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1963 (Kirk) Kenneth Hughes. Raised in Mombasa ,attended Mombasa Primary and Nairobi Primary (boarder) DOY 1960 to 1963. Went to U.K. and did a 4 years executive management  apprenticeship with National & Grindlays Bank,London. In 1967 returned to work in Uganda with Grindlays ,played rugby against Idi Amin who was then No 3 in the army and learnt to rally with Shekar Mehta and Mike Doughty. Transferred to East Pakistan (Bangladesh) ,the Ghana for 4 years to open a new Grindlays subsidiary. In 1976 transferred to a Grindlays subsidiary in Hong Kong , met Anne and married in 1978. In 1983 moved to S.E.Banken in Hong Kong and in 1990 made redundant when bank was taken over . Worked for myself in finance for 3 years and then in 1993  joined ABSA Bank of South Africa as No2 in Hong Kong .  Moved to Cyprus in 1999 and opened own business developing distribution of investment funds into 10 countries in Asia  for a London based hedge fund and then a  Luxembourg fund house – used to travel to Asia 6 times a year . Still with company but set up 3 offices in Asia so I do not have to travel so much, still spend about 4 months a year in Asia and work about 4 hours a day (keeps the brain from crystalising ) . Have rallied classic cars for last 20 years including a 6 week Peking to Paris rally , and numerous 2 week long distance rallies . Returned to Kenya in 1978,1980, 2006, and 2010 Visited DOY on all visits . Enjoy travelling ,hoping to visit Australia this year .Email kenneth.hughes@ANTISPAM1cornhill.com  10/3/2014

1963 (Grogan). Ben Shanks. "I was at Grogan 1962-3. I left early to go to boarding school in Somerset in the UK. After that I “dropped out” for a number of years and  immersed myself fully in the spirit of the 60s  (sex and drugs and rock and roll!). When my folks returned to the UK in the late 70s I joined them to work on their small farm in West Wales, becoming involved in the organic farming movement that was taking off at that time.  However the farm did not provide enough for two families to live on and I left in 1987 and went to the University of Wales as a mature student, and followed that up with a Computer Science MSc at the University of Sussex. I then worked in Sussex as a database programmer up until 2008, when I was made redundant. I took the hint and now work as a self-employed landscape gardener here in the Yorkshire Dales – a lot less money but better for me I think.Email  ben@cravengardencare.co.uk  8/12/2010

1963 (Delamere) Chas Atkins. "He joined the RAF on leaving DOYS studying mechanical engineering while doing his officer training. After becoming a Flight Lieutenant he married Claire who was also in the RAF. His RAF career was short as he and Claire left after he fell out with his immediate superior. He then took a position at Bamburi Cement on the Kenya coast. While he was happy there the night life left him exhausted and he and Claire went their separate ways.He stayed on in Kenya with several different engineering jobs and then moved to Uganda about 20 years ago where, most recently, he worked out of Kampala for Terrain Services doing bridge building in Sudan.

 He never had children although until a few years ago he married a second wife in Uganda. I don't think he stayed in touch with any OYs. Even his family only heard from him very occasionally. In the last year he admitted that a lifetime of smoking and drinking had caught up with him, but he chose to live life his way." Written by his brother Robert (Delamere 1959) , for which many thanks.Chas passed away in September 2010.

1963 (Delamere/Grogan) Brian Fitz-John.  Started life at DOY in 1959 in Junior House (Delamere) and was part of the original group who formed Grogan. On leaving school in Dec ‘63 I returned home to Dar es Salaam to wait “O” Level results and applied to join the RAF. However, by the time I had an invitation to attend the interview board in Nairobi my father had decided that sun, sea, sand, sailing and a very nice girl friend was no path to a career and I was presented with an airline ticket to London, a cheque for fifty pounds and told to re-apply in UK. Following the unsuccessful attempt to join the RAF I embarked on a career as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. Still can’t quite see the connection!!! I did manage to touch base with a few guys from school in London where Earls Court became the place to meet. (Mike Thompson, Shaun Metcalfe, Ian Batty and Jerry Smith if my memory serves me correctly). I also kept in touch with Rob Baron (Mitchell/Grogan) and we bumped into Nigel Chown (Kirk) in a pub in Kent one weekend. After 8 years studying and working in UK I went to Malawi in Dec ’72 for 6 ½ years and got married in June ’73 to a girl I had met in UK. During this period I met up with Dave Richards (ex-James) who was flying for Air Malawi. I moved onto Botswana in July ’79 and spent the next 4 ½ years between Gaborone and Selebi-Phikwe. The marriage wasn’t working and we got divorced in ’81. No children. Jan ’84 saw me in Jo’burg working for LTA Construction where I remained until joining their overseas operation and finished up in Gibraltar in June ’86. I was transferred to Bath in Oct ’87 but couldn’t get used to UK and returned to Gibraltar (lived in Spain) in April ’89 to open my own office. In Jan ’90 I was invited to join a London firm and set up their Gibraltar office and was resident manager until a slow down in work forced us to close the doors in March ’94. During the time in Gibraltar I got married again to Irene, an ex-Laker Airways hostess (who I had met in Botswana) and both our sons, Scott and Ross were born there. From Gibraltar we spent 3 months in Dubai, returned to UK looking for a job, almost went to Mauritius, nearly back to Dubai and eventually arrived in New Zealand in May ’95.

For the past 12 years I have been working for myself as a consultant Quantity Surveyor/Project Manager, Irene is a teacher aide at the local Middle School and both boys attended St Peter’s here in Cambridge. Scott left school at the end of ’07 and having abandoned his intentions to be a pro golfer is now an apprentice Green Keeper at the NZ Golf Academy based at St Peter’s. Ross leaves school at the end of ’09 and as yet has no definite plans for the future, although cricket could feature. Dated November ’08. Would be glad to hear from any Old Yorkists. Email bfj@ANTISPAMxtra.co.nz 18/1/09

1963 (Speke) Paul Tanner-Tremaine. "On leaving Kenya(Thompson's Falls) went to Estcourt, Natal in South Africa, and after two years struggle at University -( entered with 'O' levels), joined the family motor business in Estcourt for 7 years. Instructed rock-climbing and maps at the local Outward Bound equivalent, Veld and Vlei, and got to know the Drakensberg mountain range very well.  Married Janet in 1970 and have 2 sons, and very recently a first grandson!  Joined the Nestle organisation in Estcourt in 1973 as a Production and Inventory controller, and transfered to their head office in Randburg, Transvaal in 1977.  Became involved in computer programming at Nestle, and then joined the NCR Corporation who I was with from 1981 to 1989 in Johannesburg and then transfered to Westville, near Durban until 2001, installing and supporting various computer systems in manufacturing, retail and banking organisations throughout South Africa.  We left South Africa in November 2001 for England, following our sons,  and I currently work for the Specsavers Optical Group, managing the installation of IT into all their new optical stores throughout the UK.  Now live in Romsey, Hampshire, and as a hobby maintain the 1820Settlers.com genealogy website, as Janet is a direct descendant of that intrepid group. " Email paul@ANTISPAMtantrem.com 17/10/08

1963 (Eliot / Delamere) David Hornabrook. "I worked for 3 years in an accountancy firm called Gill and Johnson in Nairobi. I found out that accountancy was not really my thing and went into Hotel Management working at the New Stanley Hotel doing a 4 year management course. Unfortunately, after independence the new government decided 2 things - 1) no more "foreigners" to be allowed Kenya citizenship and 2) those that were living in Kenya could live there - but would no longer receive a work permit!! I left Nairobi in December 1969 and went to London to work at the London Hilton. I did NOT like England after having lived an idylic life in Kenya and became a Hippy - with all that entails!! I went over to the continent for a year and a half, long hair, funny clothes and with a guitar!!!!!! I sang for a living throughout Europe for a year and a half - from Norway down to the south of France - quite successfully as well, though I say so myself! At the end of 1971 I ended up almost by mistake in Basel, Switzerland, where (after a rather necessary haircut and a definately necessary change of clothing mode) I began to work (illegally!) in a 2 Star Michelin restaurant, starting as a commis,  working up as Chef-de-Brigade. I stayed in that job until the end of 1974.

Things started getting "hot" in Switzerland then regarding work permits so I left and "returned" to England. I worked in the UK as an assistant manager in an inn (5 bars, a restaurant for 100 people, a grill room for 50 and a ballroom/function room for up to 300 people) until 1976.In 1976 Switzerland again - this time officially. There I met a Swiss German girl who became my wife - resulting in a fantastic daughter, Diane Lesley Hornabrook. We were married for 10 years After our divorce, I moved back to the Swiss-German part of Switzerland (Lucerne) where I took a year free to change my whole way of working life. I spent a year going to commercial school (all in German) ending with a commercial diploma. During the time I was married I was working for 10 years as a restaurant manager in 3 restaurants in Geneva before the "collapse" of my marriage.After, I worked for 16 years in Reliance Electric, an american company, selling high-tech safety devices for cable-cars and ski-lifts worldwide. Unfortunately I had to stop due to illnesses.
Then I had to stop working due to medical problems and decided to return to the UK in 2006, didn't like it, then went to Thailand for 6 months (Pattaya) - super life-style - but  I couldn't get medical insurance! After 2 food-poisoning instances, with the accompanying hospital costs, I decided, regretfully, to return to England. I am now living in York (more or less by accident) and to keep myself occupied, I work as a volunteer for a social club for people over 60. I enjoy it but it's not quite the same. The much-maligned NHS (National Health Service) here has been exceptionally good with me and, until my medical situation gets worse I am enjoying being back in England - only the bloody weather here is terrible."  8/12/07

Thanks to Carey Keates for the following:

For those who have  not heard, Dave died on Sunday 22 November (2013), having been seriously ill for a very long time ago. He definitely outlived his own expectations, and despite being very financially restricted, he was always smiling. He was a most extraordinary man, who took all the very worst that life could throw at him, including major heart problems, and major cancer problems, and he  just smiled a little smile, and got on with life. Hardly surprisingly, he took the dreadful death of his beautiful, intelligent and very funny daughter very badly, but he even seemed to manage to get over that.


When he contacted me again, some five years ago, I went to York to meet him, and we chatted for many hours. His memory of school days was absolutely phenomenal, and it was solely through his energy and effort that so many of us Delamere folk gathered in York on several occasions for dinner, and he was devastated not to have been able to make the last major OY reunion in Taunton.


Many of you may have wondered why you weren't getting his usual emails.He had been taken into hospital some months ago, and had no opportunity to use his beloved email, with which he kept in touch with so many people. He had always used the computers in the Library. Even though he was much better, he was very weak,and unable to climb the stairs where he lived, and moved into sheltered accommodation. He had no computer of his own, so still had no access to email.  16/11/13

1963 (Eliot and Lugard) Mike Tonkin "After completing school cert my parents sent me to the UK where I joined the Merchant Navy and spent most of my time on the South African run. I left the Navy in 1970 and worked in the IT field at Lloyds Bank London for twelve months before emigrating to Australia. I initially went to Brisbane where I joined IBM and after nine months there was transferred to Perth where I have lived ever since. In 1998 having spent 28 years working for IBM I was made redundant and have since worked in several jobs ranging from security work to being a pool man! I am currently semi retired. In 1978 I married Marrianne and we have two daughters (25 & 22) and a son (20). My favourite memories at Duko were playing in the school 2nd fifteen rugby team and having secret smokes in the bundu with Tim Bryson & ‘Marmite’ Niemeyer. Sorry I couldn’t make the Perth reunion in October but we had just got back from a trip to Thailand and were suffering the effects of a tummy virus" . Update from Mike, March 2011:

"Marianne and I have moved from Perth (August 2010) and are living in a town called Tanunda in the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia.

Our eldest daughter has been living in Tanunda since 2007 having met a lad from Tanunda who was on an assignment in Perth at the time. They are expecting their first child in April which will make us grandparents. I have now retired and do volunteer work for the local council and also for the CFS (Country Fire Service). I was wondering if you had any up to date details on Peter Morgan (ex Eliot and James I think from 1964) I have found his info on the site but am having little success in using the email provided in his info.

My new email address is mikeyt46@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1963 Brian Bourke Connell (Eliot). "After leaving the school, we briefly visited South Africa, moved to Rhodesia where I became involved in the computer industry and medical electronics, became involved in the armed conflict, joined an industrial electronics company, then moved to South Africa. I am an engineer in the heavy transport industry, working in Durban, South Africa. I enjoy off-roading in a venerable old land-rover and am a semi-professional wildlife photographer. I am divorced, having two sons, both of whom are now living and working in England." Brian would like to hear from anyone from DOY who remembers him and also is keen to catch up with the Meaden sisters, Bev and Andy. Email parts@ANTISPAMtohf.net  10/11/04

1963 (Thomson) Mike Good. Lives in New Zealand. Email michael.good@ANTISPAMxtra.co.nz  8/5/04

1963 (House?) Richard Goord. "I was at the Duke of York from 1959-1963 - I think. Upon leaving the Duco I went to the UK and attended Cirecester Agricultural  College where I was awarded the N.D.A. I then went on to the Essex  Institute of Agriculture at Writtle where I studied agricultural  engineering and obtained the N.D.Ag.E. I then spend 20 years in the UK  becoming first Managing Director of Adflow Enginering Ltd at Reading and  subsequently founding my own company Action Hose Couplings Ltd which was  sold in 1987. I subsequently became Resident in Spain and then in Bermuda.  From 1990 to 1995 I and my family sailed around the world in our own 65ft yacht. I now live in New Zealand where I have a 1600 acre sheep and Deer  Farm and an historic homestead which is run as an intimate luxury lodge for  just 8 guests. www.claremont-estate.com. I married in 1976 and have two  steps sons Gordon and Duncan. My wife died from cancer in 2001 and I have a new relationship with Rosie, the sister of a school friend from the Duco, one Christopher Crawford from Thomson House. Christopher Crawford also attended Cirencester and then immigrated to Australia where he was managing a ranch when he was killed in a horse riding accident in 1980. His wife died from cancer two years later and is
survived by two sons and a daughter. I hope this information will add to your records and if I can be of further
assistance with any relevant information that you might require then please let me know. Email
richard@ANTISPAMclaremonthouse.co.nz 11/9/03

1963 (Lugard) Tim Bryson. "Captain soccer, junior & senior colts '60 - '62  1st 11 soccer DOY + Combined School, Hockey colours denied (dumped school bell in pool)!  Currently between SA Cape Town , Mombasa and UK and looking for a woman who knows me and would like to become wife no 4 and as ever still cruising.........not a west coast hippy, but an east coast cruiser!!!!!!!!  Email pumzika@ANTISPAMtelkomsa.net  3/3/2003

Tim's son Steve contacted me on 30 November 2006 to say that Tim passed away on 12 November after a long illness. Anyone who wishes to contact Steve should get in touch with me and I will pass on his email address. Meanwhile he has set up a web site which will be of interest to Tim's many friends: http://pumzika.com/index.php/TimBryson (web site address changed 1/11/2010).

1963 (Eliot). Geoff O'Connor. "I am a surgeon working in NSW at Dubbo and have almost forgotten where i came from!I returned to study medicine at TCD Dublin.Graduated 1970 interned in Dubbo then worked Hong Kong briefly before moving to Sydney.Surgical training in Sydney and UK.Have been working here since. Email droconnor@ANTISPAMdroconnor.com.au 13/11/02

1963 (Thomson). Norman Haggie "I left I think in 1963. Didn't leave exactly, got expelled for a weeks jaunt down to Mombasa with the Matrons car, which was not appreciated by either school, matron and my parents alas. Sent off to Cranleigh in England, then worked for British Ropes overseas for 15 years, Spent last 20 years or so in Puerto Rico where I owned a Porsche Agency; now live in US (Virginia), travel South America extensively. DOYS seems so long ago, definitely another era Best wishes, congratulations on an excellent site." Email norman.haggie@ANTISPAMtwpl.com 31/12/05

1963 (Grogan) Miles Ballaam He is a procurement engineer who lives in Queensland. Email mballaam@ANTISPAMpowerup.com.au 12/2/02

1963 (Grogan) Chris McCormick. Ian Norman writes (30/1/02) " Chris McCormick passed away at the beginning of January 2002. He had an operation on a hernia in Harare in September 2001 and evidently it never healed, leading to peritonitis. He was in England at the time visiting his two daughters and also sorting out his mother's estate. As you may know his wife also died last year from cancer (Easter Monday 2001) which leaves their two daughters parentless. Chris was our family doctor for many years and we had utmost respect for him as a doc and as a friend. He was also very good to my folks. I am sure that he will be remembered to a lot of old Yorkists through his work with Brooklands Baraza, Grogan House, and a number of other activities and I know that he has a number of old Yorkist friends in Australia who he was planning to visit later this year."  
14/11/02 I received this email from Chris' brother, John. He used to be at POW : "Chris studied medicine at Trinity College Dublin, then settled in Rhodesia in 1972, working first in Umtali (now Mutare) and then in Harare, where he had his own practice. He and his wife Carmel had two daughters, Sinead (who now lives in Ireland) and Roisin (who still soldiers on in Zimbabwe). Sadly, Chris very unexpectedly died in January 2002, while on a visit back to the UK. I can't be of much help, but if anyone wants to hear more about him, or to be put in touch with his daughters to share any stories they might have of their Dad, feel free to publish my e-mail address, which is jmccormi@ANTISPAMiupui.edu. (I live in the United States, where I am a professor at Indiana University."

1963 (Lugard) Rob Hurt. Robin has hunted professionally throughout Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Central African Republic, Botswana, Zambia, Ethiopia and Zaire since becoming a licensed professional hunter at the age of 18.  He is vice-president and Secretary General of the African Professional Hunters Association and a member of the Executive Committee of the Tanzania Hunting Operators Association. In 1990 Robin, together with Mr. Joseph F. Cullman 3rd, set up The Cullman and Hurt Community Wildlife Project to promote wildlife and habitat conservation through proper sustainable utilization of a renewable wildlife resource by the involvement of the local communities in Tanzania. This project now has international recognition and is considered to be one of Tanzania’s greatest conservation successes. Robin is an avid wildlife art collector and keen photographer.He has 5 children and his eldest son, Derek, is following in his father’s footsteps. Recently Robin wrote a definitive work on dangerous game entitled "Hunting the Big Five".(16/1/01)

1963 (Delamere) Peter Symes. Was a producer with BBC in Bristol but left them at the end of 2000 and is now doing freelance work.    Email peter.symes@ANTISPAMwynnesdiary.com(2/1/02)

1963 (Speke) Grant Daniels. Lives in the UK. Email daniels@ANTISPAMzumtobelstaff.co.at  (2/1/02)

1963 (Thomson) Mike Glenister. Lives in the USA. Email GlenisterM@ANTISPAMaol.com  (2/1/02)

1963 (James) Ermanno Ghirardi "After I left DOY I farmed in Kilifi. In 1968 left Kenya to work in Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana. I am now back in Tanzania.managing a transport company. I have aPh.D. in Business Administration. My e-mail address e.ghirardi.termcotank@ANTISPAMgmail.com " Update 27/12/2010: "On the 27th December 2004 the Italian government bestowed me with a knighthood. In front of my name I am allowed the title of  Cav. (Cavaliere)"

1963 (Eliot) Mark Cooper. "When we left Kenya in 63 I joined the RAF as a Boy Entrant and was locked into serving Queen and Country until 1978. I married a girl from Singapore, Sumarni, and have 4 children, two boys and twin daughters. We migrated to Australia in 78 and apart from working in Singapore for a couple of years have lived in Sydney and Brisbane continuously. My brother Richard who also went to Duko, is married with two sons and lives in New Plymouth New Zealand. Should anyone wish to contact us my email address is cooper.mark7@ANTISPAMgmail.com   (updated 29/5/12) More importantly, should anyone wish to contact my father Dennis they can email me and I will deliver their message. " (Mark has written a very interesting account of his life, too lengthy to put here. However I will be happy to forward a copy to anyone who wants it.- ed.).

1963 Jan Wright (Eliot / Grogan) When I left Duke of York in 1963, I continued school in Zambia, studied Aeronautical Engineering at Bristol then worked at the British Aircraft Corporation. I finally ended up in higher education where I am now a professor of engineering at Manchester University, specialising in vibration. I am married to Joy and have 2 daughters (23 and 17) and a son (20) – none of whom will become engineers! Do get in touch. E-mail addresses coldbeck@ANTISPAMfreeuk.com or jan.wright@ANTISPAMman.ac.uk 5/5/01

# 1963 (Lugard) M.A. Chambers (Sqd Ldr.). Lives in Shrewsbury, UK.

1963 (Thomson) John Dawson "I live in Hurley, Maidenhead, Berkshire England. I am currently managing an outdoor pig unit at Berkshire College of Agriculture. In my spare time I am a Salmon and Trout Association Instructor. Married with two children. Email johndawson@ANTISPAMjohndawson.fsnet.co.uk

1963 (Thomson) Roger Steeden  "You may better remember me by my nickname 'Chicken' - not a handle I liked, then or now but probably the name people would remember me by. I left early in  1963 to finish education here in the UK at Shoreham Grammar School, in Sussex. I've spent my working life, from 1965, at the National Gas Turbine Establishment, Pyestock near Farnborough, Hants (now part of DERA which encompasses all the old government R & D Establishments) and have found a varied, interesting and fulfilling career as a Scientist working on various aspects of, mainly, aero engine development and testing.  That career is about to finish as  'they' have decided to close the altitude test facilities for which I am Principal Aerodynamicist.  Quite what I'm doing next  will resolve  in the next few months - it may be redeployment at Farnborough or it may be early retirement (I find that an attractive option). Married in 1970, the year I started my BSc in Engineering at Portsmouth Polytechnic, it ended in 1979.  Happily, after several false starts(!?!), I remarried in 1990 and have two young children, James, 9 and Katie, 7, who drive me nuts at times but keep me young at heart.  My  wife Renee is very English despite her dark looks and name and shares my passion for boating.  We live on the building site called Fairland Lodge, which I  am  gradually turning into a respectable residence, having given up with the English building trade and developed new skills of bricklaying, plastering etc.  We are doing this in what is hopefully a (longer than I thought) boating interlude, having sold our power boat 3 years ago (we  sailed until the children made it too difficult. Email address: roger.steeden@ANTISPAMntlworld.com

1963 (Mitchell) Dave Mulford. Joined Fleet Air Arm after leaving school. Currently on contract flying in Fiji. Can be contacted via his daughter Christine's email in Brisbane. Email s370949@ANTISPAMstudent.uq.edu.au

1963 (Grogan) Richard Baker-Jones Born in Cornwall but taken to Kenya aboard the Empire Brent, a converted troopship, in late 1947. Initially lived in Nairobi and a pupil at Nairobi Primary School where his claim to fame was as bell ringer and not being a favourite of Roger Whittaker! Entered Junior House at DOYS in 1960 being one of those subsequently selected to be a founder member of Grogan. Whilst at DOYS, lived in Nakuru, Eldoret and Kitale with the best railway journey in the world for travelling to and from school. Returned to the UK five days after independence where he has remained every since with a career as a Chartered Surveyor. Now retired and living in Gosport, Hampshire keeping busy with family (two daughters and four grandchildren), motor rally marshaling, National Coastwatch, sailing, cycling and governor of local junior school. Email rbjsolent@ANTISPAMgmail.com 09/06/2014

1963 (Eliot) Adrian Mortimer. Lives in Brookfield, a Brisbane suburb. Email    amortimer@ANTISPAMinternode.on.net

#1963 (Thomson) Robert Allen. Lives in Hong Kong.

#1963 (Delamere) R.M.Allen. Lives in Canterbury, Kent. Email rmacolos@sapo.pt  9/7/12

1963 (Eliot) Richard Mortimer. Adrian’s younger brother. Lives in Toowong, Queensland.

1963 (Lugard) Mein Niemeyer. Lives in Cedar Vale, Queensland, south of Brisbane. Married to Coralie. Email    corymein@ANTISPAMaapt.net.au updated 5/1/2008

1963 (Grogan) Graham Sparling. Lives in Morrinsville, New Zealand and works for Landcare Research in Hamilton. Prior to that he had worked for nearly four years in WA based at Perth. In his wanderings around WA he had met Ken Greathead who had been Head of Grogan House in 1962. Ken didn't remember Graham (rabble) but Graham remembered him very well having cleaned his rugby kit, made his bed, and had been chastised by him at various times. Graham didn't remind Ken about that particular aspect of Duko life. Email SparlingG@ANTISPAMlandcare.cri.nz

1963 (James) Robert Weaver. Mark’s brother. Lives at "Lynbrydon" station at Blackall, Queensland.

1963 (Delamere) Bruce Bellinge. Lives in Brigadoon, suburb of Perth. Works in a fertility clinic in Perth and is a yachtsman. Email bruce@ANTISPAMconceptfert.com.au   

1963 (Delamere) John Curtis. Lives in Karrinyup, suburb of Perth

1963 (Kirk) John Dunt. Now Vice Admiral Sir John Dunt. Would like to hear from friends who were at the Duko from 1957 to 1963. Email: johndunt@ANTISPAMwoodleyhouse.freeserve.co.uk

1963  (Delamere)  Tony Durrant. Now a merchant banker in New York Email TonyMinnie@ANTISPAMaol.com

1963 (Eliot and Speke). Keith Bayles. Spent some of his early years on a farm in Kitale before moving to Nakuru, where his father worked for the East African Standard and later Nairobi. Married to Rosemary (nee Shaw of "Shaw and Hunter" the gunsmiths). They have one son. Email Lane_End_Business_Services@ANTISPAMcompuserve.com (note: I think you have to type an underscore between Lane_End_Business_Services ).

1963 (Delamere). Cliff Hutton Wrecked on the coast of Brazil in 1971 while sailing 30 ton ketch from Cape Town to UK but survived to work as journalist in SA, UK,USA, Mexico, Bahrein, Cypus. Now lives in Dublin writing novels and free-lance articles about computing. Email cliffhutton@ANTISPAMeircom.net

1963 (Speke) Jeff Cutts. Lives in Brisbane. Works for Telstra. Brother of Alan. Email address: happyjeff@ANTISPAMbigpond.com

1963 (Speke) Alan Cutts . Lives in Arnaud, Victoria, Aus. He has lived in St. Arnaud for the past 18 years. Is a qualified refrigeration mechanic and owns an electrical retail/repair business, which employs 4 staff. He is also involved in another business with a partner growing lavender and some cereal crops. He has a wife Glenys and 2 children, Graham (26) and Carol (23).Email glenalan@ANTISPAMruralnet.net.au

1963 (Mitchell) Gordon Chubb - "I continue as a professional accountant living and working near Sherborne, Dorset, England. This autumn (2004) summoned to advise Harry Hesketh and found him in very good fettle. Three sons (two born in Kenya) all now gainfully employed and off the payroll. Email gordon.chubb@ANTISPAMprimeentry.com  Update 7/11/04

1963 (Speke/Grogan) Shaun Metcalfe. Studied engineering in U.K. and joined Marconi in 1966. Then did a lot of globe trotting (including Kenya, Egypt, Yugoslavia, S.A. and Australia) as a TV planning engineer. Back to UK in 79 and joined a US firm TCI of which he was MD and Chairman. Had a (very) brief spell of attempted retirement in 2000 but has now started his own engineering consultancy business and works from home.Part owns a 5 star Safari Lodge in Botswana on the Chobe River. Married to Sandy and has 2 adult kids. Sisters Alison and Christine (Dr Christine Nicholls) were at the Boma. Email address:  shaunmetcalfe@ANTISPAMaol.com

Update 5/11/07 : Still not much change in my life. My wife, Sandy, died some years ago. I have remarried Bea and inherited 4 grandchildren!!! I still do a lot of engineering consulting in the TV and Radio transmission business (my major customer is the BBC World Service). Please check out my safari lodge in Botswana www.muchenje.com We gets lots of Australians visiting us throughout the year- many from Perth (relatively close to Southern Africa and good air links).Had lunch recently with Rick Driscoll here in London. Excellent

1963 (Speke/ Grogan) Chris Freeman (also known as Malcolm or Mike). Was Head of Grogan in 1962 He, Shaun Metcalfe and Mr Ian Reid built Kami Hut on Mt Kenya. Now a physician married to Joanne Sabrinskas. They live in Pittsburg, Kansas and have a daughter, Karen. Email address is mfreeman3@cox.net  8/3/05 (Thanks to Karen for updating the old man's email address!)

1963 (Delamere) Lorenzo "Pete" Piacenza. Worked at Uni of Illinois in computer support but has recently retired. Doctorate in organic chemistry. Best email address: piacenza@ANTISPAMcharter.net Secondary address is lpiacenz@ANTISPAMillinois.edu   updated 6/01/13

1963 (Eliot) Ray Sullivan. Attended Perth reunion, now lives in Manjimup, WA and works as an accountant. Email  raysullivan50@ANTISPAMhotmail.com Updated 22/7/15

#1963 (Mitchell) Richard Chaundy. Lives in Cranleigh, Surrey."I left the Duko to go to Reading University where I managed to get a B.Sc. I then went on to Bath University and obtained a Dip. Ed. I had 25 very successful years as a teacher specialising in special needs and IT. I ended up as head of department before being made redundant in 1993. With no pension and at the age of 48 I set out to build a new and different career and am now a chemical research technician at the University of Surrey.I am a school governor, and am also into local politics. I have stood several times in local elections (unsuccessfully) as a Labour candidate in deepest Surrey. I would like one day to be an MEP. I am a Francofile, and the family spend most holidays in the Charante region. I now speak French better than Swahili. I was always keen on amateur dramatics and operatics and now support a local drama group. I have appeared in leading roles in Wimbledon Theatre and the Thorndike Theatre, Leatherhead. In my youth I was engaged three times - a lot of presents to send back. 22 years ago I met Heather while dancing in a review and have been very happily married ever since. We have three children - Liz, 20, working in insurance, Vicky, 17, about to go to university and David, 14, the sportsman I never was. However I have blossomed in my latter years and am a handy golfer and play bowls at county level. Email address is r.chaundy@ANTISPAMsurrey.ac.uk

1963 (Delamere) Bryce Cowan . Formerly married to Andy (nee Meaden). Lives in Malindi doing some farming, real estate etc.

1963 (Speke) Michael Doenhoff  Teaching parasitology and doing research on bilharzia at Nottingham University, UK. Living in Duffield, just North of Derby, married to Judy and has two daughters in their 30's and a son. Email address: mike.doenhoff@ANTISPAMnottingham.ac.uk  27/9/10.

1963 (Mitchell) Ian Shields. Lived in Aspen Colorado for some years and married a U.S. girl. though they have now separated. Now working in agriculture in Queensland.

1963 (Speke). Alan Hitchcox. Lives in Darlington, Perth, W.A. Works for mining company. His elder brother Duncan passed away some years ago. Alan has one daughter. Email hitchcox@ANTISPAMupnaway.com

1963 (Delamere) Trevor Hutton. "Moved to South Africa where I finished school and then did a college diploma in mechanical engineering. Married Valerie Shardelow in 1974 and had three boys: Scott 1976 - 1990, Paul 1978 who married Meredith Copeland and has a son and daughter, and Ross 1981 who married Eva Campbell and has a son. In 1996 the family moved to Vancouver, Canada. I have just retired but am looking for something to keep me busy. We live on Salt Spring Island in BC see http://www.saltspringisland.org/ Twin brother Clifford lives in Dublin. Email at home is trevalie@ANTISPAMshaw.ca  Updated 19/9/12

1964 (Grogan) Rodger Allan Had brief contact. Rodger and family moved to UK 6 years ago after living in S. Africa for 43 years. Awaiting bio with more info.Email the.allans@live.co.uk

1964 (Speke) Al Drysdale. 1964-75 accountancy training and work in Edinburgh, and a lot of disc-jockeying 1975-81 living in East Lothian smallholding, working as a diver in North Sea, Nigeria and Brunei,  then  superintendent for all the company’s diving ops in Arabian Gulf and Arabian Sea, and playing goalkeeper for Ad Hoc (Abu Dhabi Hockey Club) 6- and 11-a-side 1982-89 receiverships and management development projects in Edinburgh 1989-92 turnaround of a group of construction industry companies in dire straits. 1993 moved with my wife Mary to a wild hilltop smallholding in the Scottish Borders 1993-2012 over 40 management projects for industrial companies worldwide and wrote “The Financial Controller”, a big work which is selling steadily. 2013 retired and chilling out to southern US country-rock Email drysdale@ANTISPAMlantoncraigs.demon.co.uk  26/1/13

1964 (Eliot). David Taylor."I joined the British Army at the end of 1964 and went to Sandhurst in the UK and then served in Libya,Cyprus,Norway and Germany.During my time in the army I also obtained a BSc from London University.I left the army in 1973 and worked in Printing/Publishing until 1977 when I got married and emigrated to Australia.I worked mainly as  Marketing Director in the Corporate world.I was divorced in 1996 and have three daughters who now live in New York,London and Sydney.

 I have now remarried and have two sons with my wife Gillian.We now live in Abu Dhabi as Gillian works for the Abu Dhabi Government.I am now semi-retired.My email is davidexilesuae@ANTISPAMyahoo.co.uk and would love to hear from any Old Yorkists.

1964 (Mitchell). Giles Paget-Wilkes. I left the Duko (Mitchell) in 1964 and went to the U.K. where I attended the Lackham College of Agriculture in Wiltshire and then went to work for Wright Rain Ltd in Ringwood, Hampshire. After training I was sent to Southern Ireland to develop a new market for irrigation, quite a challenge when it rains every day! I survived Ireland and the IRA and moved to Perth, Scotland with Wright Rain, where St. Andrews golf course and many well know whiskey distillers were among my best customers!

In 1969 I returned to Africa and took a position as Irrigation Specialist with African Farming Equipment in Lusaka, Zambia. In 1970 I married Valerie an English nurse who I met there and the following year we moved to Rhodesia to grow tobacco. We subsequently had two daughters, Helen and Gail who were born in Salisbury and now both life in the US. The plan had been to settle down in Karoi and grow tobacco, but the “bush war” made that difficult! After 7 years active service in PATU (Police Anti Terrorist Unit) as well as a full time farming job we were offered a General Manager’s position at the Caribbean Tobacco Company in Belize, Central America. So in 1977 we made the very tough decision to leave Africa again! We had our third daughter Megan in Belize City. After three years in the jungles of Belize it became time to think about educating our children and finally we decided the most economical solution was to move again, this time to the US, where the girls could get a good education and good prospects for a lifelong career as well as a little stability in their lives! With this in mind I took a job with Rainbow Irrigation in Georgia and after a year they posted me to San Jose, Costa Rica in Central America to establish a Regional Sales office for Latin America. For the next 5 years I travelled 70% of my time throughout the region establishing distributors, which was a great experience! In 1985 we returned to the US to take another position with the company and shortly after that move they ran into financial difficulties so I took an assignment on my own in the Sahara for a year as Project Manager developing a 5,000 acre winter wheat project from scratch on the Algerian/Libyan border, which turned out to be an enormous challenge and an experience I will never forget!

Returning to the US I took a job with James Hardie Irrigation (an Australian company) and we moved to live near their factory in Orlando, Florida. My sales territory this time was Central America and the Caribbean, which again was a great experience! In 1990 I resigned from Hardie to set up my own export business called International Irrigation Supply, shipping “turnkey” irrigation projects all over the world from Florida. I built it up to US$5 million in sales with 6 employees before selling it in 2000 and moving to West Palm Beach,FL to manage it for the new owners for 5 years.

Since then I have worked with Naandan , an Israeli irrigation manufacturer here in the US, until they were acquired by Jain Irrigation Ltd. an Indian company and so I now work for Jain as a Territory Sales Manager covering eight US states, which involves a lot of travelling, but is very rewarding and I am finally getting to know the US! Our daughter Megan was tragically killed in a car accident in 1997 and in 1998 Valerie and I were divorced after a 25 year marriage. I have subsequently remarried a Dutch born girl Shell, who I met in south Florida and we now live in Tangerine , Florida which is a small settlement in the hills NW of Orlando.

Like Bill Hillier (founder of this page) , I also got involved in the running craze and have been an avid member of the Hash House Harriers (a drinking club with a running problem) running all over the world with them for the last 40 years! I have also run many of the big US marathons and achieved a PR of 3.18! I am out of space here now, but if any of you are ever in Florida, please do not hesitate to contact me? Email gilespagetwilkes@ANTISPAMaol.com  8/1/2012

1964 (Lugard). Gerald McGuire. Ron Owens writes on 9 November 2011: I only just learned about the sad demise of Gerald McGuire a year and half ago at his home in Scotland, a quick onset of some form of terminal cancer. Gerry was with me from Junior House to U VI Arts, in Lugard. He was one of the school’s better sportsmen, he certainly had Hockey, Soccer, Athletics and Rugger colours. Not enough room on the blazer for more! I found out about it when I was moved to call him from his listing on Dave’s excellent spreadsheet, because his old girlfriend, Anita Fielding was featured in the UK Sunday papers, in reviews of a new book by what would have been her brother-in-law. I say would-have-been, because Jonathan Barrows and Anita were tragically killed in a car crash back in 1970, just before they were to be married. The story only resurfaced now because of a new book by Jonathan’s brother about those times. On calling to ask for “Gerry” at the phone number listed, I was very dismayed to learn of his death from his widow Lorna.

1964 (Mitchell). Kevin Burge. "After O-levels, I joined my family in Lusaka, Zambia, to which they had moved, and then went on to university in Durban, South Africa.  I ended up – probably to the amazement of those who remember my dreamy progress in Nairobi - with degrees in English, History Psychology and Environmental Education!  Also, to their astonishment, I have been involved in education for 38 years, now, a headmaster for some years and now director (for the past 17 years) of an education centre in rural KwaZulu-Natal specialising in adult education and career guidance.  We live not far from Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift (of Zulu! fame).  Life is very good here, and I am happily married (34 years, now!) with two sons (Gareth in Kampala) and Calvin in Ireland.  Any wishing to contact me is welcome to write to burge@kznatal.co.za." 28/12/2010

1964 (Eliot/James). Richard Hewson. " I was at D.O.Y. from 1959 to 64 starting in Elliot and ending in James, John Bieneman being Housemaster. My older Brother, Francis left from Eliot in, I think 1960 or 61. I first went to India where my mother lived and then went to New Zealand in 65 where I lived until 1999. I now live in Folkestone, England not far from my brother.  I just happened to be nostalgic and looked on Google and found the site,amazing!!!! I am married to Suzanne and have 2 children here in the UK" Email thehewsons@ANTISPAMhotmail.com 17/12/09

1964 (Eliot) Michael Knight "Fairly uneventful time at school, went on two expeditions up Kilimanjaro with the school both as far as Gilmans Point. Had two trips to Mt Kenya nothing to do with school although I think Peter Doenhoff was a leader on one of them? The other was with the Mountain Club of Kenya with Peter Jackson & Iain Allen. Returned to the UK in 1964 & after a year at Ipswich Civic College had a year at the Essex Institute of Agriculture, was there at the same time as Richard Goord. I then embarked on a career in selling, bad move did not enjoy that time at all, sold anything from animal feed & seed corn to life assurance to finally transport services. The change came in '88 when we moved to Norfolk & I fullfilled a dream to be artistic & work with my hands & set up a workshop making furniture to commission. Most notable commission being a table for the entrance of the Officers Mess at Wattisham Station in Suffolk for the Army. I must owe some of this to Mr Davis from school! Still working & hill walking, mainly in Wales when time allows.
Still in contact with Nigel Day. Would love to hear from old school mates. Email Michael.Knight@ANTISPAMFreeuk.com 28/4/08

 Adrian Whyte. Left Kenya in '64 for London to pursue a banking career which has lasted more than 40 years. Worked for Standard Chartered Bank for 16 years  in London, Ghana, Zambia, HongKong, Bahrain and Indonesia. Followed this with four years in Haiti with a US bank and have worked in the UK since 1984. Aiming to retire in the UK in 2007. In November 2006 Warwick Davis (ex Eliot 1961-65) and I paid a nostalgic visit to Duke of York (Lenana School). Lenana is still one of Nairobi's top boys schools. It has suffered a little with the ravages of time but the chapel, hall, classroom blocks, san, boarding houses, playing fields, swimming pool and squash court are all reasonably well maintained. The school bell (HMS Duke of York) is rather tarnished but remains outside the chapel. The school entrance is now gated and guarded under the railway bridge but the two hockey pitches are intact. One side of the long murram drive down to the Ngong Road remains forested but the other side is lined with dukas and shacks.  The Ngong Road from Dagoretti Corner to the School turn-off is completely built up down one side with industrial and commercial buildings. Email aniwhyte@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com.  9/12/06 PS  PS Dave Hornabrook (dh41@hotmailANTISPAM.com) is desperately keen to get in touch.

1964 (Eliot) Warwick B Davis " House prefect, school colours soccer, athletics, squash.  Followed in my father's footsteps teaching Design and Technology, and sport having trained at Loughborough.  Captained the college squash team. Qualified as a soccer referee and continued to be involved with sport -participating, coaching and administration.  Taught in both state and private education in England, Zambia and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. During my time in Zambia I helped coach the Zambia Schools international side".Email warwickabcd@ANTISPAMblueyonder.co.uk 10/6/07 PS Dave Hornabrook (dh41@hotmailANTISPAM.com) is desperately keen to get in touch.

1964 (Grogan) Leigh Thompson. Is now retired and lives in Spain. Email leigh.thompson@ANTISPAMaffinet.net  18/8/06

1964 (Kirk)  Rick Owen-Thomas.   Rick left SA and moved to Florida in 2000. He keeps himself busy by commuting to other homes in UK  and Minnesota. He enjoys fishing, cycling and playing golf (badly!). Email dot_dot_10@ANTISPAMhotmail.com (note there are two underscores in this address).20/11/2010

1964 (Lugard) Graham Goodwin. Went  on to study chemistry at London University, Kings College (sponsored by BP/Distillers Co. Ltd) and then M. Sc. Biochemistry at Imperial College. Joined the Institute of  Cancer Research in London, studied for a Ph.D., crossing the path of Mike Doenhoff  who was working there.  Has been a research team leader at The Institute Of Cancer Research for a number of years now. Married to Margaret and has two daughters Charlotte and Sarah who have been through university and are now gainfully employed. Has been back to Kenya a number to times to visit parents and brother Julian. E-mail: Graham.Goodwin@icr.ac.uk 5/8/04

1964 (James) Allan Duff. Lives in Noordhoek, Western Cape, SA. "  I enjoyed my time there, and was very keen on Rugby, having played for the school in the respective years right through my time there, ending up in the 1st.15 in 1964" Email address allan@ANTISPAMrandins.co.za 20/7/04

1964 (Delamere) Carey Keates. "I have just been referred to your website by Mike Robson (Delamere), so I thought that my own contribution might spark a few memories. . . .I came to DOY in 1959 from Pembroke House, where I was probably best known for doing a bunk from the school with Robin Schalk (it seemed a good idea at the time) and managing to be caught at sundown the next day just the other side of Thomson's Falls: not a bad walk for a couple of 10 year olds. Best memory of DOY was the trip we arranged to Lake Rudolf, with Pog Doenhoff in charge. Total chaos, but huge fun. Left DOY in 1964, went to work on "Born Free" at Naro Moru, then worked for Joy Adamson in Meru, releasing her cheetah into the wild. Then 18 months playing soldiers in the Middle East (draw a veil over that bit), then back to the UK, where I worked with Holland and Holland for the next 15 years. Decided that although it was the best job in the world, I couldn't live on their idea of a salary, so became an Estate Agent. Married 1969, two girls, divorced, remarried, step-daughter, now two granddaughters from my elder daughter, my younger daughter is expecting, and my stepdaughter is making films instead of babies. I live in Bushey, Herts, I have been a local Councillor since 1992, and would welcome contact from any Old Yorkists who remember me,  especially Delamere types. Anyone know where Robin Russell, Martin Gordon, or Nick Beyts, are these days?  I notice that the house names have changed, and one is called Carey Francis. Any information on said CF? I was named after a CF who was a great mate of my father, a radio actor. Same guy, maybe? Email carey.keates@ANTISPAMbtclick.com

21/8/03  Update 2 August 2015::  I retired in 2010 as my very long-term kidney problems caught up with me (I had it at Doy!) and to cut the tale, I had a kidney transplant in Aug 2010 with a kidney donated by one of my daughters.I then went back to work in the solar pv industry until the govt slaughtered it, then retired again. I was asked to return as a local councillor, and spent the last 2 years as Deputy Mayor and then Mayor, huge fun, and the best job in the world. Still a Cllr, but otherwise retired again, but busier than ever with local things such as our Museum, almshouses, community centre etc etc. You know you are getting on in life when your younger child gets to 40! 2 daughters, four grandchildren and a step-daughter all keep me going! We still miss Dave Hornabrook, tho it's nearly 2 years since his passing, he really brought the Delamere crowd together.Email carey@ANTISPAMkeates.org

1964 (Speke) John Eglen. Lives on the Sunshine coast in Queensland, Aus. Email jeglen@ANTISPAMbigpond.com  6/2/03

1964 (James) Gordon Ross-Munro. "School captain of squash, cricket and tennis. 1st IV Rugger and 2nd hockey. On leaving school I had a choice between joining the RAF or civil flying and ended up at Britain's Air University in Perth Scotland, on a British United Airways course. On graduating I flew Bristow 170 aircraft as first officer from Lydd to the continent with British United Air ferries and HS 748 aircraft from Lympne.
I joined BOAC in 1970 on B707 aircraft and qualified as flight navigator in addition to flying duties, Went onto to fly the L1011 Tristar aircraft, also qualified as a flight engineer on this aircraft, before gaining my command on the HS748 aircraft based in Aberdeen on the Scottish Highlands and Islands route network. Became a training captain on this aircraft. Back to London in 1990 for my command on the B747 aircraft changing to the B747-400 in 1997 before retiring from British Airways in 2000. Since then I have been flying a B747 freighter then the BaeATP on the Shetland Islands oil run and at present flying the ex BA 747's with European Aviation. We live close to Aberdeen in Scotland, one son working in Dubai, daughter in London and youngest daughter still at school in Aberdeen. Still play competitive squash ,tennis and golf.
Be good to hear from anyone who remembers me." Email   grossmunro@ANTISPAMaol.com     16/5/02 Update from Janice on 1 Jan 2013: "EAAC went out of business in 2004 and he went to the Scottish Air Ambulance Service.  He relished the tricky weather, small airstrips and unpredictability of it, often saying that as we had had a good life from Aviation, it was good to be able to give something back.  After 65, he did some corporate/private freelancing. He was still playing squash and following cricket."

Update 19 December 2012; Peter Singleton informs me that Gordon passed away a week ago. The obituary in the Telegraph reads:

"Very suddenly on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012, Captain Gordon Ross-Munro, pilot, aged 67 years. Much loved husband of Janice, loving father of Stephen, Victoria and Claire and a dear father in law, grandfather and brother. Funeral Service at Aberdeen Crematorium, Hazelhead, West Chapel on Thursday, December 20th at 10.25 a.m. to which all friends are respectfully invited. Family flowers only please, donations in lieu, if so desired, at chapel exit in aid of Gordon's favourite charities." If you want to contact Janice you can use Gordon's email or mrsabz@ANTISPAMaol.com

1964 (Thomson and James) Peter Granville Knowles. 1960? Moved to James as a founder member. Went through the years ending up as a house prefect in 6th Science – happy days! 1964 Completed "A" levels and left to come to UK (Northampton). 1965 Couldn’t wait for the September intake to Leicester University so took a part time job with Barclays Bank - left 14 years later!  Moved around the UK quite a bit, married with two daughters. Divorced and remarried. Currently living on the outskirts of Northampton, England, early retired, supporting a glob trotting, business, executive wife. My brother, Andrew, lives about three miles away. Hope to move to Australia should my wife’s international company open up there. Email pgknowles@ANTISPAMhotmail.com   17/8/06

1964 (James) Andrew Knowles. Lives in Northampton, UK Email amsknowles@ANTISPAMaol.com   (21/2/02)

1964 (Eliot) Tim Hudson. Colin Grant informs me (August 2010) that Tim passed away shortly after returning from a trip to Cuba as an airline pilot who did charter flights. I contacted his widow Linda to ask if she would like to write something for the page but to date have not heard anything. Dave Lichtenstein adds: Tim joined the RAF and spent his career in aviation. This included stints with South African Airways; East African Airways; Gulf Air, Bahrain; Air Europe, Gatwick; Condor (Lufthansa), Frankfurt; and Lauda Airways, Vienna and Milan.   From 1995-1999 Tim was with Airtours International Airways, Gatwick as a Captain on Boeing 757s and 767s." 

1964 (Lugard) Jim Sweet. Lives in the UK. Email salama@ANTISPAMmistral.co.uk (2/1/02)

1964 (Thomson) Archie Melrose (Holliday when at Duko). "My name was later changed to my stepfather's. He was part of the British Army Training Team sent to Kenya after Uhuru to train the up and coming Kenyan Army personnel in bomb-disposal and ammunition handling. Initially we stayed in Gilgil and then moved to Nairobi for the last 2yrs or so. In the last year I was captain of the House Rifle Team when we won the InterHouse trophy. I remember Greig Calder, Kerr-Shephard brothers and an American buddy of mine, Chandler Harben [Rwanda] On return to the UK, I joined the RAF as a Telegraphist and served in the Gulf, Germany and Scotland [Raf Mountain Rescue Team] - In 1971 I got married to Isabel and over the following years we managed to produce 2 daughters who are now in their 20's and working. I left the RAF in 1979 and exchanged one uniform for another to become a Policeman [4yrs] in the North of Scotland, amongst my beloved mountains. For the last 10years I have been working as a Radio Operator in the North Sea on board drilling rigs and platforms. We live in a small village called Cruden Bay just North of Aberdeen City, Scotland " 26/11/01

Update 22 Feb 2013: "In 2004 my wife passed away after a couple of years treatment for breast cancer and my offshore employment came to an end. After a period of bereavement I started work for Petrofac Training [Emergency Response Service Centre] which was born out of recommendations in the Lord Cullen report about the Piper Alpha disaster. 4years of desktop computers and office power politics finally took their toll and I decided enough was enough. However since 2006 I have been back to Kenya at least twice a year and specifically Nakuru, Mombasa and an enforced train breakdown at Sultan Hamud. Lakes Baringo and Bogoria were great to go back to. If anyone has photos of the Thomson House pupils with mascot circa 1964-1966 then my email address is archiemelrose@ANTISPAMyahoo.com

1964 (Grogan) Barry Unwin. Lives in Surrey, UK. Email holmeshouse8@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1964 (Lugard) Ron Owens. "Retired after 31 years with Reuters, ending up in Geneva, Switzerland, since I decided it was the best place in the world to live. Never actually a hostage during my news agency career but always comforted myself with the certainty that after surviving Junior House and school food, it would be a piece of cake. Sent my two daughters to boarding school, "good for me, good for 'em". They will forgive me in time." (They have both gone to Oxford, so maybe they have..) ronaldowens@ANTISPAMgmail.com(Updated 10/11/2011)

1964 (Kirk)  John Barbour. Brother of Richard (see above). Lives in Brunswick Junction, near Bunbury in the South West of WA. Married to Pam (nee Hissey- Highlands Eldoret and Kitale PS). They have two adult children, Garry and Karen. Email johnpam@ANTISPAMoceanbroadband.net

1964 (Speke) John Lovering. Married to Ute (yes it is a German name) from Germany (don't mention the war) and we share our lives with Andrew (born 1990) and Christopher (born 1992). If Arnie Mitchell or Peter Low ever read this message, please be in contact, as it would be great to hear from you. I work at the National Library (well they pay me) and live close to the geographic centre of Canberra (except in times of nuclear threat). For those among you who were more interested in my sister, its too late as she is married and living in Sydney and is working with Moral Re-Armament. The internet has been great for catching up with old friends from Speke, so if you remember me, please be in contact before dementia sets in. If anyone is
out there collecting money for the "school", I am good for a donation. Email
 t.j.lovering@ANTISPMgmail.com  2/2/09 new email

1964 (Thomson) Christer Johansson. I went on to Sweden to do my military service and engineering. Went back to Kenya in 71 and worked with Atlas Copco a Swedish compressed air equipment company for 9 years before starting my own company with Gran Calder...we carried out all sorts of water Engineering projects including boreholes. Returned to Sweden in 1990 after having gone over to consultancy and then moved to UK with the family in 95. Then spent 5 years working for a German and later a Canadian  consultant, working on government/World Bank water projects in Nigeria. I am now looking to starting my own company again....a little harder perhaps this time round! Email Sallyandchrister@ANTISPAMcs.com

1964 (Thomson) Jim Holland. Attended the Duko from January to November 1964 while his father was setting up a dairy school at Edgerton College Njoro for the FAO. Despite his short stay, Jim has many fond memories of  DOY. He now lives in Ilion, New York, working for a small company as an electrical/ manufacturing engineer. Email  JHoll85442@ANTISPAMaol.com

1964 (Eliot). Rob Pirie. Runs a garage and car repair business in Nairobi. Shaun Metcalf came across him on a trip. to Kenya in 2000. I met Rob in Nairobi in 2003 and he was very kind in assisting me with the arrangements that had to be made on the tragic death of my brother Adrian. .

1964 (Grogan) Arthur Guy Pedersen. Is a successful flavours chemist with a company in Melbourne. Travels extensively to China, the Middle East and other places.

1964 (Grogan) George Keith Pedersen. The youngest of the three brothers, Keith passed away on 4 August 2001.

1964 (Eliot) Colin Knight. Lives in the UK and has an older brother (by three years) Michael who also went to the Duko. His Dad would have been the envy of everyone as he was production manager for Tusker Lager. Email colin.knight1@ANTISPAMvirgin.net

1964 (Eliot and James) Peter Morgan. Completed School Cert and soon left Kenya to join the British Army. Commissioned via Mons OTC. Aldershot into the Royal Signals and served in Germany for 4yrs and that dreaded place Catterick, Yorkshire for a further 2yrs. Married Diana (nee Feaver) in 1969 who was also a serving officer in the Signals. Both left the Army in 1972 and he joined the Financial Services business. Worked for a number of different companys small and large until 1996 when redundancy set in. This was a Godsend and I was able get out and look for something new. It also gave me the chance to go back to Kenya to spend some time with my mother and sisters for the first time in over 30 years Been back almost every year since.We have to girls Caroline and Susie. Both have finished their university courses and are now on the long road of establishing careers.I am now 53, and have changed careers into the packaging industry.Favorite Memories. Chirrahops and Prefects PT (although very painful at the time) The Bundu. Secret smokes with Hewlett in the Boiler shed. EMail p.g.t.m@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com.uk  

1964 (Eliot)  Neville Waters. Worked for Marshalls in Nairobi until leaving for the then Rhodesia in 1972. Killed in action on 5 March 1977 while serving with the 8 Rhodesian Regiment. (Info given by Steve Taylor).

1964 (Delamere) Rick Anderson . Lives in Nairobi with wife Bryony . Together they run the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife on the Karen/Langata road. It includes a giraffe centre where animals can be seen at close quarters and school children gain free entrance. I visited the centre on my recent trip and would recommend all visitors do likewise. Rick was in fine form and obviously happy in the beautiful environment they have created. Email rick@ANTISPAMgiraffemanor.com Web site is WWW.GIRAFFEMANOR.COM Email updated 20/8/08

1964 (Grogan) Charles Kerfoot. Lives in Jarrahdale, 50 km from Perth, W.A. Married to Vicky (nee Bell, ex Kitale). Has 3 children, Matthew, Julia and Claire. Matthew,  married to Maria, is in hospitality and  working in Perth having spent some time in Miami. Julia won a Telstra scholarship to Curtin Uni. and now lives in Perth with her husband Ed.. Charles works for the Dept of Environment and Conservation Vicky is in the Dept of Correctional Services.  Email kerfoot@ANTISPAMreachnet.com.au  Update 12/2/2011

 1965 (or 1966?) (Lugard) Ian Stewart . I was an American student at Duke of York I think in 1965 0r 66 for one term or perhaps more. I then went to Delamere Boys school and finally ended up at what was called the American School that my mother helped found (Gail Stewart). The only name I remember from DOY was Bas Gaymer (spelling) because he was head prefect and took a delight in making me serve dinner long past the normal period. I remember catching white lips and learning to play cricket. My father taught at the Kenyatta Teachers College in Kahawa. We arrived in Kenya probably late 64 or 65 and left for the States in ’68. Fondest memories of Kenya were the English kids at the Impala Dance club outside Nairobi, attending motorcycle races: motocross, and Nakuru, which I and another American Eric Grosshans (Prince of Wales) use to hitch-hike to. Hanging out at the Rendezvous in Nairobi with the British kids. Back in the states I lived in the Boston and central Mass area, attending both Boston University and the University of Massachusetts. I now live in Millbury Mass with my wife Jennifer and son Evan. I’d be interested in tracking down other people from that time.Email istewart@ANTISPAMumassp.edu  27/3/2011

1965 (Eliot) Alan More. "I'm one of the few Yanks who attended DOY in the 1962-1965 timeframe (Eliot).   I did a couple of Kilimanjaro expeditions with Yorkist colleagues and went through Outward Bound Mountain School in 1963 with some half dozen Yorkists. After returning from Kenya, I went on to obtain several university and graduate degrees in geography, international affairs (African Studies), and economics.  I spent 32 years in the US government working African and Middle East issues before retiring two years ago and returning to academia.  I'm currently enjoying a relatively relaxed life as a Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Email amore@ANTISPAMgmu.edu  11/2/07

1965 (James). Allan Duff. "After leaving DOY/Kenya in December, 1965 (a very sad day) I studied in London in the Tea business for a couple of years. The crowds and weather drove me away in 1968 to Johannesburg, where the opportunities were offered. Now been in Cape Town since 1994, a wonderful place to live and work. Have my own financial consultancy & investment advice business, which I run from offices at my home in Noordhoek. My partner, Jo, does the same with her transport brokering business. Marriage had ended in divorce, 1994, after 19 years. My son, Craig, now 23, has just obtained his CA degree & daughter, Nicola, 19, is studying for her BA at Wits University. Have dabbled with a PPL & Scuba diving since becoming too old for Rugby and Squash; enjoying both. Now looking to buy a farm in the Western Cape, of around 250 acres from where we'll continue running our businesses but have other things to do as well.Contacts from ex rafikis and Kenya watu always welcome. Anyone through CT always welcome of a bed, meal, and a drink or three." Email allan@ANTISPAMrandins.co.za 5/8/04

#1965  (Kirk) Raoul Bonfiglioli. Killed in a motorcycle accident in 1995. His widow, Linda, lives in Denham, Bucks.Update from Ian Rossenrode 23/11/02 who writes of "the sad and sudden death of Linda Bonfiglioli, (nee Mayland). Linda was at the Hill School, Eldoret and, was married to Raoul, who was killed in 1995. So sadly Linda, who, unbeknown to me, had been fighting cancer, has left 'us' and three youngsters. I have yet to meet them as I wasn't able to make the funeral, so I do not know their ages, except that one is at university." Update from Rachael Bonfiglioli on 13 Jan 2010 corrects the date that her Dad died (1995 not 1997 as originally stated). Rachael continues: 'I have two younger brothers, Nico and Louis, who are both doing well. We all live and work in and around London. I went to Cardiff University to do .a Languages degree and Nico went to Sheffield University to study American Studies.' Her email address is rbonfiglioli@yahoo.com.uk  and she welcomes contact from OYs who knew Raoul 13/1/2010

1965 (Lugard) Jan de Boer. "After finishing school I worked for almost a year as a farmhand on Kiptana Farm (near Eldoret) before moving out to Hong Kong where I studied, rather unsuccesfully for two years. In 1967 I returned to
Holland, where I still live, presently in Amsterdam. From 1967 till 1972 I took an polytechnic degree in personnel management and went on to get a BA in sociology at Utrecht university. From then on I have worked till 1996 in various capacities as a civil servant, first as a personnel manager with two universities, later as a consultant with the ministry of finance. From 1986
till 1996 I worked as an ICT-manager with the city council of Amsterdam. Since 1996 I am a self-employed consultant working with the Dutch police. This year I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with my second wife, with
whom I have one son, aged 23 who is studying to be an english teacher. Since leaving Kenya I have never returned (fear of disappointment??) although I am an avid cyclo-tourist who takes his bicycle to ride in faraway countries. Email
mail@ANTISPAMjandeboer.info  13/11/02

1965 (Mitchell) Jeremy Ravn. In the British Army (REME() based in Salisbury. His brother Danny (Mitchell 1960?) is based out of Perth (WA). Email address jeremyravn@ANTISPAMhotmail.com  (12/2/02)

1965 (Thomson) Alan Bailey. Lived near Nakuru (Kampi ya Moto) where my parents farmed.Most memorable colleagues Rick Hopcraft, Ollie Barton, Rusty Russel. After leaving Duko I spent a year working in agriculture in Kenya before spending 3 years at agricultural college in the UK last 30 years having been spent in East Anglia working with onions and subsequently carrots and parsnips, trying to satisfy the modern demands of supermarket chains. Email chui@ANTISPAMsharimar.freeserve.co.uk

Image of Alan1965 (James) Alan Marshall. Now Editor of  The Sunday Star in Toronto. Spent 5 years in UK, including a spell in Fleet Street.Married to Elspeth. His son Douglas graduated from Edinburgh Uni in July 99 with a First in Astrophysics. Daughter Victoria is 12 is an aspiring actress "or waitress"! Web page address of the Star is www.thestar.ca   and Alan's email address is  amarsha@ANTISPAMthestar.ca or alandm@ANTISPAMhome.com

1965 (Grogan) Rick Driscoll. After obtaining an Aero. Eng. Degree at Bristol Uni, completed apprenticeship with Brit. Aerospace. Worked on Concorde. Married Liz, a professional musician (viola). Having discovered joys of geotechnical engineering from the man who has saved the Leaning Tower of Pisa for the Italians (and now Prof. at Imperial Coll., London) went to work for him at Building Research Establishment – nr. Watford) Acquired MSc in geotechnics at Surrey Univ . After son Ben was born, settled in Mill Hill, NW7 which is v. handy for work. Advanced to Director level but, after sell-off of another public asset to a management buy-out in 1997, finding life in private sector rather more demanding. Besides which, at 55 life after work seeming increasingly enticing; this partly explains new interest in contacting old mates from school and uni. days!! – partly in preparation for the many safaris planned around the world. I travel too much but only around Europe. I did manage a trip to Nairobi in 1983 en route to small consultancy job in Somalia of all places. Email richdris@googlemail.com Updated 3/3/08

1965 (Eliot) Tim Brewer. Went up to University of London for a year, before dropping out and joining the sixties revolution, ending up a few years later with my first wife in Haight-Ashbury (San Francisco), and then in Forestville on the Russian River. Became a successful business man,( import-export and commodity trading), and ended up going back to school to learn how to grow grapes and make wine. Bought a vineyard with wife #2, but got bored of waiting for the grapes to grow and went to Asia (1984) to start satellite business. Set up dishes in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia for embassies, kings and tycoons, and was CNN agent for Indonesia. In 1988 joined AsiaSat in Hong Kong and started new career selling satellites, which included a stint of several years working in Moscow as the consultant for Russia's International Space Agency. Along the way I had an interlude in Philippines, where I bought a yacht and ran a tourist charter business off the fabulous island of Boracay, and met my current wife Rina (we will celebrate our 10th anniversary this year). We moved to London in 1996 and I joined an old friend who was starting up a new company to make digital TV boxes, which became wildly successful . Two wonderful kids from second marriage, son runs web site company in California, daughter at high school in Santa Rosa. Update 17/10/01 : We have now moved to Italy, found a great place outside of Asti in Piedmont, between Turin and Milan and are setting up our new life. We just finished picking over 7 tonnes of grapes and about 5000 litres cooking in the cantina. All of the details and more on our website www.villasampaguita.com and new address is  timbrewer@ANTISPAMgmail.com  Updated 27/7/07

1965 (Lugard) Neville Wake. Has returned to UK after a spell in Turkey.  Now lives in Kircaldy, Fife. Email nevwake@ANTISPAMblueyonder.co.uk Updated 2/9/04

1965 (Speke) Finn Fensbo. Lives on farm in Hallsville, which is in the New England district of Northern NSW. Married to Chris.Update from Chris 9 July 2013: We left Hallsville in 2004. Finn is still working with the Dept. of Primary Industries. We have 3 children Michael, Susan and Chrystal. We live at Kootingal which is near Tamworth NSW.Love to hear from anyone who went to school with him.Email thefensbos@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1965 (Thomson). Jeremy Kidner. " Works for Evans and Peck as Director Risk Management, Hong Kong. Lived in Hong Kong since 1974 where he went to join the Police.  Worked for two major corporations, Huchison and Wharf from '87 to '96 when he started his own consulting practice.  Firm taken over by Evans and Peck, a major management consulting firm based in Sydney in Jan 2005.  Has a house in Brisbane and a flat in Hong Kong.  Married Doreen (nee Wallace, ex Loreto Convent, Valley Road) whom he met while at DOYS.  One daughter, Bridget who lives in Sydney and works or Mallesons Stevens and Jaques as a solicitor." Email : jkidner@ANTISPAMnetvigator.com   Updated 7/4/05

1965 (Lugard) Tony (Clunk) Clark "I finished schooling at Glasgow High, a truly awful place compared to the Duko, on to Glasgow University and then became a chartered accountant. I had two jobs, each for ten years - first in Scotland and then here in England but each one gave me great opportunities to travel - all over Europe, USA and then Hong Kong, Singapore and OZ. Gave up globetrotting to work for myself as a 'business consultant' which keeps me out of trouble but still lets me travel a bit. Married to Mary and have 3 children- my son David (20) is at Nottingham Trent Uni, - applied biology, Laura at Stratford college - media,drama and Susie still at school here in Solihull, where we now live". Email avmc@ANTISPAMjpd.co.uk

1965 (Grogan) Nick Bald. Lives in Emu Plains in the Blue Mountains out of Sydney. Runs a business in Wetherill Park on the outer western suburbs of Sydney. Attended the recent Sydney Christmas reunion dinner with his Duko School badge attached to his blazer.

1965 (James) Dave Mallitte. ". In 1975 I joined Mowlem Construction and was sent to Zanzibar where I worked for 5 years, one of the most memorable times of my life.   . Fish  and lobsters were plentiful, so much so that we could hardly face another lobster meal. The beaches and reefs were,at that time, totally unspoiled and the snorkelling and diving off the reefs was unsurpassed. At the end of 1979 the company transferred me to Mombasa where I met your brother Adrian who, I seem to remember, was involved with prawn farming on the south coast. In 1981 I left Kenya for South Africa and joined LTA Construction in Durban and have been with the company ever since, working in Port Elizabeth from 1990 to 1993 before being  transferred to Cape Town.
In 1994 I married Deirdre. Adrian, my son, who is now 28, is an Architect and also lives in Cape Town.  My daughter Jennifer, now 25,  lives in Durban working for an interior decorating company.
Update 2002:  Dave and Deirdre now live in the village of Dunlavin, just outside Dublin, where he is a contracts manager with John Paul Construction Email: mallitte@ANTISPAMeircom.net  (Updated 7/6/2012)

1965 (Kirk) Peter Davis. Lives in Greenwood a Perth suburb. Update: Pete passed away in early August 2006 after a battle with leukaemia. He leaves his wife and three daughters. We offer them all our sincere condolences. 10 September 2006.

1965 (Lugard) Brian Olver. Lives in Chapel Hill, Brisbane. When he left Duko he attended Bristol University then worked in UK for BP for 5 yrs before going to South Africa where he married Margaret. He has two daughters aged 23 & 21. They have been in Australia since 1985, initially in Darwin. He is a risk engineer with Caltex. Email bamolver@ANTISPAMyahoo.com

1965 (Eliot) Adrian Pearce. Lives in Lesmurdie an outer Perth suburb. Email watamu@ANTISPAMiinet.net.au 18/8/08

1965  (Delamere) Mike Robson Went to Millfield after leaving Lenana. Swam for Somerset and was taught Physics there by Jock Ferguson. Qualified as a chartered surveyor and worked mainly in London but also Kenya for a short spell. Ended up Managing Partner of Dron and Wright before resigning in 1996. Now working for himself. Involved in real estate in London for many years but now moved to the country. Visits Kenya regularly , where his family still has interests. Married to Gillian, they have one son, Oliver. Email available from me.

1965 (Delamere) Jeremy Mott. Went to Millfield at the same time as Mike and became a top judo player, representing Somerset. Spent some of his youth misbehaving with the Rumuruti tearaways but now the respectable  managing director of  flower- growing business which operates in Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya. Married to Melanie and has two children, Andrew and Petrina.who got was married to Olly Barton's son Daniel in early 2009 Email dingo@ANTISPAMafricaonline.co.ke

1965 (Grogan) Nigel Sinclair. Cardiologist in Perth, W.A. Email address inigelsinclair@ANTISPAMbigpond.com Updated 18/8/08

1965 (Grogan) Robin Archer. Lives Stoneville, outside Perth, W.A. Head of English at Eastern Hills Senior High School. Married to Veronica and has three children. Emailrarch55@ANTISPAMhotmail.com 20/7/02

1965 (Grogan) Andrew Leach . Lives in Kent, UK. Consultant anaesthetist. Married to Parvin (ex Tanzania) and has 3 children, Oliver, Benjamin  and Hannah. Now retired. Email  oastleach@ANTISPAMtiscali.co.uk

1965 (Delamere) Anthony (Chimp) Upton. Now a proud grandfather! Lives in Forrestfield, suburb of Perth.

1965 (Thomson) Duncan McKellar. Qualified as an architect in Glasgow, worked in Nigeria and went back to UK in 1982, where he is a partner in a practice in Winchester. He has 3 children.

1965 (Kirk). Colin Grant. After leaving Kenya I went to University in Ethiopia, leaving after a year to migrate alone to Australia, where I went ‘back to school’ for a year, supporting myself working as a waiter. As a result, I won a national scholarship that allowed me to study for BSc. (Hons.) and Ph.D. science degrees in Tasmania and Queensland. During my 40 year government career I headed a number of Australian Government agencies and lived and worked in five Australian states, as well as for the UK and USA governments each for three years. One great experience was as Executive Director of Planning for the $3 billion building program for the Sydney Olympic Games. In this role I attended the Lillehammer, Atlanta, Nagano and Sydney Olympic Games. In 2007 I married Karen Schneider, a Sydney ‘girl’ and fellow government officer. Karen used to work as an energy economist for the OECD in Paris for many years but latterly led the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES). We retired in 2016 to our small cattle property, Gingenbullen, in the southern highlands of NSW, half way between Canberra and Sydney (300 Km apart). We also have an apartment in Mosman, Sydney, and go back and forth quite a bit. Frequent domestic and international travel is also firmly a feature of our retirement agenda. Email gingenbullen@ANTISPAMbigpond.com  Updated April 2016.

1966 (Eliot) Stephen Park-Pearson  “My Father Bill was the owner  of Karen motors ltd. I only went to the Duke of York School for a year to retake my o levels ,as I was unable to complete my o levels at Delamere school in 1965 because I broke my wrist on the day before the exams took place .Gordon Brown managed to persuaded me to take them again in 66 at D.O.Y.so I was in Elliot for one year and left in 1966. Went to work for Esquire ltd where I was until 1968 when it  was decided that we needed passports to go to Uganda and Tanzania for the east African safari which I was driving the service car for Gordon Crow`s Porsche entry. I went to the High commission to get a passport which when taken to go get the visors required they stamped my passport as a visitor and gave me three months to leave. It was the time when all the Asians where being kicked out as well. I left July 30 1968 for the UK . Joined the R.A.F. ended up at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, left the air force in 1975 but stayed in the area and am now a school Caretaker and have been for the last 15 years.” Email s.parkpearson@btinternet.com  17/4/13

1966 (James) Shardul Vibhakar. Went to India, got an MBBS, came back to Mombasa, worked for a year at Coast General, came to the States, did a residence in radiology, Board certified, have been practising ever since. Married, 2 kids, both physicians. Live in Cleveland, USA Email shardul@ANTISPAMatt.net 4/9/2012

1966 (Thomson) Rick Hopcraft. Rick was born in Kenya in 1947.  After the Duko, Rick attended Agricultural College in England, before returning to help his father manage the family ranch in Naivasha.  Rick started hunting professionally in 1971 and joined Ker & Downey as a Professional Hunter until Kenya closed hunting in 1977.  Rick then hunted in the Sudan and Zambia and in 1985 he joined Robin Hurt hunting in Tanzania.  Dave Lichtenstein writes: "In late November 2010 I was informed that Rick Hopcroft was gored and killed by a buffalo on his ranch (Loldia) at Naivasha.  After what happened to Simon Combes, this would make it the second OY in recent years who had suffered this fate.  Rick had been in Thomson (1961-64) [after my time].  (I don't know whether or not he was related to David Hopcraft (Kirk/Thomson 1951-1954) [before my time].)  I do know that he was third generation Kenyan as his Grandfather had settled in Naivasha.   The name that I know of is Jack Hopcraft (possibly father to the two of them) whom my father worked as Farm Manager on Njoro River Farm sometime during the War. This is an account of what happened by his good friend and OY Alan Hurt:

 "Rick and Garry, his son, had seen an injured buffalo with a badly swollen leg on the farm and called the Kenya Wildlife Services.  Rick had asked for permission to shoot the buffalo, and this permission was declined because of the hunting ban in Kenya.  They then asked the Wildlife Department to come and shoot it. They turned up too late on Monday evening and returned again on Tuesday afternoon.  What happened next is not clear, but Rick accompanied the game scouts to show them where the buffalo was, and was not carrying a rifle, presumably because he was not allowed to shoot the buffalo. The buffalo charged, the government game scout shot and missed, and the buffalo hit Tim's guard before he could shoot and knocked the gun out of his hand. The buffalo then was instantly on Rick, and killed him on the spot having punctured his chest.  His guard managed to grab hold of the rifle and fired a shot at the buffalo going away, but missed.  The guard also died 15 minutes later from internal bleeding.

 Rick leaves behind his wife Bette, together with their two children, living at Naivasha where they continue the family tradition of ranching on the shores of the Lake.

1966 (Eliot) Iaian Allan. After leaving school in 1966, studied in London, then moved to Australia where he worked as a journalist in Melbourne and Adelaide.  Returned to Kenya in 1971, and has been based there ever since.  Started rock-climbing at Duke of York, and has never stopped.  Over the years he has pioneered six new routes on Batian and Nelion (Mount Kenya), and wrote the definitive Guide Book to Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro.  Has participated in 5 expeditions to the Himalayas, and climbed a difficult route on Mount McKinley in Alaska in 1982.  He scaled the face of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, California.  He began the adventure travel company Tropical Ice Ltd in 1978, and it is still going strong.  Married Vera Ferguson in 1977
and has one daughter (Jodie, borm in 1982).  Divorced in 1988.  Married Dr Marie-Louise Cantamessa (from Brisbane) in 1989, and they have two boys
(James 17) and Duncan (15).  Iain continues to rock-climb, and despite his 59 years, still maintains a high-standard, putting up new routes at
Lukenya and Hell's Gate.  He spends much of the year conducting walking safaris across Tsavo." Email iainallan@ANTISPAMafricaonline.co.ke 13/5/07

1966 (Grogan). Phil Rigby. "Returned to England in 1966 and fell into Banking before moving into the world of Human Resources. Took early retirement from the North Yorkshire Police in 2005 and currently wondering what to do with myself. Not playing a lot of sport at the present other than tennis and golf. Hung my fotball boots up as part of my fiftieth birthday celebrations. Planning to do a bit more travelling when my wife (Judith) decides to retire when hopefully will be able to pick up with old pals dotted around the world."  Currently living in York, England ready to offer a warm welcome to Old Boy visitors.    Email philwrigby@ANTISPAMaol.com  29/1/06

1966? (Speke) David Buckley. "The web site is excellent but I did not expect a mug shot ! (in rugby photos- ed). I live in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK Work in IT. My wife Jan and I went to Kenya for our 25th. in 1994, stayed with Rick Andersen at Giraffe Manor as our base. Went all over and back to the school. It brought back many pleasant memories. Email davidjbuckley@hotmail.com 28/12/05

1966 (James) Firoz Ibrahim. "After DoY, I got my medical degree from Uganda and did a partial surgical residency in Nairobi. I then practiced in Mombasa as a GP for 3 years and then moved to the US. I specialised in Pediatrics in Chicago, practiced in California for 13 years and then moved to the Seattle area in the northwest. I have been in private practice here for the last 13 years. I have been married 31 years (to the same woman!) and have 3 sons-the oldest is a dentist, the second , a stock plan administrator with the Starbucks company, and the 3rd who has special needs lives with us.Email  firozi603@ANTISPAMhotmail.com.  18/2/06

1966 (Speke) Martin Davies. He sent some some great reminiscences of his days at DOY in 65 and 66. but did not provide personal details. Email midavies@ANTISPAMearthlink.net  8/5/04

1966 (Mitchell) Dave Williams. He's a music producer/sound engineer with the South African Broadcasting Corporation in Cape Town.   E-mail dwill@ANTISPMiafrica.com 9/5/04

1966 (Mitchell) Bruce Cowan. " I trained as a civil engineer in the UK, and then worked around the world  for a while, ending up in New Zealand. We are now living just north of Auckland in Helensville, growing cut flowers - Cymbidium orchids and Sandersonia - for the export market. We are doing homestays and some further idea of our set up can be obtained from our web site http://www.babs.co.nz/kaipara   Email  brulina@ANTISPAMxtra.co.nz   7/12/03

1966 (Kirk) Geoffrey Jordan. "I have been a partner in Charles Russell solicitors in London and Cheltenham (where I am based) since 1984 and I specialise in planning and development work.I am married to another solicitor who runs her own practice in Cheltenham, and I have a son and 2 daughters. I also have a farm in Herefordshire where I keep Highland cattle, Hebridean sheep and let holiday cottages.
My brothers Steve (1961-7) and Frank (1958-62)both live in Sydney Australia, Steve being an accountant in industry, having 3 sons, and Frank being an economist at the NSW Treasury, and having a son and daughter. Email Geoffrey.Jordan@ANTISPAMcharlesrussell.co.uk  3/12/03

1966 (Grogan) Tam Goodman. "Good job on the 'old yorkists' web site, was amazed and intrigued opening it up.  my name is tam goodman, gray goodman's younger brother.  i was a second former at grogan the year you were head of house, i was only at doys through first and second form. i will pass your info. on to gray who was at doys for 4 years and let him fill you in on his details.  both of us ended up flying airplanes for a living, which is actually how i stumbled on to your site.  johnny stols, a captain now for kathay pacific, was flying over alaska late one night and in the blind got on the radio and transmitted on 'center' frequency 'gray goodman are you out there?'.  well at the time gray had not been flying up here for years, the yapi accent and the question certainly threw me back in my seat for a moment.
after leaving doys i finished secondary school in ethiopia where our father was a pilot for ethiopian airlines for 30 years.  did some years of backpacking through middle east and asia, went to college in u.s.a. for 3 years and after receiving my pilots licenses in '76 went to s.africa and flew for rand air services out of j'burg for one and half years. next was a 14 year stint flying in alaska, took early retirement when i was 39 and spent 10 years sailing around the world on my sailboat.  i have spent the last 3 summers back flying in alaska and currently spend the winters on my boat in phuket, thailand. please print my email add. as i would be happy to hear from any of my old class mates. i do try to keep myself in shape hoping that some dayi will run into graham from grogan whom i rabbled for and give that bully a taste of what he gave me.  by the way i remember having the utmost respect for you as the head of our house." Email
tamgoodtoo@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 22/8/03

1966 (Grogan) Andrew (Bill) Hillier. Author of this web page. See Personal History section (main menu). Email address: hillier@ANTISPAMiinet.net.au 

1966 (Grogan) Rob Crawford. Emigrated from Kenya to South Africa in 1966.  Obtained B. Sc. Hons at Natal University and later Ph. D. at University of Cape Town.  Works with seabirds (conservation, sustainable utilization through tourism, use of seabirds to develop index of marine ecosystem health) with Marine and Coastal Management of South Africa's Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.  Married Phyllis Clough in 1973 and remains happily married.  Two sons Peter and David were born in 1979 and 1981.   Peter has B. Sc. (Stellenbosch University).  David is studying law. Email Crawford@ANTISPAMmcm.wcape.gov.za    24/10/02

1966 (Kirk) Danny Walmsley. After leaving the Duke of York I returned to Eldoret and in 1967 ended up teaching the Standard threes at the Hill School for a year where Jane Barbour was my first boss. I went onto teach at Kaptagat Prep School with Jim Chitty for a year and then left for South Africa where I attended University in Pietemaritzburg (1969-1974). I then got buried into academia and obtained a series of science degrees (Chemistry and Botany) including a PhD in water research and ecology. I worked at the Universities of Natal, Free State and Rhodes, as well as the National Institute for Water Research doing research and lecturing in the environmental sciences. I then went on to the CSIR Foundation for Research Development in Pretoria where for 10 years I was involved in coordination and management of national environmental research programmes. Eventually, with the South African transformation process in full cry, I decided to privatise myself and go into consulting. I now enjoy my life by running my own successful company (Mzuri Consultants cc) in collaboration with my wife Jay. The research and consulting jobs have taken me all over the world (Americas, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa). I am currently involved in a UN Regional Centre for hazardous waste management which has activities throughout Africa.
My brothers Nick and Ben also left Kenya. Nick moved to Darwin in Oz and became a school teacher. He was tragically killed in a motor accident in 1994. Ben moved to the UK and lives in the London area. My first marriage to Estelle in 1974 ended in divorce, but gave me two beautiful girls (Linda (26) who is a medical doctor, and Christine (24) who is a pharmaceutical marketing respresentative). I got married to Jay in 1992 and we have twins (Richard and Stephanie) who are five years old and will no doubt keep me on my toes into old age. I have had great fun engaging in all forms of sport in South Africa including soccer, rugby and swimming at university. In later years I moved onto squash and played first league and provincial level competition. I continued into veterans and was provincial 45-year champion for 2 years. I have now stopped because of old age back problems. My next objective is to get over the sore bum syndrome which is part of getting used to a
alternative form of sport, the mountain bike."  Update 9 May 2004: Danny and family have relocated to Dartmouth in Nova Scotia. Email  jaywalmsley@ANTISPAMns.sympatico.ca

1966 (Thomson). Arthur Kerr- Sheppard Lives Port Elizabeth, SA. Email cstarthur@ANTISPAMhotmail.com (Dave L)

1966 ( Eliot ) Nigel Day. Younger brother of Michael. After 24 years in the U.K. pharmaceutical industry, moved into training, and now adult education and lifelong learning in Oxford, where he lives with Margaret Downs. Email address:  oxfordcnd@ANTISPAMphonecoop.coop  Updated (20/12/13)

1966 (Delamere). David Scarse. Lives in the Netherlands. Email DavidScarse@ANTISPAMhetnet.nl (2/1/02)

1966 (Thomson) Carl Conlon. "Having left Sandhurst in 69 I joined Royal Signals and have been in the army since. Have travelled widely and had a great time and some interesting jobs. Due to retire next year and still undecided whether to go on working or retire fully as there is so much else I want to do other than work! Jan and I have been married for nearly 30 years and have 3 children; Emma 26 works in Tokyo, Lucy 24 is in Bournemouth and Toby 21 is in his 3rd year of reading French at Keble College Oxford so not long before he will fly the nest. We live in Bryanston in Dorset" Email conlons@ANTISPAMlineone.net (26/10/01)

1966 Rod  Muller (Eliot). After I left the school I went to Johannesburg, South Africa and completed Articles with Coopers & Lybrand. Took 1972 off and did the famous back pack, Europe-on-five-bob-a-day trip during which time I met up with Jerry Lea. Back in SA, I then joined Rank Xerox and worked for them for the next 8 years, spending 2 years in their London office (79/80) and getting to see a lot of the world. Deciding that the crawl up the corporate ladder was not for me, I spent the next 7 years working for myself as a contract accountant. Also was heavily involved the rallying and moto cross. As I celebrated the big 40, I met Pam and we were married in November 1989. In 1992 , uncertain about the future in SA, we decide to emigrate to the USA, and we now live in a small city in West Texas called Lubbock (pop:200,000). I am still working as a contract/part time accountant and still wondering what I will do when I grow up. We are both proud US citizens, love the American way of life and have no regrets about our decision to leave SA. Email parobo@ANTISPAMcox.net  (update 1/1/04)

1966 (Grogan) John Reader. "I am presently Chief Pilot of large corporate division operating three executive jets on a world wide basis out of Cape Town. I have been with this company for 24 years and have another 7 to retirement. Ruth and I have had a wonderful time in SA and we intend to see our years out here. We have two boys Carl, 21 and Kelvin 19, both at Stellenbosch Uni. Carl is studying Human Movement and Kelvin Financial Accounting." Note: Ruth is Dave Moore's (see 1967) sister. She has a brother and sister living in Perth. Email johnniereader@ANTISPAMgmail.com

1967 (Grogan) Ross Dall "I'm living near Chester in the UK, still flying, now with Thomas Cook out of Manchester.  Married to Jean who is a reflexologist with a daughter Julie who is a homeopath - I'm hoping between them they'll be able to keep me up to speed. Looking forward to the next reunion or even a trip to Oz to catch up with you guys." Email ross_dall@ANTISPAMyahoo.co.uk 31 March 2006 11 September 2014: now living in Somerset West near CApe Town. No contact details.

1966? (James and Eliot) Steve Gooderham. "I was at DoY in the mid 60's in James. After finishing I went back to UK for a few years to finish off my qualifications as a Telecommunications Engineer before going back to Tanzania for six years to work for the EAP&T, (later to become the TP&T following the unpleasantness with Mr Am in). After that we did a 9 year stint in the Middle East followed by 10 years in England before the travel bug bit again. So I now find myself living and working in Southern California as Director of  Operations for a Telecoms Software company. I am married to Pamela (Just
had the 25th wedding anniversary - try looking for a silver wedding anniversary card in divorce riddled LA !!)." Steve is keen to hear from OYs in California. Email:

1966? (Lugard) David Russell. Left Kenya in 1975 after having worked for Block Hotels (Norfolk, New Stanley, Nyali Beach, Samburu, Keekorok & Outspan) as their roving relief manager.  Also opened the Serena Beach at the coast which was a wonderful experience.I have only recently moved to England from Scotland.  We lived in the Highlands and I started a company distributing and supporting software to hotels throughout Scotland.  I am now involved with putting together
a computer based training package for the hospitality industry... a subject I know nothing about but seem to have arrived there somehow. Recently met up with Cog Willers (James), Robin (Monkey) Johnson (Delamere) and Christer Johansonn (Thomson). Email

#1966 (Speke) Amadeo Buonajuti. Lives in Kenya. Ranched for many years near Rumuruti. Features in "I Dreamed of Africa". (Penguin).

1966  (Eliot and Speke) Jeremy Lea. After B.Sc. in Mech Eng at Southampton University, worked for Fords in Essex for less than 2 years. Returned to Southampton Univ for M.Sc. and stayed for over 20 years doing contract research in sound and vibration. Retired after redundancy. Still playing squash for the Univ in county league, and enjoying pints in students bar after! Living with male partner for over 25 years. 

Update 10 September 2014: "My partner and I bought a second home in France in 2004. While there in 2008, he died suddenly of a heart attack. We had lived together for over 35 years. Although we had a UK civil partnership the French government would not recognise this (although they have their equivalent, the PACS) and demanded 60% inheritance tax on his half of the house. I took the French authorities to court and after several years won the case. I got a refund of the tax and soon after they changed the law. I now spend most of my time in France. While playing badminton recently I tore two muscles in a leg, then the achilles went, and I had a DVT, so my sporting days are restricted. I travel out to New Zealand twice a year to visit my mother 93 who moved there to live near my sister."

New Email: Jeremyglea@ANTISPAMyahoo.com

1966 (Thomson) Rob Dawson . Lives in Broome W.A. and is a pilot (marine) handling large tankers etc. Email karibu@ANTISPAMtpgi.com.au

1966 (Delamere) John Crosskill. Lives in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales north of Sydney. Has three sons who have attended/are attending the Kings School Parramatta (Australia’s oldest school). He is continuing the Duke of York/Kings link established through Geoff White sending his sons there followed by Dave Lichtenstein through his son. Email joncrosskill@ANTISPAMbigpond.com

1966 (Eliot) Nigel Pearce. Lives in Walliston a Perth suburb

1966 (Lugard) Bas Gaymer . Farming in Narok and anywhere else wheat will grow. Married with 2 children and living in Naivasha.

1966 (Thomson) Olly Barton. Has sold his property in Naivasha but still rents a house on the shores of the Lake.on Guy D'Olier's property. Also hunts in Tanzania, working for Rob Hurt (ex Lugard).. Married to Jenny (nee Drown) and has 2 children, Daniel and Katrina. Daniel married Jeremy Mott's daughter Petrina.in early 2009 Email oljen@kenyaweb.com 24/4/05

1966 (Delamere) David Hamilton. Lives Perth, W.A. "After leaving Duko in December 1966, I fanned around on the farm near Thika doing very little and generally getting in everyone's way until April 1967 when I took off to college in the UK.Not being the academic type (just ask any of the poor old teachers at Duko who had the job of trying to instill some knowledge into me!) the North Gloucestershire Technical College proved to be too much of a strain after a year of trying to understand hotel management, the sunshine and open spaces beckoned, so with little trepidation, I set sail for Australia! It was here that I finally realised my potential, and decided that sales was the go, and have been doing precisely that ever since, via a series of different jobs and industries, I am enjoying my middle years and am now the account manager with Adcorp Australia, a national advertising agency, and I am based in West Perth. Married to Jane, a fourth generation Aussie." Update 10/3/09 :David and Jane have "downsized' and now live in a townhouse, Shenton Park, Perth. Email address is now: chui4810@ANTISPAMyahoo.com.au 30/8/02

Image of Glen and Anne1966 (Kirk) Glen Smith. Lives in Queensland. In the photography business Email address: glen.smith.photography@ANTISPAMuq.net.au

1966 (Speke) Steve Kettle. "Since leaving doys in dec 1966 i spent 9 mths. as a research technician with my dad on rift valley fever & trying to establish its arthropod vector 1967 to june 1973. I got B.Sc. (Hons.) in biochemistry june 1970 thanks to Mr. Davis's preparation for uni. life & learning how to take notes quickly & efficiently in the 6th form. I got a  medical degree M.B.Ch.B. in june 1973 both university of Bristol uk.  I married caroline mary dowling a nurse / midwife in sept. 1973 then 5 & a half years of UK NHS hospital GP locum jobs in the UK including nuneaton, nottingham, preston, bristol, leicester & yeovil .  I then spent  17 months on ascension island just 2 degrees sth. of the equator in the south atlantic ocean as a Medical Officer , a  Kenya-like lifestyle with exile club with sat. curry lunches I was able to do more than 100 scuba dives down to 120 feet . The youngest of my 3 girls was born on ascension . I then went  back to the UK based in bristol c/o wife's parents for 8 months to do GP locums & arrange / apply for jobs eventuating in 1 in australia where the rest of my family was ie dad, brother stjohn [speke 1966-1969] & sister anna. My mum had died in 1973 just after i visited her belatedly in aug. 1973. I then went to alice springs northern territory [NT] in dec. 1980 for 3 months orientation period as a district MO [District Medical Officer] with the NT health dept. then based in tennant creek  ( tc )spent an interesting 20 mths in tc visiting aboriginal settlements, outstations a few, fringe camps as well as the white fella cattle stations on the Barkly Tableland [bt] Country was so flat that 1 could see the earth's curvature as as the bt was up to 500 or so by 500 or so kms squared of tree free country. the soil was exactly the same as the kenyan black cotton soil with vehicles getting bogged at the drop of a hat in the wet season. 3 mths leave from nov 1982 to end of jan 1983 when i went to mackay in nth qld as a GP associate prior to the sunshine coast , where i've been ever since as a solo gp for 20 years  suits my personality the best. been here 20 yrs in may 2003 they'll probably have chisel me out to get rid of me but if nothing else the afore has taught me & no doubt others as well that great lesson of the uni. of hard knocks & that is to be adaptable so who knows / can foretell / predict what the future may bring. so they do say it's good always to consider 1's options & have at least 1 or more bolt holes ready to go to as required. as a gp, locums are always a good standby on such occasions. Since November 2004 I have worked at Nambour in a 10 dr gp practice . My 1st 2 daughters born in bristol uk 1976 & 1978, 3rd as above last 2 boys born in oz 1980 & 1984 both in qld thank heavens brisbane & nambour respectively so at least 2 of us are real queenslanders & the youngest 1 is that rarer species a true blue sunshine coaster. UP THE MAROONS OF DUKO & QLD, OZ". Email  lamudoc@ANTISPAMyahoo.com also lamudoc@gmail.com Updated 17/3/14

1966 (James) Justin Searle. Tragically died in car accident in Swaziland in 1984. Brother of Adrian (see 1968).

1966 (James) Andrew Barnett. Lives in Wahroonga, New South Wales. After leaving DOY, went to London University for 3 years before working on mines and projects in South America, Europe, West and Central Africa. Emigrated to Australia in 1978, continuing in the engineering field. Email minciv@ANTISPAMbigpond.com

1966 (Delamere) Jonathan (Joff) Start Lives in Roleystone, a Hills suburb of Perth, WA. He has three daughters and 12 grandchildren. Still does some casual truck driving. Now married to Joan. Both are talented amateur botanists and photographers and Joan is a volunteer with the WA Herbarium Email joffstart@ANTISPAMiinet.net.au  (updated 30/12/14)

1966 (Eliot) Pete Jackson Marine biologist in Fisheries Dept in Queensland (?). Duko history required for his brothers Dave (musician? management consultant?) and Paul (was in Canada, now in Melbourne ?) Email Jacksop@ANTISPAMdpi.qld.gov.au  

1966 (Delamere) Tony Start. Lives in Roleystone, a hills suburb of Perth, WA. Married to Juat (40 years) and has 2 children (one of each) and two grandchildren. Is a Research Associate at the WA Herbarium, working mostly on mistletoes and still writing papers etc.. Email Tonys@ANTISPAMwn.com.au Updated 30/12/14

1966 (Eliot). Glyn Griffths. Lives in Bayswater, suburb of Perth. Email glyngriffiths1@ANTISPAMbigpond.com  Updated 5/4/09

1966 (Thomson) Roddy McKellar. Worked for IBM for 22 years and then changed track in 1991 to manage the affairs of pro golfers on the European Tour. Now a Career Consultant in the City of London and living in a converted barn in Headcorn, Kent. Married to Annie. Has 2 boys from a previous marriage. Email roddymckellar@ANTISPAMyahoo.co.uk  (new email address 20/7/04)

1966 (Grogan) Dennis Eckersley . Lives San Jose, California with wife Suzanne. Has 3 kids (2 living in France). Previously worked in France (where he met Suzanne) and Saudi. Update 10 Feb 2004 " I now work for Adobe Systems (Photoshop and Acrobat are well known products) still managing in software development. I also work with a close friend on a music education software product that is very well regarded, but not very profitable! Like many, now feeling that retirement is overdue, but we’ll see! Thanks to your website, I made and kept contact with several people – most recently enjoying the visit of Jan Wright when he was on a lecture tour in California. Unlike you, my travel bug has not yet been cured, but then I haven’t visited Oz yet. We got as far as New Zealand a few years ago but are keeping the best until last! Just came back from an excellent few weeks in Bolivia and some time in Peru – want to see more of Bolivia, and S. America generally now! We tend to spend a lot of spare time either here in California, or in Hawai’I that I like very much. We still have properties in the UK and France". Email: deckersl@ANTISPAMadobe.com

1966 (James). Barrett (Barry) Leighton. "I took my "O" levels in '66 and finished off "A"s in UK at Arnold school in Lytham St. Annes, Lancs (near the golf club) where we had a headmaster from Prince of Wales School, Nairobi!!! ( a few other Princo boys there so I was a little outnumbered but formed a great Nairobi alliance). I live in Johannesburg and have been married for 28 years with 2 children aged 22 and 26. I am in the freight forwarding/shipping industry and started my own company 20 years ago which is still somehow doing OK. I still visit Nairobi as I have business in and out of East Africa and was there 2 weeks ago in fact when the terrible New York terror attack took place. I have met Ronnie Andrews on a couple of occasions ( ex Speke House - same class year as me)" Email barrett@ANTISPAMpennant.co.za (8/10/01)

1967 (James) John Watkins  "I left the DOY at the end of year 1967 armed with 7 o level passes and one fail maths. In May 1968 I came to the UK on
holiday but never returned apart from a holiday . I start trainning to become an optician which I did not enjoy so left and joined F W Woolworths as
a trainee manager worked up to department manager . Then I joined a a DIY company called B&Q which had only two stores at that time as assistant
manager in 1971 and stayed until 2008 when I retired at 60. I went on to manage many stores throughout the UK ending up as area manager in the North
of England controlling 22 stores and was a trustee for Kingfisher pensions on the accounts and investments committee ( not bad since I failed maths) When I left B&Q it was the fourth biggest DIY retailer in the world. I am married and have been for 43 years with 2 children and two grand children and live in a small town Goole North Yorkshire happly retired. Email
johnwat49@ANTISPAMlive.co.uk  19/2/14

1967 (Eliot) Simon Bell. "On leaving DoY I started studying A levels in the UK but soon abandoned them to join Barclays Bank. After a few years with Barclays I left to join Standard Charted Bank working for them initially in the City and subsequently in the Far East, Middle East and Africa. Leaving Standard Chartered Bank I became bursar to a school in Devon where I am now retired. Email kengele@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com  13/2/2011

1967 (Speke) Glen Wallace-Davis. Glen passed away in Kenya in November 2010 after a long battle with cancer. He lived most of his life in Spain.

1967 (Lugard) Brooke Webb "Was forced to leave prematurely for the UK after a serious accident. Lived in the UK seven years and then the States. (San Francisco) Became an acupuncturist. Email brookewebb@ANTISPAMrocketmail.com 15/9/07

1967 (James) Dave Richards. Left Duko in Dec 67 , worked at Pemba Channel Fishing Club for 6 months , very enjoyable taking people out marlin fishing and getting paid for it too !! Reluctantly departed Shimoni to spend 18 months at flying school in Scotland before returning to Nairobi armed with CPL/IR. No jobs at Wilson so I moved to Dar-Es-Salaam and flew for Tim Air for 2 years before returning to Nairobi and joining Air Kenya at Wilson until 74 when I moved to Malindi for 4 years. Very enjoyable living near the Driftwood and flying around the game-parks every day - better than working !! But all good things come to an end and as Kenya Airways would not give me a job with a British Passport , I moved to Malawi where Air Malawi would employ me. My folks had moved there in 1970 , so I was very familiar with the place. It was like setting the clock back to Kenya in the late 50's. A very enjoyable 7 years there , where I married Jax and acquired 2 very young step-children along the way before my own son Luke was born in 1983. When we didn't get our contract renewed in 84 , decided not to keep moving south and made the big decision to move to UK. Joined DanAir based in Manchester , living in Cheshire , which sadly never suffered any droughts at all while we lived there ! In 92 I managed to lose my marriage and my job in 6 weeks. Dan Air went down the tubes and I found myself living in Kuala Lumpur flying for Malaysian Airlines for 3 years , also very enjoyable , great flying all over Asia and made some great Australian friends while there , which will influence my retirement I'm sure. Spent a year flying for Niki Lauda in Vienna before joining British Airways in 96 , first on the 747 as a co-pilot then Captain again on the 737 fleet around Europe.Enjoyed 4 years flying out of Kuala Lumpur ( again ) and then Cyprus after being forced to retire from BA at 55 ( in 2004 ) , then joined Omanair in Muscat - lots of Swahili speakers here ! About to have a sabbatical then find a short term contract or two before 65 kicks in . Been back to Kenya quite a lot , mainly Malindi and Watamu - had a good reunion there in October 2010 on the occasion of Johnny Stols and Geofff Pellings ( both ex- Grogan ) 60th birthdays - lots of other Old Yorkists there too Email chileka@ANTISPAMgmail.com (Updated 25/10/2011)

1967 (Thomson) Chandler Harben.

Chandler Harben was born in Herndon, Virginia and, at the age of two weeks, was taken to live in Germany for the first five years of his life. His father, a career CIA agent, had his son accompany him to many of his posts; Europe, Africa and Central America. Harben still attempts to maintain his fluency in Swahili and has outlined a proposal for a new novel based on his teenage years in Rwanda following the first genocide between the Tutsi and Hutu tribes.

At eighteen years old, with his parents long since divorced, Harben asked his father permission to live with his mother in Greenville, North Carolina. Shortly after arriving, Harben purchased a motorcycle and drove to New York City to become an actor. Some (hard) years later, Harben became successful as an actor with starring roles in off-Broadway shows, as well as playing lead characters for more than seven years on daytime television dramas; Detective Sam Fountain - The Edge of Night, ABC. Doctor Rico Bellini - The Doctors, NBC. Ben Harper

Life, CBN. Voiceovers for radio commercials were also a mainstay in his career.

Married, with three children, Harben sought a different direction in his life and began a new career in the world of finance. After a few years of working for some major financial institutions he struck out on his own as a financial advisor where he soon met and befriended John Z. DeLorean.

As of 2009, Harben, in addition to being a grandfather, is an instrument rated pilot. He resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he is said to be working on a screenplay and his second novel.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: anonymous

Spouse (1)


(? - 1996) (divorced) (3 children)

Trivia (3)

Chandler's play, "Forty Thousand Dollar Trottin' Horse," was produced at the Manhattan Theatre Club in 1986.

Is the grandson of William Nathaniel Harben. His first novel, Greed and Dreams, has been optioned by Hallett Lane Pictures. [January 2009]

chandlerharben1@gmail.com April 2016

1967 (Eliot) Nick Trendell. After leaving Duko, went to Hamble in UK and the RAF but was not a natural serviceman so went into chartered accounting and ended up as a successful company secretary for 16 years. However the flying bug stirred again when he married a hostie and though the marriage did not last he gave up the safe job and paid his way through commercial pilot training at Oxford Flying School. Then joined air UK and still flying with the merged company KLMUK. Has a pad in Cape Town where he spends the winter months. Played a good level of hockey in UK and wielded the willow for many years, mainly so that he could tour the world playing and drinking! Brother Noel "is still with BA as a Purser, he has been there since about 1973 and spends most of the time in the First Class galley as he is a b good chef and as he says he doesn't have time for passengers!!! He is married with 3 children Emma 12 and twins of 6. and lives near Caversham so not too far from Heathrow." Nick's email is nicktrendell@ANTISPAMzonnet.nl    7/3/02

1967 (Mitchell) Phil Bairstow. Lives in Kenya. Email cimbriaea@ANTISPAMnet2000ke.com (2/1/02)

1967 (Grogan) Hamish Kinghorn. "Still living in West London close to the Piccadilly line and always happy to see ex Kenyans.  Sadly Judith, my wife of many years died in 2002 following a long illness.  My 2 boys; James - 26 lives in Barcelona working for SAP an IT company;  Andrew - 21 is at Brighton Uni. reading English & Media Studies.  My current lady Dee (nee McDougall) also ex Kenya, Nakuru & Msongari have been together coming up 5 years and now looking forward to getting all kids off our hands and travelling.  Work wise - I currently run 2 companies; HKA Digital (hamish@ANTISPAMhkadigital.co.uk ) and a building/refurbishment company Calec Limited" (hamish@ANTISPAMcalec.co.uk).  Please NOTE my other email has changed to: info@ANTISPAMhkamarkets.co.uk 24/7/08

1967 (Eliot) Ian Norman. Now lives in Applecross, Perth with his wife Jilly. Brother Mike and family .live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, not far from father "Bungeye" Norman (staff) and mother Sibyl.Email  romann1@ANTISPAMbigpond.net.au Updated 17/2/09

1967 (Speke) Cliff Rossenrode. Brother of  Ian- see below. Cliff  writes (30 June 2006: "We, wife Sonja, twins Dane and Hilton (17) and daughter Taryn (20), are still living in Cape Town, much as before, since 1976. I am still in sales and marketing photo goods and enjoy the healthy lifestyle here." Email crossenrode@ANTISPAMgmail.com  

1967 (Mitchell) Mark Leonard Left Kenya in 1968 to UK, where I ended up being employed by the Westminster Bank. I saw through the merger with National Provincial (hence National Westminster !) when in 1971, in my other job as bar man in The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon Common, I met the then GM of a small foreign owned, but UK registered bank, the United Bank of Kuwait ,who offered me a job! Needless to say the pub job had to stop, and I spent almost 9 years with UBK where I had my first taste of the Foreign Exchange and Currency Deposit Markets . I left them as Chief Dealer, headhunted to go to Bahrain as Dealer for a new bank, the Arab Banking Corporation (ABC).What was intended as an 18 month contract turned into almost 20 years, and I left ABC as their Group Treasurer and SVP in Dec 1999, to retire to the N.E of England, with my gorgeous' Geordie 'wife, Jill, our two dogs and one cat (all brought back from Bahrain!).We live on the outskirts of Morpeth,in our converted barn, and spend the time gardening (not much chance of doing that in Bahrain), playing golf, seeing friends, and, of course, walking the dogs!

Update December 2015: "Since 2011 and after more than a few years of bravely facing whatever the weather in the NE of the Uk could throw at us, we have moved to Spain where we have taken up residency. We now live in Mar Menor Golf Resort in Murcia- it really is our corner of paradise!" Email hawthorngrange@antispamgmail.com 

1967 (Thomson) Dave Moore. " I think it was 1960 I started at the DOYS as a rabble in Junior House but heading for Thomson. I had a really hard first year and was regularly "in the book" which lead to a good whacking with a tennis shoe. What would they think now! Amazingly it did me no long term harm and Junior house was closed down, only to be reopened 5 years later where: "I was Head of the newly restarted Junior House in 1966!" The following year I went on to be  Head of Thomson House and Head of School in 1967. At the UK DOYS reunion in Devon a few years back 3 men approached me as in a "gang" - They said "You are Moore and were head of Junior house when we were rabbles!" What a shock that was - One of those boys is now a Dr in Reading Hospital and subsequently treated me a year or two later. I left Kenya on 11 March 1968 for London to attempt to get into Hamble College, a flying school in Hampshire run by BEA/BOAC. I joined Hamble in 1969 and BOAC on 16 November 1970. From 1971-76 I flew VC10's for BOAC as Second Officer and then First Officer. I converted to 747's in 1976. After 4 years as a Training First Officer I became a 747 Captain in 1990, and was Training Captain on 747's from 1991-1998. In 1998 I converted to 747-400's as a Training Captain. All the way through my 32 years with BA I regularly went "home" on Nairobi trips. Passengers and crew enjoyed the Captain's announcements being made in both English and Swahili. I married in 1975 to Annie, an English girl. We have two sons, Max  is now married and we have our first grandchild and Paul who lives in Perth WA" (04/4/2008) Email safaridave@ANTISPAMqmail.com  Updated 12 May 2015 Dave has now been retired for 12 years!! just done a big safari in SA with John Reader (Grogan 66), his brother in law.

1967 (Grogan) Geoff Pelling.  After leaving DoY, I worked at Wilson airport, Nairobi as an aircraft maintenance engineer and pilot from 1968 -1984, initially at Wilken Aviation and latterly with Boskovic Air Charters. January 1985 saw us move to the UK where I joined the Civil Aviation Authority as an airworthiness surveyor. Although an interesting and useful experience I decided that this line of work was not really for me. So in January 1988 I joined Sun International – renamed Kerzner International, an hotel resort company – as a corporate pilot, and aircraft maintenance manager. I joined BP Flight Operations in 1990, but this was short lived when the CEO was replaced in 1992 and closed down the department making us all redundant. 1993 saw me back with Kerzner International to the end of 2008. Am now with an American aircraft maintenance and modifications company, Jet Aviation St. Louis, as their international customer support director based in UK. My daughter lives in Harare, Zimbabwe, with her two daughters and is fully involved in the equestrian world together with her partner, Quinton. My son is currently in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and is the financial director of Steamships Trading Company Ltd., part of the Swire group. He and his wife Mickey have a son and a daughter. My wife, Sandie (nee Irwin - Loreto, Msongari) and I still live in Crawley Down, West Sussex, UK. Email gpelling@ANTISPAMutulivu.com Info updated 30 June 2013

1967 (Delamere) Stuart Rifkin. "My brother and I immigrated to Brisbane when I was 14 back in Dec 1967 with our mum (Gwen Rifkin nee Stuart-Wortley) also born in Kenya but who sadly passed away in Dec 2001 at her home in Maroochydore, Qld) .

I left Brisbane in 1982 and moved to Cairns, North Queensland (where the life style was not as hectic as a major city) with my wife Lorraine and our new baby daughter Renee. Our son David was born a few years later in1985. I worked in the mechanical industry for most of my working life having graduated from college in Brisbane as a refrigeration mechanic and continued my career in the airconditioning industry working on the installation and commissioning of Multi storey buildings, hospitals, major shopping centres and large telephone exchanges. In 1989 I started my own company in Cairns, mainly due to a National crisis when the airlines industry pilots held the country to ransom and went on strike for several weeks. As a result many companies had to pull back, restructure and in many cases close their doors. I worked at that time for a national company who had branches throught Australia and our regional branch was one of many which was shut down. So together with another former staff member my new business partner (Graeme Howarth) and I continued to service existing clients and we went on to succesfully grow the company to twenty five employees when we sold the business after 7 years. I then moved up to Malanda where my partner (Gail) and I purchased and operated a dinner bread and breakfast lodge (Honeyflow) just outside Malanda. Four years later Gail and I sold Honeyflow and I again set up a new airconditioning company with my same business partner back in Cairns and once again we succeded in nurturing the business with wonderfull empolyees. We sold out in 2008 with in excess of 50 employees. (Tragically I lost my partner of nine years (Gail), in a car accident in 2001.)

I retired at 55 and moved to Thailand where the weather, golf and cost of living suited me down to the ground Here I met my new partner Yung. We have two children Meena 12 and Michaela who will be 3 in October and I can assure you that it is great having the time now to spend with young people growing up!

 I will be heading to JoBurg in South Africa later this month for another reunion with my cousin Mark Ferrari who will be turning 60 on the 1st June (28 days before me!). Mark was also at Duko and housed at Kirk in 1967. I will be showing him your web site for sure. Mark is married to a South African born lady Pat and they have two children, Gareth and Kyle.Email stuart.rifkin@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  29/06/2013

1967 (Delamere) Arthur Rifkin. Stuart’s elder brother..He has been married to Ann for 30 odd years and they have a daughter Stephanie, horses and dogs where they all happily live on a number of acres not far from the township of Dalby in Queensland.

1967 (Delamere) Clive Salzer. Lives in Mangrove Mountain, north of Sydney. Email academy@ANTISPAMacay.com.au

1967 (Delamere) Adam Salzer. Dave Lichtenstein writes: "Adam Salzer is another high flying Old Yorkist who is now ranked among the top Australian entrepreneurs.   He is Executive Chairman of the Salzer Group.   He is an economist and theatre director by training.   Adam operates a virtual consulting and executive search business in the South East Asian region.  The company has six physical offices, and he spends three weeks of each month travelling between assignments in Asia -the fourth week is spent in Sydney.  Every third trip he is accompanied by his wife, Alexandra Hynes, the company's group general manager.  His first foray into China came in 1990 and his China business has been profitable ever since.  Adam has managed 60 big turnaround/re-engineering projects for companies as diverse as Toshiba and Alcoa China.  He moved into executive recruitment to make greater use of his expertise" Lives in Rozelle an inner Sydney suburb. Email adamsalzer@ANTISPAMthesalzergroup.com

1967 (Eliot) Tony Rothschild. Attended the reunion in Taunton. Tony lives in Toronto, Canada.   Married to 2nd wife Eileen and has 2 children - Kate, 20 (at McGill university) and Edward, 17. Now works for Kyser Racing but has been involved (usually as founder/ CEO) in a variety of business enterprises, for example plastics manufacturing, interactive voiceware technology and an internet E-mail commerce enterprise. Email tony.rothschild@gmail.com

1967 (Thomson) Eric Toogood Finished education in UK and worked there for a while before moving to Oslo, Norway in 1974. Did a BSc in library and Infoscience- the field he works in now. Married to Marit and has 2 kids. Email: eric.otto.toogood@ANTISPAMrl.telia.no

1967 (Thomson) Greg Calder. Partner in law firm, Butcher , Paul and Calder. Perth, W.A. Married to my wife's sister Sally (nee MacLeod) . They have 5 children Email greg.calder@ANTISPAMbpclawyers.com 18/8/08

1967 (James) Pete Hughes. Grew up in Kiambu and Twiga Lodge on South Coast, which his parents owned. Went to Sandhurst but on visiting Perth in 1967 decided to stay. Married to Margaret with 23 year old twin daughters. Lives in Mt Pleasant, Perth and runs family business, Templar Marketing, providing services to the tourism and travel business. Email peter@ANTISPAMtemplarwa.com.au

1967? (Eliot) Bobby Beleson. Returned to USA where father worked for Ford Foundation. Studied at Harvard and after a short spell in Tanzania became CEO for Remy Martin and, later, marketing manager for Playboy Enterprises. Now "out on his own" but in which field unclear!

1967? (Eliot) Phil Leakey. Married to Val. "Several" kids. Was MP for Langata on the Kanu ticket and Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs. Started a matting business in Taita. Email ktbrooks@ANTISPAMsprynet.com (9/5/03)

1967? (Grogan) Brian Carnelly .Went into civil engineering in SA in the early 70s and then moved to Hong Kong in the same line of work. Now in Nairobi.

1967 (Thomson) Andy McNaughton. Studied interior design, joined Henry West (ex Speke) in a local consultancy before branching out into his own company, Chameleon Interiors. Married twice , first to Anne and then Narelle (an Aussie). 3 kids in all. Helps Ronnie Andrews by playing drums in the Roadrunners. Email mcnaught@ANTISPAMafricaonline.co.ke

1967? (Lugard) Ian Van Someren Has been in restaurant management since school and has now diversified into supermarket supplies. Lives in Nairobi.

1967? (Lugard ) Frank Tundo. Was in a contract ploughing business with George Barbour for a while but now on his own, farming wheat successfully in Maralal. Three children- one son a pilot and the other a male model. Lives in U.K.

1967 (James) Graham Blacklock. Lives in Kojonup, a Wheatbelt town in WA.

1967 (Speke) Kevin Northcote. Joined the Navy after school and is still there (training officer in Portsmouth?). Married with kids.

1967 (Speke) Dave Mousley. Aero engineering at Wilson Airport after leaving school and then maintenance chief for Block Hotels. Now head of horticultural export project in Kericho. Married with "at least" 2 children.

1967 (Eliot) Bruce Campbell. Was an aircraft engineer in Nairobi and married Les (nee Borrington). Killed in a car accident (in early 80's?)

1967? (Speke) Brian Heath Living in Northern Kenya- ranching. For many years was involved with Galana Ranch, a pioneering project in game ranching and conservation. Married with children. Email mara@ANTISPAMtriad.co.ke (9/5/03)

1967? (Thomson) Pete Low. Worked for Rick Hopcraft in Naivasha for several years but now has his own place, exporting environmentally-friendly horticultural products. Married to Diana and has 2 boys and a girl.

1967 (Speke) Arnie Mitchell  "Am now still living in Tigoni on what remains of the original Tea Farm that was set up by my grand parents in the early 1900s. Our house overlooks Limuru Girls School that was also started by my Grandfather for his 4 daughters. Am sure many Old Yorkists remember going there in the good old days. Even hiding in the tea!!! I am married to Jacqui (nee Heath) who I am sure some of you will have tried to chat up at some stage long ago. I have two children, Amanda 29 living in Kenya but just about to do a post graduate degree in something at the University of London and Brendan 26 who works for Esporta, a chain of fitness centers in the UK. He is in the property division. My other two off spring with Jacqui are both in Kenya. Quentin, 21 has a lovely voice and we hope he will put it to good use. He is in love with cars too and does a bit of Buggy racing at Jamhuri Park (formerly Mitchell Park). Check out Quentin Mitchell Classic Rallies on yahoo. Chloe has just become a teenager and is at an American School called Rosslyn Academy near UNEP in Gigiri. Some of you may know it. She was a great mistake! I am now (for the last 9 years), a Financial Adviser with an international firm, providing Estate Planning services to many long time Kenya families. The company is doing very well and am enjoying this new line of work. Kenya is doing great at the moment. Crime is still a problem and the roads are pretty awful but it seems that things are slowly getting better. Our quality of life is still great here." My email address is   arnie.mitchell@ANTISPAMvfsint.com  Updated 10/6/07

1967 (Kirk) Peter Caton. Lives in Old Basing near Basingstoke in Hampshire. Now retired. Email update 1/2/15 pete.29@talktalk.net


1967 (Grogan) David Leach . Retired from Harbinger Corp., a company he founded in Atlanta with a colleague from Harvard. Now CEO of a company in South Carolina Married to Lynn and has a son and a daughter, Bryan and Danica who both studied at Harvard. Bryan spent a 2 years on a scholarship at Oxford and is a lawyer. E-mail address leachga@ANTISPAMearthlink.net

1967 (Speke). Andy Williams . Lives Wanneroo, W.A. Married to Eleanor (nee Nightingale) Ex Kenya High. Works for Dept of Fisheries. Email elandy@ANTISPAMbigpond.com  Updated 17/2/09

1967? (Delamere) Bill Okwirry Runs security company in Kenya but has a finger in many pies!

1967 (Grogan) Johnny Stols. Started flying in Feb 1968.  First commercial job with Boskies  for 5 yrs in Nairobi then joined East African Airways as DC3 (Dakota) Captain 1975/76. Mid 1976 to 1986 joined Safair Freighters in Johannesburg flying civilian C130(Hercules) and during this period seconded to Air Botswana for 7yrs. Getting around now not a problem. Jan 1987 joined Cathay Pacific Airways and have been a jumbo Capt since 1990. A wonderful 22 yrs we have had in Hong Kong and intend to retire in Perth Australia soon. Married Marion Abrams 1977 ex boma and  have two daughters  - Genevieve (29) a Winemaker in Margaret River (south of Perth) and Belinda(28)  a Property Manager for the University of Western Australia. If ever in Perth you can contact us on email fundi8@ANTISPAMgmail.com  Updated 21/7/2015 Johnny has officially retired!

1967 (Eliot) Mal Andrews. Lives in Malvern, South Australia. Married Karen in Kununurra in 1975 and has 2 daughters Tessa and Katherine. Has worked in aviation since 1973, including 20 years with Qantas. Now Manager Customer and Terminal Services, Adelaide Airport Ltd. Keen to catch up with Claudio Pacini who, together with Mal and Glynn Griffiths, made up what Tom Brown termed "the Group"!  Email andrewsmob@ANTISPAMbigpond.com

1968 – (Mitchell / Eliot) – Barnett Botha – I had planned a farming career in Kenya but since our family farms at Ol Joro Orok and Nakuru were sold, I had to change course and worked in Nairobi for the first six years in several different jobs. In 1973 I got married and we had two sons, Christopher in 1975 and Antony in 1978, but the marriage ended in 1984. I eventually found my ground at Specialised Mouldings in 1974 as I was keen on boats and went on to develop many new fibreglass products; most significantly, a 39 ft yacht and a huge 45 ft motor cruiser. Imports of the raw materials which we depended on were very restricted due to the financial situation in Kenya and the Company went into receivership.   I made a move in 1980 to Colas, a Shell Group Company in Nairobi, as Operations Manager. After six very good years there, in 1986 I moved to Head Office in Tonbridge, Kent as Production & Distribution Manager to oversee seven manufacturing sites around the UK. After a few years I became Export Manager, when all of a sudden in 1990 the Company was sold to a competitor and we were all redundant. I met my wife Ursula on a visit to Kenya in 1990 and she joined me soon afterwards in Tonbridge with her two children, Lloyd is now 28 and Sarah is 26. We were married in 1992 and have never looked back. I took a Degree Course in Management and became the Marina Manager of a very well known five anchor Marina in Gillingham, Kent. Then later on, whilst enjoying a much needed holiday in South West Wales during the summer of 2002, we saw a new house under construction and made a quick decision to purchase it and move permanently to Carmarthen for a more peaceful lifestyle and for our eventual retirement. I am now a Marina Manager here in South West Wales, only this time in a much smaller rural location.

Email barnett.botha@ANTISPAMonetel.net  15 June 2011

1968 (Thomson) Howie Smith "I left Duko in 1968 after taking A levels, and went to Canada to the University of Manitoba to take Engineering.  Still don't know why I picked the coldest place in North America!  During the summer I worked way up north on a geological survey crew in order to finance school. Every two weeks our supplies and mail were delivered by float plane. I decided that being a bush pilot would be quite the life. The third summer I got a job in this small mining town expediting for these geological crews and got a second job working for one of the local charter companies fueling airplanes, loading freight etc and got to do a lot of flying around with them. The next winter I found a small flying school operating off the side of a farmer's field who would guarantee me time on weekends. Never did take any ground school because that was mid week. By spring I had a bare commercial licence and went back up north for a job flying a Cessna180 on floats with all of 182 hours in my log book.

 I did finish my engineering degree, but never used it. For the next 7 years I flew a variety of aircraft, mostly Twin Otters, all over northern Canada and up into the arctic primarily in support of mineral exploration, on floats in the summer and skis or tundra tires in the winter. There was little regard for rules and regulations, one did whatever was needed to get the job done. The freedom was wonderful. I got married and we had a daughter. Working seven days a week, daylight hours was not so good for family life.I went to work for Shell Oil in Calgary, still doing some some bush work with a Twin Otter and King Air 200s in support or drilling and seismic operations. This was a big improvement - I got days off!!  We soon moved into jets, and over the 25 there years I flew Citation 11s, Hawker 125s and a Falcon 200, all of which were flown around North America and into gravel strips across the north on occasion. 

 I now fly for Suncor Energy, one of the pioneers in the development of the huge oil sands deposits in northern Alberta. Currently I'm on a Cessna Sovreign and a Citation X, which criss cross North Amirica with the odd trip to Mexico, Hawaii and Europe.My wife, Barbara and I have two children. Hilary (28) is in medical school in Chicago learning to be a podiatrist, and Dustin (26) a pipefitter. Email: howard.smith@ANTISPAMshaw.ca  16/2/08

1968 (Lugard) Brian Compton. "After D of Y went to New Zealand to continue my education in electrical engineering. Before completion I joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force and became a fighter pilot. After serving out the six-year commitment I joined Air New Zealand as an airline pilot. Married an American and moved to America. I’m still married to her after 24 years and have a 21 year old son Nick. He’s attending Radford University in Virginia, U.S. He took a year off to join the Marine reserves (“The few, the proud, the Marines”), and fully expects to get called to Iraq but hopefully not before he’s completed his degree." Email b.comp@ANTISPAMcomcast.net  Updated 6/10/2011

1968 (Delamere) Martin Sharman. "May its name be cursed with the bloody flux. After escaping from school at the end of 6 years penal servitude, I became a trainee computer programmer with ICL, and as soon as I had learned COBOL, I was given a job using assembler language for a waggon control programme on East African Railways. The funny side of this only began to grow on me later.

I then went to Edinburgh University but after a couple of years, I grew hair, dropped out, and joined a Sufi commune in Gloucestershire. After getting engaged to a lovely American woman, and then travelling to the US and bollixing things royally, I took a Greyhound bus until my money ran out and then hitch-hiked around most of the contiguous USA.

Then I almost cut my hair and went back to Edinburgh University to read Zoology. After graduating I started a PhD at St. Andrews University (full of English aristos, but no royals at that time) to study the west African baboon, Papio papio, in Senegal. I followed baboons for miles through the bush for a year and a half, and wrote up my thesis "Feeding, Ranging and Social Organisation of the Guinea baboon" in Cambridge. This became a best seller and will soon be a major blockbuster movie.

I cut my hair, cut off my beard, and was hired as field officer by the FAO to work on a pastoral ecosystems project in the Sahel. I met my future wife in Dakar. She nursed me through a simultaneous attack of typhoid and hepatitis B, and we got married. I got a job with the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi, then did a postdoc in Greenbelt, Maryland at Goddard Space Flight Center.  My daughter was born in the States.

From there I bought a tie and went to work at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy.  I bought a suit to go with the tie and we moved to Brussels in 1993. I gave up Earth observation in 1998 and assumed responsibility for administration of funding of research on biodiversity.

My midlife crisis hit in 2000, then got much worse a couple of years ago, when I re-met my ex-fiancee and again bollixed things, but having learned from experience, did it even more royally.  My divorce decree is scheduled for the end of 2006, which, I hope, will signal the end of my midlife crisis.  At any rate if it doesn't, I'm going to have to rename it, unless I intend to live to be 112.

I got into photography when I lived in Nairobi and the States, and gave it up when I moved to Brussels, where the grey skies do nothing for confidence.  I started taking photos again when I bought a digital camera in 2002 to try to put a little interest back in living.  My aim is to retire to the south of Spain and take up photography in a semi-professional way.  Find me on flickr.com/photos/sharman" Email address Martin.Sharman@ANTISPAMcec.eu.int  24 June 2006

1968 (Kirk/Eliot)  Nashir Nathoo (Nash) "I was one of the first local Non Europeans to be admitted to The Duke of York, together with Joe Mwangi Kioi. We were both from Hospital Hill School, which at that time was an experiment to see whether the three different races in Kenya could live and work together!! How much the world has changed since that time.I have often wondered what happened the friends I knew
in school. I do hope many of them have found happiness and success. I qualified as a Chartered Accountant after leaving the Duke of York and spent 3 years in London, U.K. I went back to Kenya after qualifying and worked for an Accounting Practice. In 1978 I gave up Accounting and joined the Family Business comprising 2 large supermarkets in Nairobi. In 1992 my visas came through for Canada and so I packed my bags and off I went.Some how things never worked out and so I returned to Kenya and went back into accounting.   Currently, I am the Internal Auditor of a group of companies that operates a wholesale distribution outlet in Bukavu, Congo, a cosmetic factory in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
and an importation and car rental business in Dubai,UAE. So I work in 3 different countries during the year and I do pass in and out of Nairobi. I have 2 lovely daughters, Aliya and Farah, who reside in Vancouver B.C. and which is home.
Email nashirnathoo@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  13/1/03

1968 (Lugard) Tarun Hindocha. "I "rabbled" for the Gaymer brothers, Perry Goodwin and Mitchell. Colin Simson (I was shocked to learn of his death), Francis Carsasson, John Seal, Satish Shah, Gichuhi and some others I can remember who were in the same dorm. Jim Arkell (Lugard) was head of school (if I remember correctly, it was in 1967). Anyway, I am in Bangalore, India now and running my own business. I am married and have three children (two daughters from my first wife) and one son from Yashoda whom I married after my divorce. Email   tarun_hindocha@yahoo.com  3/3/08 (updated)

1968 (Eliot) Paul Talma. "After finishing school in 68, (by the way I was in Eliot with Bruce Paddock, Pete and Dave Jackson and John Lyall) we hung around Nairobi for a couple of years till my old man finished training his replacement, the family moved to Perth where I was called up to do National Service in 71. I remained in the Army till Dec 98 and I now have my own business called TALCOM COMPUTERS. I am married to TRACY, we have 2 little ones, a girl Tamikah Lee 6 years and Tyrone 4 years and the new bub is due in November" Email phtal@ANTISPAMiinet.net.au  21/9/02

1968 (Thomson) Gran Calder. Works for Westlands Electric Company in Nairobi. Email calder@ANTISPAMnet2000ke.com (2/1/02)

1968 (Speke) Ian Rossenrode. Left for Durban, South Africa, to join up with th rest of the family, who had left a while earlier for Rhodesia..After graduating in fine art & working in the UK, then hiking around for a few years, returning to South Africa, in 1975, marrying Sue Dickinson, (Bulawayo born), divorcing Sue.... remarrying Sue, two beautiful daughters....freelancing & lecturing in the arts, in SA and Botswana....recently relocating back to the UK, (currently contracted to The Sun newspaper, apparently to teach them 3D illustration, while attempting to establish my fine art in the UK!!).... for an unknown period of time....Regards to all who may remember me, (try as they might not to!!) Well done guys......Those were good times. My website: http://rossenrode.art.users.btopenworld.com/index2.html Email rossenrode@ANTISPAMexcite.com

1968 (Lugard) Jim Arkell.  Head of School in 1968. Went to University College Oxford (thanks to Eric Westwell's efforts - he was Housemaster and taught physics). Joined the RAF as a pilot flying Harrier aircraft. Married Caroline in 1982 - two boys aged 12 and 14. Now working at the Inspectorate of Flight Safety, Bentley Priory, Stanmore near London. E-mail address: c.arkell@ANTISPAMntlworld.com   PS : if anyone has any photos of the 1st/2nd XI Hockey or 1st XV Rugby circa 1967/68 I'd love to see them! (10/12/01)

1968 (Delamere) Robert Curwen Lives in  Howick, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  I believe that he is an artist. (Dave L)

1968(Speke) Mike Vaughan .I left Kenya in April 1969 and headed to South Africa with my sister and Brother-in law. I settled in Durban where I met my wife Lesley. We married in 1972 and had the pleasure of taking her to Kenya before my folks left in 1974.We have 3 children-Bronwyn the eldest(26)married and still lives in Durban. Our second daughter Debra(24) living in the UK at present but will be getting married in Durban in April---an excuse for me to get back to some lovely sunshine for a couple of weeks!!!Warren(22) our son has been living  here for nearly 4 years after leaving school. I spent 29 wonderful years in SA but unfortunately it has turned like the rest of Africa and we decided that there was life after sunshine and decided to come to the UK.Have been here now for 2.5 years and enjoying the change in lifestyle but not the weather !! Don't wield a hockey stick anymore and haven't done since 1982. Still wield the willow and it is the only sport I have played since being here.Play in a pub league--20 overs only, mid-week,  --suits me!!¬ Unforunately the body has rejected me and my knees are a bit dodgy so limit my sport to cricket,golf and a bit of tennis. The latter 2 have suffered since moving across, can't find the time!! My wife is in the IT industry and I am in Mobile communications. (14/2/2001)  Email vaughan@ANTISPAMdolphincoast.freeserve.co.uk

1968 (Kirk)  Peter Harman. I was in Kirk house from 1963 - 1968. After the DOY I went to college in Britain, did a history degree & then started as an accountant, for the only reason that it was the first job offered to me. I had been working on a building site, which was great in summer but not so much fun in winter, & a warm office was very tempting. After a few years, I realised that I had made a mistake & joined a software company as a financial consultant. A few companies later, I am still working as a consultant with SAP (a large German software company) and living in Bristol Update August 2010 ; moved to Australia in 2008 and now living in Melbourne.  Email peter.harman@sap.com

1968  (James)  Colin Walter. Lives in Cape Town. Keen to contact Geoff Hughes.Email colin.walter@ANTISPAMza.unisys.com

# 1968 (Mitchell/ Eliot). Barnett Botha. Lives in Tonbridge, Kent

1968 (Speke) Bryan Mellon. Lives in North Epping, Sydney and runs an accountancy business in Chatswood.

1968 (Speke) Richard Mellon. Bryan’s younger brother. Lives in Ermington, Sydney. Works for the Australian Gaslight company. Email mellon@ANTISPAMagl.com.au

1968(?) (House?) Pat Halahan. Pat went to England, got a degree in engineering, travelled through South America and parts of Europe, and then settled in California. Married an American girl, Cindy Skal in '83. They have one daughter , Jane, born in '88. Has been a senior engineering manager in high tech equipment for the last 8 years in various companies. His brother Tony (also Duko) went to aircraft engineering college and then joined Cargolux in Luxembourgh, where he still works. Email Halahan@ANTISPAMaol.com

1968 (Speke) Ronnie Andrews Brother of Mike (see 1955 above) Was in music industry in Kenya for many years. Is now Regional General Manager for a pay TV company which uses satellite technology. Married to Astra and has 2 children, Ross and Karri . Email address: andrews.ronnie@ANTISPAMgmail.com  Updated 4/9/2012

1968 (Kirk) Nick Roselli-Cecconi - Married Judi (nee Burke) who went to Nairobi Primary, Greenacres and the Nairobi International School - have two sons, Filippo and Mikele - left Johannesburg, SA in February 2000 to live just outside Florence, Italy. Has a beautiful 900 year old Villa in the hills of Tuscany which he rents out to anyone who is keen - sleeps up to 14 people! email: villacasavecchia@ANTISPAMlibero.it or website: www.mccweb.co.za/villacasavecchia

1968 (Delamere) Ian Atkinson. Joined the RAF and now stationed at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire. "I am an engineer officer and have reached rank of Group Captain and am presently an Integated Project Team Leader. Married, wife Sandie, for 27 years and with 3 children [Tim (25), Mark 923) and Sarah (19)] I live in my own house in Hartford, Huntingdon. Brothers Mike and Adrian live in Stockport and Aberdeen respectively. Email ica2711@ANTISPAMblueyonder.co.uk  23/2/05

1968 (James) Nigel Clifford. Now a barrister in London. Email address clifford@ANTISPAMcandw.ky

1968 (James ) Nigel Champion. Lives in Kangaroo Valley which on the south coast of  New South Wales. He runs a fitness consultancy business in Neutral Bay, Sydney which is not surprising since he obtained a Phys Ed degree from the uni of W.A. Email champion@ANTISPAMfastrac.net.au

1968 (Kirk) Joe Mwangi Kioi. "After I left Duke O’ I trained with Price Waterhouse in Nairobi before being transferred on an exchange programme to London where I qualified in the London School of Economics. I worked with Price Waterhouse for about 10 years before I left to join the Diamond Trust Bank of Kenya as Head of Finance. I am now Director of Monitoring and Evaluation with grameen Foundation and my company bio reads: Joe Mwangi-Kioi brings to Grameen Foundation over twenty years of experience in commercial banking and microfinance. Before joining GF, he worked extensively in Africa, as head of finance for fifteen years in a commercial bank and subsequently in senior positions for over six years in microfinance programs in five East and South African countries developing, implementing, managing and supervising accounting, financial reporting, auditing, and MIS systems. He followed that with financial consultancy assignments on institutional strengthening for two microfinance programmes, one in East Africa and the other in West Africa. He has extensive experience in financial analysis, and management of microfinance programmes, as well as reporting and international best practices standards. Joe graduated from the London School of Economics in 1975, and was subsequently admitted as an associate member of the Chartered Association of Accountants and is also a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya.

I look forward to hearing from you and possibly other Old Yorkists as I have noted from your work. Keep up the great work of coordinating the contacts of the Duke O’ alumni".jmwangikioi@ANTISPAMgrameenfoundation.org 4/11/06

1968 (Eliot) John Lyall Married, two girls; Sheena and Jo. Owns Southern Cross Safaris in Nairobi. Still rallies from time to time.

1968 (Speke) Peter Hissey. Used to live in Perth, W.A.but has recently made a sea-change to Albany on the south coast. .Email wahissey@ANTISPAMbigpond.com Updated 17/2/09

1968 (James) Adrian Searle Studied chartered accountancy. Now works in computer field near London (Thames Ditton). Both his sisters, Noel and Yvette, are married and live in Perth, W.A.

1968 (Delamere) Nick Upton. Lives Gooseberry Hill, Perth. Successful businessman (married to Bernie- nee O'Toole).

1969 (Lugard) John Seal  "I am delighted to discover your site, and saddened to learn of the passing of Colin Simpson. Attended Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland, then spent 4 years working in Jeddah, KSA supporting the Civilian ATC system. Returned Stateside to get married. We raised a boy and a girl, the boy now out on his own, and the girl finishing up her Master’s Degree, also at Loyola. Selected and remain in a career in Business IT. Email johnseal@ANTISPAMhotmail.com  8/3/2011

1969 (Eliot) Colin Cameron  "I arrived from Scotland to the Duke of York, but by the time I left it had become Lenana - 3 of us climbed Kilimanjaro in the holiday between the name change, and signed ourselves at the summit as the 'last pupils of Duke of York and the first of Lenana' to get there. Three inspiring teachers, Pete Mills, Lawrence Sail and Derek Wilson, elbowed me through my 'A' Levels (well almost - had to resit History), although it was Pete's influence as a founding member of the celebrated Hootenanny Club that probably had the more lasting influence.  I returned to UK (did we really call it Pongo?) in 1970 with no university place and no clear ambition.  Through a series of serendipities I ended up doing an early form of Media Studies at the Regent Street Poly in London, which in turn led to a job at the BBC where I stayed for the next 31 years.  I made numerous documentaries around the world, including a brief return to Nairobi on my way into Uganda the year Amin was overthrown.  I finally threw off the corporate shackles in 2004 to run the Scottish arm of an Indie production company, and have now been freelance for the last couple of years and loving it. More details at www.colincameronmedia.com.  I live with my wife of 32 years, Christine, in the countryside outside Glasgow.  We have two sons, Neil who's a landscape designer, and Alan, who's an illustrator in his last year at Glasgow School of Art.  My younger brother Alastair, who also attended DoY, works for a Church Housing charity in Edinburgh." Email cc@colincameronmedia.com  31/1/2010

1969 (approx) (Lugard/ Mitchell). Wayne Barnes. "My family lived in Mombasa, I was initially boarded in Mitchell  then moved  (exiled ) to Lugard  house which was more my cup of tea...Memories are legion: the bundu, exeats, ‘Pog’,  the train up and down to Mombasa, Limuru Girls on it too ( Heather May, I still miss you ). The animals in Nairobi game park on the Athi plains in the early grey morning as the train neared Nairobi and ‘prison’ As a Mombasa boy I never really fitted in with the muscular Christianity of up-country life preferring the dissolute Oriental distractions of ‘Mvita’ instead. This was reflected in my exam results ( A with distinction in Art A levels but nothing much else ) also by this time I had begun to make a precarious living as a session guitarist in the Nairobi recording scene. This led to no university (a mistake! My father was right.) but plenty of sex, drugs, rock and roll. Notice how "money"  is missing from that phrase. I graduated towards the UK where I went on to become a passable  audio recording and maintenance engineer as well as enjoying my 15 minutes of fame.

 Somewhere around 1979 I had contracted Hepatitis C which was to slowly change my life  in a detrimental way ( It was not diagnosed until 2003 ). Eventually, despite  being as rich as Croesus, it drove me into  the gutters of central London. A serious injury also left me crippled in the right leg and with a damaged spine. Selling the Big Issue magazine kept me alive ( don’t believe in handouts ) as well as providing a flexible work framework  for my increasingly confused mind. Finally after many, many scans: MRI, CET, Ultra-Sound and more I began chemo treatment for the Hepatitis C which is working and promises an all-clear. I now live with my partner of many years, Fran, son, and cat. I  am very much online, program PCs, repair PCs, as well as writing poetry which is  very well received and published. My love of music, which I lost, has also started to return although I have no plans to do anything other than listen to it for the near future.

 Reading the entries on this web site has been very comforting, amusing and occasionally sad. It was and still is a unique school that has made a mark not only on Kenya but the world and I hope that it continues to do so. Keen to contact Jamie McLeod, Sam Madoka, Kikkidies, Nick Kado Email bavon1@ANTISPAMlive.co.uk  29/6/09

1969 (Thomson). Steve Baker. "I was at the Duke of York school for about a year somewhere around 1969  I'm not sure of the precise year.  I think I was in Thompson house -and I clearly recall the name change from Duke of York to Lenana  happened while I was there...which ought to pin down the year exactly, I suppose.My father was on a two year contract with East African Airlines - and he did some flying for the flying doctor service while we were out there. I can't say I enjoyed my time at the school - I'd never been away from home before and I hated being away from my family.  I was certainly bullied quite a bit (I have a broken nose to show for it - the sanitoriam did a poor job of straightening it out - and my parents weren't informed until several weeks later!).  The 'fagging' system was still in firmly in place that year - which further increased my loathing of the place.My welcome to this deeply scarey place was to be given LONG lists of names of people, houses, prefects and who-knows-what pointless junk to memorize - with threats (of a long-forgotten nature) for failing to be  able to recite them on demand.  As a kid, I had hobbies of many kinds - but no opportunities to partake in them.  I wasn't the sporting kind - and between compulsory "homework time" (which you had to endure regardless of whether you actually had work to finish), the compulsory turning out' to watch team sports (even if you had zero interest in  them), the cross-country runs (including splashing through bilharzia-infested streams) and the crazy 'rationing' of going home for weekends or having your parents visit you in the evenings.  My parents  left me money for the small luxuries one could buy - but that money was always stolen from me by the bigger kids.  The staff seemed to have no interest in enforcing basic moral standards.  I never had a moment to be  myself.  Yeah, it was a hell-hole and I was constantly miserable.A few things stick vividly in my memory: I remember a brush fire sweeping through the school - the woodland was blackened for months afterwards.  I remember playing golf on the school course with two clubs and balls I found along the way.  I also recall getting to see a brief showing of a film about the Apollo 11 moon landing - I think about a month after the event had taken place.  I recall the change in the school's name - we (of course) called it "Banana High School".When I returned to the UK after a year in Kenya, my education had slipped so badly, that I was put back a year.  That was perhaps not a terrible thing, all things considered.Anywayall's well that ends well.  I eventually went on to the University of Kent - where I obtained an honors degree in Computers and Cybernetics.  I did research into personal computers for Philips Research Labs in the 1980's and was one of the small team that invented  the CD-ROM.  I was one of the early developers of 3D computer graphics -  I worked for Rediffusion Simulation designing flight simulators - and  later emigrated to the US to do simulation work for the US military in Dallas, Texas.  Nowadays, I live in Austin, Texas where I design computer games - and make a pretty decent living at it.   My wife is French and my son is one of the few Anglo-French citizens to speak with a Texas accent! I wish I could find something good to say about my time at the Duke of York - but sadly, no"  Email steve@ANTISPAMsjbaker.org  16/11/08

1969 (Delamere) Warren Ledger. Warren now lives in France and works for Airbus Industries. Email address is warren.ledger@ANTISPAMwanadoo.fr  27/2/06

1969 (Delamere) Julian Shorten. "I was at Duko from 67 to 69 inc. in Delamere house.  I came there via Kitale Primary School.  I was a member of the unbeaten junior house cricket team where I may have caught a couple of balls and put on the odd run or two.  I went on to Tom Brown's old school in Gloucester with a contingent of other old Yorkists then on to Aberdeen Uni for a couple of years before getting into vet school in Glasgow.  I indulged in a spot of boxing at uni (quite an anti-social sport really) and got into motorcycles which provided me with one or two brushes with death.  I have ended up in Matamata, NZ, where I have a modest dairy farm and a small vet clinic and have been yachting in the coastal waters of NZ.  (More brushes with death, plus sea sickness, but otherwise quite pleasant.)  I am on my second major relationship with children and my first "Grand Passion".  My son Luke, aged 4 & 3/4 is the apple of my eye and his mother, Gail, a Kiwi, is the light of my life.  I am currently  trying to win lotto and avoid further brushes with death whilst still having the odd adrenaline rush, trying to run the farm profitably and providing a first class service to my veterinary clients.  I do wonder where the years have gone as I view my half century. I would be happy to hear from anyone out there who has fond memories of me." Email julian@ANTISPAMkeelah.co.nz

1969 (Kirk) Grant Whiting. "I was in UK for a couple of years and then back in Sydney till 1979. Married an American and have been living in California since then." Email is ggpwhit@ANTISPAMhotmail.com 25/6/02

1969 (Lugard) Robin Graham-Adriani  "I was delighted to come across your Website with details of Duke of York School together with some familiar names. I was in DOYS for two years and left at the end of 1969. After finishing my schooling in Benoni, South Africa I tried a couple of jobs  there. In 1975 I came to London and did a degree in finance before falling into accountancy. Several years later I emerged from Coopers & Lybrand as a chartered accountant having got married and divorced in the meantime. Now living in Harpenden and working in central London as a treasurer for a multinational engineering group. Married to Nicola for the past 11 years. Two boys Tom (20) from first marriage and stepson Rick (21)." Email rgadriani@ANTISPAMhotmail.com @fkiplc.com    Email updated 24/8/10

1969 (Delamere) Mike Atkinson "I am living in Stockport UK and am working as Chief Leisure Services Officer for Trafford Borough Council, working in a town hall with Manchester United on one side and Old Trafford Cricket ground on the other. I am married (for the second time) to Jan and have two children (Faye and Guy) from my first marriage and a step daughter from Jan's first marriage. We have three grandchildren twin girls of four and Thomas who is just 3 months old. I studied as a PE teacher and taught for three years at a prep school in Malvern before moving into Leisure Management in 1976. I write the press reports for Stockport Rugby club. I found a programme from when Impala Rugby team played the club (then Davenport) in 1968/69, in the club archives, and many of the names from the tour are on the web site." Email address m.atkinson51@ANTISPAMntlworld.com  27/2/02 . New email 17/11/03 Update: Mike has now retired and doing voluntary work/ looking after grandchildren.

1969 (Delamere) Philip Ledger. Lives in the UK. . Email address is phil@ANTISPAMmjl.co.uk  (2/1/02)

1969 (James) Mark Sachs. Lives in South Africa. . Email address is msachs@ANTISPAMicon.co.za  (2/1/02)

1969 (Mitchell) Peter von Lany. Lives in the UK. . Email address is pvonlany@ANTISPAMmcmail.com (2/1/02)

1969 (Eliot) Douglas Willis.  Doug's wife Fiona contacted us recently to inform us that he  had passed away. She also sent a short obituary, which I reproduce below:

After leaving DOY in 1969 Doug attended Exeter University achieving a First class Hons degree in Engineering Science.  He remained in engineering throughout his life working on large projects in the UK and abroad.  Initially with The South Western Road Construction Unit in the design and construction of dualing large sections of  the main trunk road from the South West to London - the A303. Finally he worked for Balfour Beatty in Professional Services as Operations Director.

 After completing his degree at Exeter he married his Kenyan born girlfriend Fiona Maxwell and they went on to have three children, a daughter and two sons.

 Doug 'ended up' in Kenya when his father (also Douglas Willis) died in 1963.  He was the BBC Foreign Correspondent and previous to this Doug had travelled and lived in Washington DC, Paris, Cyprus and Kenya.

 Doug was able to enjoy the last two school re-unions conveniently held in Taunton, Somerset where he lived. Old Yorkists Steve Yates and Neil Ramsden travelled from Canada with their wives in 2009 to be there and stayed with Doug and Fiona.  Steve's father Roy Yates, was a maths teacher at DOY and at the reunion Steve gave a talk about his late father.  Also at this re-union were;

Gavin Maxwell (James) Peter von Lany (Mitchell) Richard Garcia ((Eliot) Azim Virani (Thomson) Graham Ramsden (Eliot)and Chris Anderson (James) all from the same era at DOY.

 A year later, in April 2010 Doug experienced a painful hip (this was his only sympton) which he had put down to his long hours of driving. After X Ray it was diagnosed as metastatic prostate cancer which had spread throughout his skeleton.  After hormone therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a new drug (abiraterone) he managed to continue in relative comfort.  He died in Somerset Hospice on the 30 January 2012 aged 60.

1969 (Delamere) Gerry Faulkner. Running my own business in U.K.Went back to Kenya for honeymoon in 1986.Intend to go back again in the next couple of years to show my 13 year old son Jack the beauty of Kenya.Married to Odette from the South of France, would like to spend more time there-its warmer! Email   godesigns@ANTISPAMtinyonline.co.uk (29/9/01)

1969 (Grogan)  Fernando Basso. "I was born in Nakuru Kenya on the 3/6/1951. My father, at the time was working close to Nakuru. At the end of 1958, my mother my sister and I left for Italy, where I started school. At the beginning of 1960 we returned to Kenya (Nakuru area) where I went to Lugard School for a while, then I went to Nairobi Primary School. After leaving the Duko in 1969 I stayed home (close to Nakuru) during 1970 with the exception of a few months where I looked after a tea and coffee estate close to Kisumu. At the beginning of 1971 I went to Durban South Africa to the University of Natal (for two and a half years). I then transferred to the Natal College for Advanced Technical Education where I completed my studies. I then worked in Durban for a few years. In 1976 I married Roberta Talpo (still happily married to the same person). At the beginning of 1978 I left South Africa and returned to Italy, where I am at the moment  I have a son and a daughter, Andrea (born in1981) and Cristina (born 1986). At the moment I am working for a Swiss Company here in Italy. Email is available from webmaster on request.

1969 (Eliot). Bruce Paddock Lives in Brisbane. Married to Karen (nee Dand), who was at Nairobi Primary and Delamere. Email updated 29/1/2006    isiolo@ANTISPAMoptusnet.com 

1969 (Lugard) Chris Beale. Lives in Sydney. No other details. Email asiainfo@ANTISPAMdoc.net.au

1969 (Lugard) Chris Cullen. " I was in Junior House in the first year (with Robin Walton as housemaster) and Lugard the next (Mr Holloway was housemaster then.) My dad was Africanised from his job at EAR&H and we ended up in SA and I finished my schooling at Kearsney College in Natal. After school, I did a B Comm at Natal University and then joined the Natal Building Society (NBS) where I have now clocked up 22 years service! . I'm a GM now in charge of the IT division serving BoE Corporate. I'm married (to Glyn) and we have two children of our own (Patrick, 16, and Carmen, 14) and I have a stepson, Antony, who is also working at NBS. He turned 23 last March.

1969 (Speke) Rob Seed. "I've lived in Canada for the past 20+ years. Lived mainly on the west coast [Vancouver & Vancouver Island] until being transferred to Toronto in 94. Work for a divison of Deutsche Bank - I'm VP in charge of Credit for this country. Canada though is a great country, no regrets for me and has been great for my kids - 3 girls 18/9/4 [like choosing to move to the Great White North my family planning wasn't too swift either ... by now I should have had them thru college & retired in Florida or some exotic spot! I'll be tripping over my white beard by the time the little one gets through High School.] My wife Carole is French-Canadian; a lovely lady who has gone back to art school this year.  She's got enough talent that hopefully I can retire in a couple of years! Email rseed@ANTISPAMcogeco.ca 18/2/02

1969 (Grogan)  Mike Fulton. "I went  to University in London (Bedford College) and took a degree in Biology and
realising that it was  not going to do me much good I joined the Royal Hong Kong Police. On arrival there I bumped into another Kitale guy the day I arrived, Jeremy Kidner. I served for 6 and a half years with the Police and then decided it was not for me and got into journalism. Since my main area of interest was in high technology I began concentrating my journo efforts in that direction and slowly began to learn about computers and telephony. More recently I was involved as a Project manager with the new Cable TV company in Hong Kong. Then last June I was offered a post down here in Singapore with CNBC, the business TV arm of NBC from USA." Email

1969 (Kirk) Ross Whiting. Lives in the Hills area outside Perth, WA and teaches at a high school.. His brother Grant tells me (25 June 2002) that Ross's daughters are almost grown up and that he is planning to take a sabbatical from his teaching job.

1969 (Eliot) Chris Rothschild. Taught  English in Valleyfield, Quebec but is now retired and lives in Rivierre Beaudette, also in Quebecan.  Email crickey1922@ANTISPAMgmail.com( Updated 28/10/12)

1969 (Delamere) Adrien Mcguire. Left Kenya for Durban in 1971 and worked in the motor industry for 8 years. Now living in Joburg and Executive Director of Diners' Club International. Divorced with 2 children Matthew and Christopher. Keen golfer and traveller. Email adrienm@ANTISPAMiafrica.com  or adrienm@ANTISPAMdinersclub.co.za 

1969 (Grogan) Bob Rickards "After 33 years in insurance broking and risk management, I managed to extricate myself from the corporate world with a retrenchment package. After that, in 2001, I started a tour operation specialising in birdwatching in Southern Africa - following a hobby that I've had for many years. It's been great fun and quite successful but tours of 10 days and more are a bit more than I can now cope with - up at 4.30 am every morning, to bed after 10.pm and then driving the next day while the clients all sleep! I'm now officially in semi-retirement mode and only do short trips when they don't interfere too much my golf schedule! I still live in Durban where I've mostly been since arriving in South Africa and am married to Morelle (nee Archibald) with two daughters aged 20 and 22 and a grand-daughter of 3.  I see Tony McGuire now and again in Durban - he is also in insurance broking or was when I last saw him a year or so back. Apart from him I know of no other Yorkists of my era in Durban. Mike Vaughan, of course, left for the UK a few years back. I've just remembered that I saw Piers and Hillary Bastard at a wedding in Cape Town a few months back - they own and run a very upmarket lodge in the NFD in Kenya and seem to be doing well." Email birdsafrica@ANTISPAMxsinet.co.za  Updated 20 April 2008

1969 (Lugard) Murray Simpson. "Well, having been very nearly expelled in 1966 (after the infamous Ngong Road push-bike incident with Frank Tundo, Robin Gaymer & Rodney Jones), I managed to leave school in 1969 having achieved a modicum of academic success. Such success bore me to Edinburgh University where I read Maths & Physics. Whilst at EU, I took the Queen's shilling and joined the RAF. Thence to the RAF College Cranwell, Valley & Brawdy where I fooled about in Hunters for a living. Defence cuts offered a premature retirement option which I took, returning to Kenya in 1977 to fly with Safari Air Services. Thence Lonrho, CMC, Sunbird, Coast Air, Nile Safaris (Sudan) and so on ..... Life's a beach, and then you fly ..... Came to England in 1986. Banner-towing, traffic reporting, charter, night freight, anything. Then RM Aviation for 11 years. Now run a biz-jet out of Luton for a London-based company, and train/examine for three others. I also write bespoke aviation-related software for a bit of pin-money. Three children, Vaughan (27), Ben (25), Victoria (20) from my first marriage to Miranda, and a fourth, Mara (14) from my second matrimonial adventure with Fiona (nee Vincent).  Email mdsfds@ANTISPAMaol.com

1969? (James) Steve Mwenesi Qualified as a lawyer and spent some time in Attorney General's chambers in Nairobi. Was part of the KANU youth leadership group. Now works for KH Osmond (another OY) in Hurlingham. On the present Board of Governors at the school.Email mwenesis@ANTISPAMform-net.com

1969 (Thomson) Robin Nixon Lives in Kilifi and runs own architectural practice from home. Married.

1969 (James) Amarjeet Ahluwalia Currently back in Nairobi . A doctor, he is married to a physiotherapist.

1969 (James) Deepak Bhandari Died some years back in Nairobi.

1969(?) (Speke) Nic Davies. Lives in Auckland and meets Barry Baines from time to time. Married to Mary and has 2 children, Andrew (16) and Fiona (14). Email pacman@ANTISPAMclear.net.nz  

1969(?) (Speke) Kevin Northcote. Went to Dartmouth and joined the Royal Navy.

1969 (Grogan) Tommy Carnelly Studied art in Oxford and lived in London for a while. Now in Naivasha, where he runs a marina and guest house on the lake.

1969 (Lugard) Robin Gaymer. Sadly passed away a few years ago after losing a battle with cancer. Was married and worked in the hotel industry.

1969 (Delamere) Mike Atkinson Married with several children. Living near Stockport in UK.

1969 (Speke) Roger Hissey. Lives in Johannesburg and works for a Transvaal steel company.

1969 (Delamere) Dave Fitzjohn. Was Deputy Head at Hillcrest Secondary. After leaving Hillcrest, Dave and his wife, April (ex-Braeburn Primary teacher) moved to a school in Cyprus. Around 1992 they moved to Singapore where Dave finally became Deputy Head of a very big international school. They left Singapore and are now teaching in Abu Dhabi. E-Mail address is: aprildave@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1969 (Speke) Dave Heath . Trained in the military in UK before being sidelined by an injury while serving with the paras. Returned to Kenya and now on the Delamere Holdings management team in the Rift Valley. Email maziwa@ANTISPAMbrookside.co.ke (9/5/03)

1969 (Grogan) Charlie Fraser. Studied engineering at Bristol and then worked as a civil engineer in Kenya for Sir A Gibb and Partners. Now general manager for a company of swimming pool installers and water engineers in Botswana. Married to Cathy (nee Nihil) and has 2 kids.

1969 (Lugard) Keith Olver. After school went to Uni of Manchester (UMIST) and got a degree in building technology. Now lives in Cape Town and ia a planning engineer for Stocks and Stocks Building. Email kolver@ANTISPAMstocks.co.za

1969 (Grogan) George Kimani Now known as Kimani Waruhiu and runs a successful distributorship for Kenya Breweries. Good golfer, past captain of Railway Golf Club.

1969 (Delamere) Tony Fletcher. Lives in Zimbabwe. Working for NCR, providing Microsoft support. Email address is  shanda@ANTISPAMlineone.net

1970 (Carey Francis) Professor Timothy Henry Gatara I was prefect in Carey Francis House, and the year’s school cross country champion. after I  left in 1970. I joined the University of Nairobi where I studied Social Sciences. I graduated with BA honours and a Masters Degrees in Sociology. I worked with UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation population programmes in Kenya, and the Flying Doctors after which I left for USA where I obtained a Ph.D in Demography and Actuarial Sciences. I taught Graduate Demography at the University of Nairobi, and then joined service in Africa Region , with the IPPF Global, WHERE I SERVED FOR 15 YEARS. I then went to start the Presbyterian University of East Africa and became its Deputy Vice Chancellor.I now serve as a Senior Researcher at the International Peace Support and Training Centre, at Karen Kenya. I have authored 3 books in Statistics and Research Methodology and 1  on Poverty of Mind. I am Married to Rachel a fellow Demographer and Researcher and have a son, Maradaona, who is completing his Ph.D in Information Systems and Technology. I live in Lavington, Nairobi and have a keep a country home on the Ngong Hills where we farm apples. I occasionally drop by Lenana to see how it is doing. The school needs us. Email timgatara@ANTISPAMipstc.org  16/10/2014

1970 ( James) Paul Marshall "We left Kenya in 1971 for South Africa. Later I married an Australian and We moved to Sydney in 1986. Just been reading your web site and enjoyed the old pictures of the school very much. I used to keep white-lip snakes inside my shirt and took them into chapel (under cassock and surplice). They kicked me out of the choir when they (Robin Walton) found out I was the one singing out of tune ...LOL Email jabulanison@ANTISPAMgmail.com  16/6/2011

1970 Shoukat Dedhar ( James): "After leaving Duke of York I went to Scotland to Aberdeen University and got my BSc ( Hons) in Biochemistry ( Mr Ayerst, our biology teacher had a lot to do with my career path in Science!). I then followed my parents to Vancouver, Canada where I got my PhD at the University of British Columbia. After 3 years in San Diego, California for a post-doctoral fellowship I moved to Toronto, Canada as a Professor at the University of Toronto. 8 years later I could not stand the winters of Ontario and moved back to Vancouver where I have been a Professor in Biochemistry at UBC and have a Cancer Research laboratory at the BC Cancer Research Centre. Married to Lynn ( second marriage), I have a daughter(24) who is at UBC becoming a "real"doctor, and a stepson who is a Chef in Vancouver. In James House at Duke of York, I "rabbled" for Alan Marshall ( James 1965) in my first year, and I am glad to see that he is now a fellow Canadian, but still have a stron gmemory of washing his dirty rugger kit! Great to see so many names from the past and to read about  the amazing diversity of career paths! Sad to hear about some who have passed away. I have not been back to Kenya, but have plans for a 2010 visit. Duke of York was an amazing place, and when I was there 1965-1970, it experienced an astounding demographic and cultural shift, that I am sure has had a lasting impression on those of us who were there during this time.'  Email sdedhar@ANTISPAMinterchange.ubc.ca 18/1/09

1970 (Grogan) Sirtaz Ranauta  Sirtaj was was Head of House in Grogan. He joined GKN and went to university in Cardiff studying production engineering. Later went into computer programming, working for the government. He married Lynne in Wales and has two children, daughter Shyam, and son Steffan. Since then he and his family have moved to Alberta, Canada. He works for an insurance firm Alberta Blue Cross in Edmonton and lives in Sherwood Park."  Thanks to Magnus Flett (see below) for this info. Don't have an email address. 28/1/07

1970 (Grogan)  Magnus Flett "I was born in London, flown out to Nachingwea, Tanganyika (Tanzania) when I was 6 months old. Later we moved to Nairobi, Kisumu and back to Nairobi. I joined Kilimani Primary School and transferred to Lavington Primary when it opened. I was in Grogan House at Duke of York / Lenana form 1965 to 1970. Both my sisters went to the Kenya High School (Boma). Alison and her husband have retired to the Flett ancestral home of the Orkney Islands. Elaine is a widow and owns a restaurant in South Africa. I was the last one of our family to leave Kenya in 1970, eventually moving to Suffolk in England where I joined CompAir in Ipswich, continuing my education with an HND in Mechanical engineering at Ipswich Civic College (Suffolk College), following on to an Honours Degree at City University in London where I met my optometrist wife, Margaret, then onto a Diploma in Management Studies at Suffolk College. I am still with CompAir in Ipswich, although the company has moved site. We make reciprocating air and gas compressors that are sold all over the world. I am the Chief Design Engineer, having spent most of my time in quality, development and design. Making a model hovercraft in the 6th form was only the start of my involvement in engineering. I have a son, Ian and a daughter, Fiona both still at home and working in Ipswich. For those that remember me do not hesitate to get in touch." Email  m.j.flett@btinternet.com   updated 28/3/010

1970 (Speke) James (Jim) Watt . Joined Marconi in Chelmsford, Essex. Later set up a business in training, and currently lives in the Isle of Wight.2/1/07 (info from Magnus Flett).

1970 (Grogan)  Sirtaj Ranauta "He joined GKN and went to university in Cardiff studying production engineering. Later went into computer programming working for the government. He married and moved to Edmonton in Canada. 2/1/07 (info from Magnus Flett).

1970 (Lugard) Guy Pessina. "We don't know each other but attended the same school.  Do you by any chance have any contacts from over there and are any of those folks close to the era I am talking about?? Never did obtain any kind of year books so names and faces have escaped me over the years, I am sure once I see them they will come back pretty quickly. Some of the friends I particularly want to find are Raoul Bonfiglioli, and Jim and Charles Wheeler." Email Gppessina@ANTISPAMaol.com  7/9/03

1970 Vincent Osundwa (House?) "I am an old Yorkist living in Edmonton, Canada. I left Lenana School in 1970. I did Medicine at the University of Nairobi and proceeded to Harvard University for my Masters degree in Public Health in 1977/78. I did my residency in pediatrics and my fellowship in allergy and immunology in Canada. I have worked and taught at Medical Schools in Canada and the Middle East. I now practice in Edmonton, Canada where I am also a Clinical Assistant Prof. at The University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine. I am married to Beatrice ( a former Limuru Girls student) and we have three boys. I visit Kenya annually and have not been back to the school since 1984." E-mail address is osundwa@ANTISPAMtelusplanet.net   18/1/03

1970 (Lugard and Eliot) Chris Wilks. Left Dof Y in 1971, spent a year teaching in Nairobi and game catching near Kibwezi then left Kenya to study Geology at Bristol University. Joined the army (Royal Regiment of Wales) in Sep 1974 and since then have travelled worldwide serving in N.Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong, Belize, Cyprus, the Balkans, Kuwait and South Africa. Now living in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and working at HQ Land Command as a staff officer. Married to Kathryn, with three sons, Kristian (16), Nicholas (13) and Richard (12). Returning to Kenya on holiday for the first time since 1970 in Mar 2002. Would like to contact Mark Easterbrook and Mick Wilson- Smith. Email candkwilks@ANTISPAMaol.com 14/2/02

1970 (Mitchell). Jonathan Upton. Lives in Naivasha, Kenya

1977 (Speke) Lister Stavely-Smith. Lives in Sydney and works for the CSRIO. Email LSTAVELE@ANTISPAMatnf.csiro.au (2/1/02)

1970 (Speke) Russell Lea. Gave in early to the travel bug (forfeiting Architectural career) driving south over Africa ending up for three years in Rhodesia. Returned to UK, got married and returned later with family to Zimbabwe for a further three years. After 16 years marriage my wife left me to raise my two sons alone for last 7 years. Worked for many years as manager for various freight forwarding companies trading with Eastern Europe, Russia & Scandinavia. Now working in pensions, living in Colchester, UK." Email allan-ling@ANTISPAMlineone.net

#1970 (Carey Francis) Tony Arcone . Lives in Luxembourg. Tony Arcone. Email arcone@ANTISPAMpt.lu

1970 (Kirk) William Dawson. Rob’s younger brother. Lives and works in Townsville, northern Queensland. Is a marine engineer. Email drinmore@ANTISPAMozemail.com.au

1970 (Eliot) Paul Jackson. Peter’s younger brother. Lives in Beachmere a Melbourne suburb. Email paul.jackson@ANTISPAMamcor.com.au

1970 (Lugard/Eliot) Noel Van Someren. Joined Bruce Field in his fibreclass company , which is doing well. Lives in Nairobi, married with "at least" two children. Email sfglass@ANTISPAMafricaonline.co.ke (9/5/03)

1970 (James)  Dr Chris Gachanja. After "A" Levels in 1970 went to Germany(West) to study Economics (specialized in Development
Economics). Settled in Germany and worked  as an Economic and Development Management Consultant in Africa (East and Southern Africa)
and Asia (Mongolia, S.E. Asia), Eastern Europe, now (since 2007) engaged (also) in the promotion of renewable energy (particularly solar energy).
My contact: gachanja@ANTISPAMsolar-watts-water.com

1970 (Speke) John Okumu (Sibi-Okumu). Head of English at Hillcrest Secondary School. Married to Kaari and has two children. Actively involved in the theatre- acts and produces for the Phoenix Players.

1970 (Grogan) Piers Bastard. After working with his father in their tennis coaching clinic in Spain, returned to Nairobi and started his own safari business. Lost his first wife and later remarried (Hilary Mitchell, ex Limuru). Now lives in Limuru and has a small shamba in Machakos area. Email acacia@ANTISPAMswiftkenya.com (9/5/03)

1970 (Grogan). Adrian Hillier. (My younger brother). Lived in Mombasa for many years but until his untimely death at the age of 51 in May 2003 he worked in Nairobi.  His widow Jacquelien and daughter Britta now live in Holland and son Kevin, having obtained a business degree at Trinity College in  Dublin has seen the light and now lives in Brisbane with Irish fiance Jenny.. In March 2009 he completed an epic cycle for charity which covered the entire length of the Americas (24000 kilometres).  Updated 16/2/15

1971 (Grogan/ Carey Francis Willis Nyanjom. Now farming sugar cane in Kisumu, Kenya. Email willison52@ANTISPAMgmail.com  9/2/15

1971 (Grogan). Bruce Taylor. "I was a student at the Duke of York from 1968 to 1971, Grogan House. Left for the UK in 1971 and did a 4-year Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship at Marshall-Fowlers in Gainsborough, Lincs (1971-1975) Went to sea with Jardine-Mathesons (Indo-China Steam Navigation, Hong Kong), initially as 5th Engineer working my way up through the ranks to Senior 3rd. Engineer on Bulk Carriers and General Cargo Vessels. (1975-1980). Lived in Washington, Tyne & Wear during this period. Moved to Canada in November 1980 to work for Kent Line Tankers, initially as 3rd. Engineer working up to Chief Engineer on Tankers. (1980-1983).

 Worked with Balder Offshore Canada as Chief Engineer on Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels off Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (1983 -1985) Secunda Marine Services as Chief Engineer on Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels off Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (1985 to 1988) Worked with Algoma Central Marine as Chief Engineer on Self-Unloading Bulk Carriers (1988 – 1995) (Canadian Great Lakes)

Secunda Marine Services as Chief Engineer on a Heavy Lift vessel operating between Fremantle and Brunei then on a Container Ship running between Halifax, NS and Cuba (1996 to 1997)Went ashore with Secunda Marine Services as Technical Superintendent in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1997. Promoted to Technical Manager in 2001 Moved to Sydney River, Cape Breton, NS in 2003 to work as Technical Superintendent then Technical Manager with Marine Atlantic Inc. (2004 to 2008) Returned to sea as Chief Engineer on the Great Lakes with Lower Lakes Towing Ltd. in March 2009. Also working as a Technical Consultant (Marine) in my time off.

Now living in Halifax area of Nova Scotia, Canada. Email address bruce.taylor@bellaliant.net (26/3/10)

 1971 (Carey Francis) David Emans. "Had a great time at the school.  Mr Kamungi was the headmaster [1st African headmaster of the school]. Email davidemans@ANTISPAMhotmail.co.uk 7/8/09

1971 (Grogan and Eliot) Roger Walker "I was in Grogan (1968 - 69) and then Eliot – leaving in 1971 – with Steve Dodman etc. I have met Stan Fenwick a few times – he is now in Perth WA. While in Kenya I lived in Thika. After DoY I went to Cardiff  Uni and read Civil Engineering, but switched to Computer Sales a year after graduating. Moved to Australia in 1980 and presently sell Data Warehousing system for a US company into Government (I now live in Canberra) as well as being a partner in a web based accommodation booking and management system for Government. I have an Australian wife Beth and two children – Catherine 23 and John 21.Email  rwalker5@ANTISPAMtpg.com.au  22/5/09

1971 (Grogan) Alan Holt " I was in Grogan and left the school in 1971 just before "O"time and moved to the then Rhodesia with my mother. Started there in about 67/68 if I remember correctly Anyway joined the Rhodesian Air force for 10 years and now am Radio/Radar Technician/Engineer. House nick name was Kiriboto (flea).. Mr Davey was the housemaster and one of my prefects died from Climbing Mount Kenya ...Indian chap... cant remember his name at the moment. Anyway now in Zimbabwe (Kariba) and running a Harbour/Marina and still tinkering with computers and things. Have two daughters and two grandkids. Ex wife died and am now engaged to an old flame and hope to get married sometime in 2009. Many good memories from that school....Mr Slade (taught Latin ?) Mrs Lewin ( History ) Also remember Pete Doenhoff too .Seem to remember a teacher that died of a heart attack whilst giving us time on a weekend to finish our metalwork project ,,, lived near Elliot somewhere I think Sister Upton from the Sanatorium. .... memory flooding with all the experiences.... were really great times. Sorry wont make the reunion  but will keep in touch with the site. Email   karibarite@ANTISPAMiwayafrica.com  10/3/09

1971 (Mitchell / Eliot) Malcolm Wilson-Smith. (Mick) "Went to Cirencester for 4 years and came back to Kenya. I married Jane (nee Trundell ) in 1978 and we have two boys, Alasdair 21 and Sean 19. I have been with Williamson Tea Kenya Ltd since 1987 looking after their various interests, Tea Estates, Engineering Division, Rose farm, and Real Estate interests in and around Nairobi." Email is malcolm@ANTISPAMwilliamson.co.ke   (4/4/02)

1971 (Lugard) Greg Ellwand. I live in Toronto, Canada. Married with three beautiful girls. After Lenana I returned to Canada, finished high school, went on to Carleton U, then Ottawa U, then the National Theatre School of Canada, graduating in 81. I make my living, as does my wife, as an actor in radio, theatre, television and film - except every Saturday mornings when I work at the St. Lawrence Mkt. selling antibiotic free meat. I will be 46yrs. old this July 01 and would love to hear from old pals, acquaintances, or staff, especially  J. Otieno, F. Prinsloo, Aradi, John Anyangu Moyi,etc And I'd also love to direct a play at the school. Contact me at gtellwand@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1971 (Delamere) Paul Jackson. "I left Kenya in 1973 for the UK to start Art College in Farnham. Sadly I never returned to Kenya as my folks came back to UK while I was here- the old colonial story- my dad went out to Kenya during the war and stayed on. I made a pretty good stab of making a career in art but now I mainly just keep my eye in. Ironically I now work for the Department of Education and Employment in London-and my job is mainly working on policies to improve the educational attainment of minority ethnic kids in England. For many years I worked on employment and training projects in the east end of London- often with the Bengali and Somali community." Paul is married to Johanna and they have 2 daughters. Email address paul1@ANTISPAMnahpro.freeserve.co.uk

1971 (Eliot) Ken Vivian. Became a Hindu and is now a monk in a religious community in Wales. For years he was a wild man about town and a successful builder. (Paul Jackson).

1971? (Grogan) Amin Gilani . Now owns an hotel in Kisumu and is married with 2 children at Pembroke House.

1971 (Eliot) Steve Dodman. Deputy Head and teacher of IT in an 11-18 secondary school in Kettering Northants. Married to Priscilla and has two children, Simon and Sara. Email address sdodman@ANTISPAMlineone.net.

1972 (James) Raheman Halani. "I went to Hill School from 1967 to 1969 before moving on to DOY. My family lived in Arua, West Nile District, Uganda. In September 1972, I was called to the principal's office in the middle of classes and told I  had to pack my bags and return home immediately, due to Idi Amin and the volatile situation in Uganda at the time. I had to leave DOY without having the opportunity to say any good-byes. My family left Uganda on the 90th day of the amnesty period imposed by Idi Amin and we emigrated to Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada. I finished High School at King George High School in Vancouver. After High School I went to B.C.I.T. Hotel School while working for the  Bayshore Inn a Westin Hotel and The Four Seasons/Quatre Saisons Hotels and became a "Hotelier". From 1984 to 1998 I lived in Houston, Texas. Since 1998 I have been living in San Antonio, Texas. My brother and I own and operate hotels in U.S. & Canada." Email rhalani@ANTISPAMsatx.rr.com (8/01)

1972 (Eliot) Caspar Mol. Was at Lenana for one year before completing schooling and uni in the Netherlands. Worked in Rotterdam (architectural engineering) but quickly moved to San Francisco. Now has own design studio. Email address c.mol@ANTISPAMearthlink.net

1971 (Speke) Paul Chemngorem Managing Director of Kenya Wine Agencies - lives in Nairobi.

1971 (Eliot) Joel Norton (Dilip Singh Sihra).

1971 Dilip Singh Sihra – (Eliot/Delamere/Eliot) - aka. Joel Norton (did a name change in 1972 so that could get work in UK/London). "Now living in Singapore. On leaving DOY, I spent 17 years in the UK initially (London, Swansea & then Tring) and then migrated to New Zealand and lived there for 15 years - after marrying a Kiwi - Deborah (neé Eckford) whose cousin, George Eckford, married another old Yorkist's (Adrian Searle) sister - Noelle (living in Perth). Moved to Sydney/Australia in 2003 and then on to Singapore in 2011. I have been involved in IT industry for last 25 years - now working in HPC arena (Supercomputers) looking after APAC & Japan as VP for a US company. I was in various DOY Junior Colts & Colts teams during my years there  - Hockey, Rugby, Cricket and Football -  becoming Vice Captain of Rugby Colts 1st XV in 1969 and eventually Captain of  the School Cricket Second XV in 1971, receiving both Eliot & Delamere House colours, as well as DOY School colours and also a ‘49 Club’, if any of you remember that. Some may remember that I started up a 'private' Hockey team - the ‘Young Annamites’ (I was reading Graham Green’s ‘The Quiet American’ at the time in Mr. Mill’s English class - and just liked the word) made up from fellow DOY players during term time, to play in a national hockey competition and we used the newly established Carey Francis House orange shirts as the kit and my family company's private transport to get us to & from the competition games at Nairobi University sports grounds - after classes but back before dinner. I nearly got expelled over that by the Dep. Head at the time – Mr. Westwell, I think his name was!" Email joellee.norton@ANTISPAMbigpond.com  Updated 13 March 2012

1972 (Mitchell) Hadi Manji. Trained in Medicine at Trinity Hall, Cambridge and The Middlesex Hospital. "Whilst at Trinity Hall, I was flabbergasted to find out that Peter von Lany for whom I had rabbled in my first year in Junior House, had been there a few years previously. Isn't life strange in how it catches with you ? I am now a Consultant Neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square. I was in Kenya two years ago to give some lectures at the Kenyatta and Aga Khan Hospitals. Met up with Wycliffe Mukulu, Farid Mohammed and Iqbal Alibhai all from the same vintage at DoY. My two brothers, Mahmoud and Qahir, who were also at DoY and in Mitchell live and work in London. Phone call recently from William Anthony (Mitchell) - he lives in Malden (Essex)". Email mahmoud.manji@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com

1972 (James) Iain Philip. "I left Kenya in 1978 and came to Scotland. After 10 years on the small island of Pabay (off the Isle of Skye) I met my wife, Yvonne. We now live in South West Scotland. I am general manager of a landscape company and I design and install the gardens for the McDonald's restaurants in Scotland and the north of England. I would love to hear from any former Yorkists." Email yvonne@ANTISPAMmacphil.demon.co.uk.  

1972? (Speke) Robin Macdonald. Stayed in Kenya and now has own safari business providing tented camp services to large groups.

1972? (Eliot?) Findlay Houston. Is an electronics engineer but now runs  the World Food Program in Nairobi. . Email findlay.houston@ANTISPAMwfp.org or finhouston@ANTISPAMaol.com

1972 (Thomson) Moez Hassam . Lived in London, then moved to Canada in '88. Lives in Calgary, married with 2 kids. Part owner of chain of camera stores. Email: hassam@ANTISPAMcadvision.com

1972 (Thomson) Paul Omondi. Studied science and obtained Ph D at University of Oklahoma, then studied medicine. Now works in Champaign, Illinois and splits his work time between emergency medicine and family practice. Married with two teenaged daughters. Email address pomondi@ANTISPAMsbcglobal.net updated 12/4/04

1973 (Carey Francis). Mack (Kigash) Kikada. "1st XV Rugby - Rugby Colours. Ist Team 7s Rugby  -  clobbered RVA thoroughly! After A levels went to Germany for BS in Electronics, Worked at Siemens in Munich for a couple of years. Went back to Kenya for 4 years and came to the US where I completed my MS majoring in Telecommunications and Computer Science at the George Washington University, Washington DC. Worked at several corporations including Intel, Nike, Freightliner and now work at a large health care organization as the Enterprise Server and Storage Architect." Email lmkigada@ANTISPAMgmail.com 27/11/2010

1973 (Lugard)  Aniz Pisani  "I went to Lenana from 1970 to 1973.  Lugard, Junior House with Upton (head of House).  Walton (Housemaster).  Then stayed on in the same building when it became Tom Mboya House. Email   apisani@ANTISPAMcanada.com  23/2/05

1973 (Carey Francis) Feisal Dedhar   Feisal, a Chartered Accountant, runs a private equity group based in Vancouver, BC Canada.   I have fond memories of schooling there.  I still visit Kenya occasionally.  During my last visit (2005), I toured the school with friends from Canada who thought the place was a country club!"   Email feisaldedhar@ANTISPAMshaw.ca Updated 11/2/07

1970 - 1973 (Thomson/ Kibaki). Goran Ivaz. Originally from Yugoslavia, on his return from Kenya followed a military career with the Yugoslav Navy. Migrated to Canada in 1993 and now a Canadian citizen. Has a 19 year-old son and a 15 year-old daughter. Now working as a systems administrator with the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver BC Canada. Email givaz@ANTISPAMshaw.ca Updated 11/10/03

1973 (Eliot) Arthur Porter. Arthur has a long and distinguished career in medicine and administration and I can only attempt to summarise it here. He first attended the University of Sierra Leone and then went on to Cambridge University, where he received his training in medicine.Following post-graduate training in both the United Kingdom and in Canada, Dr. Porter was appointed Senior Specialist in Radiation Oncology at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta, and then went on to London, Ontario, where he took the position as Head of the Department of Oncology (Cancer Medicine).In 1991, he moved to the United States to take on the position of Professor with Tenure and Chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Wayne State University and between 1995 and 1998 was Director of Clinical Care at the Karmanos Cancer Institute.In 1997 Arthur was appointed as Senior Vice President for Health Care Initiatives at the Detroit Medical Center and Associate Dean at Wayne State University School of Medicine. He also obtained ann MBA and holds numerous fellowships. He currently serves on 20 Boards of Directors, is on the Editorial Board of 13 scientific journals and has to his credit over 300 scholarly works. In 1999 he became the President and Chief Executive Officer for the Detroit Medical Center, which has 7 major hospitals and 3200 physicians: it is in fact the largest employer in the City of Detroit. He is married with 4 daughters and enjoys boating, fishing and hunting. Update 8/9/08 " I recently was appointed to the Queens Privy Council by the Governor General, and the Prime Minister has appointed me to the Committee overseeing Canada's Security and Intelligence Agencies. I am proud to represent the Government in these capacities".        Email portera@ANTISPAMdmc.org (new email as of 7/12/03).Update 22/7/15 Arthur passed away recently at the age of 59 in a Panamanian hospital. He had been suffering from cancer while being held in custody;. a very controversial figure, further information can be found on the net, especially from the Globe and Mail (Canada) web site.

1973 (Grogan/Mumia) Derrick K Lewis. The only American in Lenana at the time! Was capt of basketball, co-capt of 2nd Rugby, enjoyed drama and orchestral pursuits. After Lenana, went to Harvard, majoring in engineering and applied physics. Now runs a small technology consulting company based out of New York City. Email dklewis@ANTISPAMaol.com   Update 10/12/02: My parents visited Australia a few years ago, and called it "the best place they have ever been". I almost made the move a few years ago, but instead moved to Hawaii (in early 1999). Since then I have spent 2.5 years in Europe (Germany, France) and Africa (Cape Verde). I am currently back in NYC, but I continue to look for a great place to call "home". A place with warm weather and warm people

1974 (Mumia/ Grogan Stephen Mwenesi Email for Mwenesi Advocates: s.musaliamwenesi@ANTISPAMgmail.com 12/5/15

1974 (Kirk) M. Lakha."I wonder what happened to my Classmates? I emigrated to Los Angeles in 1974 and own a Medical Practice in Skin and Family Practice. My wife is Peilin, who designs supplements for Jarrow Formula Inc. Your site is a wonderful way to dream about Lenana..My cousin died climbing Mt Kenya.He was N.Rahim.M Lakha" Email dr lakha@pacbell.net 28 Feb 2010.

1974 (Mitchell) Cliff Mukulu  “I joined Duke of York from Kitale Primary in 1969 and left in 1974 to join Nairobi University where I.My classmates included Hadi Manji, Andrew Gardner,John Kariuki and Steve Mwenesi (who I shared  a room with at Nairobi University for 3 years ).I was Head of Mitchell and played Squash and  Rugby for the school team .Also played Rugby for  combined schools. Thereafter I joined Nondies soon after I was the  first captain of the Nairobi University Rugby  team "Mean Machine" that won the Kenya Cup in its first year.I was also a founder member of Mwamba Rugby Club and Watembezi that won the Dubai 7s two years in a row .I also played Rugby  for Kenya and East Africa and  even Canada in Hong Kong 7s.

In my working career I joined First National Bank of Chicago in Nairobi specialising in treasury management.After 5 years I  moved to ABN AMRO in the similar capacity. In both banks I  had the opportunity to serve  in all the world's major financial centres.

I later set up my own consulting practice which provides investment broking and advisory services , treasury management training ,setting up and restructuring banks (even in hostile places like Sudan) across Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition the consulting I'm in partnership in Australians, a New Zealander and South Africans in the only true operating leasing company in the  East African region.I also serve as the  Vice chairman  of the board of the second biggest  university in Kenya and sit on the Monetary Policy Committee that advises the government and the Central Bank on Monetary Policy.

Many of classmates will be celebrating their 50th birthdays in 2006"      Email cliff.mukulu@ANTISPAMrentworks.co.ke  21 April 2006

1974 (Mitchell/ Tom Mboya) Altair de Almeida (known as Joe Almeida in my school days). Joined DOYS in 1969, in Junior house. Remember Old Tom Brown the English Headmaster? Did my 'A' level finals in 1974.Would like to hear from friends I knew at the time especially Ike Alibhai (aka Bannie).Please pass this message on if you know him. Left Kenya in 1975 to settle in the UK. Lived in London for 15 years.Trained in Natural Medicine since 1975.Now living in Malvern, Worcestershire. Qualified in Traditional Acupuncture in 1988, Shiatsu in 1990, having previously started to study Tai Chi in 1980.Qualified to teach Tai Chi in 1988 and teach all over the world. Trained in Biodanza - an amazing form of Self-Transformation using Music and dance. I am returning to Kenya in March 2011, so would be happy to meet up with class mates or other students from my era. I would also be very happy to do Tai Chi or Biodanza workshops for any group, whilst I am there. There are more details on my website:www.altairedstates.co.uk
Email:hi@ANTISPAMaltairedstates.co.uk  1/11/10

1974 (Grogan/Mumia) Sunil Sharma. An Eldoretian, I studied Pharmacy at Bath university and am now Area Pharmacy Manager for Superdrug In the UK and also work for the Norwich P.C.T. in medicines support. 50 caps for Norfolk County Hockey and 3 caps for East of England. Captain of The East Anglian Chemists Golfing Society. Email Vivekanandsharm@ANTISPAMaol.com  25/1/05

1974 (Grogan/Mumia). Coutts A Otolo. "After Lenana moved on to University of Nairobi, and finally to the UK for my Chartered Accounting qualification. Have been with Ernst & Young all my working life (27 years). David Hutchison, who left in 1962, was my first boss and now my Partner in the firm. Email Coutts.A.Otolo@ANTISPAMke.ey.com 23/12/04

1974 (Lugard) Noel D'Souza. Completed O levels at Lenana, and moved back to Mombasa for A levels at Aga Khan Ken Sec. Then moved to the US in 1981, where I attended Golden Gate University in San Francisco for my MBA in Accounting. Currently, the President of Wildlife Safari in Moraga, California, a wholesale safari tour operator to Africa, with headquarters in Nairobi. Visit Nairobi frequently and have recently visited the school. The memories came flooding back with early morning cross country runs, work parties etc. I can be reached at mombasaboy@ANTISPAMaol.com  22/8/04

1974 (Thomson/ Tom Mboya) Dave Ngaruiya. "1st & 2nd Form - Thomson House, 3rd Form - 6th Form, Tom Mboya House and Head of Tom Mboya House in 1974. I then went on to Utalli College, Nairobi, the first intake, for a 4-year
Hotel Management course. I have worked in several large hotels in Kenya, including, New Stanley as Asst. Food & Beverage Manager, Serena Beach Hotel,  Mombasa, as Asst. F&B. Happy to be a part of the Old Yorkists Club!" Email

1974 (Grogan- Mumia) Dhiren Nehra. Studied medicine in Bombay. Migrated to UK in 1987. Having had a spell in California he is now back in UK and has been appointed a consultant surgeon at the St Helier Hospital in Carshalton. Surrey Email (updated 18/2/02)  Email dnehra@ANTISPAMdoctors.org.uk  Updated 23/8/2011

1975 (House?) Andrew Kairu After O Levels went to Nairobi School for my A levels and on to University. A Banker since 81, currently the Chief Operating Officer, Ghana International Bank plc, London. email Andrew.Kairu@ANTISPAMghanabank.co.uk  21/12/06

1975 (Kinjanjui) Lt. Col. Sam Odhiambo  Sam writes: I was arguably the smallest first former in 1970 ending up under John Upton's charge at Junior House where I started a long and enjoyable relationship with squash and hockey which I still enjoy.  Later on I would captain the Armed Forces Hockey and Squash teams and went on the win the Africa Hockey Club title with the Armed Forces Hockey team.  Much later I served as Senior Vice Chairman of the Kenya Hockey Union until 2002.  Would any one know where Martin Hopkinson and Eric Roseden are?  I remember the three of us taking our first driving lessons on Mr Hopkinson's Roho 4 out at Machakos Boys School on a Sunday outing.

On leaving Lenana joined the University of Nairobi and obtained a degree in civil engineering.  Immediately joined the Kenya Army as a cadet was commissioned Lieutenant in 1980 and posted to the corps of Engineers. Had a most memorable 19 years service building in roads and airfields in all sorts of remote places and seeing the world.  After doing all that could be done I requested and was granted early retirement in 1998.  I Joined GIBB (East Africa) Ltd, an international engineering construction firm where we worked with Eng. Charles Fraser, who I remember taught mathematics briefly at DOY in 1970 a year after leaving the school as Head.  He is still at GIBB and just as tall. Due to company restructuring was forced to leave GIBB in Dec 2003.  Have since become a freelance roads engineering consultant operating in the not so safe areas of the Africa.  I am currently in Darfur.

 I am married twice with 6 children the eldest, Adi is studying electrical engineering in Pretoria.  My eldest son Seje tried Lenana but did not like the school and moved on to become a "Day Bug". The other four are still in  various stages of school and exams.

 Due to my long association with the Engineers in Thika (the military establishment I helped found, ending up as its Commanding Officer), I have settled in Thika relatively close to the safety of the Barracks.  Mama Watoto keeps herself busy looking after her chicken farm which should be able to provide B'fast eggs for many a visitor.  One is welcome to visit and a tot or two of Captains Rum at the Officers Mess can be included. email: ltcolsodhiambo@ANTISPAMyahoo.co.uk

1975 (Mitchell) Renzo Bernardi. "I was at Lenana from 1970 to 1975, Mitchell House.My main sports were Rugby and swimming where I represented the school many times. I eventually played for both Harlequins and Impala in 75 and 76 and was a guest player for "Miro RFC" the first all African rugby team. I went onto university in Parma, Italy where I played rugby and graduated in 1981 with a BSc Geology. I did 12 months (1978)  in the Italian Armed Forces mostly training on the Italian Pentathlon team for the Military Games in 1978 in which we got a bronze medal. Worked in Italy for 7 years and then returned to Kenya with my wife whom I met in Italy , we now have 3 children. Have been here ever since and run a few of my own businesses. Am now the Chairman of the Kenya Motorsports Foundation ( Safari Rally , motoX , crosscountry rallies etc..). I stumbled across your site by chance and I congratulate you for your dedication. Email manida@ANTISPAMafricaonline.co.ke 30/3/05

1975 (Mitchell) Ruta Garama ( once known as Peter Beverley) - "I have been living in the USA since 1983. I attended Macalester College in Minnesota and Graduate Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. I am married with 2 children in Atlanta, Georgia. I had the pleasure of living in the UK from 1994 to 1997 as the Sales Executive for Motorola covering Africa which enabled me to travel all over Europe and Africa and had the chance to visit some of my old friends in Kenya and South Africa." Email rgarama@ANTISPAMus.ibm.com 15/2/04

1975 (Kirk) Kanja Waruru. Currently the General Manager of STV Kenya. Email kanja@ANTISPAMstv.co.ke   16/5/02

1975 (Thomson) Dr John Omany.  "I left Kenya in 1988 and now live in Woking,  Surrey,  UK. I am married to Annemarie and we have three daughters I am particularly interested in knowing the whereabouts of Madthu Bhalla (Thomson house 1970-1975) and Jim Davies known as 'JED' (Lugard house 1970-1975) I would be very grateful if anyone knows where they are."  Email omanys@ANTISPAMntlworld.com

1975 (Tom Mboya) Minaz Asaria. Left Kenya and went to live in Canada. Then to UK to study economics at Newcastle Uni before getting a job in an investment bank in The City. Now owns middle-range hotels in London. Offering complimentary rates to OYs- could be a popular guy! Email addresses: asaria@ANTISPAMcompuserve.com and asariaminaz@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1976 (Speke). Frank M. Kibui. Left Lenana after my A-levels and joined University of Manchester – UMIST for a DEGREE IN Chemical Engineering. Returned to Kenya where I worked with a number of Oil companies until 2009 when I moved to the US with my family. I now live in a University town, East Stroudsburg in Pennsylvania about 80 miles West of New York City.

I have the fondest memories of Lenana, the bundu, Sunday lunch, the 9 hole golf course, the shooting range, squash and a myriad of other activities we were privileged to have access to. After traveling quite extensively I can only now marvel at what a great institution we had but did not quite appreciate at the time.

I will be happy to hear from any old Yorkists/Morans living in my neck of the woods.Email Francis.Kibui@ANTISPAMgmail.com.com 22/7/15

1976 (James) Karim Lalani. "Good Morning from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. I attended Lenana school between the years 1971 and 1976.When I emigrated to Canada some 14 years ago, I lost contact with some of my friends in James House with whom I had attended Kitale Primary School even earlier in the late 60s. I was thrilled to accidently come across this web address which has got me reminiscing about my days at Lenana." Email karim.lalani@ANTISPAMshaw.ca  9/5/02

1976 (House?) Joe Maina Network Systems manager in the U.S.

1977 (Lugard) Wanyeki Mahiaini (L J). "Changed name to Wanyeki Mahiaini. I was Head of Lugard and Deputy Head Boy in 1976. After a teaching degree from UON, I taught at Garissa Sec School and was Deputy Head at Menengai High School, Nakuru. I was founder Headmaster of Kilimo High School; Egerton University for two years. I don't know what staff and students made of the School Inspection parades and the School prefect system not to say anything about the mini golf range I left behind. Between 1990 and 94, I taught Psycholinguists and Academic communications skills at Egerton university before leaving for the UK where I have been ever since. After working with university Christian Unions in London 94-99, I became a Project Coordinator for ten years travelling extensively around the UK and in a number of African Countries. My present job is at All Souls Langham Place, London where surprisingly, for me anyhow, I am an Associate Minister. Married to LGS girl with 2 grown up children. Email wanyeki@ANTISPAMtalktalk.net  17/10/09

1977 (House?) Ngari Mahihu. Currently  MD Mumi Hotels and Resorts Mombasa. Email  nmahihu@ANTISPAMhotmail.com  15/5/02

1978 (Lugard) Jonah Omuyoma. .Played hockey, rugby to school level.Was a perennial winner of academic prizes and among the top three students. Joined Nairobi University in1979,left in1983  with a BSc.in Chemistry and joined the biggest sugar Miller in Kenya,Mumias Sugar Company as a management trainee and rose through the ranks to end up as the first Director of Factory operations and probably the last in 2013.During this period I travelled extensively to all continents and visiting over 50 countries in the process.This was in line with either duty and or training.
I am now doing management but in a different way.I lead teams in projects to enhance food security and wealth creation in western counties of Kenya.
I am blessed with a hard working wife Nifa,and we got married in 1988.We have three children Brenda who is moving to Switzerland soon and a graduate in IRs from United States International University,Yolanda just graduated from Monash University in South Africa in Environmental management and sustainability and awaiting any postings but interested in taking up further studies to PHD level if she can land a scholarship.She also would like to pursue Environmental Law.Last but not least,is the great Chelsea fan Greggy sitting far away from us in Vancouver Canada and studying Business Finance at Simon Fraser University,at the moment in his second year.Currently we live in Kisumu,Kenya.
Am very pleased to have this chance to interact with OYs and Laibons wherever u re.This is a great job u are doing,keep it up 
Email omuyomaj@ANTISPAMgmail.com  19/8/15

1978 (Mitchell) Edward Nobel Bisamunyu  "From time to time I visit your page. As an Old Yorkist myself I am always touched by the strong bond I feel that connects your generation and mine and indeed by the fact that it transcends the differences of geography and history. I may even have written to you before. I was at Lenana from 1973-1978. Attending a great school in Kenya as a Ugandan in self-imposed exile from Uganda, my home country, was an exquisite gift. I am now teaching in China but really keen to trace and meet with Old Yorkists everywhere. I am often in the UK and will return there for the summer in a few weeks. Can you help me to get in touch with any of them? A personal introduction would be better than an attempt at "spamming" on my part.

 One extraordinary attribute of this site is that it has helped to connect me to a wealth of historical photos of East Africa. I have spent months on months in the British Library in London but I have not been able to find the sort of contributions made by Malcolm McCrow, who lived in Mitchell House before me, and Daphne Seager. I am writing books of East African history and am really keen to talk about the greatness of British input in the process of development in East Africa in spite of what the politicians in East Africa say today. My father, among the first to graduate from Makerere University College in 1953, has never let me forget the extraordinary work of 2 British medical missionaries in Kigezi in SW Uganda. There are many people in academic and political circles who are keen to bury the truths of this history but the evidence proves the contrary. Yes, of course, many people argue that schools like DOY and POW were not meant for Africans but those that were, in time, such as Alliance High School, gave them very stiff academic competition.   I often speak about these issues in London and Bristol and am open to doing more elsewhere in the UK.  Email enbisamunyu@aol.com  24/8/2010

 1978 (Speke) Maina Hatchison  "I joined Lenana in 1973 - the second shortest boy then - under housemaster Woodall who was teaching French and Mr. James Kamunge, the first African Principal. I won the senior Art Prize 78. An A-Level entry lino print copy titled "Coastal Dance" was framed by then Art teacher Ms T.A.Kaderbhai to hang in the Headmaster's office through the '90's. Perharps its still there. I forfeited a degree course in India to join the Kenya Directorate of Civil Aviation 1979. In 1983, I attended an Aeronautical Information Services course at the East African School of Aviation (Wilson Airport)  graduating top of class. 1984, I started flying lessons at Wilson airport going solo in a Piper Cherokee PA28 but chose to become an Air Traffic Controller, Approach rated in 1986.  I worked at both Mombasa and Wilson Airports control towers for over 7 years.Poor government pay jinxed me. I went AWOL late 1987 to teach Fine Art briefly at Arya Boys school,Ngara, Nairobi. I left to freelance in Art (painting) and Landscape photography in the coastal town of Mombasa. In 2005, at 46yrs, I published "The Kenya Aviator Journal" now circulating under prototype 'The Kenya Aviator Catalogue'. All this interest in aviation started in 1974 where I was a member of the Astronomy club under Mr Bishop and Stavely-Smith. Photography came from Mr Grimshaw's photography club.  Owning a publication was influenced by one Mr David Keith Jones -then a physics teacher- and wild life club patron now a world acclaimed photo-journalist writer. I  am married to Helen Munala with three girls Narina, Lizzy and Gloria including two boys Mandela and, ofcourse, Oliver Tambo now resident in Mombasa." E-mail: aviatorkenya@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  18/2/07

1978 (James) Sylvestre Muchuchu Joined University of Nairobi and became a veterinary surgeon in 1985
worked with Kenyan civil Service for a couple of years in the hottest place on earth (Lodwar Turkana district) before moving into the cooler highlands of  Eldoret til 1996. Moved to South Sudan with Veterinaires sans Frontieres(
Belgium) and now still working in South Sudan with the World Food programme.

Update 25/10/2014:  I left south sudan after the cessation of the Civil war (2006) and moved yet into another war zone>>Somalia (all the three entities of Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland ) as a trainer in Humanitarian Principles. Am now back in the Republic of South Sudan with UN World Food Program It was nice to see that my mathematics teacher (1973) Mr. Heylings is up n about in Australia, as is my housemaster James Hse..Mr. J.C. Green My younger brother lives  with his family in Sydney.......he's a teacher in fine Art.design and technology New Email is muchchudr@ANTISPAM@yahoo.co.uk 25/10/14

1978 (Kirk) William Ang'awa. "Prefect and Vice - Head of House. Ist Team Rugby XV 1976, 1977 and 1978. Rugby Colours and Vice - Captain 1977 and 1978. Member of the Lenana 1st XV which beat Western Kenya to win the Eric Shirley Shield.  Member of Swimming Team (Breastroke) Swimming Colours. Member of School Choir. Wrote winning play for the Inter house - School Drama Festival Currently Senior Lecturer in Marketing & Enterprise Sunderland Business School, Sunderland England. Taught in Greece, Germany, France, Hong Kong and of course Kenya. Member of Kenya Society based in London. Facilitator with Voluntary Service Overseas International VSO. Developing websites and global education projects about Kenya. Email: william.angawa@ANTISPAMkenya.org.uk  254/4/05

1978, (Thomson) Macharia (Franjes) Gaitho (Formerly known as Frank Gaitho): After leaving Lenana in '78 joined Nairobi University graduating 1983 with BA in Design. Taught High School for a while (Geta Harambee School in the coldest party of the Nyandarua Ranges), Worked for Kul Graphics Ltd and The Kenya Textile Training Institute and changed career paths to journalism on joining the Weekly Review in 1986. Now columnist and Senior Editor in charge of Special Projects with the Nation Media Group. Email mgaitho@ANTISPAMnation.co.ke  or gaithomacharia@ANTISPAMhotmail.com        12/4/04

1978 (Mitchell) Muliwa Mwarigha. Lived in Zimbabwe for a while and then moved to Canada completed his Masters and now lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Can be contacted through mwarigha@ANTISPAMequalityrights.org.

1979 (Mumia) Thoithi Gicere Wang’ombe


David Kabeberi informs me of the passing away of Thoithi Wang'ombe. 

  "His classmates will remember him as a brilliant mathematician and scientist who never missed the opportunity to solve complex problems.


Although he studied Electronic Engineering and started his work life in Civil Aviation, he found that his calling was in accounting and finance. He took studies to qualify as a Certified Public Accountant. In his new career, Thoithi acquired rich knowledge and experiences working for a variety of organisations including Murdoch McCrae & Smith, Catholic Relief Services, Sight Savers International and British American Tobacco Company in several countries including Kenya, Egypt, Southern Sudan and Somaliland before establishing his own practice in 2012. 


Travel became his hobby.  TG shared his in-depth knowledge and experiences of Juba by creating a detailed and very informative website, http://www.jubatravelguide.com, the only traveller’s guide for Juba.


It is truly sad that he has left us this early in his adult life and he will be missed by all.


He is survived by his wife and children, his mother and siblings, one of whom, Baru Wangombe is also a Laibon (1972/77, Mumia). May they know God’s grace and peace as they come to terms with the loss. 9/2/15

1979 (Kirk) George Osure. I stumbled onto this website and was happy/emotional.. I left Lenana School 1979 as Head of Kirk House and school 100m record holder..... It was exciting to know many are still around and have met quite a number all over in my travels within and without Kenya.. Currently am working as an Engineer with smallholder export horticulture and have been all over East and Central Africa and now married and living in Nairobi.. All the best to the old boys. Email georgeosure@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  10/9/08

1979 (Tom Mboya). Tony Mwai. "After leaving school  I got my B.Ed (Math) degree at Kenyatta University in 1984 and spent a year teaching high school math in Garissa (what a life lesson that experience was! ... didn't know it at the time).  I moved to New York in 1985, got an M.Sc in Computer Science and joined IBM in 1988 where I have been since.  I am currently an IT Executive at IBM, married to my college sweetheart Nancy, and have a 12-year old daughter.  I live in New York and have had the wonderful opportunity to work and travel in different parts of the world where I have met many wonderful, genuine people. What a thrill it was for me to find names that I recognize on this list of 'old boys'.  Nothing but the Best!!!  Email tonymwai@ANTISPAMgmail.com  20/12/07

1979 (Kinyanjui). D. Vance Smith. Professor of English at Princeton University, USA. Email address is dvsmith@ANTISPAMPrinceton.edu

1979 (Tom Mboya) Sadiq J. Hajee Living in Canada. Email address is triumphc@ANTISPAMcadvision.com

1980 (Thomson) Julius Nyanjui  Proceeded to Strathmore College, Nairobi for A-Levels before studying Engineering at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. Worked in consulting and construction before venturing into hospitality, publishing and other businesses as part of the Alliance Group in Kenya. Currently living in Nairobi and married with two children (1999 & 2005). Email

1980 (Thomson) Joseph Wainaina Mwangi (better known as Mwangi J) – 1977 to 1980 – Thomson House. I left Lenana School after my 4th Form and joined Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi where I completed my 5th & 6th  whereupon I briefly worked with Barclays Bank of Kenya in 1982 to 1984 before proceeding for my Bachelor of Commerce Degree in India. I am currently based in Nairobi, Kenya and a seasoned banker over the last 22 years at one of the local banks. I am married to Rosemary and have two children Samantha (1991) and Shanice (1994). I am an avid golfer since 2008 January having picked up the nasty habit in Lenana’s 9 hole course 31 years ago where I learnt the swing dynamics that miraculously still works today. The many experiences learnt (the hard way) and taught as well as the relationships nurtured all those years ago at Lenana have been instrumental in shaping me over the years for which I am grateful".Email jwainaina@ANTISPAMimbank.co.ke 25/5/09

1980 (Kinyanjui) Moses Koyabe. "Was at Lenana 1978-1980). Had a great time and was a huge change from my former Jamhuri HS. Played and was key member of the Soccer and Basketball teams for the two years. Was house mate to the likes of Karanja, Murgor and Owino. Would like to get in touch with former class-mates and staff. Turned French and living in the US right now." Email mkoyabe@ANTISPAMcox.net  Updated 20/11/2012

1980 (Mumia)  Joe Odhiambo  "His brother Sam writes: "He  joined University of Nairobi after school then worked for National Housing Corporation until 1991 when he moved to Southern Africa.  Now lives and works in Pretoria.  Is very active in senior hockey and continues to win best player awards." 19/2/06

1980 (Kirk) -Phillip Aliker   BA, LLB (Hons), MSI, ACIarb and one time Head of House Kirk, Diving Champion, swimming team and Rugby 1st XV, John Andrews 7-aside...It was all very good fun!!! Married to Susannah Louise and 2 children Camille and Juliette. Barrister of the Inner Temple living in Greater London by way of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA and Leeds University. Email  phillip.aliker@ANTISPAMbtinternet.com)

1980 (Mitchell) Thomas Kabii. Married to an Australian, Caroline, and did a PhD at Edith Cowan Uni in Perth. They have 2 children, Sasha and David. Email address is t.kabii@ANTISPAMcowan.edu.au

1981 (Mumia) Gilbert Josiah Mungu (Gilly) I was in Mumia House (Grogan House)from 1976 to 1981. I Went to University of Nairobi from 1982 to 1986 for a degree in Law. I am currently practising law in Nairobi with the ambition of becoming a Judge or a millionaire! Whichever comes first. When I joined Lenana my Housemaster was Mr Davey. His nickname was 'Dogs'. He was a great man. It is sad that he passed away. I remember Mr Westwell and his Bulldog.I had the priviledge or receiving six of the his best. Not once but three times! I saw Mr Mills play rugby. I too later played for the school 1st XV (1980 & 1981)and was one of the only three people who were awarded school colors in 1980. Mumia was a great house in sports and we won almost every trophy in all categories of games in 1981. What a great year! Lenana made me what I am today and going to school there is the best thing that ever happened to me. NOTHING BUT THE BEST." Email gjmungu@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 24/4/05

1981 (Tom Mboya) Frank Kinama Musyimi. Worked for Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd in Nairobi and a short stint in Poole, UK till 1995.  Involved with the Old Boys Society while in Kenya before moving to the USA.  Currently in Chicago, Illinois running a transportation company.  Married to my sweetheart Munanie. Two wonderful kids Pauline and Michele, but still busy! Lots of great experiences from Changes.  It was a great crowd.  Always keen to get in touch with old boys and teachers.  Email kinama@ANTISPAMaol.com Update 10 July 2006: Frank and Munanie now have a third child, Jacques-Francois. "Good on you both!"- as they say in OZ.

1982 (Tom Mboya) Gikonyo Gitonga. "I attended the University of Nairobi from 1984 to 1987 and graduated with BA in Land Economics. I then worked for the Ministry of Works & Housing for 5 years in Nairobi and Nyeri. In 1990/91 I got a British Council Scholarship and pursued a MSc (Econ) in Urban Development (Housing Option) at the Development Planning Unit (University of London). Upon my return to Kenya six months later in April 1992, I left the civil service to join Lonrho Properties as a projects officer. I worked for Lonrho Properties in various capacities and left them in June 1998 to start business with two Partners one being my former boss. We formed Hisa Limited a Property Management and Consultancy firm where I am a Shareholder and Executive Director. At the end of 2001 we we entered in a Partnership with the Southern African Practice of CB Richard Ellis a leading, world-wide property company. Our company is now called CB Richard Ellis. I am married to Irene and have two wonderful children, a boy called Eugene(1993) and a girl(1999). Email gikonyo.gitonga@ANTISPAMcbrekenya.com 20/7/04

1982 (Kirk) Onchera George Maiko (known as "Onchi"). After Changes was an undergrad in Zimbabwe then worked in Nairobi & London. Picked up an MBA in Finance in London & later a Masters degree @ANTISPAM The University of California. Currently work as an investment analyst for a unit of UBS that runs institutional money as well as a Hedge Fund. Based in New York and currently very feel very lucky to be alive! (Stopped working in WTC in January 2001) Have lived in the US since 1994. Played rugger for the 1st XV, swimming team colours, Secretary of the Sixth Form Society. Participated in Drama and generally have good memories of my days there. I credit most of what I am to the foundation I got at the great school! Look forward to hearing from all in the tri-state area. Maybe we can organize a get together! email:stochastic@ANTISPAMnyc.rr.com 

1982 (Thomson) Mwangi wa Githinji Head of House, Rugby 1st XV. Completed his Phd and is currently teaching at Florida Atlantic University in Florida, US. Can be contacted via mwangi@ANTISPAMfau.edu

1983 (Lugard House). Michael Edward Sozi. (1979-1983). I left Lenana in 5th Form for the UK in 1983. In my last weeks there I played for the Lenana 1st VII Rugby Team that won the John Andrews Memorial Sevens, the 1st time I had seen it being won by Lenana. I was awarded Rugby Colours at assembly before I left. I went to the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne where I obtained a B.Eng Degree. After graduation I started working as an IT Consultant and have worked for several large organisations, mainly in the UK, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium. I am married to Lynsyl and we are blessed with two boys, Michael Isaiah and Sylvester Noah. Lenana was a tough school but prepared me for all the challenges, trials and tribulations that were to follow in life. Email address is : michaelsozi@ANTISPAMgmail.com  28/10/12 Updated 16/10/13

1983 (Tom Mboya) Peter Okiro "I too am proud to bear the title "Old Yorkist". I was in Tom  Mboya house from 1978 to 1983 during which time I had the great privilege of wearing the 1st XV rugby jersey, 1st XI soccer and the honour of hoisting the sportsman of the year trophy. En route, I tasted Mr Okech's four good strokes, not once, but twice. After Lenana was Strathmore college of Accounting, USIU and Nairobi University. I am now in BC, Canada, plying the accounting trade, married to Sarah and blessed with two children Kimmie and Gaelle.In hindsight, all the "rabbling" notwithstanding, those were the best years. My email add is owuor_okiro@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 24 March 2008 

1983 (Kinyanjui) Peter  Hitler Odhiambo  His brother Sam writes: "Peter sadly passed away in August 1998" 19/2/06

1983 (Kirk)- Paul Okello Aliker BA DDS (dental surgeon) living in Kampala, Uganda by way of Brown University and Northwestern University. Married to Anne and 2 children Daudi and Robben .

198? (Delamere) Peter Kidula Lumwagi. Colonel in Kenya Navy.

1984 (Tom Mboya House)  Francis Gichimu  "I am currently working for an oil company in Nairobi. I happened to see the website yesterday and it really brought back a lot of good memories after many years. It is really a good effort. Lenana moulded me in a unique way. I will always remember what I learnt there especially from Mr. D.J. Ralfs (Housemaster Mitchell) my Add. Maths teacher." Email FGichimu@ANTISPAMemailsrvc.com  22/10/06

1984 (Tom Mboya) Samuel Ng’ang’a Kimani (“SB”). "I was in Lenana School between 1979 to 1984 in Tom Mboya House . I came to comprehend and realise later that it was one of the most fruitful eras in my life. I got an opportunity to delve into numerous activities in addition to the books while there and that built a firm foundation for me and moulded a character as well. I made long lasting friends from that period and though we have been separated by distance and time, it’s always a joy when we do get a chance to talk or correspond.  I proceeded to University of Nairobi in 1986 and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting in1989 and also qualified as a Certified Public Accountant in 1993. I worked with Unilever PLC in Kenya for 15 years and was blessed with opportunities to work in various countries and roles. In 2005, I returned to Nairobi and joined Safaricom Ltd, a leading mobile service provider owned by Vodafone/Telkom Kenya as Finance Controller. I have been married to my lovely wife Rachel for nearly 10 years. I think the website is a brilliant idea and I hope more MORANS will join in as the good news is spread." Email SKimani1@Safaricom.co.ke  31/12/05

1984 (Carey Francis) Arphaxad Mativo. Email arphaxadmativo@hotmail.com

1984 (Tom Mboya) David Muoki Musyimi. Brother to Solomon 1986 and Frank 1981. Studied accounts at Strathmore worked for Murdock, Macree and Smith in Nairobi before proceeding to Texas for graduate studies in finance.  After graduation lives and works in Houston Texas.  3/03/2003 (news from brother Frank)

1984 (Mitchell) Al Nyairo Lives in the States. (Please send more details). In the meantime a quote from his email: "The school was our world for those few years we were there. It made us part of what we are today." Email address AAKON@ANTISPAMmsn.com

1985 Daniel Tanui Email daniel.tanui@mitchellcotts.co.ke  Daniel is MD Mitchell Cotts 21/8/13

1986 (Tom Mboya). Solomon Musyimi "I left Lenana in 1986.  Joined the Bannekar Honors Program at Prairie View A& M.  Completed Undergraduate in 1991.  Pursued a Master of Science in Finance at Purdue University which I completed in 1994.  I then worked for Ford Motor Company and Bristol Myers as a Financial Analyst.  Pursued a Law degree at Thurgood Marshal School of Law at Texas Southern University.  Presently practicing law in Houston, Texas.  Website is www.solomonmusyimi.com. Thanks for taking the time and effort to update the websites and link us together. Email Addresses are smusyimi@ANTISPAMjustice.com  smusyimi@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 6/3/03

1986 (House?) David Asaph. Lives in Israel. Email address asaph@ANTISPAMeye-on.co.il

Martin Ndeda ( 1987 Tom Mboya) -"I was in TM from 1982-87 and still look back at those years with a whole lot of nostalgia. Played for the school 1st teams in Hockey , Rugby and Soccer and was honored with the Sportsman of the Year award in 1987. After "Changez" went on to the UoN and graduated with a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Currently work as a Telecomm network engineer in Dallas, Tx. Married to Happy and blessed with two future scrum-halves Shane and Christian." Email is kheish@ANTISPAMhotmail.com  9/2/09

1988 Eric "Shaggy"Mwangi (House?) "I played Rugby for the 1st XV as scrum half and later went to University of Nairobi and was Captain of the University Team. I too have fond memories of the school and I know how hard it is to get all the old boys in touch due to the many generations gone by. I now live in Atlanta, USA and there is lots of Alumni’s here too Do take care and please pass my regards to all those Old Boy’s too." Email EMwangi@sprich.com  18/1/09

1988 Tony Washika. (James and Kinyanjui) "My name is Tony Washika. I joined Lenana School in 1983 in James house. In 1987, I joined form five in Kinyanjui house, formerly Delamere house. I particularly remember our exploits in Rugby and swimming. James house won the 1985 singing competition also. After leaving Lenana in 1988, I proceeded to Moi University where I studied Electrical Engineering. I currently work at Kenya Pipeline Company while pursuing MSc in Energy Engineering by distance learning at the Royal institute of technology in Stockholm. I am married to Catherine and we have two bundles of joy. Does anyone know where is Rev Norman Dodman? The last time I heard of him, he was going back to Scotland. What about the old james guys who joined in 1983?  Ambala, Bhavesh Popat, Wainaina, Muriuki, Omburo, Rono, etc. Anybody knows where they are? I have fond memories of tuck shop, basketball court, and just everything. This site is a very good idea. It’s so sad that Lenana has not maintained the good standards of the past. Let each of us see how to uplift it." Email Tony.Washika@ANTISPAMkpc.co.ke 17/5/08

1989 Arnold Kalibo (Lugard) . "Completed undergraduate program at University of  Nairobi in 1995 and moved to Swaziland. Later relocated to Johannesburg and worked with various financial organisations including HSBC, Gensec Bank and ABN Amro NV. Currently with the credit portfolio management team at First Rand Banking Group" Emial arnold.kalibo@ANTISPAMfirstrand.co.za  17/9/07

1989 (Kirk/ Moi) Luke Ouko. Went to Nairobi university for a BCom and recently graduated with a Masters in IT from MIT in Boston. Email ouko@ANTISPAMverveko.com. 4/8/05

1989 (Tom Mboya) Rakesh Gadani. Currently in Chicago, Illinois. Joined University of Nairobi Dental School but left for the US after the numerous riots and closures. Majored in Finance and visit Kenya every 2-3 years. Married in Mombasa to a gal from there. Email coldtusker@ANTISPAM.yahoo.com  7/3/05

1989 (Tom Mboya) Patrick Opiyo. Studying in Denver. U.S. also See "Favourite Links" Email address pwopiyo@ANTISPAMlaibon.com

1989 (Ronald Ngala/ Speke) Dan Okoth " I left Changez in 1989 and went to Moi University where I studied Information Sciences. I work as a sub-editor with the Nation Newspapers, Nairobi. I loved Rugby (without neck tackles) and Hockey. I would like my bios added to the site - I scrolled up and down but didn't find a place for new entries. (Keep it that way because I know there are many idle netters - obviously non-Changerians - who will add trash if given the chance.) Incidentally, there is a Changerian called "Kaligula Minus" on RCBowen web site with whom we started a campaign to reunite Changerians to help out the school. The buildings are falling apart and are now a crying shame. Can we do anything for Changez/Duke of York?"  Email dankoth@ANTISPAMyahoo.co.uk 22/11/03

1990 (Thomson/ Kibaki) Antony Kihiu (known as Mouse at school). "  I am an old boy of the school  between 1987 and 1990.we used to call it Lenana school in our time.but we were proud of the traditions and the way you the founders of Duke of York school kept this lovely gem of an institution. From the domitories.,classes, chapel to the fields of rugby,cricket to the dining halls ,it was a sure master piece. I am 38 yrs old and i have a son who i really pray would join this school. I 'm a coffee roaster by profession, working for the leading coffee and tea franchise business in East Africa, Nairobi Java House." Emailkihiuantony@antispam.yahoo.com 15 June 2011

1990 (House?) Felix Kipkosgei Saina "While checking the internet I came across your contribution and was glad that you went through the school that I was privileged to have attended.I was a student there many years after yourself, 1987-1990.I also note that you spent some time in western Kenya specifically Kitale.I also grew up there -its my rural home. We are fine here in Kenya, though still smarting from a bitterly contested Presidential election. I am an auditor with a local bank. Otherwise keep well and hope to hear from you. Email SainaF@ANTISPAMnic-bank.com 16/2/08

1990 (Kirk/Moi) Thomas Opiyo - "Was Head of House and Secretary to School Prefects Body. Also School Hockey V/Capt and Played Rugby and Soccer at School Team level. After School Joined University of Nairobi where I graduated with a BComm Degree in Accounting in 1996. I have worked for BAT, Shell and currently with Kenya Airwways in Marketing roles. Best memories are the Rugby games especially two memorable wins against Nairobi School and Saint Mary's at home in 1990. 1990 year also produced a most formidable academic result becoming 12th in the Kenya national exams.  I urge all old boys to support the society initiatives - the school needs to refurbish dorms, dining halls, labs and lots of other support. Whatever you do will go a long way in establishing the return of lenana/duke of york" .Email Thomas.Opiyo@ANTISPAMKenya-airways.com 20/3/06

1990 (Lugard/ Kenyatta) Karani Nyamu. "I left Changez in 1990 from Lugard (noe Kenyatta house) I graduated in Bcom from Nairobi university in 1996 and currently run an IT software and services business in Nairobi. VERVE.K.O.LTD, in partnership with a former changerian Luke Ouko who left  Kirk (now Moi) in 1989, Email address  karani@ANTISPAMverveko.com 4/8/05

1990 (Kenyatta/ Lugard) Chris Amimo.  House Soccer and Hockey team captain. 1st XI soccer (1987) and Mean Maroon 1st XV (1990). We won the Rugby nationals and narrowly lost 9-7 to RVA in the Prescott finals. I believe the Mean Maroon "Samba Party '90" was one of the most talented rugby sides in Lenana's history with the likes of fly-half Sammy Khakhame, captain Andrew Lopokoiyit, center Thomas Tano Opiyo, Fullback Barry Eshiwani front row Sky Okemwa, 8th man Roger Akena amongs others. After Changez went to University of Nairobi where I graduated with a BCom degree marketing option. Currently running a sports marketing business in Nairobi. MAROON YOU ARE STILL THE MEANEST! My email address is chrisamimo@ANTISPAMhotmail.com 7/11/04

1991 (Mumia) Ronald Langat "known as Prezzo at school, I was enrolled in Lenana from Mombasa Primary School. During my time there I was in the school swimming team and chairman of the Journalism Club. On leaving I went to Bellerby's school, Hove, UK and completed my A Levels and proceeded to University of  Leeds to undertake an LLB and soon after to the London School of Economics and Political Sciences for an LLM. Since then I have practised as a barrister and then as a Banking Solicitor in the City of London, Cayman Islands and now the Kingdom of Bahrain." Email sona.langat@ANTISPAM gmail.com  133/3/15

1991 Brian Okutoyi (Mumia) " I played Basketball and Squash for the school team and had the honour of leading the Kenya School's Debating Team to The World Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1991 where we were placed eighth- beating the 'mighty' US of A! I presently work in the Creative Services Dept of one of the country's largest media Houses, ROYAL MEDIA Services." Email addresses: Brian@ANTISPAMRoyalmedia.co.ke, or Briok2002@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  Our website which is under development is www.laibonsociety.com. 5/9/07

1991 (Kinjanjui) Alfred K Kibe. "After college, worked for a non-profit before going into small business. Currently doing my MBA at the Wharton Business School. Graduate in May 05 and joined General Motors Treasurer's Office in NY. Marooni-ehhhh..."  Email akibe@ANTISPAMwharton.upenn.edu 23/2/05

1991 (Carey Francis) George Mwaniki Njoroge Nickname at school was "Angaa". Represented school at rugby in 1991. Moved to the US in 1992. Graduated from U-MASS in 98 and currently working for a major Telecom Equipment Company as a Network Engineer. Email address is Georgenjoroge@ANTISPAMhotmail.com (updated 5/5/01)

Currently studying accounting in University of Massachusetts. Due to graduate in 1998. Email address Limwa@ANTISPAMaol.com

1992 (Moi) Elly M Obwaka. "I was very active in the Geography and  French Clubs while at Lenana. After Changez, I proceeded to Strathmore College where I got a Higher Diploma in the Management of Information
Systems. I then proceeded to the University of Durban Westville where I got a BSc Chemical Engineering and MSc Engineering in Water and Environmental Management. Currently a lecturer at the University of
KwaZulu-Natal." Email
Obwakae@ANTISPAMukzn.ac.za 28/1/07

1992 (Kinyanjui) James Mireri "I left Changes 10 years ago but relish the memories with all my heart because they have shaped me into who I am.On leaving the school I persued CPA's at Strathmore College and joined Egerton University in 1994 and graduated in 1998 with a B.A. in Economics.I am now currently working with Metropolitan Health Group, Medical Schemes Administrators as a Premiums Officer." Email mireri@ANTISPAMjay.net   29/12/02

1993 (Tom Mboya/ Lugard). Frank Gichuhi.  "I am currently practicing architecture here in Nairobi-www.prismarchitects.8k.com. I recently participated in the design of a new board room for the school and re roofing of the administration block and James House. I just wanted to say hi and keep in touch and see if we could exchange ideas especially in the field of architecture,construction,project  and facilities management and real estate.  The Recent Annual Dinner here in Nairobi was a success.The turn out was good and everyone enjoyed themselves. A few old yorkists were present [class of 50 something] and they gave an inspiring speech." Email prismafrica@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  21/4/06

1993 (Kinyanjui) Stephen Muraguri (Kagiri) After leaving changez, went to college in the US (North Carolina) and graduated in 1999, worked for a while  with computers in Charlotte, before moving to Denver, Colorado.  Work for IBM.  Married to Trish and no children yet.  Email: muraguri@ANTISPAMgmail.com. 10/9/056

1993 (House?) Kithinji Marete. He is a lawyer who "also dabbles in cleaning business". He was instrumental in setting up the Old Boys' Society Committee in late 2004, of which we hope to hear more. Email Temp2@rba.go.ke

1993 (Tom Mboya) Francis Gichuhi. went to University of Nairobi; Pursued a degree in architecture. Now runs own architectural practice in Nairobi. frankgichuhi@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  (1/1/04)

1993 (Tom Mboya) Steve Mbogo "After school joined United States International University - Africa. I am now a freelance journalist covering Africa news for CNSNEWS.COM My email is : stevembogo@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1993 (Delamere) Matthew Sitati. Lives in Springfield, Massachusetts. Studying. Email: msitati@ANTISPAMstudents.stcc.mass.edu

1994 (James). Sikolia Wanyonyi. "I was in James house. We called it Jamestown in our time.. Am currently a Gynecologist based in Nairobi." Email sikolia.wanyonyi@ANTISPAMaku.edu 10/3/09

1995 (House?) Peter Njagi.  "I was in Lenana School fron 1992-95. I was the Chairman of Wildlife club, V/C
Science club and the Secretary Lawn tennis. Proud to have been the best Maths, Physics and Chemistry student of my class. Graduated with a Degree in Computer Science from the Universiry of Nairobi and currently working
for the United Nations, Nairobi as a Database Administrator. Hope to take on my masters soon." Email Peter.Njagi@ANTISPAMunon.org  21/8/03

1996 Steve Biko Ouko (Tom Mboya/Upper Junior house) "I left Lenana School/Changes in 1996 where I was President of the French Club. Later on I somehow got myself into studying for a Science degree and after 7 long years of studying Mathematics/Chemistry at Chiromo campus and working part time (...and partying of course!), I got a break into asset management as a trainee investment analyst (things just work the way they do, I suppose). I have been building a career as an investment professional in the last  six years as an analyst/manager (with a two year stint in Santiago, Chile...great mind-opener!). I'm currently working in Nairobi," Kenya.Email  bikoouko@gmail.com 1/10/12

1996 (Carey Francis) Jared Ogayo. "Was in Changez from 1993 to 1996.After Lenana  went to Egerton University Kenya where I took a Bachelor's degree in Agribusiness Management. Later joined Strathmore university for CPA. Currently working with the Serena Hotels as an Internal Auditor. Starting my MBA degree at the University of Nairobi in March 2009.Married to Esther and blessed with a daughter Barbara. I pride in being an ex-changerian." Email jarodhiambo@ANTISPAMyahoo.co.uk  15/11/08

1996 (Tom Mboya) Joseph Karuga. "Attended lenana school completing in 96 was in Tom mboya hse n later left for strathmore university to pursue Cpa, am currently working in Dubai as an accountant would like to link up with Tm 96 likes of felix, chege kip Tanui Njatha ,Murungi " .Email:joekariuki782002@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  30/12/05

1996 (Ronald Ngala). Philip Karanja. "I was delighted to see changerians as still doing as their motto says “Nothing but the best”. After leaving the school I studied Economics at Moi University and CPA at Strathmore University. I am currently working at UUNET Kenya Ltd. Keep up the good work and as always “Nihil Praeter Optimum”. Email pkaranja@ANTISPAMke.uu.net

1997 (Tom Mboya) Charles Simba. "I went to Lenana School between 1994 and 1997. I was in Tom Mboya house, as well as secretary of the PPP (People, Places, and Plants) club in 1997. I have visited www.oldyorkist.com today, and I am really impressed by the efforts you've made as regards keeping we, the old students, in touch with one another as well as with our past. I am sure that the impact that Lenana had on us is a lifelong one, and this is what sets us apart from people who went to school elsewhere. I am currently in my final year of a Bachelors Degree in Computer science here in Kenya. I also run a small IT company alongside three of my partners. Our main focus area is Software development for small and medium sized enterprises, and Hardware maintenance & repair. Kenya is just beginning to embrace IT, and opportunities for entrepreneurship in IT are vast." (Also  see main page for Charles' posting about another Kitale Primary School reunion.) Email charlessimba@hotmail.com  8/6/04

1997 (James) Nicholas Sumneiywo.You would not believe it! I stumbled across your website by sheer luck. Who would have known that performing a search on mail orders to kenya would give me a list of some names i had forgoten about. Anyway my name is Nicholas better known as 'sumbi', i finished Lenana in 1997. I was in James hse. I was very famous for my cunning ways to escape punishments. I often broke bounds and was renouned as bad company. Most of my peers would think i would not amount to much. I held no position of authority whatsoever. I am currently in Melbourne doing my BBus(Econ). Email 1sumbisqo@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 1/9/03

1997 (James) Andrew Lokong. "Currently at University of Nairobi studying Mechanical Engineering, almost clearing. Participated in X-Country, Scouting, First Aider. I am also a qualified web-designer & IMIS diploma
holder. I had the BEST time in Lenana ("Changez") and attribute all my successes in life to the positive attitude impacted by the student body & school traditions. THANKS TO ALL FORMER STUDENTS. Email address:

andylokong@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 11/9/03

1997 (Tom Mboya) John Mugwe. " I was a founder member and Chairman of the National Students' Council for Peace, and the Chairman of the Geography Club, all in 1997. In 1996 I was the Vice Chairman of the President's Award Scheme. I became the first receipient of the NSCP Peace Award in Lenana School. After Changez I went to Uganda for my bachelors degree in marketing and corporate finance, came back to Kenya and got my A+ certification and am now working for a local NGO. I owe the school a lot for moulding me into who I am today. I still support Changerians in all their endeavours, mostly Rugby matches." Email address is mmugwe@ANTISPAMcare2.com  5/10/02

1997 (Tom Mboya) Daniel Ngari "I studied at the school between 1994 - 1997. I was in Tom Mboya House, and was the secretary of Interact club, an affiliate of the Rotary club. I played hockey in my junior years and concentrated on essay writting in my final years. In 1998, I came to Perth WA and studied at Alexander College, then did my bachelors in Edith Cowan University. I am currently pursuing a masters in eBusiness majoring in eCommerce. I am self employed -developing websites and databases for a living. Web site (revamped in early 2004) is www.wakenya.net  Email  daniel@wakenya.net  8/6/04

1997 (Kirk) Timothy Mbarine. Keen rugby player- represented the school in all four years he was there. Captain in 1997. (Elder brother Eric left in 1990) Currently studying electrical engineering in University of North Texas, USA Email ccrraazzyy2@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  Eric's email is emm0001@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1998 (James)  Geoffrey Otieno  "I was the sanatorium prefect in 1998. Changez surely shaped my life. I did my B.Sc. Chemistry at Kenyatta University and a M.Eng. in Andvanced Materials Science and Engineering in South Korea - Kangwon National University. I am currently at Oxford University doing a DPhil. (PhD) in Materials studying Electrically detected magnetic resonance for Quantum Inforomation Processing - simply put, making a quantum computer. Keep in touch maroons." Email gotimmo@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  10/1/07

1998 (Kibaki) George Oruoch. "I was the school captain in 1998 and a wise man once said, "Kibaki house leads and others follow." I was in Poitiers, France from 1998 to 1999 for an exchange program. I then came to the US in 1999 and in May 2004 graduated with a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Kansas where I was the Engineering Student Council President in my final year. I am currently a graduate research assistant at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia (US) pursuing an MS/PhD (will figure that out in due
course) in Aerospace Engineering. Being an ex-changerian, Nothing But The Best is still my best motivator. Email is
aerojhawk@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  2/9/04

1998 (James) Githinji A. Njogu  "I was House Captain James house (Jamestown), also Drama club chairman – we reached National drama festivals, performed for the then President of the Republic of Kenya. We also performed in International Drama & Theatre Association still under my leadership. Was best male soloist in Nairobi among many other awards, not to mention choreography and playwriting. Also a founder member and chairman of Home science Club and key singer in school choir and was 5th nationally in the Oratorio class. Currently I'm a student at University of Nairobi (B-com Marketing – Modulle II). I'm also a Brand Executive in Consumer Insight. One thing Changerians and only Red-blooded changerians have is that irrespective of our circumstances, we always standout and face life head on!!!! MAROONIE EEEHHH!!!!!!!!!!! MAROONIE AAAAHHHH!!!!!!! Email eddieanjogu@ANTISPAMyahoo.com  (24/1/04)

1998 (House?). Joseph Karoki. "I would like to add my name to the alumni. I moved to the United states in 1999. I graduated from Columbia Southern University with a major in Criminal Justice. Currently pursuing my MBA at CSU. I am also captain at the Bernalillo County jail in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a Police defensive Tactics Instructor. Got married to Bethany Brown in Oklahoma and have 2 children a boy and a girl 1 year old and a month old respectively. Email address  josephandbethany@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1998 (Ronald Ngala) Maleche Olando Erasto. A very keen actor, he won the "best actor" award at the French National Drama Festival and also won many "verse speaking" awards. Email billiadaire@ANTISPAMyahoo.co.uk

Johnny Miano Weche (Carey Francis). "I joined Lenana School in 1996b from St. Joseph’s School in Nakuru. I was involved with the choir throughout my life in Lenana, serving in the Lenana Music Society committee in 1999  and managed to maintain the position of King of Dot for 4 years! I tried rugby in form 1 and 2 and realized it didn’t work very well for me and decided to play the piano instead…at least I played something! After Lenana I joined Kenyatta University and graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Music) degree (First Class Honors) on December 15 2004, after doing my one term Teaching Practice in Lenana. I am currently reading for a Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Studies at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. I hope to graduate July next year. God permitting, I should like to do doctoral work in New Testament Studies, but hopefully, after I complete a second Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. I also hope to meet a woman I can be totally committed to, with whom I can share a roof for the rest of my life. I am currently involved in various church ministries, working with young people in music and in discipleship. God bless you all!" Email Johnny.weche@ANTISPAMnegst.edu  3/5/07

1998 (Mitchell) Moses Njenga. Now living in England. Email mossen22@ANTISPAMhotmail.com

1999 (Mumia) Leonard Munyua. "I am currently working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers - Nairobi Office as a Systems Engineer. Email leonard.munyua@ANTISPAMke.pwcglobal.com   22/11/02

2000 Martin Nzanga (House?). "Had some memorable great times; drama, choir, roteract, french club, and inter-house rugby. Graduated from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) in 2005, later worked for 3 months with the Kenya Data Networks as a Sales Administrator, and currently on an international placement in Casablanca, Morocco, with Coca-Cola North and French West Africa, as a Sales and Finance Analyst. Email address: m_nzanga@ANTISPAMhotmail.com  1/5/07

2000 (Mitchell) John Kamutu. "Studying computer science in the united states.Was the vice chairman of the school choir and chairman of the UN Club.Treasurer of the Geography club and a committee member of the Drama club. I am not an ex-changerian because once a changerian always a changerian....MEAN MAROON for life!!!!email jok797s@ANTISPAMsmsu.edu  22/11/03

2000 (Mumia - formerly Grogan) Michael N. Kamunge. "Currently at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology( JKUAT) studying Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Was the House Captain, Mumia Hse and the Christian Union Chairman. Changez was the best, nothing short! God bless Lenana." E-mail: boginut@ANTISPAMyahoo.com
Site: http://www.geocities.com/boginut

2000 (Mumia - formerly Grogan) George W Kamau. "I am currently studying computer science in the United states. I was the School Choir Chairman (Music Captain) as well as UN Club vice chairman. I led the school choir to the Nationals after clinching victory in the provincial music festival. All year 2000 ex-choir members will always remember this song "The Battle of Jericho." This is a part of the school anthem, I will always remember: "In pride we ride, in rules abide, As all the boys and staff combine, All members here in Lenana, We aim at nothing but the best."  Email wakini@ANTISPAMhotmail.com     22/8/02

2001 (James) John Ndungu .Currently am in Nairobi University taking B.A in Economics and political science. Email ndungu@gmail.com 29/1/06

2002 (House?). Phillip Kigaa. "Just want to tell you that you are doing a very good job of uniting all old boys of Duke of York.Ii live in melbourne and i also went to Lenana "Changez" 1999-2002 and am very proud to be associated with such a magnificent institution. I just want to say am proud to be an old boy of Lenana and NIHIL PRAETER OPTIMUM." Email pkigaa@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 30/5/07

2014 (Kibaki) Lukale Nelson Owate.  "Currently in Shanghai studying Chinese in preparation for my course in industrial engineering next year. I appreciate your effort in updating and maintaining this website. Changerians of my generation are determined to ensure Kenya is made a better place to live .that's our mindset and we chase our dreams earnestly ".Email awatenelson@ANTISPAMyahoo.com 10/11/15

 Not many old boys from later years have been in touch. They are encouraged  to do so - it's not just a site for the "wazees" !


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