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Howard mugshot

Hello. The man in that blurry photograph is me— Howard Silcock. I’ll be using this site as a place to try out ideas, put information and links that I think may be useful to others, and give people some idea of who I am, what I do and what’s important to me. You’re currently looking at the ‘bare bones’ only, but I’ll be fleshing it out as time and inspiration allow.

At present it’s probably more of a repository for what interests me. You may find some of it interesting, or you may find it—well, ‘forgettable’ is one word that comes to mind.

The site started life as a list of links (or ‘favourites’, or ‘bookmarks’) that I collected as I surfed—initially on a floppy disk since I didn’t then have my own computer. As the list grew, I grouped them into categories and tried to make them into an easy-to-read document. When I acquired my first web space, I uploaded it—and it became my first public web page. It’s now evolved into the Links page on this web site. The topics covered naturally reflect my own interests to a large extent. The haphazard way I collected them is probably also evident.

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