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Ball In A Box Productions
Welcome to the Ball In A Box Productions website, primarily featuring programming, art and composition. Each member of the BIAB team has contributed to all primary sections of this site; adding a personal flavor.

The most noticable aspect of this eclectic collection is the unique approach taken or the unusual style in which items are presented. The artistic items feature a logical/mathematical texture while the programs show an artistic flare - both an amalgamation of the other.

Additionally, most, if not all, of the scripts from BIAB are simple, plain and functional; perfect for incorporating into your own website and enhancing to your own needs.

13 Nov 2010: Added: Documents concerning Covering Designs. More

15 Oct 2010: Three MD5 Hash programs have been created. More

29 Aug 2010: Hooray! We finally have a functional site search.

23 Aug 2010: New site goes live even though incomplete. More

August 2010: Colin writes a Sudoku Puzzle solver when he should have been working on the site. More

July 2010: Colin has taken the challenge of redesigning the website. More

January 2010: D10n, Draco and Virbatem welcome the 4th member of BIAB, Colin Fiat.

2009: BIAB has done nothing interesting all year - we suck.

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