Warren Hull

Warren Hull was born in Toowoomba Queensland and educated at Nudgee College in Brisbane.

After leaving school he qualified as a broadcasting technician and worked for a number of radio and TV stations and telco's. Along the way he has also worked as a doodlebugger on an american seismic oil survey boat and spent a year as the radio tech on a sub-antarctic scientific base. He recently took early retirement from the public service where he worked in IT.

Warren is married with two children.

Taylor-Rose Hull bio

Powershell Scripting

Warren's GIT Repository


Warren has worked for a number of radio and television stations: 4ZZZ,BTQ7,TCN9,4BC,2UE,TVNZ,4SEA,4GGG,WIN

He was also a Radio Inspector at the ACMA for 4 years

Broadcast Technician Exam Papers

These exams were previously run by the Australian Commonwealth Government as a means of qualifying technical staff to work with radio and TV equipment. They were discontinued in the late 80's when broadcasting was partially deregulated. They consisted of a set of written exams and a practical test conducted with items of equipment such as transmitters. I have also included a Ham Radio license exam at the end, as this was often sat as a precursor to the professional level exams.

Notes:The BOCP was a prerequsite required prior to sitting the TOCP. The Ham radio license also required a pass in a regulations paper and a 10 words per minute morse code test.