Mike left the DOY he farmed for a short while in Kenya before leaving  to take up farming in Western Australia .  After a brief spell in WA, Mike went east to New South Wales to complete his university entrance qualifications for the University of New England where he graduated in Rural Science. Mike went on to pursue a career in agricultural science and completed a Masters in Rural Science specialising in soils. He married Paula and settled in Northern NSW where they raised their family.  Mike died a few days before his 71st birthday.  A couple of days after Mike passed away, I received an email from Mike Destro, also ex Kirk and a good friend of Mike's.  After all those years, Mike Destro was looking for Mike Hughes and traced my contact details. A unique coincidence or something else?  6/12/12

1958 (Speke/ Thomson) Peter Clayden. Went to UK to qualify as a chartered accountan, moved to Canada in 1963 after qualifying. Currently retired and living close to Vancouver with my wife of 43 years, Elaine. Email pcclayden@ANTISPAMdccnet.com 4/9/2012

1958 (Mitchell) Gordon Alp Most of my career has been involved with teaching in independent schools, mostly in Johannesburg. I am married to Liz, nee Baerlein, ex-Huxley House , KHS, and Jinja, and sister of Penny.We have three "children", two of whom are in London and one is a leading litigation lawyer in Joburg at one of the largest legal firms in Africa.We have been blessed with four grandchildren, with another on the way. We have been fortunate in having been able to visit the UK quite regularly in order to visit family. We semi-retired a few years' ago to Umhlanga, just north of Durban. I am still teaching part-time and also coach Chess at various schools in the afternoons (and am getting beaten with increasing regularity by 12 year olds'!)

I would very much like to know the whereabouts of Adrian (Mouse) Waddington and Graeme (Tigger) Hurst, who were in Mitchell with me in the mid-fifties. E-mail address is gordliz@ANTISPAMdiscoverymail.co.za 8/1/2012

1958 (Speke) David Wilson. "David was in Speke and a School Prefect in 1959 although not Head of House (that honour belonged to Alex Koch who was also Head of School).   David was short in stature but punched above his weight in the sporting arena.  Because of his stature, he may have gone under the nickname of "Titch" while at school.  He was a remarkable sportsman appearing in the firsts for all major sports and winning school colours for all the sports which he represented the School in.   He certainly ended up in the Royal Navy.   What an unlucky way to go. Sadly in the modern era of the OY network (ie with the advent of the internet) David seemed to be off the radar.   I would like to know more about his life post Duko." Dave Lichtenstein 6/10/2011

1958 (Lugard). Ted Verrion " After leaving DOY I went to England to work on a farm as I was too young to go to Cirencester Agriculture College. Hated it and after a year as a beach photographer on Brighton sea front, Soho and Petticoat Lane in London, avoiding being made a "ward of court", I was finally caught and sent to Sussex University by an evil Uncle who was a Bank Manager. My claim to fame was I took the first photos of "Screaming Lord Such", Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies in Raymond's Revue Bar plus photos of Tommy Steele in the two eyes coffee bar!
After qualifying, I then spent the next 10 years flying around the world on Pan Am clipper and later Concorde, negotiating contracts to build steelworks, aluminium smelters and glass plants. By age 35 I was bored with the prospect of another 30 years in the same job, so quit and went to South Africa, where I've been for the past 30 odd years." Email tedverrion@hotmail.com  03/01/2011

1958  (Eliot) Tim Noad. "Just recently I was informed that Tim Noad had died.  Some years ago he had a nasty accident with a shotgun which blew half his face off.   There was also a reference to Tim have suffered from "demons".   I do however remember Tim from Duko days.   He was in Eliot from 1953-1958.   I also remember his older sister Sue who married John Morrison-Low (non OY) who used to sail at Lessos Dam and drive a Rolls-Royce.   Sue sadly did not live long being brought down by cancer.   Tim was among those OYs who chose to remain in Kenya.   After service in the Kenya Regiment Tim went onto Oxford studying Law at Worcester College.  He returned to Kenya - becoming a partner in one of Nairobi’s prominent legal firms."  Dave Lichtenstein Dec 2010.

1958 (Lugard) Peter Davies. "In 1948 my dad went out to Kenya to supervise the construction of a new school outside of Nairobi. A few years later the school  became affectionatly known as the Boma.  Joining dad about six months later, mom and I flew from Southampton to Lake Naivasha on one of the last BOAC flying boats. Eleven years later in 1960, I left Kenya to get some more education in the UK,  soon dropped out of college [ blame the Beatles] , and ended up in the Parachute Regiment. Wanting to live somewhere more vast, I transfered to the Royal Canadian Artillery and actually got to be a Captain,  flying around in a flimsy spotter plane.  After having enough of that I left the army, went to a University or two, and became a High School teacher, spending the next twenty years in the wilds of northern Canada.  Along the way spent a year with an NGO in West Africa/ Burkino Faso/ Upper Volta,  followed by another year in Zaire/Congo.  My wife and I , and three little kids, were evacuated from the Congo courtesy of French paras ,due to an inevitable civil war. Fortunately it was just before an outbreak of Ebola.   So now we all live on gorgeous Vancouver Island with the addition of two grand kids. My days are spent mostly oil painting and peddling old bicycles up and down steep hills,  just like we did in Kenya but without the odd puff adder." Email james_of_ngong@ANTISPAMhotmail.com 3/1/08

1958 (Mitchell) Alistair Cridland. Lives in Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, Aus. Works for the same organisation as Dave Lichtenstein. Email cridland@ANTISPAMhotmail.com  6/2/03

1958 David Moore (Delamere/ Eliot) "I was firstly in Delamere then Eliot, and I left in 1958. I am retired and
am living in Dorset, UK." Email
david.moore19@ANTISPAMntlworld.com  13/5/07

1958 (Delamere) Francis Keast. Lives in Gooseberry Hill,, a suburb of Perth. Email fm.creative@ANTISPAMtnet.com.au 23/7/08

1958 (Mitchell). Michael de Bromhead. Lives in Natal, South Africa. Had been in the RAF and served on Buccaneers. Email debromhead@ANTISPAMxsinet.co.za (2/1/02) Update 10/11/06 Mike passed away suddenly in Mooi River Natal on 7 November 2006. Survived by wife Diana, son Patrick and daughter Nicola.

1958 (Kirk). John Harman. Lives in the UK. Email johnharman@ANTISPAMcmcltd.demon.co.uk (2/1/02)

1958 (Lugard) Robin Hillyar. Took part in many East African Safaris Lives in East Sussex. Email robinhillyar@ANTISPAMlineone.net (13/6/02)

1958 (Thomson) Ron Peet. Lives in Tauranga, New Zealand. Email r-v.peet@ANTISPAMxtra.co.nz 13/6/02

1958 (Mitchell) Gerald Susskind. Lives in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Email gsventure@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 13/6/02

1958 (Mitchell) Rob Alp. "After Kenya Reg in '61 went to London to study Journalism in '63 and have been a journo ever since. Have lived and worked in Durban, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and Borneo as well as the U.K. Married with one son who is a doctor (cardiologist) in Oxford. Just spent seven years in Cape Town as Managing Editor of a travel magazine but currently in West Sussex where wife's aged parents live. Plans to return to the Cape - or Aussie - eventually. Been back to Kenya a few times but both the school and the entire country are increasingly depressing each time! Email JRBAlp@ANTISPAMaol.com

Update from Richard Tredget January 2015:    "I received the very sad news the day before yesterday to say Robin had passed away last Thursday from a rare Neurological Myopathy. he had been ill for sometime and Trisha his wife said for the past few months they lived in silence, he could no longer, walk, speak or eat. Quite horrible as the Alps and Tredgets came out at the same time 1947. His father Bill an Architect with the PWD and my Dad a Building Supervisor. As families we stuck together until Dad was transferred to Nakuru in 1951.  His 2 older brothers, David I think lives in the USA and Gordon in South Africa. The families were very close, fortunately Robin and I same vintage so we followed each other through school and kept in touch all these years"

1958 (Kirk). Roger Hemmings. Lives in the Thika, Kenya Email hemmings@ANTISPAMafricaonline.co.ke (2/1/02)

1958 (Delamere). Neil McCormick. Lives in South Africa. Email 132ANM@ANTISPAMWITSVMB.WITS.AC.ZA (2/1/02)

1958 (Mitchell). Tony Monkhouse. Lived in Kericho but passed away from cancer. Thanks to Tony Chetham for passing on the sad news.. Email monkhouse@ANTISPAMnet2000ke.com (5/10/2015)

1958 (Delamere/Eliot). Daniel Paterson. Lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Email drurap@myaccess.com.au Updated (2/1/04)

1958 (Delamere) Peter Hancox. I was a prefect in Delamere with Mr Spencer (BDS) as the housemaster at the time. I joined the RAF and have had a career in aviation. I was saddened to read about your visit in 1999 and to hear of the state of the school now. I am very keen to join any OY societies and to attend  re-unions where ever they are. I am particularly keen to locate the three other Delamare friends of mine who climbed Kilamanjaro with me in 1957.: Gerald Hutton, Mike Loveland and  Gordon Smith we got an expedition together and carried our own gear!!! with a guide to whom I remember we paid 100/- Also have you heard any news of 'Curly' McPherson he was a year behind me?? Thanks again for a great service to the OYs. Please publish my email address and address on your page I will be delighted to hear from anyone from Delamere of my ilk  Email phancox@ANTISPMmsn.com Updated 28/1/07

1958 (Speke) Paul Miller. Lives in Umtentweni, KwaZulu-Natal, 4235, South Africa He is an auctioneer and advises me that his Speke and Hill School contemporary Neil Ellwell died of a heart attack in 1996. (Dave L)

1958 ( Kirk) Gordon Scott. I am now an about to retire geography/history high school teacher in Vancouver Canada and I would really like to reconnect with many of my friends of those years.Unfortunately I dont have a great academic record at "Duko"(I was politely asked "not to come back" by Mr.James) but I still retain many happy memories of those halcyon days. Hope to hear from some of those bygone friends,e.g.Giovanni Sardelli, Mike Smith, Doug Neal, Peter Sinclair,"Flip" Hemmings, Billy Heaver, Pers Christasen (apart from Sardelli all are Kirk House) Updated Email (12/4/04)  gorscott@ANTISPAMshaw.ca

#1958 (Delamere) Dr Duncan Cameron. Lives in St Leonard's, East Sussex.I went into medicine and spent 1972 working in a hospital in Fort Portal, Uganda. I now have a General Practice in E. Sussex. I married Eileen in 1971 and we have three children, all almost independent of us. Our elder daughter is teaching at Latymer, North London. Our younger daughter is doing an Art Foundation course in Brighton. Our son is pursuing business studies. I would be happy to have news of contemporaries of mine at the DOY. Email duncan_1066@ANTISPAMyahoo.com Updated 18/1/09

1958 (Thomson). H.K. "Happy" Von Kauffman. After leaving the Duko, he joined the Plateau Wattle Company which later became the E.A. Tanning Extract Co Ltd (EATEC) of which he became managing director under Lonrho (Tiny Rowlands, no less!!) a post he held for quite a number of years.  His e-m address is vonk@ANTISPAMnet2000ke.com  (Dave L.)

1958  (Mitchell) Clive Knight. "I've been back in the UK for 30 years - tried to escape on numerous
occasions without success - and now live on the edge of the Exmoor National Park on the Devon and Somerset border - countryside as close I can get to EA, but sadly not the weather. I am now semi-retired, but keep myself busy with some consultancy work in between shooting, fishing and learning to fly. I have two married sons and one granddaughter, so the mwakas are starting to pile up!"
Email clive@ANTISPAMknightassociates.co.uk

#1958 (Lugard) John Anderson. Lives in Southwest London. Married to Joan.

#1958 (Delamere) Mike Amos. Lived in London, Massachusetts but returned to Kenya for the last two years of his life. In his 2007 Siku Kuu greetings, Dave Lichtenstein wrote: "The year had barely begun when news came in the Mike "Minnie" Amos (Delamere 1954-58) had passed away.   Mike lost his battle with cancer round about Christmas 2006.   He would be remembered well by junior boys of my era being a House Prefect of Junior House and nearly everyone else during my time and earlier as the man with the golden trumpet.  He was a founding member of the School Dance Band.   Nearly everyone then would remember his renditions such standards as "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" and "Oh Mein Papa".  Up until the last two years of his life when he lived in the States, Mike was still part of that dwindling group of Yorkists residing in Kenya. 3/1/2008

1958 (Thomson) Bill Chapman. Is an accountant in Sydney. Email wchapman@ANTISPAMnsw.bigpond.net.au

1958 (Thomson) John Gledhill. Lives in Stoneville, Perth WA Email heathergledhill@hotmail.com 

1958 (Speke) Iain Holder. Is a commercial pilot living in Northern Queensland, flying all over Queensland. Email indomac@ANTISPAMcyberwizards.com.au

1958 (Eliot) George Page-Sharp. Keith’s younger brother passed away on 26 March 2006.

#1958 (Speke/ Thomson) Brian Brent. Lives in Henley-on-Thames, Oxon. Is a civil engineer and travals widely. Email bbrent@ANTISPAMcompuserve.com

1958 (Eliot) Keith Davies. Chartered accountant. Lives in Bognor Regis, UK. Brother of Roger (see above).

1958  (House?) Patrick Alistair Tindal-Davies. Lives in York, W.A. and works as a paramedic. His wife Trish tells me that he lived in Eldoret and was friends with the Tweedies and a guy called John Haywood(?).

1958 (Mitchell) Andy Blackburn. Lives in Gin Gin, Queensland. Dave Lichtenstein writes in his 2008 Christmas barua: "Andy was in Mitchell and left the Duko in 1958.   He was married to Lorna Sands (sister to the two Sands brothers who had attended the DOYS).   Andy lived on a shamba in Gin Gin, Queensland and I recall phoning him when I first compiled the Oz OY data base.'  18/1/09 

1958 (Lugard). Roger Williams After spending 5 years in Wales he returned to Kenya in 1964 as a valuer with the Land Department. Migrated to WA in 1970 and joined the Valuer Generals Office and appointed Valuer General of WA in 1992. Is retiring in August 2000. Currently lives at 17 Statham St, Glen Forrest.Was married and has a son and daughter.Update Aug 2010. Enjoying retirement and doing a lot of caravanning with partner Mary. Email rogerfw2@bigpond.com

1958 (Thomson/Eliot) Michael Manus After Duko worked in accountancy in Nairobi and then KBS (later VOK). Then joined Shell as programmer until leaving Kenya in 1974. Married to Rosemary and has 3 kids and is now a grandfather. Sister is Jill Manus (ex Boma). Now works as programmer in Perth W.A. Email address: manus@ANTISPAMtpg.com.au   18/2/02

1958 (Delamere) Gerald Hutton. " Live in Nedlands, a suburb of Perth. Came to Australia in 68, having done agriculture and agricultural engineering. Spent a lot of my time with a multi national, Rhone Poulenc on the ag side. They sent me back to Kenya for 10 years, where I looked after 11 countries for them, and we started a church for our tribe. We came back here a  year ago and now live in Perth. I have a wife, Penny nee Bransgrove, who I met at Limuru girls school, and 3 kids and one grandson, all in Australia. " E-mail alphawa@ANTISPAMbigpond.net.au 20/3/06 update: Gerald and Penny have moved to a property at Yallingup in the south west of WA

1958 (Kirk) Robin Crosher. After leaving school I did 6 months basic training at the Kenya Reg Training Centre near Nakuru.  In Aug 1959 I started an engineering sandwich course based in Rugby, UK, leading to a London University BSc degree in electrical engineering.  Working for various companies I started in design then progressed into applications engineering before moving into sales engineering.  19 years spent selling various company’s test and measurement equipment from large automatic test systems down to hand-held digital meters.

During this time I married Mary in 1967.  We have 3 sons, Andrew, Ian and Matthew.  Now (2009) they are all married with children of their own – presently we have 4 grandchildren with a 5th expected in March 2009.  Ian and Matthew decided they preferred living in Cumbria to Hertfordshire so we travel there quite frequently.  We have an allotment (shamba) where we grow much of our own fruit and veg and I am also involved with local community work.  Over the years we have visited Kenya a number of times so that my family can sense the life and times that I frequently talk about – the watu, safariing to see the wild life, beautiful beaches and snorkling etc.

In 1986 I joined the UK Civil Service to work for the Dept of Trade and Industry (now called DERR).  I spent 5 years working in the International Section of the National Weights and Measures Lab in Teddington then a further 11 years in the central London HQ promoting new technologies to UK businesses.   I had to retire from the Civil Service at 60 but had had my employment extended for another 15 months as no suitable replacement could be found.  But eventually I was required to leave (Rules is rules!) and so I tried my hand at consultancy for a couple of years.  Jan 2004 saw me start a new job, 2½ days a week, helping a local charity with their back-office work at peanuts pay.  But in 2008 I was made redundant (project ceased) and so I now consider I have reached my retirement years! Email: robin.crosher@ANTISPAMntlworld.com    Tel. +44 (0)1923 856993. Robin  lives in Radlett, Herts. Brother, John, also ex Duko/Kirk - see separate entry 1960.Updated 9/2/08

1958 (Delamere) Mike O'Brian Worked for Shell , then came to W.A. Now involved in herbal medicine business. Lives in Mandurah, 70 km south of Perth. Email address: mimad@ANTISPAMsouthwest.com.au

1958 (Thomson). John Tucker. Lives in UK. Brother of Anthony (see above). Organised the 50th anniversary celebrations in UK (25 June '99) and the 2009 reunion with Ken Doig. Email pukkatuck@ANTISPAMgmail.com 2/5/09

1958 (Eliot) John Moore. Married to Anna (nee Street). Works in the IT department at Vosper Thorneycroft in Southampton as a project manager on the co's purchasing, manufacturing and GL systems. Lives in Bishops Waltham, Hants. Email jonxmor4@ANTISPAMyahoo.com

1958 (Speke) Jeremy MacKenzie.. One of our most distinguished Old Yorkists, he is now General Sir Jeremy MacKenzie and was  Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. In 97-98 he was Aide-de-Campe General to the Queen.Email  mackenzie51@ANTISPAMcompuserve.com

#1958 (Kirk) Richard Barbour. Used to live in Albany, W.A. - about 400 kms from Perth. Ran a sports centre for some years and was sole proprietor of Albany Fine Flooring which specialised in timber, parquetry and cork flooring  However Africa called and Richard and his wife .Jean Ann left for Tanzania to start a game enterprise. Their son is a doctor in Tanzania. Update 2/5/09 Email jeanann@ANTISPAMsanctuary-tz.com

1958 (Mitchell) Alan Reader.  Update January 2006: "My wife and I and our three boys moved to New Zealand from Australia in early 1976 and settled in Plimmerton about 30 km north of Wellington. In 1977 twin girls were born so we then had a family with two Aussies, one Scot and two New Zealanders.In 1980 we went to Jakarta in Indonesia for three years and then back to New Zealand where after a couple of jobs with construction companies I started a project management consultancy. The contract with the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission lasted more than eight years until in early 2003 I took up an assignment in Bhutan as a VSA volunteer.

I have been living and working in Phuentsholing, a town on the southern border with India, helping to train the Bhutanese structural engineer in the Phuentsholing City Corporation. My wife Joan has been working in a local primary school helping out in the nursery class. As well as a bit of trekking in the Himalayas and seeing some of the sights here we have also taken the opportunity to visit Darjeeling, Rajastan and
Kerala in India.

Our time here will end in September 2006 and after a period back home, we may do more volunteering in other parts of the world - even in Africa.

As for our family, our eldest son is in the Australian Navy working with the Seasprite helicopters, our second son is in business in Jakarta, our third son is working for Morgan and Stanley in London, one of our twins is in Edinburgh working for a recruitment consultancy and the other is in New Zealand working for Dance Aotearoa New Zealand.
Email address: alanandjoan@ANTISPAMdruknet.bt   26/1/06

1958 (Thomson) John Greathead. Lives Albany W.A. Email johngreathead@bigpond.com 17/2/09

1958(Lugard) Richard Tredget Mandurah, W.A.  "Prior to leaving the school I wanted to become a professional photographer, but only after 32 years in the Building Industry was I finally involved in Photography. The first 10 years after school were in UK and included 5 years training as a Builders Quantity Surveyor with John Mowlem &Co., marriage to Pam in 1965 and our son Ian born in 1968.  The following 10 years were in South Africa, emigrating to Port Elizabeth in 1969 where we spent 2 years, and Jane was born there in 1970. After 2 years we went to George where I was the regional manager of the company.  We had five wonderful years there in the heart of the Garden Route, and Anne was born in 1974 completing our family.  The next move was to Kimberley in 1976 which was necessary but as it turned out, not very beneficial on the health side.  The climate and very heavy workload resulted in the return of my asthma and associated problems.  In 1979 after much deliberation, we felt it might be a good time to see Australia. My brother Chris, ( Lugard 1955 ) had come here straight from Kenya in 1961. Sadly his smoking,( which he learnt in the bundu!) finally caught up with him, lung cancer was diagnosed in 1993 and he passed away in 1994.We had an extremely warm reception in Perth by the locals and settled in Floreat Park, where we very soon were involved in the local sports scene, of cricket, hockey, tennis, netball and gymnastics for the girls. Pam, a Physiotherapist, was also able to find a suitable post working only during the school terms.  Eight years in the Building Industry in Australia was enough, and I finally got into the business I really wanted and opened a Camera and Photo business in the area. It was both a successful and enjoyable business and in 2000 we sold it and retired to Mandurah, 75 kms south of Perth.

The three children are happily married and to date have five children between them. Ian and his family are in Perth so we see them regularly. The girls and their families are both in Sydney at present, which means a rather longer trip.  In retirement we enjoy time spent with them all whenever possible, and also playing on the lovely golf course opposite our home.

. I thoroughly enjoy keeping in touch with Old Yorkists and with help from Andrew Hillier, Mike Goble- Garratt and David Lichtenstein we have held regular reunions on both sides of this vast land. I was delighted also to have been able to help Peter Doenhoff, Speke 1956 and former teacher, with the sales of his Potted History about the school, incidently a very good read. Old Yorkists in the Asia Pacific Region may contact me for a copy. It has enabled me to keep in contact with Old Boys from many parts of the world." Email  richpam.1@ANTISPAMbigpond.com Updated 25/8/10 (note: there is a full stop between "richpam" and "1"

1958 (Delamere) Simon Keast. Lives Albany, W.A. Business associate of John Greathead. Twin brother Francis also lives in Albany. Involved with the Tuskers, a veterans rugby team.Email skeast@ANTISPAMwestnet.com.au  Updated 17/2/09

1958 (Speke). Larry Neil. Runs a small import-export business in South Africa and Swaziland, servicing sugar mills with hardware etc. Married to Valerie.

1959 (Kirk) Mike Destro "After Kenya Regiment duties in 1960, followed by a few months work in Nairobi, I moved to England, where I lived in Dorset and London for a total of 8 years.  I immigrated to the USA in 1969 and have lived in Atlanta, Georgia ever since.  I have a lovely wife of almost 43 years, a beautiful daughter and handsome son.   In addition to obtaining an American baccalaureate degree, I also enjoyed a 37-year career, with its many challenges and rewards, in the commercial real estate industry, from which I retired soon after turning 69. 


Naturally, I miss the life I had in Kenya, but feel fortunate to have been back many times and that I still remain connected to the country through an aunt and several cousins.  The Destro family has been living continuously in Kenya for over 105 years. 

Atlanta is a fairly large and modern city, with a mild climate. It is situated about a six-hour drive from Florida’s beaches and less than an hour from lakes, trout streams and mountains.  in Atlanta, one can actually buy genuine, bottled in Kenya, Tusker Lager.  Hope you are able to visit one day.  Email me at mddestro@ANTISPAMgmail.com 20/11/12


1959 (Lugard) Christopher John Morris "After leaving school I became a clerk at Angus Laurie, Jeremy and Co (accountants) in Nairobi but, being unable to settle down there, joined the British South Africa Police in what was then Southern Rhodesia in 1962, serving for 20 years, through the political and armed conflicts of that age, and finally taking early retirement in 1982 with the rank of Superintendent.  After that I moved to South Africa, taking up employment in the mining industry with an affiliate company of the South African Chamber of Mines, and through that employment, being posted to Swaziland and Botswana for 8 of the 20 years I served, finally retiring at the end of 2000 as Manager of the Company’s Internal Audit Division.  >From there I continued to work for the same Company in a temporary position as manager of a private rest camp within the Kruger National Park.  For the past 8 years I have been living in a retirement village in Natal, South Africa.  I met my wife, Betty, in 1965 when she came out to Southern Rhodesia on a one year’s nursing contract.  We were married in 1966 and have three children; two boys and a girl.  The 2 boys are currently living in Australia and our daughter is now a citizen of New Zealand.  We are currently in the throes of applying to the New Zealand Government for an Immigrants Visa.  Although I was not a model student at DOY I have very fond memories of my time there.  My brother Michael, who was also a student at DOY from 1955-1958, passed away in 2008, after a long illness. Email tumper@ANTISPAMtelkomsa.net  20/11/12

1959 (Lugard) Michael Herbert.(1942-1994) Contacted by his brother Brian Herbert in November 2011, to include this entry about Michael. Brian attended Delamere Boys School in Nairobi and not the DOY. More information on Michael can be found on Brian's web site www.brianherbert.co.uk

1959 (Mitchell) Robin Tilney. The obituary from the Times, January 26th 2012:

Robin Stenhouse Tilney - a great man, loving father, recent grandfather, inspiring businessman and great friend to many. Cruelly taken from us on 5th January 2012, aged 70. Born and schooled in Kenya, Robin was a partner of Deloitte Haskins & Sells and then established his own successful accountancy firm in his adopted country of Botswana. A champion yachtsman and racing driver, he will be fondly remembered for his gentle nature, sharp mind, dry sense of humour and unwavering loyalty. Sorely missed by many, he was a true ambassador of goodwill. Memorial will be held at Gaborone Yacht Club, Botswana on Friday 27th January at 4pm with a further memorial to be held in the UK at a later date. Donations to the SOS Children's Village Botswana.

1959 (Speke) Colin Tanner-Tremaine is General Manager of IAC-SA in Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa. Married with two daughters, one son and two grandchildren, all in South Africa. See entry for his brother Paul (1963).

1959 (Eliot) Jon Shorrock "Went for R.c.b, at Westbury, offered short service commission through Mons, declined, returned to Kenya, worked for Hughes /Ford, got called up into last conscription into Kenya Regiment, left Kenya in 1963, came to South Coast U,K, worked in Chichester still in motor trade, met a fab bird, got married to her (still am after 44 years and she still fab bird), had a daughter, emmigrated to South Africa in 1966, had another daughter, returned U.K. in 1973, joined Datsun Cars, owned 2 dealerships, had health problems 1966, eventually ended up at Hanger Motors in Leicester (large Ford Dealership) as Managing Director. Left on 40th birthday 1982,went to Saudi Arabia, set up Mitsubishi Fuso (heavy truck) franchise, returned u.k 1983, bought a Hotel and Pub, then another, sold out in 1992, moved to existing, which is 4 star Bed and Breakfast as well as small touring caravan park www.derwent-house.co.uk, here in Climping, near Worthing. In meantime also went into Fishing with a Charter boat and a Trawler.Email jon.shorrock@ANTISPAMsky.com  18/1/09

1959 John "Joss" Jocelyn Grimwood. (Thomson) Thanks to Ron Bullock for finding this on the internet:

From Coastweek, 2002 - - Well-known and respected mariner, John 'Joss' Jocelyn Grimwood passed away during the evening of 1st July 2000 after an illness bravely borne. Brave was perhaps a bye word for Joss. Schooled at Nakuru Primary School and the 'Duke of York' (Lenana) Nairobi, Joss decided whilst he was still a lad that he wanted the life of a mariner. Perhaps being born in 1941 when sub-marine warfare and convoys running the gauntlet had something to do with it. He completed his schooling and then joined British India lines as a Cadet in the early 60’s where during which time he was commended for "his act of self disregard and heroism in saving the lives of over 25 passengers" onboard a vessel which had caught fire off Dubai in 1961. He then spent several years based in Southampton sailing with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, where he was one of the youngest First Offficers in the Service. Later on, and with four gold stripes on each shoulder he took command in Mombasa of various ‘Southern Line’ vessels, and quickly earned a reputation of being able to shave a day or two off the voyage between ports taking full advantage of the various currents close in. After leaving Southern Lines, Joss joined the Tanzania Harbours Authority as Harbour Master Dar es Salaam and later the Kenya Ports Authority as Pilot in Kilindini. At this time he was a member of the Mombasa Yacht Club, and together with his wife Sue, weekends would see him out working on their family plot in the Shimba Hills. He then joined Murri International, the locally based salvage company and took command of the “Bison 1” the most powerful salvage tug in these waters at the time participating in a number of salvages. The more notable perhaps is being that of the “Ariadne” at Mogadishu in 1986. A brief stint ashore with McLarens Toplis followed, but Joss was like a fish out of water. Then came the debacle which continues in Somalia, Joss ‘head hunted’ by the Military Sealift Command during 'Operation Hope' (Somalia 1992) for his vast experience in these waters, was appointed Chief Civilian Pilot and accorded Naval Officer status at Mogadishu during the operations there. That came to an end, and Joss then took over command of the “Winston Churchill” an ex motor yacht of the Brethren of Trinity Lighthouses. Cadet no longer, though he’ll forever remain a hero in his family’s eyes. 

To paraphrase Ecclesiates 1:7 

'All the mariners run into the sea; 
yet the sea is not full; 
unto the place from whence mariners come; 
thither they return again.'

Sincere condolences to Sue now living in U.K. and sons Richard (a Major with the Royal Artillery) and Simon (a talented glass blower in Bristol).

1959 (Mitchell/ Eliot/ Speke) Roger Carman.  During my stay at DoY the Post Office moved us around - we lived in Nairobi, Hurlingham Road, then in Mombasa and then back to Nairobi. When I left  I did my stint at the KRTC, Nakuru before leaving Kenya to go to university in Cardiff where I gained a 2.1 in Electrical Engineering. My degree led me to take a job with Decca Radar Research Labs in Walton-on-Thames, where I stayed for 8 years during which time I married a Scots girl from Inverness.  My boss, Mike Moran, at Decca left and went up to Scotland and formed a partnership with another guy from Ferranti.  The two of them formed a company called Microwave and Electronic Systems Ltd (MESL for short).  I heard from Mike that he was looking for engineers so I phoned him.  Response "When can you start?"  I stayed with MESL until I took early retirement in June 2000.  Meanwhile MESL was taken over by Racal Electronics PLC to become Racal-MESL Ltd and latterly Racal was taken over by Thomson-CSF of France.  MESL is now Thales-MESL Ltd. I am now a Priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church.  I studied for the church for four years before I retired from microwave electronics in 2000.  Now I am one of a team of four in St James' Church, Dollar, Clackmannanshire.  Our Rector is about to retire leaving the three of us, all non-stipendiary (that means unpaid) to hold the fort until a new man can be found to fill the vacancy.  22/10/06  Update 5/11/06 Having written this barely two weeks ago I now hear from Dave Lichtenstein that Roger passed away on 8 October. Dave was following up on "bounced" emails and was told the sad news by Roger's wife.

1959 (Eliot) John Steel. Thanks to Maureen Keast for letting us know that John and Christina have now returned to Perth permanently. They live in South Perth and their email is jsteeloz@ANTISPAMoptusnet.com.au Updated 20/2/09

1959 (Lugard) DM Bassett. Left DOY and joined Hogg Robinson in Nairobi the start of 42 years in the Insurance Broking/Risk Management industry, 27 of which were with Minet/Aon. Worked in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana, South Africa and finally London, as Chairman  Aon Africa . Retired in 2001. Married to Denise (nee Harbottle) we have two daughters, a son and 5 grandchildren. Live between Tonbridge Kent and Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape. Retain some consultancy interests and regularly visit South Africa, Botswana and Kenya (nothing beats Watamu!). Regularly see old Lugardians Mark Steed and Robin Hillyar.    E-mail -  dbass75647@ANTISPAMaol.com 12/11/05

1959 (Thomson) Colin Kidner. "Eventually landed up in the UK and got a short service commission in the Royal Engineers. I served three years in a Corps Engineer Regiment at Osnabruk in Germany. Then worked as a site engineer for a Civil Engineering company before becoming a science teacher and finished at a comprehensive school in Epping before retiring in 1999. I now work part time for a Behavioural Optometrist as a Vision Therapist to get enough money to support my paragliding activities. Email: masuri@ANTISPAMcpkidner.eclipse.co.uk   24/4/05

1959 (Lugard) Murray Sinclair. Murray is a Senior Lecturer in Loughborough University, "looking forward to retirement.  Married a second time; now has 4 boys to tend to my declining years (perhaps!!).  One is a banker, not given to hand-outs to his poor old Dad; another is an IT specialist, not given to fixing my computers, and the other two are just starting school.  It's an expensive way of keeping young."  Email is M.A.Sinclair@ANTISPAMlboro.ac.uk (24/1/04)

1959 (Kirk) Peter Scott Ken Tarplee writes to Dave L: "Also living in Gilgil opposite Ken is Peter Scott who was the boss man for our Tea Operations in Nandi Hills has retired to Gilgil and has a plot almost opposite mine."  Peter's e-mail address is:  pst4two@ANTISPAMkenyaweb.com

1959 (Lugard) Mike (Mick) Herbert. From Dave L: " .  I have gone through my Yorkist Magazines and noticed M.G.R.  Herbert who was in Lugard 1956-1959.  In a later Magazine it is mentioned that he was a Sales Rep for
Dymo Typewriters with S & O Supplies in Nairobi, after three years with Shell and one year running a restaurant, both in the UK.  I presume that his sister also went to school in Kenya."

1959 (Delamere) Roy Cottington. "Following completion of my National Service in Kenya I came to the UK in January 1962 and joined the Met Police in London. I retired 30 years later as a superintendent having served in various locations in London. I am now semi -retired and am an Ofsted Lay School Inspector - (I am sure Dominic Spencer would have been proud of me!!!) I live in Newdigate - Nr Gatwick Airport - still have a daughter at home the others have flow the nest" Email .roy.cottington@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com   13/1/03

1959 (Lugard) Herman Niemeyer. Now living in the UK, having left Zimbabwe. Email inaherman@ANTISPAMgmail.com Updated 3/5/07

1959 (Delamere) Robert Atkins. "I went to DOYS (Delamere) from 1955 to 1959 before going to Canada. After 25 years there I came to England (Somerset) from where I work overseas in petrochemical construction. I am currently in Nigeria. I was pleasantly surprised at the long list of OYs, but mildly saddened not to find the name of one classmate with whom I would like to re-establish contact after all these years. He is John Edward Harber. After 40 years it may be unlikely that I will track him down, but certainly your OldYorkist website presents a good possibility. 'Pegleg' Spencer lives just a couple of miles from me although I haven't seen him for a couple of years. When I did see him, I was amazed how kind the intervening years had been to him. He looked just as I remembered him." Email   robert.atkins2@ANTISPAMvirgin.net  9/5/02

1959 Martin Taylor (Delamere)  Martin arrived in Sydney Australia in May 1962. Eight months later he went to Papua New Guinea and became a Plantation Manager on a Copra, Cocoa and Oil Palm Plantation near Talasea on New Britain. He returned to Australia three years later, married and began work as a Field Rep in Bundaberg Queensland selling agricultural herbicides for Ciba-Geigy. He then returned to Sydney to work in the Animal Health industry as Product Development Manager with William Cooper and Nephews and four years later moved to Merck Sharpe & Dohme Animal Health Division as Advertising Manager. He then developed an interest in the film industry and for six years was Writer/Director/Producer for Corporate Film and Television Productions P/L, producing almost 80 hours of industrial documentaries. He then moved back into advertising, opening a small agency in Sydney in 1978. In 1992 he moved to the Kiama hinterland on the New South Wales South Coast and broadened his business into the Marketing Services Agency it has become today.

He has 2 children from 2 separate relationships, a daughter Sonja living in Noosa with her husband and 2 children and a son in his final year at Primary School.

Martin is a keen golfer and enjoys sailing, skiing and entertaining. He recently decided to learn to fly and is now rapidly moving toward his Private Pilot's Licence. Email martin@ANTISPAMthemainartery.com.au 
Updated 31 March 2006

1959 (Mitchell). Ian Ace. Lives in the Western Cape in South Africa.. Email ace_private@ANTISPAMfreemail.absa.co.za  2/1/02)

1959 (Speke) Amory Borwick. Lives in the Western Cape in South Africa. Email amoryb@ANTISPAMintekom.co.za  (2/1/02)

1959 (Delamere) Stephen Cridland. Lives in the Western Cape in South Africa. Email scridlan@ANTISPAMuctgsh1.uct.ac.za   (2/1/02)

1959 (Delamere) Geoff Kent. Lives in the Florida, USA. The Kent in Abercrombie and Kent - up-market safari tours. Email gkent@ANTISPAMabercrombiekent.com (2/1/02)

1959 (Eliot) Robert Notley. Lived in the Western Cape, South Africa. Passed away in 2003

1959 (Eliot) Andrew Ross-Munro. Lives in the Western Cape, South Africa. Email arm@ANTISPAMiafrica.com   (2/1/02)

1959 (Thomson) Peter Singleton. " I am married with one son and I live in the UK in the Hampshire countryside a couple of miles from the New Forest National Park.  For the past 20 years I have been running my own Business Advisory/Training Company covering the South of England, although these days I try not to work more than one day a week!   My son, daughter in law and two grandchildren live in Sheffield so we spend a lot of time in the Peak District National Park hill walking although now, after knee replacement operations on both my knees, I find the going a bit tough these days but I still refuse to hang up my boots. Email address  itssingleton@ANTISPAMaol.com Updated 6/12/2012

1959 (Delamere) Keith Wilson. Lives in the UK. Email diana.wilson@ANTISPAMtalk21.com (2/1/02)

1959 (Eliot) Alan Clough. Is a freelance broadcaster having worked for 33 years with British Forces Broadcasting Service having started with them at the FBS radio station in Kabete. Left Kenya in 1966 and joined Forces Radio in Libya and travelled on to Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta, Cologne Germany, Berlin and the Falklands. Now lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Email address: aclough@ANTISPAMclara.co.uk

1959 (Mitchell) Antony Humphris  "I left for the UK in 1959. I now live in Durban South Africa, I married Rosaleen Higgins from Kericho in 1964 and we have four children now grown up and scattered thro the world. Update 22 July 2015. Antony and Rosaleen are coming to the end of their 12 month visa staying in Australia. We have been in touch regularly and will be meeting up before their return to SA.Email humphrisar@gmail.com

1959 (Kirk) David (Charlie) Barnes. He writes to Dave Lichtenstein: "My brother Richard (also Kirk) went to Oz in 1967/8, living first in Sydney, then Canberra and for the last 10 years or so in Brisbane and is on his second marriage. I removed to the UK and became a journalist working for provincial weekly and evening papers, then moved to Johannesburg, working as a journalist and later in public relations. Since 1980, I've lived in the States in NYC and upstate NY where I live now (in very rural Columbia County, about 110 miles north of NYC. But guess what? I'm thinking of a move to Oz: the winters are damn cold.....It's been very pleasant looking through the various Kenya web pages - remembering some names but there are lots of missing people, as can be expected I suppose given that everybody scattered to the far ends of the earth. You seem to be making a stalwart effort and I congratulate you." Update 8/3/05. Sadly Charlie never made it to Oz. He died from a heart attack on 3 March 2005 in Del Ray, Florida where at least he enjoyed 3 years in the sunshine. Many thanks to his friend Le Anne Schreiber for informing me.

1959 (Kirk) Dougie Neal. Dave Lichtenstein writes: "At school he was a brilliant athlete and swimmer, representing the school in virtually everything sporting.   He had shown this sporting promise earlier at the Hill School, Eldoret which he attended as a Uganda lad living in Jinja.and I certainly remember Douggie from both schools.   Subsequently I never managed to pick up Douggie in either school networks.   And it was left to a Rhodesian/Zimbabwean friend of his living in exile in France to fill in the gaps as follows:

After the Duko, Douggie went to Seal-Hayne Agricultural College in the UK where he qualified with a  diploma in agricultural engineering.  He returned to Kenya where he managed farms in Molo and Rongai while playing rugby for Nakuru Athletic Club.   After that he worked for Socfinaf on a coffee farm near Thika and later still worked at Nanyuki.  In about 1971 he immigrated to Rhodesia and worked for Umboe Rural Council as their mechanic on heavy Caterpillar road machinery.  He married Colleen in Rhodesia and they moved to Durban, South Africa where he was the mechanic for a transport firm. They then moved to Swaziland where he was in charge of Tate and Lyle central workshops.  He was promoted to General Manager but some time later had a heart attack. Tate and Lyle retired him and they bought a house at Marina Beach in Natal. Tate and Lyle used him as a trouble shooter if any of their estates had serious problems with their machinery.  In that role he spent a year or two in Malawi and Beira, Mozambique where Tate and Lyle were consultants for the huge sugar estate.  He then retired fully living at Marina's Beach where Colleen's children from her first marriage lived and worked.  I estimate that when Doug passed away in late August 2010 he was only a young 67 years old.

1959 (Thomson) Dave Chester. Lives in Tiverton, Devon. Married to Bev. Email davidchester@ANTISPAMglobalnet.co.uk (6/2/03- new email). Update 27/10/07. Dave has sent me photos of Thomson House students and the Thomson rugger team 1959. Let me know if you would like a copy.

1959 (Kirk) J. Robin. R. “Charlie” Swift Brisbane Queensland. Was a "daybug" in Eliot for the first term in 1954. Then got into Kirk as a border. Was given my school nickname "Charlie" by Nelly Morrison. Went to the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester from 1962-4. Returned to Kenya and went coffee farming until 1968 then left for Zambia to work for the Massey Ferguson distributor. Emigrated to Zimbabwe in 1971 to work for the MF distributor in Harare. Married Joan "Jinks" Paterson in Zimbabwe in 1978 and we have two girls, Karen & Nicole. Spent twelve years in Botswana from 1982 to 1994, eight of them managing the Caterpillar distributor in Gaborone . We all returned to Zimbabwe in 1995. I worked for Farmec again in the agricultural machinery business in Harare until Feb 2004. Migrated to Brisbane, (Thorneside), Australia in May 2004. E-mail address
rojinika@ANTISPAMoptusnet.com.au Updated 2/10/04

1959 (Lugard) John Carter. "After returning to the US in 1960, I joined the US Navy and spent 4 years aboard ship as an electronics technician.   I then followed my father's footsteps and worked in the motion picture industry in Hollywood as a sound engineer.  I left the industry for a short while and went to the University of Oklahoma where I received a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in 1973.  I went back to Hollywood and again worked as a sound engineer.  I designed and built sound equipment (thanks to training in the Navy) for which I received 2 technical Academy Awards in 1994 and 1995 (search John Carter at http://www.oscars.org/scitech_db/) for work I did in 1982 and 1983. In 1983 I bought a commercial window covering company that sold miniblinds, drapery etc to commercial buildings.  I sold the company in 1996 and retired.
Have been married for 31 years and have 2 wonderful children.Would love to contact old friends if a list exists.  I was known as YANK for obvious reasons.  I have many wonderful memories of my years in Kenya, and at the Duko in particular.  For those who remember Andrew Hollingshead, he unfortunately died from a brain infection sometime in the 1970's.  I contacted his parents in 1987 and they gave me the bad news." Email sales@ANTISPAMbarparts.com

1959 (Lugard) Andrew Hollingshead. See previous entry.

#1959 (Delamere) Dr Chris Callow. Edinburgh Medical School 1960-1966. Graduated MB ChB 1966. I competed in the 1967 East African Safari in a Volvo 122S with Eliot Earnshaw. We finished 22nd. I was active in motor sport as a student, and competed in a number of International Rallies with mixed success. The 'Safari' was the pinnacle of my short career. I married Anne, in Edinburgh in early 1967. We have three off-spring now well fled the nest (Bruce, 31, Sandra, 29, and Claire, 25).I joined the Army as a medical cadet in 1963 (this funded my last 3 years at medical school) and have gradually progressed through the ranks to Major General. I am currently (Jan 1999) doing two jobs and am responsible for the hospital services and all medical training for the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.My medical professional career has been interesting and varied. I specialised for a while in Rehabilitation Medicine before following a public health and administrative career. I was elected a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine in 1996. I was was awarded the OBE in 1984, became an Officer brother of the Order of St. John in 1995, and was appointed Queen's Honorary Physician in 1995. Email ccallow@ANTISPAMcompuserve.com

1959 (Delamere) David Hellewell. Lives in Caloundra, Queensland. Email david.andrea.hellewell@gmail.com   Updated 20/11/2010

1959 (Thomson) Mervyn Brent.  He has travelled quite a bit but now lives in Thurgoona, New South Wales  Email gmervyn.brent@ANTISPAMgmail.com 6/11/13

1959 (Delamere) Nigel Forrester. Lives in Applecross, a suburb of Perth. Is a successful businessman. Email janforr@ANTISPAMglobal.net.au

#1959 (Mitchell). George Bradford. Lives in Elgin, S.A. Email bradbee@ANTISPAMiafrica.com

1959 (Thomson) Guy Hallowes. Currently living in Toronto, Canada where he works as an accountant for a book-publishing firm Harlequins. Lived in Lane Cove, Sydney for a long time. Intends to return to Australia when he completes his current assignment.Update 20/10/02 Has done so- current email address unknown.

1959 (Speke) Keith Holder. Youngest of the three Holder brothers. Lives and works as a Consultant to the wine industry in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. Email pokvit@ANTISPAMnetworksmm.com.au 29/12/02

1959 (Thomson) Patrick Nield. Lives and farms in Bridgetown, in the South West of W.A. Email patnield@ANTISPAMbigpond.com

1959 (Thomson) Bill Radford. Martin’s younger brother. Owns a property "Wanna Station" in Carnarvon, in the North of W.A. Email   Updated 17/2/09

1959 (Delamere) Jack Tweedie A retired firefighter, Jack lives in Busselton, where his two children and 5 grandchildren
live. It is holiday town on the South West coast of Western Australia, about 200 kms. south of Perth. Email eldolat@hotmail.com Email update 8/5/11

1959 (Thomson) Marco Sardelli. He and his brother Giovanni (1959) have stayed in Kenya and are practising architects. Marco's twin brother Roberto has been all round the world in the petrochemical industry and is currently in Holland. Marco's email  Email  emesse@ANTISPAMwananchi.com 29/12/02 Giovanni's email is gioles@ANTISPAMgatewayonline.co.ke (9/5/03)

1959 (House) Jonathan Leakey. Oldest of the brothers. Founded Coryndon Museum Snake Park. His frog "Vesta" won the World Frog Jumping title in 1958 Lives in UK. Email barnyoka@ANTISPAMafricaonline.co.ke ( 9/5/03)

1959 (Lugard) Barrie Bloomfield. Joined RAF in 1960 and flew as air signaller in the UK and Far East until 1969. From then till 1977 worked for Caledonian Airways/BCAL, then as ops manager for IAS Couriers from '77 to '80. In 1989 formed own company (BKB Couriers Ltd) specialising in East and West Africa. Email barrie@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1959 (Lugard) Mark Steed. Remembers Harry H's Geography lessons- Harry leaning out of the window sucking away on the umpteenth Clipper! Email (updated 24/10/2011)  w.steed@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com 

1959 (Kirk) John Henchy  Claire and John live in Stoneville on their property in the hills, east of Perth. He is semi retired but still working as Executive Officer of the Farm Machinery Dealers Association.jhenchy@ANTISPAMbigpond.com 4/1/10

1959 (Kirk) Cliff Hale . Worked for the Veterinary Department at Kabete then to the University of Bristol School of Veterinary Medicine and qualified as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. In the mid seventies came to Australia and worked for the Victorian Department of Agriculture as a Senior Scientist. Now lives on a paddock near Bendigo. Has two children and three grandchildren. Email address: halec@ANTISPAMimpulse.net.au

1959 (Delamere) Brian Loveland. " I have fond memories of playing Ruby, Hockey and Soccer for the school and was proud to be presented with my colours in 1959. After leaving school I left for Australia on board the ship Flaminia with my brother Mike  and Cousin Jack Tweedie.  I had a farm job to go to in Canna WA where I met my wife Val.  On joining the Federal Police in 1973 we moved to Canberra ACT and later worked in the CSIRO plant industry where I was a  research assistant to the Senior Research Agronomist.  We have three children all living independent lives.  While I have always loved any sport, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Golf I now lead a less robust life enjoying  bike riding instead, and  spending time with family and friends.  My wife Val and I continue to live in Mundaring Western Australia. Emailbvloveland@westnet.com.au  21/1/2012

1959 (Mitchell). John Waldegrave. A lay preacher in Benoni, S.A.

1959 (Delamere) Robin Burnup. Lives in Wagaman, Northern Territory, Australia. "After leaving school I did my National Service in the Kenya Regiment (1960). I then went to the UK for training before proceeding to Assam, India, to be a tea planter. I subsequently returned to the UK, but emigrated to Tasmania, Australia, where I did vegetable research in the Department of Agriculture. I now live in the Northern Territory where I have a pest control company.I am married, and Helen and I have 3 kids and our own home. I enjoy fishing and tennis, and am a member of KIWANIS Service Club in Darwin."  Email rmhmburnup@ANTISPAMbigpond.com

1959 (Kirk) Len Potts. "On leaving the DOY I did my National Service with the Kenya Regiment and worked in the Security Service until returning to the UK in 1961. I then joined the UK Police Service working in the CID for 18 years. On retiring from there in 1982 I became a Security Manager for Pirelli Tyres UK and retired in 2001. I now live just outside of Durham.. Email  PottsLen@ANTISPAMaol.com 14/11/02]

1960 (Lugard and Grogan). Tony Mallia Born in Scotland during WW II. My father serving in the British 8th army was killed in N. Africa at the end of the war. My mother remarried an army officer Jack Gardner-Brown. He visited his sister in Kenya, resigned his commission and bought a farm in Londiani. My mother and I joined him there in 1955 when I went to DoY and Lugard.  Later I moved to Grogan after it was built as the first head of House.  I stayed another year at DoY to retry the Cambridge University entrance exam but failed. Attended KR in 1961 and afterwards went with volunteers to hunt poachers in Tsavo. After a short service in the Royal Navy I went to Imperial College, London in 1963 to read Physics which was my original intent and graduated in 1966. London in the 60’s was incredible. My summer jobs were interesting including film extra work in Arabesque (Gregory Peck, Sophia Loren), Alfie (Michael Caine) and Carry on Cowboy. Joined IBM in IT systems engineering in 1966 and visited USA and Canada in 1969. Another company brought me to the States in 1976 where I have been ever since. For the last 20 years I have been consulting in computer systems and plan to continue. I married my wife Bonnie from Massachusetts in 1978 and she has a son Dain who lives in California. We have been living in New Hampshire, California and now Eastern Massachusetts (north of Boston). In that same year, 1978, both my parents died. They had sold the Londiani farm earlier and retired to Karen.  I had visited them there occasionally usually on a charter flight from London.We travel mostly to New York City and to the Caribbean. I have taken up scratch ship modeling (www.usscmsg.org) and have had one model exhibited at the Boston Public Library. Email tmallia@ANTISPAMix.netcom.com  19/11/2014

 1960 (Mitchell). Martin Baines  Left for school Suva Boys Grammar Fiji. Then worked on a dairy farm for 4 years, purchased a dairy farm in Matakohe now milking 300 cows.  Have two married sons and one daughter, and six grandchildren. Enjoyed the memory trip thanks Email kandm@farmside.co.nz 26/3/10

1960 Robin Bridgman (Speke) Dave Lichtenstein writes in his 2008 Christmas newsletter : .  "Robin Bridgman (Speke 1957-1960) a contemporary of mine passed away in  November 2007.   He lived in Canada.  His father H.M. Bridgman owned one of the original allotted Uasin Gishu farms - Farm 107 of 1,588 acres in one of my neck of the woods, Lessos.   Bridgman senior sold the farm to Archie Hales the cheese maker and moved to Kitale where Robin went to primary school"  18/1/09

1960 (Lugard/ Grogan) Peter Smith 'I was at Nakuru Primary School (Drake House and the 'Camp') and from there  went to DOY in 1959 and 1960 where I was in Lugard and then Grogan. From there I went to the Port Shepstone High School in Natal, South Africa, which
was a sad come-down from the camaraderie and excellence of the Duko. I now live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where I spent most of my working
life as a computer systems and project manager, a profession I still happily pursue. I worked for two years in Shanghai where I helped set up the computer
department of Shanghai VW. I married in 1969 and have two children and two grandchildren. The obligatory cross-country runs that I endured at the Duko became the foundation of a lifelong habit and I still run at least two hours every second day over trails" .Email
peter@ANTISPAMwebvision.co.za 13/5/07

1960 (Mitchell). Charlie Keen. Unfortunately the first news I had of Charlie was of his passing. He was head of Block 2 with Rod Bridle in 1960 and it was Rod who notified us of his death. Those who knew him may like to have a look at http://www.quartersforkenya.org/charleskean_bio.htm  18/2/07

1960 (Eliot) James Cornell "I started Duko when Peter Freeman, Rob Notley, Casson, Tichborne, Noad, Bugs Garret [ He had that Triumph Tiger-cub 125c.c. motor-cycle ] Gerald Varney, Tom Gregory [ He was a prefect ] Charlie Casement, Struan Robertson, Robert Pirie, Roy Eden, Hudson, Coryndon, Robert Elder, Jeff Kaplan, Gerald Varney and a whole bunch of other dudes were there. I was in Elliot and Mr. Kitchener was ever so patient with me & my Afrikaans back-ground. I now live in Kloof, Kwa-Zulu, Natal. I am 61 years of age, I have been married for 38 years, have one son in Surrey, the other in South Africa. I manufacture electrical wiring systems, low-voltage garden lighting, energy-conservation systems and used to be an electrical contractor. I am the holder of three local patents and am currently trying to convince the electrical wholesalers that my inventions need not necessarily be bad for their business… Email james.cornell@ANTISPAMdominator.co.za 4/9/06

1960 (Lugard) Robert "Webby" Webster"I went to Nakuru Primary School (Drake 
House) from 1949-55 before attending the  Duke of York School .My memories of the Duko was catching hyraxes in the bundu;  playing rugger on the water-logged Glade (amazing no-one drowned);  those extraordinary school train journeys from Kisumu to Langata  (disembarking at Lumbwa for supper and running alongside the slow- moving train to the engine for a 'dare'); a terrifying interview with  'Pansy' James who told me that I would never get a job because of my  Kenya accent!! Needless to say, left the Duko with few academic qualifications but a good grounding in self-discipline and self- sufficiency.We lived in various locations in Kenya but notably Njoro (on the Mau  Hills); Lambwe Valley (in Nyanza) and North Kinangop (Geta, nr Mt  Kipipri). My father was in the Forestry Dept, encompassing Game and  Fisheries, ideal for a 'bundu rat'.The Belgian Congo debacle played a great part in my life. It  completely unnerved my parents who insisted I leave Kenya  immediately. In 1960, I went to Mombasa, and with the help of a  Danish friend, got a job as a deckhand on a Danish cargo ship at the  tender age of 17. Up to then, life's learning curve was fairly steady 
but it soon became precipitous! Touring the Mombasa fleshpots with my  fellow uninhibited Danish crew members was an eye-opener!! Little did  I know it then,but my  life was to change radically forever.
Eventually, I arrived back in the UK where I joined the RAF in 1961.  I trained as an electronic fitter, then flew in Shackletons as an Air  Electronics Operator and finally worked as an air traffic controller.  I served in the RAF from the first Kuwait crisis to just after the Falklands War. I have now been married for 38 years, living in  Oxfordshire,  and have a grown-up son and daughter. After the RAF, I  worked for the MOD in London (boring, boring) and finally for the  local police (surprisingly interesting). I cannot believe that in a  year, I will be retiring for good.Still basically a 'bundu rat', I travel extensively to wild and  isolated places in my spare time. My interest in wild life and  obscure places remain undiminished. My father died in Rhodesia in 1974 and my mother, who is still alive, is in a nursing home near Belfast. My sister, Yvonne (Nakuru,  Kericho and 'the Boma) is married with 3 grown up children and living in Northern Ireland. Funny how things turn out." Email address is robaweb@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com 
13 August 2006

1960 (Mitchell/ Eliot) Chris Porter. Kenya Regiment – last full time 6 month training course no 18. 1962 January to June Travelled to U.K. end of 1962 , started as student chemical engineer finishing up working in a design office on materials handling. I met my wife in the UK in hospital ( nurse /patient syndrome) We have been married 40 years and have 4 grown up children and two grand children 17 and 14 .I worked in UK for a mining /finance house and travelled on contract to Zambia 3 times for them , returning to the UK in 1975 and decided it was time to follow the sun. We arrived in Australia 1977 and have lived in Queensland ever since , We are both directors of a design office working for the mining industry, and live in Townsville , Queensland. I have been a Queensland “Justice of the Peace” since 1988. Email   Chrisporter1@oneseniors.com.au (updated 27/05/12

1960 (Lugard) Geoff "Bobby" Lock. "After Kenya Reg. I did economics at Queens University Belfast and then joined the overseas staff of Barclays Bank DCO. My first posting was Jinja and for the next 30 years I worked mainly in Africa with two stints in Nairobi lasting nearly ten years. Married with two daughters, one of whom married a Kenyan and emigrated to Queensland. I retired from Barclays in 1997 and, after working a short while in Addis and Mombasa, settled down in Bristol UK where I am involved with Rotary and a charity that sends used but serviceable computers to African schools. However, the urge is always to travel and with my wife we try escape the worst of the English weather. We return frequently to Africa as we have a house in Accra and intend to spend more time there when the time is right." Email geoffreylock62@ANTISPAMtalktalk.net  7/7/09 Email updated

1960 (Thomson) Richard von Senger. Dave L tells me Richard is "somewhere out here - could be in Perth or Brisbane. Also spends a fair bit of time overseas" E-mail richardvonsenger@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 8/5/04

1960 (Kirk) Leslie Bowen. "I took up up a career in banking in London and rose to the dizzying heights of a Syndication Manager in the London Eurocurrency market with Barclays Bank before stress hit me and I had to take early retirement! Not surprising really considering I had absolutely no aptitude for maths at school (as my children pointed out to me having found my carefully hidden school reports ). I now live near the town of Evesham, Worcestershire, England with my wife Chris who I still send out to work! We have three grown up children,two girls and one boy. They have all done very well ( the girls went to Oxford/Cambridge and my lad to Exeter Universities, so I suppose brains really do occasionally skip a generation ). I realise now that reading comic books the day before School Cert exams is perhaps not the best way to prepare for the future. I have decided to write a book and shortly hope to compete with the Harry Potter books. I will use the resulting millions to show my wife Nairobi and Kampala and revive some fond memories. Am keen to catch up with Alan Carter, Peter Payne, Baxter Simpson, Peter Dickie, Peter Collarossi, all Kirk House. Email address Lesliebowen143@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com  Updated 6/01/13

1960 (Lugard) Ken Tarplee. "I went to UK to study Accountancy and as soon as the opportunity arose returned to Africa (Zambia) in 1967 .....   from there I returned to Kenya in 1978   I am now looking after the Agric Operations for a UK Plc covering Kenya Malawi and SA . Our Kenya Ops are based mainly in Nandi Hills (Tea) I have mentioned a few names to Dave L that appear to have fallen out of the loop and now that I have established contact hope we can keep in touch." Ken mentions Mike Somerville (also ex Lugard) who lives in the UK.  "Mike is in UK spending a lot of his time setting up itineraries for Classic Car Rallies      He is at present on the London to Sydney (due next year??) and the Classic Safari Rally due in December."  "I visited Duko some 12 months ago (with Mike in fact) and to put it bluntly do not want to visit again   It is a far cry from its former self!!!! ." Also living in Gilgil opposite Ken is Peter Scott (Kirk 1955-1959).  "Peter Scott who was the boss man for our Tea Operations in Nandi Hills has retired to Gilgil and has a plot almost opposite mine."  Peter's e-mail address is:  pst4two@ANTISPAMkenyaweb.com

Email k.tarplee@ANTISPAMlintonpark.co.ke  24/8/03

1960 (Eliot/ Kirk) Melvyn Day. "I returned to Brighton in England where I was born and took up Chartered Accountancy but found it boring so joined the Photographic Branch of the RAF. (1962-71). I married Elizabeth Dickenson (ex Msongari Nairobi) in 1967 and we have a son and daughter and three grandsons. On leaving the RAF I worked in the Finance House business and now am Managing Director of General Finance & Leasing Ltd.in Southend on Sea where we now live. Myself and few others in Kirk House started up the Political Debating Society at school and I remember inviting non other than Tom Mboya and Odinga Oginga. I have maintained my interest in politics and am currrently Deputy Chairman of the local Conservative Association and was elected in 2000 to 2001 as a Councillor for the Southend on Sea Borough Council. We often holiday in Kenya staying in Nairobi with an old friend, Vi Crosby, who used to take me out on Sundays when I was at Nairobi Primary. Our best holiday centre is Watamu and a close second is Safari Beach Hotel Jadini."

Update July 2003: "I have changed my email address to: melvynday@ANTISPAMblueyonder.co.uk. Whilst writing  I have just received an email about the plight of animals in the Nairobi Game park. This is such a shame and I wondered if there was anything one can do to help. Apparantly funds are required to erect a fence all round the perimeter. Maybe we could hold a fund raising function in London? Is there any support out there ? My wife Liz works in the House of Commons and we could get a sponsor to hold a function there perhaps."

1960 (Kirk) Mike Harrington. On leaving Kenya I came to England and went to Bournemouth College to take my 'A' Levels. After returning to Kenya for a short period in 1963 I came back to England and have stayed ever since. I qualified as a Chartered Surveyor and have been practicing in the Bournemouth and Poole areas for nearly 40 years now. I am married to Christine (31 years) and have 2 grown-up sons - one who works locally and the other in his final year at Loughborough University.Email mike@ANTISPAMrebbeckbrothers.co.uk (23/3/02)

1960 (Delamere 1957-1960). John Machin. He lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa e-mail johnmac@ANTISPAMiafrica.com 12/2/02

1960 (Mitchell) Claud Leonard. After leaving the DOYS (four years) I came to the UK, did a five year trainee scheme in Chem. Eng, [college 3 nights + one day a week!] ending up with HNC Chem. Eng. The PhD came later! My main field of activity is equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry, predominantly in solids processing. I married my secretary, Carol 1968 and we have two sons, Antony born in 1971, and Simon born in 1975. Both of them are in the motor trade at different outlets in Somerset. They must take after their grandfather…yes the Leo Leonard of Hughes Ltd Email address ccleonard@ANTISPAMmsn.com

1960 (Kirk) Gayling May. Is an accountant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Nairobi. Email address gayling.r.may@ANTISPAMke.pwcglobal.com (2/1/02)

1960 (Lugard) Tony McGuire. Lives in Natal, South Africa. Email address mcguire@ANTISPAMafrica.com (2/1/02)

1960 (Thomson) David Skinner. "Lives in Highfield, Timaru, NZ. Email address is fienix@ANTISPAMvodaphone.co.nz  (updated 27/11/11).

1960 (Eliot)  Norman (Norrie) StainesAfter Nairobi and a short spell as an accountant I went to Edinburgh University for a BSc in Zoology and PhD in Immunology.  I had a long stint in pharmaceutical industry (G D Searle) researching on tissue and organ transplantation, and particularly on how to stop transplants being rejected.   I moved (1976) to The Kennedy Research Institute in London to begin research into Arthritis and then in 1981 to King's College London and was Professor of Immunology until 2003. Too much university administration (including setting up the college’s Graduate School) and teaching, but I continued to research on developing vaccines for rheumatoid arthritis and understanding what happens in people with food allergies and food intolerance.  Making a late bid for independence, I set up Incus Associates as a company to deliver training and personal development to researchers in academia and now concentrate, with much pleasure, on teaching academic writing.   I live in West London with wife Anne who was also an immunologist but now works as an independent consultant.  Our daughter Kate is a doing a PhD in Leeds, our son Peter works as a Special for the Metropolitan Police and my oldest daughter Felicity is married to Simon and they have a daughter Sophie and son Alfie.   I read, write and perform poetry, play golf badly and have long passed the point in life where telephone numbers can be remembered.Emaill norman.staines@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com 14/1/2011

1960 (Speke) Peter Buckle To Massey College N.Z. Then to Papua New Guinea for 25yrs. Running Copra/Cocoa plantations. Retired to Australia and lost everything in a business disaster.Working the last 10yrs. as a Corrective Services Officer at the Remand Centre here in Brisbane. Email wantok2@ANTISPAMoptusnet.com.au

1960 (Delamere) Mike Johnson. "1961 Departed for South Africa and worked for a food-processing company in Pretoria and East London, where I changed careers to shipping and in 1964 moved to Port Elizabeth. 1965 - 1990 Worked for Dodwell and Dalgety in Kenya. 1990 - Returned to South Africa to work in Johannesburg for a commodity trading company. 1996 - Transferred to Cape Town with the same company. 1966 - married Carol(a Brit) in East London 1971 - our daughter, Claire-Louise, born in Mombasa. I continue to work and, having initiated a Western Cape chapter of the Old Yorkists' Society, have located 16 of us plus Mrs. Leslie James and also Sally, her daughter, plus husband, who have retired in this area.. I have my youngest brother living in Perth. He had one year at 'Saints' and then moved on to the UK."

Update 30/12 2014 "I retired in late 2008 and returned to the UK, settling into a small town south of Birmingham in the Midlands being an area that Carol, my wife, originated from. New Email address is carmike222@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com

1960 (Lugard) Tony Colville. "I came to England in February 1961 and did 1-3-1 apprenticeship training at Rugby and Bristol University studying Electrical Engineering. Graduated with a BSc (Eng) in July 1965 and finished the year in Rugby with AEI. I then returned to Bristol University to gain an MSc doing research into electrical machines. In May 1968 I started a career in computing with ICT which became ICL and I worked with them until 1992 when they made me redundant. I formed my own company with my wife Denise and have been doing consultancy work on several contracts since then, mainly through ICL. Locations included Lytham St. Annes, Newcastle, Huntingdon, Northallerton, London and Manchester. I am currently semi-retired and doing occasional work as a technical author. My son, Martyn and daughter Zoë spent several months backpacking in Australia and New Zealand in 1998. Zoë has just finished at Brighton University and is going to train as a journalist in 2001. Martyn is living at home and doing a job in Information Technology." Email  colvile@ANTISPAMtotalise.co.uk 13/7/01

1960 (Lugard) Jonathan Colville. Sadly passed away on 1st April 2016

1960 (Lugard/ Grogan). Bruce Levin. Lives in Stockton-on-Tees Cleveland, UK. No other details. Email imani.house@ANTISPAMvirgin.net

1960 (Lugard/ Grogan). Ralph G Pillieron. "When he left school he originally farmed at Thika before coming out to Australia (presumably Queensland because that is where the rest of the family settled). I have just spoken to his younger brother (who did not attend the Duko). He advised me that Ralph perished in an aeroplane crash in New Guinea in 1967" (Dave Lichtenstein).

1960 ( Mitchell) Steve Hobson."I joined British India in 1961 and completed my cadetship before joining Esso Petroleum where I obtained my Masters F.G certificate -then married my wife Beryl and came ashore - have lived/worked in
Tehran, The Hague and since 1978, home is here in Geneva Switzerland. Work for a large grain company - Cargill Inc, (retirement still a long way off - putting latest son through Uni will keep my nose to the grindstone!) Have three tall sons - Ben (28) Nick (25) and Nathan (16)"  Email -

1960 (Thomson) David Baird. Lives in Campbell Australian Capital Territory. Email David.Baird@ANTISPAMamsa.gov.au

1960 (Thomson) Peter Martin. Left to go to HMS Conway. Lives in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

#1960  (Lugard) Alistair Cameron. Lives in N. Walsham, Norfolk. "I see on your guest list the name Alister Cameron. He was the younger brother of my friend Ian Cameron who was killed in a plane crash in Kenya in 1960. His other brother Duncan also went to the Duke of York, he became a doctor." (Frank Watson -Delamere High School 1955-1959)

#1960 (Delamere) Peter Burgess. "I #1960 (Delamere) Peter Burgess. "I joined the Central Electricity
Generating Board in 1960 as a student engineer eventually going to the University of Aston. In 1969 I moved and worked in Yorkshire at one of the UK's then newest & largest power stations until 1979 when I went to South
Africa with British Electricity International. Here I was part of the Consultant team in charge of the construction of the Matla Power Station. I stayed in South Africa working for ESCOM until 1986  when I rejoined the CEGB in Gloucester. In 1990 following privatisation I worked for National Power in Swindon. In 1992. I retired from National Power and worked as an independant Consulting Engineer in the power industry until 1994. In 1994 I
went to Abu Dhabi and was the manager of their largest power and desalination plant during the construction and start up phases. I retired properly in 2000 and returned to my home in Gloucester." Email

peter@ANTISPAMpburgess.org.uk   Updated 22 May 2012

1960 (Lugard/ Grogan) Glenn Woollaston. Left early to return to the UK with his family. Did not follow his father into the Forces but instead joined NCR as trainee accounting machine technician. Eventually ended up working with computers. Email: Glenn.Woollaston@ANTISPAMsiemens.co.uk

#1960 (Kirk) Rodney Bridle. I am a civil engineer, specialising in dams. Rutland Water is retained by one of my dams and Queen's Valley in Jersey, Channel Islands, is another. From March 1999 I will be Chairman of the British Dam Society. I am also a member of the International Commission on Large Dams; we provide technical information to assist in dam development worldwide. I have worked in many countries, though never in Kenya. My contact there, Tripat Mangat, head of 'my' house - Kirk - in the seventies, has put my name down for some opportunities, so perhaps I will be able to go back professionally. My wife, Wendy, is deputy head of science and teaches Biology at a girls school in Rickmansworth. We have 2 sons, Inigo and Asa and we live in Great Missenden, Bucks. Email rodney.bridle@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

#1960 (Thomson/Grogan). Mike Addison I am a Chartered Accountant and Civil Servant. After leaving the DOY I joined Cooper Brothers to study accountancy. After qualifying I spent some 20 years in the City of London in the shipping, insurance broking and aircraft leasing industries before joining HMG. I am married (Hilary) with a son (Stephen) who is in his last year at school (Hampton). Email msh.addison@ANTISPAMcabbleeol.co.uk

#1960 (Delamere) Rick Burnup. Robin’s younger brother. Lives in Hillarys a suburb of Perth. Email aideenhenry@ANTISPAMspace.net.au

1960 (Thomson) Lance Abel. Captain of athletics and rugby, captain Kenya combined schools rugby. Was ostrich farming in Zimbabwe but moved to Hastings in New Zealand. in later years. Lance passed away aged 67 on 17 June 2010.After leaving Kenya Lance spent a short while sharing a flat in London with OYs Richard Tredget and Colin Brooks before eventually ending up in Rhodesia where he was subsequently ousted by Mugabe's thugs.   Lance had hoped to join younger brother Nick who has lived in Canberra for several years but sadly  he was not granted permanent residency here hence his move to New Zealand. It seems Lance also had early onset of Alzheimer's disease and it was certainly a sad and early demise for some one with so much promise especially in the sporting arena and a potential fine immigrant to Australia.. He is survived by wife Jane, 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

1960 (Kirk) Jim Fowler. Is a builder in the Cairns district of North Queensland.

1960 (Mitchell) Danny Ravn. "Was a master mariner but came ashore some years ago to Perth and specialised  in container technology. Currently he is working on contract in Egypt, helping set up a brand new container port. He and his wife  Jeannie are living in Cairo but retain a home base in Perth. We managed to meet up in Tuscany last year and had a great couple of  weeks there and in Umbria. They are keen 4WD outback travellers and when the Egyptian contract is finished we hope to do a joint safari into Australia's "Red Centre", following the 1844 tracks of an explorer ancestor of mine.(Bryan Tichborne 10/5/02) Danny's Email is  jdravn@ANTISPAMbigpond.net.au   

1960 (Lugard) Chris Roberts. Passed away in november 2002. Jan van Someren writes:  "He had told me that he had lung cancer and I made a point of visiting him . I was able to spend three nights with him at Geraldton before the Dowerin Field Days. As many will remember Chris was a big man and a great raconteur, and I spent a fair time chewing the fat with him. He murdered the Swahili language but 'kweli tulicheza gumzo' - yeah we had a lot to say. He had accepted his fate and died at home surrounded by his daughters and long time partner Mimosa, and others who called in to keep him company at the end. Regrettably, I was unable to attend his funeral. However, he was 'farewelled' by a large number of local residents that included many of his fellow Freemasons."

1960 (Thomson) Graham Thompson. Graham and his wife Liz are both practising vets in Bellingen, northern New South Wales. They will be moving to Sydney next year.

1960 (Kirk) John Newman. Lives in Bowen, North Queensland.

1960 (Thomson) Tony Kropach. Works in the IT industry in Melbourne. Email Kropach_tony@ANTISPAMemc.com

1960 (Eliot) Richard Leakey Distinguished career in museums and Director of Wildlife. Was involved in (opposition) politics and formed a new party, but later was appointed by President Moi to restructure the Public Service. Email leakey@ANTISPAMarcc.or.ke

1960 (Speke) Andy Vesey-Wells Lives in Toongabie, Sydney. Email address vesey@ANTISPAMar.com.au

1960 (Thomson) Mike Townley Lives Penticton British Columbia Email Email  kayos@ANTISPAMtelus.net  29/12/02

1960 (Kirk) John Crosher. Studied electronic engineering in a student-apprenticeship with English Electric then joined IBM as a Customer Engineer. Having been sought over time by several companies, have enjoyed  repairing, cosseting and restoring to health many large and small businesses' computer systems, Changed career in 1993-6 by obtaining a degree in Computation (software) at Manchester University. Now runs from home (with a partner) an  IT consultancy, which includes software development and a "clinic" service to resolve computer problems. Our successful "Clematis" app, which compares how and where purchased supplies are utilised or wasted, runs in a number of hospitals and other organisations in U.K. One daughter, one son; and a bourgeoning number of grandchildren. Email info@ANTISPAMmarjon.com.uk Updated 1/6/12

1960 (Mitchell) John Blackwell. Lives Yenda, New South Wales.Email john.blackwell@ANTISPAMgrf.clw.csiro.au

1960 (Lugard) Chris Bowers Weybridge, Surrey. Studied accountancy. Married, 2 kids.

1960 (Thomson) Colin Brooks. Married Heather Bristow, 4 kids. Was dentist in R.A.F. Moved to WA in 1997 on a temporary visa but has returned to UK, where he still works as a dentist part-time. Their eldest son now has two grandchildren. New email is collybrooks@ANTISPAMhotmail.com  29/12/02

1960 (Thomson/Eliot) Bryan Tichborne. Father was Bursar at the school. Bryan served in the Army in Rhodesia and UK (South Wales Borderers). Married Nancy, a Kiwi, and moved to N.Z. in 1969. Now lives on 11 acres at French Farm Valley near Akaroa (Banks Peninsula, South Island). Operates a publishing business based on Nancy's watercolour work.  Email tichborne@ANTISPAMwatercolours.co.nz Website is http://www.watercolours.co.nz

1960 (Delamere) Dave Lichtenstein Lives in Lane Cove, Sydney and married to Rose Ann. Went to uni of WA with Ken Greathead and Brandon Brooksbank. Dave is our star Yorkist hunter and assists me with the site. Email address: lichtend@ANTISPAMozemail.com.au

1960 (Lugard) John Poulter. Went to Leeds Uni in the UK and studied Leather Chemistry. Worked for tanneries in the UK until accepting a job with a chemical supplier to the industry to be their regional Sales Manager based in Auckland and covering Australia and parts of the Far East. Firm has changed hands a number of times but he has survived these though he is now largely confined to NZ. Married to Kay and has two daughters and a son. Email johnp@ANTISPAMchemcolour.co.nz (28/9/01)

1960 (Kirk/Eliot)  Silvio Cuccurullo. Finished high school in Naples then joined Associated Press in Rome. . Later returned to Kisumu, Kenya. Back to Europe, Vietnam,  Thailand. Joined Decca Ltd. in 1972 in the petroleum hydrographic survey industry travelled worldwide on many projects for numerous oil companies. Joined a French seismic company  CGG  for 13 years in Houston, Texas. Left CGG to joined   RACAL who had purchased  DECCA, as Latin America Marketing Manager based in Caracas, Venezuela. Recently left RACAL and is busy starting a Sport fishing camp on the Orinoco River.Life for me after the Duke of York has been great.  I have lived and travelled to a total of 127 countries speak 6 languages and am content with my life I suppose.. Dave L recalls : " . Spending up big at the Tuck Shop. Silvio seemed to have a never-ending supply of funds and inevitably attracted the hangers-on. I also remember he had a Goggomobil and it being pushed up the drive outside the Assembly Hall by the watu with him sitting in it with a big cheesy grin. I suspect that it had either conked out or run out of fuel. Email scuccurullo@ANTISPAMtelcel.net.ve

1960 (Eliot) Mike Tippett. Worked for Louis and Mary Leakey at Olduvai Gorge. Married Maggie Rowe (ex Loretto Convent Eldoret and Valley Road). Left for Canada in 1975 and settled in Mississauga, outside Toronto. Now works in a large marine repair company in the Great Lakes, having been in trucking for many years. Has 2 daughters. Email address mmtippett@ANTISPAMrogers.com

1960 Kirk) Corrado Di Gennaro (Rio, occasionally, at Duko; Didge thereafter).After the Duko I then went to St.Mary's. and took School Cert. in '61 From '62 to '67 I studied construction/surveying in Italy and returned to work in East Africa, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria From '74 till a few years ago I was in the USA though I worked mostly overseas. Now I am retired in Italy. I went to the Sydney reunion in 2001? and I hope to attend any others that may happen. Email didge54@yahoo.com  20/12/13

1961 (Speke) Edmund Hemsted.

12th November 1943 - 13th October 2014

 Born in Eldoret, Kenya, Edmund was brought up at Equator and on a pyrethrum and dairy farm in Londiani, later moving to the Isle of Wight, South Africa and then back to a coffee farm in Solai.

At an early age Edmund learnt to love farming and animals, developing a great knowledge of agriculture, including crops, coffee and horticulture.  These would be the mainstay of his life.

He was schooled at Kaptagat, Kericho Primary, Seaford in Sussex and the Duke of York School in Dagoretti.  He excelled in the Sciences and Maths,  had a keen interest in astronomy, and played an excellent game of squash.  His cheerful, generous and dependable nature and wicked sense of humour won him many enduring friends.

When he left school he decided not to follow family tradition and go to Cambridge but chose instead to continue his education through the university of life.

A D.o.Y schoolmate recently described Edmund as “one of a kind”.  His uniquely broad spectrum of interests included philately, (where he bought and sold stamps frequently on worldwide auctions), pilotting his own small plane, collecting vintage cars, motorsports, shooting and fishing.  He became an experienced engineer, always relishing the challenge of getting a faltering machine working again.

Latterly, as the bone marrow cancer reduced his ability to enjoy life, he developed his own “fun” following the effects politics had on world stock markets.  He bore his failing health and the pain of his terminal illness with great fortitude.

Edmund had a brilliant brain and an incredible retentive memory.  He was his own man, and lived by his own rules often.  But he was always brave, optimistic and never gave up once until the bitter end.

He leaves his wife Judith and their two sons, Stephen and Marcus, along with 5 grandchildren and many grieving friends.12/12/204

1961 (Kirk) Ian Black While trolling the internet for information on the Italian church at the bottom of the escarpment I chanced on DOY website so here goes.I'm not sure that I was an exemplary student but I came through with an education that has stood me well. Lots of memories, both good and not so, are still with me. I got into aviation maintenance which has had me around the world seeking a crust, and I'm now resident in Auckland and have semi-retired. As a result of your website I'm now in touch with Shaun Metcalfe,who was a school chum from Mombasa Primary. My brother David left in 1962 for the UK but is now retired in Perth, WA.Email mzeeblack@ANTISPAMgmail.com 16/10/13

1961 (Mitchell)  John Wheatley. I was born in Iden Surrey, but at 6 months old went out to Egypt with my parents both of whom were in the Army. From there at just over 3 took a troop ship down to Mombasa as my Dad was transferred to Nanyuki where we lived until I was 6. Then back to the UK for a few months, but Dad then took up a job in the Prison Service and we were soon back in Kamiti. I went to school at Thomsons Falls Private Boarding School until 1959 when I then joined the Duke of York school in Mitchell house. Needless to say my parents moved frequently including Kamiti, Kileleshwa, Nakuru, and Manyani.

I left the DOY early in 1961, while on a short holiday in the UK with my parents, decided to join the RAF as a boy entrant in Telecommunications, returning to Manyani for a few weeks to see my parents. After training was posted to RAF Uxbridge and then on request, to RAF Eastleigh where I spent a further 18 months, with a couple of stints in the NFD. After Kenya I was posted to Aden and Salalah in the Persian Gulf, then worked at the Ministry of Defence in London. in 1966 joined the Computer Industry and met my wife Marilyn while designing a major system for the Navy, and eventually became a Principal Consultant designing major Computer Systems along side my wife. During the 35 years in the IT industry we spent 9 1/2 years in Johannesburg, 19 months in Melbourne and 3 1/2 years in upstate New York in Rochester, with short stints in the UK between, spending the last 17 years in IT, in Banking.

We have 3 wonderful children a daughter Maria and twins Carl and Grant, all of whom were born in Sandon Clinic just outside Johannesburg.
My parents left Kenya just before independance and my Dad became one of the Commissioners of Prison in Zambia for just over 9 years. Dad died some 20 years ago, but my mum now 93 lives in Ashford, Kent.

We retired to Dolgellau in Wales nearly 6 years ago and love the scenic countryside around here, and we are still reasonably active walking. I have a fantstic hobby with my Goldwing 1800 Trike, attending a number of fund raising events for the RNLI and Air Ambulance plus a variety of other charities each year.Email horsehigh1@ANTISPAMaol.com 28/10/12


1961 (Eliot).Mike Piper "I left in 1961 to migrate to Australia. (More to follow soon!) My web site is www.piperfilms.com.au 22/5/12

1961 (Delamere) John Batten. Now retired and living in Godalming, surrey. Married to rosemary. Three sons and five grandchildren. Email jdbprb@ANTISPAMtalktalk.net  15/9/2011

1961 (Mitchell) Charles Anderson. My arrival at the Duke of York was not originally in the cards since I was due to go to Radley College in 1957 from Pembroke House in Gilgil. If one recalls, there had been turmoil over the Suez Canal in 1956, so that my parents were concerned that another World War might be on the horizon. They, thus, decided to keep me closer to home in Kitale, so that in early January my father flew his Chipmunk to Gilgil to collect me and continue to Nairobi.On arrival in Nairobi, there was the immediate need to buy the necessary uniform at Ahmeds and whisk me off to the Duke of York. One would have preferred to arrive at a new school with all the others in the same situation. As this was not the case, one had to learn quickly the rules of the game under the threat of doing “chirra” hops down those long wide corridors in Junior House. When I returned later as a prefect, such punishment was verboten.

 While I had never played hockey or rugby before, the former became useful when I went to the University of Edinburgh to study Physics and where there was a large gang of people from Kenya, so that we had a tough team to beat, with a few ‘ringers’ from Rhodesia. It however lost all meaning, when I emigrated to Canada, where ice is the more common surface and the rules, rink and equipment are very different. Rugby was certainly not my favourite sport and in probably the last game I was likely to play, I dislocated my right shoulder. They say that the taller they are, the harder they fall! This proved more of a nuisance than anything else, because I managed to dislocate it often doing the most mundane activities. These included putting on a shirt, serving in tennis, pruning an apple tree halfway up it, twisting myself out of a taxi and believe me or not, turning on an air conditioner. This last occasion was early in my career as a meteorologist in the Meteorological Service of Canada, a job which I managed to obtain without any interview.

 This first practical posting introduced me to how bad my comprehension and speaking of French really was, even though I had passed it for my School Certificate. Although one could then just say: “Je ne parle pas francais”, pilots would often switch to English or I would hand the telephone to one of my bilingual colleagues. This situation would change politically and I became bilingual myself on my return to Montreal, to work at the Canadian Meteorological Centre for the rest of my career, before retiring in 2005. While my conversational French was initially poor, my grounding in French grammar was much better, due in part to Spencer’s insistence. My only other posting took me to Halifax in Nova Scotia, after first obtaining my Masters degree in meteorology from McGill University and being married. There I worked in the Ice Central, where meteorologists have to forecast ice conditions in the Arctic during the summer and mainly in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the winter. While I never became a forecaster, I worked on a computer model to forecast the distribution of icebergs off the east coast of Canada, using observed distributions by an International Ice Patrol. It was the results from this study that I was going to present at a conference being held at the local Navy base, when my dislocation occurred in twisting out of a taxi. There was an infirmary immediately across from where I was and my shoulder was placed back into its socket, with true military precision.

 My first experience with the military had however been with the Kenya Regiment, when I dislocated my shoulder again, climbing up the rim of Menengai crater with a rifle and backpack. Luckily, I was able to replace it while rather precariously perched halfway up. In retrospect, the six months at Lanet were enjoyable, even with the persistent drills, spit and polishing of boots and the timed run, in battle gear, to the rifle range and having to shoot at targets. Afterwards, I attended a two week camp in Nanyuki, before going by boat to Britain on the way to university. This was not without its own trauma. The Kenya government had decided to have a census, so that about a week before my departure, I was documenting about 400 men, women and children that we surprisingly had on our 1600 acre farm on Mt. Elgon. Practically on the day I was to leave by train to Mombasa, I came down with a fever. The doctor thought it may be malaria. Nevertheless, I took the train and my parents had some of their friends meet me in Nairobi to report back on my condition. When I finally embarked, I had come out in a rash and the ship’s doctor diagnosed measles. This meant that I had to be quarantined in the isolation cabin for the next two weeks, by which time we had passed through the Suez Canal. The only passenger, whom they allowed to visit me, was a woman I knew from Kitale who had had measles. She could tell me how short they were of men for the dances on board. Another visitor was an inspecting doctor in Aden, otherwise it was a lonely two weeks.

 When we reached Gibralter, via Naples where I was able to see one of the other women, whom I was to meet again at university, onto a train to Rome, we heard that a boy and his parents had to leave the boat and fly to Britain, because he had difficulty breathing after catching measles as well. My only consolation there was that I was able to meet my brother-in-law, who was serving on HMS Bulwark. This aircraft carrier incidentally had previously helped in flood relief when the bridge over the Athi river north of Malindi collapsed during one of our ‘summer’ holidays there. My next voyage on a ship was across the Atlantic to Canada, when again there was a scarcity of men on board among the newly graduated students, seeking opportunities there. Sailing through the Straits of Belle Isle and up the St. Lawrence provided a wonderful introduction to Canadian scenery and my first glimpse of the autumn colours of the maple trees, admittedly a few weeks over their peak. We passed through immigration in Quebec City and disembarked the next morning in Montreal. Here, I only had a few hours to savour the city, which was preparing to host Expo 67 with its brand new Metro underground trains, before taking the train to Toronto, to start work the next morning.

 In hindsight, it is hard to imagine that I was going to spend more than half my life in Montreal. It is known to be one of the snowiest cities in the world and it has its fair share of cold days in winter, but usually with gorgeous clear blue skies. It has sometimes been described as having nine months of winter and three of summer. Although that is an exaggeration, the weather is a far cry from the ideal climate of up country Kenya. Winter’s cold is a given, at least east of the Canadian Rockies. Cars can have their troubles starting, although fuel injection has improved their performance. On the day that our son was born in Halifax the temperature had difficulty reaching -20C, or more than 30 degrees of frost. Even with an electric heater for the engine block, our car had difficulty starting for the trip to the hospital. Then, I had to trust that it would start again near midnight without such aid. At the other extreme, I had worked an evening shift at the weather centre, co-located with Ice Central, and was to return eight hours later for the day shift during our second summer in Halifax. I discovered that I could no longer retrace my route, because a lake had already overflowed the road. This was a result of having a final total of nearly a foot of rain in 36 hours from a tropical storm, but I was able to take an alternate route.

After our daughter was born in Montreal, I progressed through various positions at the Canadian Meteorological Centre. Here, a full range of computers have been in use since the early 60’s. Facsimile, with rotary scanners, was introduced as early as 1956 to transmit weather charts across the vast country. Thus, my career saw fantastic advances in technology, with the main computer now having more than a thousand central processing units and transmissions by satellite being common. Information was initially received by teletype machines, accompanied by paper tape with which to feed the computers. The paper copy was stored on clipboards hanging on ‘whirling dirvishes’, as they resembled the Turkish dancers as one twirled them for a forecast or observation. These were soon replaced by databases, even though it took another decade before one had almost instantaneous response on a myriad of workstations. Paper was still a plague for the purpose of archives for some time, until robotic storage devices became common. The Internet finally allowed some of this information to be available to the general public, like those temperatures when our son was born! This modern marvel has of course made it easier for us all, including Old Yorkists, to communicate virtually. Nevertheless, I have yet to find from the website an Old Yorkist here in ’La Belle Province du Quebec’. This does not mean that it is not a small world here. My wife once recognised the hand movements of a woman at a meeting, whom she later discovered had been in the same party of Girl Guides on a voyage across the Atlantic to Scandinavia. Her husband had been at school with me at Pembroke House! Email   charles.anderson@ANTISPAMca.inter.net      24/8/10                                        

1961 (Speke) Christopher Tanner-Tremaine is IT administrator for a school in Cheshire, England. Married with one daughter. See entry for Paul Tanner-Tremaine 1963

 1961 (Eliot) John Lee. "Finished school in Ipswich, England. Degree in Civil Engineering from University of Leeds, followed by Masters in Transport, also from Leeds. While waiting for immigration papers for Australia, travelled by various routes from Mombasa to Lagos on a pre-feasibility study of a trans-African highway. Lectured in transport planning and economics at Melbourne University, then responded to the wanderlust instilled by that spell in Africa and spent the next 30+ years as a consultant, working throughout the developing countries of Asia and the Pacific as adviser ontransport policy and investment projects. Home -- visited all too infrequently -- is in Greenwich, Sydney. Three children and six grandchildren, at last count, by a first marriage to Chris, who sadly died in 2001. Married in 2003 to Jane, who has three lovely grown-up kids too, comes on project trips whenever she can and shares with me a love of golf. Email john.lee@ANTISPAMiname.com  23/10/05

1961 (Kirk) Iain and Jim Logan. Iain : (MSM, D.Agric. International Red Cross: Head of Disaster Operations). Returning to Kenya after university he farmed with John Pollard in Solai, moving later to South Africa to a large cattle ranching operation in Lydenburg in the Transvaal. He moved to Calgary in Alberta, Canada where he continued to ranch cattle, play polo and be miserably homesick for Africa! until 1989. He is now an International Red Cross Delegate first recruited by the Canadian Red Cross for deployment in the first Gulf War in 1990. His current role is Deputy Head of Delegation and Head of Operations Liaison at the International Red Cross Permanent Observer Mission to the UN in New York and is at the time of writing  is “flooded” supporting relief ops for Hurricane “Katrina” and now “Rita” in the US Gulf States. Iain most recently led the Red Cross emergency response to the Asian Tsunami and has served in over 50 countries.. heading up ops in the field and from Geneva HQ, for earthquakes in Bam in Iran, Turkey, El Salvador, Peru and Algeria, including two major Tsunamis in the Indian Ocean and in Papua New Guinea. He set up the Pan-American Disaster Response Unit in Panama. His diverse experience includes accident and crash scene response to munitions explosions in Nigeria and Peru, air incidents in India and Mexico, train crashes in Tanzania and Iran;  dam and landslide collapses in Syria and Venezuela and major refugee, civil unrest, social and population movement crises in Ethiopia, Argentina, Cote d’ Ivoire, Southern Africa and The Rwanda War and in conflict operations in Algeria, Haiti, Somalia, Liberia, Rwanda, The Congo, and Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. He is a team leader and training instructor of FACT, the Red Cross emergency response team, and is one of Canada’s representatives on the UN Disaster Assessment & Coordination teams and is a counselor for the Canadian Red Cross Victims of Torture programme. He was awarded the Canadian Meritorious Service Medal for actions during the Rwanda War. He has a base (occasionally visited!!) with his wife and 10 year old son in Calgary. logan_iain@yahoo.ca  or iain.logan@ANTISPAMifrc.org 10 October 2005

Jim Logan : Jim has practised veterinary surgery in England since graduating from the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College in Edinburgh. He has owned both large and small animal practices and currently has a clinic in Hampshire where he also specializes in exotic animals and reptiles. He has returned to Africa to work with the veterinary department of the Kruger National Park on their Elephant Management Project. His large family ranges from sons (4) in Marketing management, Law, the Police (what a combination!!) and one still in primary school and daughters (2) one aspiring to be the next Oscar /Emmy/etc. winner and another also in school. We think he has finally stopped his breeding program!!! Email loganvet@ANTISPAMtiscali.co.uk

1961 (Kirk) Frank Boumphrey. "Army 1961-64 , St Marys Hospital medical school 1964-71 (B.Sc., MB, BS), University of Toronto 1973-78 (Orthopedics), Cleveland Clinic Foundation till retirement. Authored several books on XML. Email  boumphreyfr@ANTISPAMmainspringtech.com  1/1/08 update

1961 (Lugard) Tony Murton. Tony Murton Lugard. Attended Cedara Agric College 1965/66, worked in SA went back farming Kitale till 1970. Then returned to SA and married Pat a New Zealander. Have 2 grown up children. Emigrated to New Zealand in 1978 worked in Local Government Parks & Reserves till 1991 Since then own and operate a landscaping and turf business in seaside city of Tauranga. Still have old school report with Hon Charles Kitchener statement on English Language " I seldom lose my temper but with Murton" Email is murts@ANTISPAMxtra.co.nz  23/12/04

1961 (Delamere) Allan Pitt-Pladdy. Joined KCC who sent me to Glasgow to learn something useful. Returned to KCC, but found sports cars and a Fireball dinghy more useful. Went to South Africa in 1969 and joined a Dutch textile subsidiary – a fabulous job. Also liaised with CSIR, Dept of Water Affairs, sat on SABS technical committees etc., for them, but spent too much time inside aeroplanes. (In my spare time I raced a Unicorn catamaran and won the SA National Championship six times, then took up windsurfing and was sponsored by Wayler). The Dutch firm eventually sold out to a SA conglomerate and the job went very sour, and I left just before the business folded. Retired and moved to Cyprus in 2000.  Time has been very kind to me and I’m in exceptional health and still windsurf regularly.  Have two brilliant sons, Glen (UK) and Craig (Italy) who are doing very well.  E-mail: alpitt@ANTISPAMcytanet.com.cy  12/4/04

1961 Rick Granville  "After the Duko I went onto the University of East Africa, Nairobi Qualifying as an Architect.  I married Susan (Tromp) ex Boma and we have two children: Craig and Lisa working presently in the UK.  I worked in Nairobi for a few years then moved to Durban 1975 - 1982 followed by Ladysmith 1982 - 94 then Gordons Bay where we have been for the last four years.  I am working mainly on luxury houses in a marina complex here in Gordons Bay.  In 1994 to 1998 I commuted on a two-week cycle between Natal and the Cape 1500 kms apart." Thanks to Dave L for this news of Rick. Email address is: rickgranville@ANTISPAMabsamail.co.za  24/8/03

1961 (Delamere) Paul Bates.  "After leaving school I  joined the British army,The Kings Regiment,where I served for 23 years.Now a security officer in Colchester.Divorced with 2 children Paul(32) and
Kathleen (35)." EMAIL address
paulwbates@ANTISPAMmsn.com 24/8/03

1961 (Eliot) Ced Hudson. Qualified as an architect. Worked in the UK, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Saudi
Arabia, France and Germany ending up as company architect for Mercury Communications. Now Head of Infrastructure Planning at Cable and Wireless UK/Europe. Married to Pat for 34 yrs with 2 grown up children Tom and Kate. Email
clanhudson@ANTISPAMbtopenworld.com   24/3/03

1961 (Delamere) Leslie Cottington. "I left DOY and worked for Ministry of Lands & Settlement for a while until leaving for Scotland to study agriculture at the West of Scotland College.  After obtaining qualifications I intended to go to Australia but plans aborted because of Mrs Cottington (!).  I worked for the National Farmers Union for some time and then presented and produced the BBC programme Farming Today radio programme and also Farming on BBC TV.  Also contirubted to gardening and consumer programmes before becoming semi-retired and taking up an interest with one of the largest DIY companies in the UK as a gardening expert.  Have now been married for 39 years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren and living in Northamptonshire." Email cottington616@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com  9/9/08

1961 (Mitchell) Brian Cable. Lives in Sydney. His e-mail address is briancable@ANTISPAMoptusnet.com.au

1961 George Streatfeild (Lugard). After leaving the Duko he went farming and taught at Pembroke House. In 1962, he joined the Army, was commissioned and served mostly in Middle East. 13 years later he became project manager for an Agribusines co. operating in Saudi and Yemen. This later gravitated into the leisure industry, where he is now. He manages a museum in Gloucester. He lives in Herefordshire and is married with three children.. Email gcs@ANTISPAMlowerhendre.co.uk  12/2/02 email updated 19/2/2014

1961 (Kirk) Neil Naylor He lives in Darwin. Email Aldeana.Spowart@ANTISPAMnt.gov.au 12/2/02

1961 (Lugard) Simon (Pym) Williamson. Arrived in Junior House when Geoff Hughes was its 'Head'.   After a brief period doing an engineering apprenticeship in Preston joined the financial services sector and worked for many years with Standard Life before setting up an expatriate financial counselling company - mainly advising Brits working in Middle East. Met my wife Jo in Dubai in 1979 and we settled back in England. We now live in the Cotswolds and have two children, Gwen (18) and Joe (15) -one a scholar and the other a sportsman - (neither of which attributes they inherited from their father). I eventually merged the company with a small Isle of Man bank, (where I resided for a while) before we the sold to Royal Bank of Canada in 1988. Returned again to England, set up a new financial planning company here and at the advanced age of 48 started taking studying more seriously! (Always was a late starter). Am now a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with my own small practice based in the Cotswolds and this year am National President of the Institue of Financial Planning (IFP). Was a guest of the Financial Planning Association in Australia at their Conference in Brisbane last November - fantastic event, and much more 'together' than we are in UK. Met Nigel Gaymer (at a mutual friend's funeral) recently and hear from Peter (Crusty) Thompson (Accountant in Newtown, Montgomeryshire), every Christmas and thus news of his brothers Graham (vet) and Sam (doctor) from time to time. Also exchange cards still with Dominic Spencer whose delightful company we were privileged to share again when we visited some years ago (before Kate died). Websites www.broadway-cotswolds.co.uk is where we live and www.wengen.com is a place we love to play (winter and summer). Email s.williamson@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com (7/2/02)

1961 (Thomson) Dars(i) Ruysenaar(s). "I am a professional guide currently in the safari business here in Kenya. I have a partner and we run a traditional tented Camp (7 large tents en suite, one double and one single bed big in each with a large veranda). We have a huge dining tent, cosy bar tent, with excellent food and great game viewing. I organise country and game viewing drives in the mornings and evenings. They are wonderful escorted walks through the bush. It is top of the range stuff (no silly frills!). It is traditional as in old style hunters’ camps. I can and do run and guide safaris anywhere in East and Southern Africa for private groups. So that’s kazi at present. I was married once in the USA for four years to an American girl. We had a happy separation and went own ways. Although I have had several great personal relationships since then I have not remarried. I guess that I am basically probably a bachelor." Email address: darsi@ANTISPAMafricaonline.co.ke (2/1/02)

1961 (Kirk) Al May. Gayling May’s younger brother. Director of Group Tax and Treasury for the Mayflower Corporation Plc in the UK. Email address: alanmay@ANTISPAMromseydrive.freeserve.co.uk (2/1/02)

1961 (Lugard) Nick Tobin. Lives in the UK. Email address: njt25@ANTISPAMcam.ac.uk (2/1/02)

1961 (Mitchell/ James) Malcolm Hassal "I went to Kilimani Primary school 1953-54, then Nairobi Primary from 54-56
and then DoY from 58-61, firstly to Junior House ['57] then Mitchell ['58-'60] and then a founder-member of James in '61. Joined Standard Bank of S.A. in '62 [Nakuru] and followed parents to Johannesburg [South Africa] in '63. Had a car accident in '64 and broke my back - been in wheelchair ever since. Joined firm of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers [Contracts
Manager] in Jo'burg in '66 and then Thorn EMI [Office Manager] in 1979, then moved to England [London] in 1985 and joined national charity as Finance Director and Computer network manager. Retired in 1997 on health grounds. Married wife no.1 in 1973, 3 kids - divorced 1984. Married Wife No.2 in 1985 - 1 son born in London. Email kidogo85@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com

1961 (Lugard) David Haig-Thomas. Some may remember David’s cartoons, eg ‘Hog Thomas’, which appeared in the ‘Baraza’. David later studied art at Coventry and Liverpool Colleges of Art and Leicester University. After teaching art in various schools in England and illustrating children’s books, David became the in-house cartoonist of a large card company. Since 1996 David has been a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. He also creates artwork specially designed for children. He lives in London and can be contacted on hugo.haig-thomas@ANTISPAMvirgin.net (5/5/01)

1961 (Kirk) David Hughes. David is one of three Hughes brothers that attended DOY. (elder brother Michael and younger brother Colin). After finishing his schooling in South Africa and graduating in Australia as a geologist /mineral economist, David has spent the bulk of his career with Australian, UK and US investment banks. Now Principal of Jacanda Capital and based in Sydney. Married to wife Janine and with two children - Christopher and Amanda. Email: davidh@ANTISPAMjacandacapital.com.au  Updated 23/11/08

1961 (Speke) Peter Sidebotham  When I left the DOY I joined the Metropolitan Police and retired as an Inspector in 1995.  Married to Barbara with grown up daughter and son, living in Hampshire, UK.  Since leaving the Met. I have worked for the MOD in UK, had two contracts in the UAE and three years as a Local Authority Emergency Planning Officer.  Now semi-retired doing odd jobs and some consultancy.  Email address is petersidebotham9@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com (updated 31/12/09)

1961 (House?) John James Glover. Lives Alberton, S. Africa. Email jglover@ANTISPAMhowden.co.za

1961 (Speke) Edmund Hoarau (sp?) John Carter met him in 1987- he was running the Mt Kenya Safari Club. He and Brandy live "somewhere in Sussex".

1961 (Mitchell) Malcolm McCrow  Teaches in Dundee, Scotland.  Email address: malcolm@ANTISPAMmccrow.org.uk Web site www.mccrow.org.uk This includes sections on EAR&H, EAA etc and makes for very interesting reading. It also has great old photos of old Nairobi. (updated email 2/4/05)

1961 (Speke) Paddy Cawdery. Was at Kericho Primary before going to DOY. Now lives in Eden, New York- not far from Buffalo. Email cawderyp@ANTISPAMpce.net

1961 (Delamere/ Grogan) Rick Burleigh. Lives in Dickson, ACT,  Australia. Email burleigh@ANTISPAMnetspeed.com.au

1961 (Eliot) Peter Ryce Lives in North Vancouver. Married to Claire. Update: We have learnt from his brother in law, Richard Norris, that Peter Ryce passed away suddenly in Vancouver in 2009.

1961 (Kirk) Chris Newman. John Newman’s brother. Lives and works in Weipa, northern Queensland. Email chris.newman@ANTISPAMcomalco.riotinto.com.au

1961 (Mitchell) Rob McGuinness. Lives in Kureelpa, Queensland. Email bwanamac@ANTISPAMwestnet..com.au  (updated 23/1/2014)

1961 (Kirk/ Grogan) Peter John Pedersen. Retired in 2002 and now lives in Cairns Qld. with a nice orchard to look after. Married to Judith since 1971 with Sophie an architect in London and Lucette a senior mining engineer working in Tanzania. Email pedersen@ANTISPAMbigpond.com Updated 23/10/05

1961 (Mitchell and Grogan) Ben Pickford. Joined the British Army (REME) 'till 1969, then back to Kitale for 2 years as manager of Hill Barrett and Co. Met his wife there, she was in the US Peace Corps , teaching in Kapenguria. They moved to California in 1972 and have been there ever since. They are both in the teaching profession . Email bpickford@ANTISPAMclearwire.net Update 10 December 2006: Ben and his wife are now both retired. Email updated too.

1961 (Kirk) Peter White. Is a solicitor who lives in Edgecliff, Rose Bay, Sydney. Cousin to Geoff and Tony. runs the Kenya- Australia society.

1961 (Delamere) Peter Bannister. Lives in Alice Springs.Email address gipsypet@ANTISPAMozemail.com.au

1961 (Speke) Roger Hacker . Was at Kitale Primary School while his father worked in Education Dept at Maseno and Kapenguria. Credits "Fergie" and Ken Higson for enabling him to get to Edinburgh University to read Physics. After a couple of years working at Farnborough he moved to the Uni of Queensland Mech. Eng. School as a tutor and then spent 20 years in the Royal Aus. Navy as an Instructor Officer, rising to rank of Commander. Now a public servant (information system manager) working on, among other things, equipment for minehunters in Newcastle. Married to Elizabeth for 33 years - they have 2 sons, Anthony and Nigel. Lives in Melba, Australian Capital Territory. Email Roger.Hacker@ANTISPAMmhc.dao.defence.gov.au

1961 (Kirk) Peter Neep. Architect in Durban

1961 (Eliot/Grogan) Michael Goble-Garratt Willetton, Perth, W.A. Married to Eleanor. 2 kids, 2 grandkids. Was in Royal Australian Survey Corps, then engineer-surveyor in S.Australia till 1970, when he came to Perth. Has set up a joint venture with a South African company and they are known as Premier Mapping Australia. Email address: michael.garratt@ANTISPAMoptusnet.com.au (email updated 30/7/08)

1961 (James-founding member) Norman Reader. "I live in the Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada and currently work for myself as a draftsman, home designer and providing construction services. Very few Old Yorkists in this part of the world.   For any Old Yorkists who may have the opportunity:- my son is a professional beach volleyball player representing Canada on the FIVB circuit, he will be delighted to meet you. Had a visit from Malcolm McCrow and we had a hilarious evening remembering people, incidents, teachers and a way of life." Email beachbal@ANTISPAMtelus.net. Updated info 22/10/06

1961 (Thomson and Grogan) Ken Greathead. Lives Albany W.A. Brother of John (see 1958 above). Email greatheads@ANTISPAMbigpond.com  29/12/02

1961 (Delamere) Fred Lichtenstein. lives in Warwick, Perth, W.A. Brother of Dave (see 1960 above) Email address alichten@ANTISPAMiinet.net.au Updated 13 August 2006

1961 (Mitchell) Robert Choppin. Started in the Merchant Navy with British India Steam Navigation Co. and moved base to Sydney in 1966. Left BI in 1971 to join small Australian shipping co. for 3 years then drove from Sydney to London in 1974. Returned to work with ANL as master until 1985 when he joined the Pilotage service in Port Kembla.. Married to Jeanette and has two daughters, Claire and Jacqui. Email robertchoppin@ANTISPAMoptusnet.com.au   Robert  has now retired and is enjoying life in Wollongong, NSW., "with several casual jobs to keep me sane! One is teaching pilotage principles in manned model ships. Great fun" He now has 2 grandchildren (updated 17/11/09): Sadly, Robert passed away in 2012. We had exchanged a number of emails over the years; in p[articular he had treasured memories (and photos) of climbing "Kili" as a young bloke with Steve Hobson and Inky Blackwell. 8/814

1961 (Kirk) Angus Pilmer Lives in Perth W.A. Jack Collier (Prince of Wales) writes: "It is with sad news that I advise all concerned that Angus Claymore Pilmer passed away on the 24th of July 2014 in Perth Western Australia. He had been very ill for a couple of years and the true fighter that he was, he was in the office working five weeks ago. Angus went to school at the Duke of York, he was involved with the Young Farmers in Kenya and represented the Young Farmers on a trip to Rhodesia with my brother Rodney Collier. Angus and his family settled in Western Australia and ran a successful Accountancy Business, He lived in Hong Kong for a few years and was a Senior Partner in Nelson Wheeler Accountants in Hong Kong. Angus was my Accountant for some 45 years and he will be sadly missed by many people. Rest in peace my old friend." Thanks Jack for passing this news on. 11/8/14

1961 (Eliot)Dave Arkcoll - Lives in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

1961 (Speke). Mark Dale. Went to uni in Zimbabwe, married college sweetheart. Next 7 years in tea research in Malawi then back to Zim, including 7 years in the war. Migrated to Australia in 1983 and nearly didn't make it due to volcano in Indonesia!. Has spent the last 17 years in irrigated fruit-growing districts of Mildura. Now "bald, portly, grumpy and starting out in own one-man business." in Strathalbyn, South Australia. Email strathdales@ANTISPAM.internode.on.net  Email updated 3/1/2011

1961 (Eliot) Adrian Ashworth. "After leaving The Duke of York , I joined The Chartered Bank, London, in early 1962, doing the rounds of departments, Inward/Outward Bills, Accounts, Current accounts, etc..as well bedsit land of  Earls Court, Barons Court, Ladbroke Grove etc. to name a few, plus the notorious 'Overseas Visitors Club'.  Apart from many departments in the City of London, I also had about a year in the West End before moving to Manchester. I left in April 1966 having realised that I was not a Banker!
After various jobs good and bad, I joined Hoechst UK Ltd.in 1981 on the Plastic Film division and left in 1988 to another plastics company and then in 1990 I set up my own plastic film business in the U.K.. I now have a multi milliion  pound business, importing products from South Korea, Italy, Dubai and Spain and market them throughout the U.K.,.... hoping to put my feet up soon." Email ashworthadrian@ANTISPAMhotmail.com 15/2/04

#1961 (Speke) Jim Ashworth. Lives in Surrey.

# 1961 (Thomson) Rev Richard Bullen. Lives in Cleveland, U.K.

1961 (Lugard) Mike Mills. Lives in Karen. Was in British Army for some years and ended up as a major (as well as being a top squash player). Brother Tony lives in Kitale. Email address: karint@ANTISPAMarcc.or.ke

1962 (Kirk)  Dave Black " I started at DOY in 1960 at rabble house under the watchful eye of Mr Smythe and was allocated to Kirk because my older brother Ian was in Kirk.  I cannot recall many of my school mates names and didn't keep in touch after we went to Scotland in 1962 to a village called Inverallochy outside Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire.  Associates in my year included Mike Dawes, John Barbour, the Logan twins and Colin Hughes.  Other more infamous encounters included one John McDonough who generally made my life a misery.  I recall the two Mann brothers  - the elder of which had polio and wore a calliper. He was amazing in the boxing ring, could do pull ups with one arm and played rugby (try tackling a guy with a steel calliper)  Our House master was Eddie Green and my only recollection of him was a very fair man who had the unfortunate task of administering the cane on one occasion.  We used to brew our own "Pombe" with fruit from the kitchen until a bottle exploded in one of the games lockers and it set off a chain reaction - The stench of pineapple beer was overwhelming.  I also grew some tobacco in the bush and we used to make our own cigars.  We knew nothing about curing the tobacco and smoking these things was akin to smoking a bonfire.  Our family left for the UK in 1962 and after finishing fourth year at Fraserburgh Academy, I joined the Met Police as an cadet.  Definitely a square peg in a round hole there so I took on an apprenticeship.  I studied Engineering at night school and left the UK for Australia in 1970, where I have been involved in the mining industry in various capacity until I retired a couple of years ago.  I took a break from work in 1992 and completed a couple of Masters degrees (in Business and mineral economics). I now live in Perth,W.A.Email roam_free@ANTISPAMbigpond.com  6/11/13

1962 (Delamere) Hi, my name is Alan Mitchell and I was in Delamere house from’60 – ’62. I knew a Lichtenstein back then.   Peter Crook was in Thomson, left about the same time, now in either Australia or Indonesia, he is my cousin and I have lost touch.While in the house, the housemaster at the time, name forgotten, but I do remember he limped from an injured knee, I learnt to cut hair and did so on a regular basis. If anyone remembers me I would be pleased to hear from them. Email alan.d.mitchell@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com 14/9/13

1962 (Mitchell). David Mulford Having recently retired, I have spent much time on my computer and decided to yahoo-search Duke of York. The wonders of modern science brought me to your site.. I'd like fellow old friends, students and masters alike, to contact me so that we can reminisce over a cold beer or three. When I left school, I joined the Royal Navy as a pilot and have been flying aeroplanes ever since. (Well until Christmas last year) I live in Rosewood, which  is a small village at the end of the Ipswich railway line about 50 minutes' drive West of Brisbane, Queensland. Email address: davidmulford@ANTISPAMyahoo.com.au  17/11/09

1962 (Delamere James) Tom Wilkinson. Lives in Albany WA Email willow@albanyis.com.au  17/2/09

1962? (Kirk) Al Greenly. "Whilst at Duko I swam for the school, played hockey, soccer, rugby and cross country for Kirk "A" team. Eddie Green was House Master for Kirk at the time. I remained in Nairobi and completed GCE and then worked for Lamson and Paragon East African Standard until Jan 1966 when we left Kenya for Durban. I later joined the BSA Police  April 1966 to 1978.  Whilst in the Police knew Kenny Rundgren ex Nakuru Primary and Prince of Wales - he was later killed in Germiston in SA" Al now lives in Willeton, Perth WA Email al_greenly@ANTISPAMaapt.net.au  17/2/09

1962 (SPEKE)  Roger Sidebotham    "I left DOY in 1962 and joined the RAF in 1964 serving for 5 years.  I left in 1969 as a Junior Technician Airframe Fitter. I have since worked in the Middle East on various civilian contracts servicing aircraft for Abu Dhabi and Omani Airforces. I work at present at GE Aviation Hamble, Hampshire, England.I am married and live in Romsey, Hampshire, England.  Hobbies include playing golf, sailing, walking and attending my allotments. My email address is:  roger.sidebotham@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com  9/2/09

1962 (Kirk) Trevor Owen-Thomas. "I was recently given details of the web site whilst talking to Shaun Metcalfe whom I recently contacted through Ian Batty Ian and I were in KIRK and shared a study whilst Eddie Green was head. As you may remember I was part of a very large family of Kenyans all of who lived in Mombasa, though I was born in Kisumu on May 5th 1945.

 I left DUKO in 1962 on completion of my O levels or school leaving certificate as it was known with little more that a 2nd grade apart from Geography and technical drawing both of which were given O level status. A brief spell at a famous  "crammer" in England with  number of other "Beach Bums" improved my education levels with O's and on To A's in major subjects such as Physics Math and English. I was at Mombasa Primary before spending a year at Lushoto whilst living with my grand parents. I was then sent to Kaptagat School under the famous Jimmy Chitty before moving to the Duke of York for the final run of my education in Kenya.

 I joined British India SteamI Navigation Co Ltd other wise known as the "B.I." studying at South Shields Technical College and Southampton University qualifying as a registered Incorporated Engineer;  My background is in marine engineering, holding a Combined Class 1 Certificate of Competency and am a Member of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science & Technology.

 I started my career as an engineer cadet and performed all of my sea service with B.I.  Rising to the rank of Chief Engineer Officer. I came ashore in 1982 and took my first position as a Fleet Superintendent with Acomarit in London. A year later I was invited to join a well known shipmanagement Company in London where I eventually became the Technical Manager / General Manager of the Bulk fleet.  I left in 2002 and taking advantage of my vast experience of ship building and repair in China, I joined "Andrew Moore & Associates" of Hong Kong as a Consultant Engineer, being based in their Shanghai office.

 In 2003 having spent most of my time in China over the last 17 years I decided to open my own Company  AMS Shanghai Ltd as a Marine Engineering Consultancy company, that is currently doing very well. Having travelled extensively during my career that included living in Japan for a number of years I now speak a number of foreign languages including Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, a mean feat for me since even the English language was a problem for me at DUKO. (Mr Beinaman tried in vain to teach me physics but I got there in the end even though he constantly reminded me  that I would never be en engineer)

 I now live in Shanghai China and should anyone be coming through here on business or taking a Holiday here in China, then I would be only too happy to assist anyone with any questions or worries they may have regarding China. I would also be pleased to meet up with and assist any old Yorkist here in Shanghai." Email Trevor_shanghai@ANTISPAMhotmail.com    Company Web-site: www.amsshanghai.com  30/7/08  Update 12/3/2013 : Trevor passed away in mid 2012 when undergoing a stent insert in his heart in the UK. Our condolences go to the entire Owen-Thomas clan. Thanks to Tony Chetham (webmaster for Mombasa Primary school web site for letting us know).

1962 (Kirk) Chris Wallis. "Lives in Dorset UK.  Finished schooling in the UK then joined Barclays Bank DCO and initially worked in the Bahamas and Cayman Islands. I then became UK based but with responsibilities in Africa and the Caribbean so visited Nairobi several times in the 80s and 90s. Recently spent 4 years in Zimbabwe before very welcome early retirement. Married to Carol with one daughter, one (married) son - both are Tottenham supporters and keen cricketers.  My brother, Malcolm (also Kirk) lives in Durban. " Email chrisdwallis@ANTISPAMgooglemail.com  23/7/07

1962 (Mitchell/ Eliot) Chris Colls. After leaving DOY I did an aircraft engineering apprenticeship with East
African Airways. I then worked as an aircraft engineer in Nairobi & Mombasa, before leaving Kenya in 1973 to work in Malawi. In 1975 I moved to Rhodesia where I trained as a Flight Engineer & started flying DC8s with  Air Trans Africa. In 1978 I gave up on Africa & moved to The Netherlands  where I worked for the next 27 years with Martinair Holland flying DC8/DC10 & 747s. I retired at the end of 2004 & moved to Denmark - my wife is Danish. Email
colsholm@ANTISPAMmail.dk  23/10/05

1962 (Eliot) Clive Green (nickname Lucy!) "I was in Eliot (though I did board in Kirk house for 2 terms in 1959). I played for the school 2nd XI cricket team and was on house teams for rugby and hockey. Left  for the UK in 1963. I became a Chartered Accountant in 1970, and worked in a large London firm until 1972 (with a brief secondment to Lagos, Nigeria for 4 months). I then moved to Nassau, Bahamas for 4 1/2 years, where I met and married Mary Jean Hage, a teacher from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who was working there. In June 1976 we moved to Tucson, Arizona and have lived here ever since. In 1979 I set up my own tax preparation business, which I sold in 2000, and am now retired from accounting. I got into birdwatching as a hobby in the Bahamas, and since my tax work in the States was seasonal and Mary worked for the schools, we were able to take off every summer for 2 to 3 months to travel and bird. We have been on all 7 continents, and on October 29th, 2003 leave for a trip to Madagascar and Uganda for 5 weeks. I still help lead commercial birdwatching tours in Mexico, Arizona and Texas, and in 1996 I self-published "Birding Ecuador", a bird-finding guide based on numerous trips to that country between 1990 and 1996." Email mjandclive@ANTISPAMaol.com

1962 (James) Peter Kinnell. Peter wrote to me in October 2003:  "I'm currently visiting Russ Ballard in a reunion after 41 years. We are currently testing out our golfing skills at golf courses in the Wellington area - we were team mates in the DOY golf team. Russ's golf skills remain, mine not so after more than 20 years away from playing golf. I am an adjunct academic (seen but not paid)  at the University of Canberra after 26 yrs being a Research Scientist with CSIRO and a Visiting Fellow (again seen but not paid) at the Australian National University. My email is peter.kinnell@ANTISPAMcanberra.edu.au and I have a www site http://ozemail.com.au/~pkinnell . 4/12/03

 1962 (Speke) Rick Viner. Rick lives in Tanzania.   After he left the Duko he lived in the Pacific mainly Fiji.  He then moved between SE Asia and Africa.  E-mail richard_viner@ANTISPAMhotmail.com   17/11/03

1962 (Speke) Pat (Paddy) Lloyd. "I am remiss in sending news regarding myself and my brother which I will try to sort out now with an opportunity whilst on leave travelling around the States. Sadly my brother, Robin Hugh Mckenzie Lloyd died on the 8th March 2000 as a result of continuous malaria and illnesses from his employment in Portuguese East Africa.  He was buried in Natal where he lived. I now live in Alaska where my wife teaches High School Science in an eskimo society,and I am semiretired in administration there after 32 years of farming tea and coffee in Rhodesia (17) Papua New Guinea 6 and Republic of Vanuatu South Pacific for 10.  I met my second wife who was a Peace Corps volunteer on a speck of an island called Tanna. Unfortunately I have various medical debilitations too so I have to take things pretty easy - but anyone with an interest for the bazaar, like aurora viewing in winter or ice hole salmon fishing, advise if you are likely to arrive." Email is patteldet@ANTISPAMaol.com  25/11/06 Postscript : Sadly, Paddy passed away in February 2006- he had been suffering from emphysema for quite some time. His wife Sandra is hoping to write a biography and would appreciate any "Paddy stories" his friends may have. Please contact Dave Lichtenstein or myself for her contact details. Thanks to Paddy Cawdery for passing on confirmation of Paddy Lloyd's passing and Sandra's email. 23/7/07. Received via Dave Lichtenstein a most touching description of how Sandra felt as she scattered Paddy's ashes on 30 June facing his beloved Teldet: "I have finally arrived at your home. You used to tell me stories of this place: chasing giraffe, elephants sliding down furrows, horse rides and fishing, dogs, cats, and exotic pets of your childhood; laughing with sisters and brothers and friends, catching butterflies, your Mum's garden.  Each story brought a twinkle and sometimes a tear to your eyes.  You seemed to sit a bit straighter and grow a little younger when you were remembering.  Now I am here with you at last but can not longer hear your words except in my heart.  This will always be a treasured place, here where I leave your ashes.  They will become one with the forest, trees, bushes and wildlife that you loved."

1962 (Thomson/James) Mervyn Cumber. Lives in the Cayman Islands. Email dfd@ANTISPAMcandw.ky (2/1/02)

1962 (Speke) David Daniels. Lives in the UK. Email David Daniels@ANTISPAMpaines-manor.demon.co.uk (2/1/02)

1962 (Eliot) Michael Jones. Lives in the UK. Email Mjones6753@ANTISPAMaol.com (2/1/02)

1962 (Mitchell) Ralph Nicholson. Lives at Buckland House in Buckland, Devon where he hosted the inaugural Kitale School reunion in 2000. Email nichrl@ANTISPAMaol.com (2/1/02)

1962 (Delamere/Grogan) Colin Wilcock. Lives in the UK. Email cwilc409@ANTISPAMaol.com (2/1/02)

1962 (Delamere) Mike Wilson. Lives in the UK. Email Wislon.Mike@ANTISPAMukgateway.net (2/1/02)

1962 (Speke) Tony Dryland. "I left the DOY to join the British Army where I served in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. I spent some twenty years in Germany, where I served with the  5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, the 9/12 Royal Lancers the Queens Own Hussars and a number of regiments of the Royal Artillery, with a few exotic posting to places such as Bermuda and the Persian Gulf in between. The British Army was a wonderful place for the furtherance of my Rugby, Golf , Squash and Equestrian Skills ( three day eventing).They also taught me quiet a considerable amount about engineering and soldiering, unfortunately all good things must come to an end. I retired  in the rank of Major  after serving in the Gulf War with the 7th Armoured Brigade, I arrived in Perth  WA in 1993  with my sons Rob and James and was remarried in Perth to Elizabeth in 1999. Having left the army and on arrival in Perth I decided to spent some time on my golf handicap and gardening leave. Once the novelty of that wore off I became an Engineering Consultant and have worked in the engineering profession since that date." Email tonydryland@westnet.com.au Updated 17/2/09

1962 (Delamere) Darryl Gleed. Joined the RAF as an Air Traffic Control Officer. Left the RAF in 1994 and now living in Badger, Shropshire. Email address: danandvickigleed@ANTISPAMonetel.net.uk

1962 (Lugard) Robin Poulter. Finished school in the UK and joined the RAF where he graduated with a 1st class hons in Aeronautical Engineering. Also got an MSc at the USAAF Dayton, Ohio college. Specialised in computers, especially for radar, early warning systems etc.. until leaving the RAF after doing his 19 years with the rank of Squadron Leader. Has contracted to the Dept of Defence since then. Lives in Alton, Hants with wife Bridgette. The have 3 daughters. Email RABKPoulter@ANTISPAMclassicfm.net (28/9/01)

1962 (Lugard) Hugo Haig-Thomas. Worn down by his constant threats to run away or tie himself to the railway line near Lugard, Hugo’s sorrowing parents took him out of Duke of York and sent him to the Muslim Institute (but where else when you live in Mombasa?). After a year busily reading comics and playing with the dogs, Hugo was despatched to England to resume his education - or else! He eventually graduated from Cambridge in Classical Arabic and entered HM Diplomatic Service. He served in the Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Denmark and Germany (several times) and was awarded a Danish Knighthood for services to the Queen of Denmark before retiring from the Foreign Office in 2000 to devote himself to reading comics and playing with the dogs. He is keen to make contact with his former Duko friends (and enemies, all of whom are now forgiven - well, nearly all, anyway). Hugo lives in London and can be contacted at hugo.haig-thomas@ANTISPAMvirgin.net. 5/5/01

1962 (Thomson) Peter Maspero. Lives in Claremont, suburb of Capetown. Email pdm@ANTISPAMmweb.co.za

1962 (Thomson) Hans Ruysenaars. Went to uni in Pietermaritzberg and moved to Perth, WA, for a brief time. Has now returned to Johannesburg Email: Hansaql@ANTISPAMicon.co.za  29/12/02

1962 (Delamere) D.E.R. (Rick) Wiltshire. Living in Cape Town but Rick and his wife recently relocated to Shropshire, England, as the quality of life had deteriorated so rapidly in SA. His ex-wife Maria and daughters Shannon (25) and Kirsten (23) live in Australia. Email goldlinetaxis@ANTISPAMtiscali.co.uk  5/8/04

1962 (Kirk) Robert Godkin. Is a medical specialist practising in Perth

1962 (Lugard) Frank Rothera. Was temporarily living in Perth and attended the Perth reunion. Now returned to UK and living in Ashford, Kent. Email frankrothera@ANTISPAMlineone.net

1962 (Eliot) Norm Sadd. Lives and works in Wollongong New South Wales.. Email nordel@ANTISPAMozemail.com.au

1962 (Lugard) Patrick Scott. Left, along with Stuart Johnston (Lugard and Jinja) and Alistair Macpherson (James and Eldoret) to go to HMS Conway, a naval training school in Wales.  Then went to sea as navigating officer, then university in Manchester.  Married 1972 Di - a teacher. Two children. Lived in Canada, London, Scotland, Dubai, Norway and now USA. Now retired from the the TV business where he was Executive Vice President and General Manager of  The Weather Channel in Atlanta, Georgia. Email pjscott945@aol.com Updated 28/1/07

1962 (Lugard) Stuart Johnston. See above. Now president of BP in India. Based in New Delhi. Married with 2 children. Email johnstsk@ANTISPAMbp.com

1962 (James) Peter Durie. Doctor in Toronto, researching cystic fibrosis. Email address is peter.durie@ANTISPAMsickkids.on.ca

#1962 (Delamere) Russ Ballard. I studied at Massey University (M.Agr.Sc., 1968) and the University of Florida (Ph.D. 1974). In 1969 I married Phillipa (née Gifford). We have three children, Edward (b. 1975), Joe (b. 1977), and Caroline (b. 1981), now all at university. I was Research Scientist at the Forest Research Institute, Rotorua, NZ, from 1969-77: then Associate Professor at North Carolina State University (1977-80); Manager, Forestry Research with Weyerhaeuser Company, Washington State (1980-85); Director Forestry Research, NZ Forest Service, Wellington (1985-86); Secretary of Forestry, NZ Ministry of Forestry (1987-88); Director General of Education, NZ (1988-89); Director General of Agriculture and Fisheries, NZ (1989-96); Chief Executive, Land Information, NZ (1996 - present date).In 1990 I was awarded the New Zealand Medal. Email address: ballard@ANTISPAMxtra.co.nz

1962 (Thomson) Stephen Perrens. Lives Pymble, New South Wales. Email perrens@ANTISPAMnetro.com.au

1962 (Lugard) Tim Poulter.Completed school in the UK and then got a BA(Hons) in Businss Studies at Leeds. Worked in the UK briefly before settling in Australia where I worked in the food and insurance industries before joining the tourism industry in 1987. Ran my own consulting firm for 5 years before joining State Rail where I ran their long distance passenger business. More recently have been working with partners establishing a couple of new tourism ventures. Live in Northbridge, Sydney with my wife Vicki and two sons. Email tvpoulter@ANTISPAMbigpond.com (29/9/01)

1962 (James) Mark Weaver. Grandfather George Taylor was one of the first settlers in the Kinangop. Father Walter was killed in the Emergency. Lives in Highfields, Queensland. Email WEAVES1@ANTISPAMbigpond.com Updated 3/1/08

1962 (James) Roger Maudsley. Went to Cardiff uni., worked as engineer first in Kenya, then in Brazil, where he still lives (in Rio). Married to Ana. Left engineering for the lure of the stockmarket but makes ends meet by doing financial translating. Email: rogerm@ANTISPAMalternex.com.br

1962 (Kirk) John Havelock. Successful lawyer (or advocate as Mike Robson tells me they are known!) with Kaplan and Stratton. Lives in Karen. Email drama@ANTISPAMmail.swiftkenya.com

1962 (Thomson and Grogan) Mike Ganz. After leaving Kenya spent 13 years in Switzerland where he became a mechanical engineer but dropped out in favour of data processing. Then spent 6 years in Venezuela, California 4 years, Venezuela 4 years and finally back to California in 89. Now freelances in database programming. Email address: bespoke@ANTISPAMsilcon.com 3.10.99 Received the sad news from Pat Halahan that Mike had been struck down with cancer of the pancreas and had passed away rapidly. Pat says "This guy looked his problem in the face and went down like a real winner. Mike joins Miles Barton, Smithy and the many others who have passed on." Condolences go to Mike's wife Julie.

1962 (Mitchell) Brandon Brooksbank. Lives in Applecross, Perth, W.A. but has property in Brunswick Junction, where he spends a fair amount of time.. Married to Penny. Email address: Brooksie1@ANTISPAMwestnet.com.au Email updated 18/2/09

1962 (Thomson) Nick Abel. Lives Spence, Australian Capital Territory. Email n.abel@ANTISPAMdwe.csiro.au

1962 (Grogan) Robert Richard Left for Israel in 1962 and finished schooling there. Then went to Loughborough in UK and completed a degree in aeronautical engineering. Has been in Israel's aerospace industry ever since. Married to Naomi and has 3 adult kids (Roy, Oren and Tammy) Is now a grandfather. Recently visited the Duko. Email address is robdrich1@ANTISPAMyahoo.com (updated 4/1/07)

1962? (James)Graham Tweedie. Lives Glen Forrest, near Perth, W.A. Officer in fire Brigade. 2 kids. Brother of Jack (see 1959 above). Email smtweedie@ANTISPAMiinet.net.au 5/8/04

1962 (Grogan) Andy Kerfoot. Lives in U.K. Married to Sue (nee Roffey). Retired after working in the turkey breeding industry. No email address but can be contacted through his brother Charles (see "Where are They Now" '63 on).

1962 (Eliot) Paul Haym - Lives in Vancouver, importing "push bikes" from Italy. Email gwbicycle@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1962 (Kirk) Ian Batty Update on Ian Batty Kirk house 1962.  "After leaving school I worked in Fleet Street, mainly in advertising and also for The Rand Daily Mail in Jo/berg. Then I did a stint on oil rigs in Nigeria , the North Sea ,Abu Dhabi, Bahrain  as a roustabout and rough neck, later as a pump truck technician for Halliburton in Saudi Arabia. I also was a helmsman on seismographic  ships in the Indian Ocean working from Madagascar  up to the Red Sea.  Eventually I made my way to Sydney, Australia where I met a child hood sweetheart and she put me onto the straight and narrow. I went to work with Qantas for three years and had a ball then started a mobile flower shop and several other small business ventures. The longest job I had was with The Australian Gas and Light Co where I did a lot of work with natural gas vehicles. Like many others I wasn’t immune to the redundancies of the time and found myself unemployed. I decided to get a bus licence and began working at Sydney Airport which was being improved for the Olympic Games in 2000, taking travellers from the terminals to the planes on the tarmac. This was loads of fun and I can now proudly boast that I have driven the longest and widest buses in the world, we even tried to register in  the Guinness book of records with the most people on a bus, I had just been loading from a Korean aircraft!!!  As the Games approached I was sent to the Olympic village to drive for three months and that was fabulous . Anyone who worked those games will tell you it was a very memorable time. Since 2001 I   have been working as a Bus Driver/ Carer for a Day Care Alzheimer Centre in North Turramurra,  Sydney. My job is to read the daily news , crosswords and entertain them as best I can.  Health permitting Karin (nee Knudsen ex Mombasa Primary and Kenya High School)  and I will carry on full time work until we are 70.  It keeps us young and allows us to pursue our love of travelling which we do for at least six weeks a year. Our favourite place is India. Our favourite hotel The Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur. This year we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary and returning to Hawaii  to stay at the same hotel in Waikiki Beach which we did when I was a flight attendant with Qantas 40 years ago. Karin and I arrived in Sydney over 40 years ago, just the two of us, and we are delighted that we have now an extended family which includes three little grandchildren!" Email batt8@ANTISPAMoptusnet.com.au.  6/1/2013

1962 (Lugard and Grogan) Rob Rowland - Last heard of in 1985 by Mike Goble-Garratt running a pub in a place called Keynsham in UK.

1962 (Kirk) John Barbour. Lives Brunswick Junction, W.A. Married to Pam (nee Hissey) who is an artist. Brother of Richard (see 1958 above) Email  john@ndofuart.com

1962 ( Lugard )Dave Hutchison - Lives in Nairobi.Email david.hutchison@ANTISPAMke.eyi.com

1962 (Lugard) Nigel Gaymer. Lives in England.

#1962 ( Lugard) Rob Bradshaw .."..I recently received a copy of John Tucker's circular about the Duke of York School Half Centenary Reunion from John O'Grady, coincidentally just after four Old Yorkists had gathered for an all-too-brief weekend in France last month, where much reminiscing went on... The other two were Dave Arkcoll and Nigel Gaymer, who will no doubt have received a copy from JOG." Rob was at Aberdeen University from 63 to 68, in the Fleet Air Arm from 70 to 94 and since then has been a commercial pilot. He now lives in Langport, Somerset.Email rob-bradshaw@hotmail.com

1962 (Kirk and Grogan) John O'Grady  "I'm married to Rita and we a have a son Alexander and a daughter Karin. Alexander has been working for a successful U.K. software company since graduating with an Msc in Computer Science three years ago and Karin has just graduated from Royal Holloway University, part of London University. Rita and I live in the south of France in a place called Fayence, which is in the Var. I left Kenya in 1962 to go up to Oxford and then, after graduating, I worked in the U.K. for about 7 years in various organisations such as Inchcape in the City and I.T.T. Data services. I never liked the place much. In 1972 I was offered a marketing job with the European headquarters of Memorex when they were strong in computer hardware, not just tapes. One of the reasons I wanted to join them was they were planning to relocate their European H/Q to Liege in Belgium, which they did within months of my joining. I then lived in Belgium for 10 years and enjoyed it a great deal, although the climate was even worse than that in the U.K. In 1981, after a very successful turnaround, Memorex relocated their H/Q back to the U.K., which prompted me to leave them and I joined a U.S. software company with a European H/Q based in Brussels. After a couple of years I persuaded the owner of the company, for very valid financial reasons, to relocate my Division to Monaco. So, in 1983 we took up residence in Monte Carlo and we worked and lived there very happily until 2001, initially with the U.S. Software company and then I had my own small company for about 4 years. In 2001 I closed the company and we left Monaco, moving here to Fayence, into a house which we had bought back in 1986 as a weekend and school holiday retreat. After a few years of doing some Consulting work I decided to take a year's sabbatical which became, unintentionally, an early, too early, retirement" Email  johnogrady@ANTISPAMwanadoo.fr  Updated 8/8/2014

1962 (Delamere) Chris Durrant. Lives Darlington, hills suburb outside Perth and married to Shirley (ex Boma, nee Jolley). Teaches (and coaches rugby) at Guildford Grammar School. Email chrisctd@ANTISPAMbigpond.com   updated 17/2/09

1962 (Lugard) Ian Ross  He was married to Gerry and had 2 sons, Ivan & Sean. Sadly Ian was killed in the bombing of the Norfolk hotel.

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