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Austechwriter Collection—January 2006

This page was created for use by members of Austechwriter—an online forum on which Australian technical writers discuss the theory and practice of technical communication, and many other things too. Most of the items on this page are phony error messages that members created, many using an online tool provided at Beneath each item is the name of the member who submitted it to me (Howard) for publication here.

I’m pleased to acknowledge Mary Helen Taft (of Austechwriter), who introduced me to, and thereby sowed the seed that developed into this page.

amusing screen tip for help button (1K)

Michael Granat

amusing screen tip for help button (1K)

Sonja McShane


Janice Gelb


Elizabeth Fullerton

win95del (2K)

Peter Bloxsom

jargon_error-message (3K)

Howard Silcock

its_error-message (3K)

Howard Silcock

joke_error-message (3K)

Howard Silcock

FAT_error-message (3K)

From a joke site

tupperware_error-message (3K)

Howard Silcock