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Australian Anagrams

  These are anagrams of well-known Australian people and institutions. Needless to say,
  they’re to be taken in a spirit of fun, not as serious imputations about their subjects.
  For many other—equally inane—anagrams, visit the Anagram Genius Archive.


  Now updated to reflect the change in Government in 2007.

Current Politicians

Kevin Michael Rudd

Prime Minister

A much kinder devil

Deputy Prime Minister [Julia] Gillard

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education,
Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations,
Minister for Social Inclusion

Delirium permitted sparingly

Stephen Michael Conroy

Minister for Broadband, Communication and the
Digital Economy

Incoherent male psycho

Oh, man in creepy clothes!

Simon Crean

Minister for Trade

Rise, con man!

Main censor

(= Simon Findlay Crean)

Sadly confirm inane

O my! financial nerds

Sly maniac, if no nerd

Finely sardonic man

Lindsay James Tanner

Minister for Finance and Deregulation

Man jeers - and nastily

Jenny Louise Macklin

Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and
Indigenous Affairs

Unseen manic killjoy

Wayne Maxwell Swan


Sexy new law man (law?)

Sexy new law man (law?)

(= Treaurer Wayne Maxwell Swan)

Warns: we may tax u earners well WS may tax us earners well )

Alexander John Gosse Downer

Former Minister for Foreign Affairs
(now in Opposition)

Anglo-Saxon herds now jeered

Jeer Anglo-Saxon who reddens

Peter Howard Costello

Former Treasurer (now in Opposition)

We’ll drop teachers too

Lower the dole to scrap!

Throws electoral dope

Swore the dole lot crap

Attorney General Philip Ruddock

Former Attorney General (now in Opposition)

Proper intolerant ugly dickhead

Senator Helen Coonan

Shadow Minister for Human Services,
former Minister for Communications, Information
Technology and the Arts

Has no tolerance. None!

Mark Anthony Vaile

Former Minister for Transport and Regional Services and
Deputy PM (now in Opposition)

Oh! rank male vanity

(= Mark Anthony James Vaile)

No, the jammy knave's a liar!

Charles Wilson Tuckey

Former Minister for Regional Services,
Territories and Local Government
(now a backbencher)

Ethics now really suck

Clown's a sulky heretic

Hello, new racists—yuck!

Check out silly answer

Trash councils weekly

Suck in loyal wretches

Ian Macfarlane

Shadow Minister for Trade, formerly Minister for
Industry, Tourism and Resources

An animal farce

Former Politicians

Prime Minister Howard

Prime Minister

(See anagrams by Phil Lambert on this page)

Kim Christian Beazley

Former Leader of the Opposition

Sick Nazi – maybe Hitler

Blimey, he's a Nazi trick!

Daryl Robert Williams

Former Minister for Justice and Customs

Weird silly moral brat

Robert Murray Hill

Former Minister for Defence

Rub harlot merrily

(= Senator Robert Hill)

He’ll boast in terror

Richard Alston

Former Minister for Communications and
Information Technology

Anarchist lord

Hard-core translations

Peter Keaston Reith

Former Minister for Defence

He’s a prettier token

OK! the pirate enters

Strike, then operate

Stroke patient here

Mark Latham, BEc(Hons)

Former Leader of the Opposition

Labor chasm? Thank me!

(Found by Terry Dowling.
Included with his permission.)

David Alistair Kemp

Former Minister for Environment and
Heritage (and previously Federal Minister
for Education)

I am a livid, dark pest

I am private kids’ lad

Michael Wooldridge

Former Minister for Health

Lewd homicidal ogre

O God, I'm a wild lecher!

Christine Gallus

Former Parliamentary Secretary (Foreign Affairs)

Selling haircuts

Nice largish slut

Robert Hawke

Former Prime Minister

Weak brother

Malcolm Fraser

Former Prime Minister

Smell from a car

Chief Minister Kate Carnell

Former Chief Minister
Australian Capital Territory

Miscreant flake, nice Hitler

Ticklish female, nice ranter

Let’s crack the feminine liar


Jonathan Shier

Former Chief Executive, ABC

Ha! Johnnie’s rat

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Aberrant, impotent and decrepit feminism

Brain-dead impertinence informs attempt

Irritated members financed appointment

The Adelaide Advertiser

Dead vile—readers hate it

The Sydney Morning Herald

Deadly sneering, no rhythm

Shh! entirely dodgy manner

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