Our 2006
2006 was a busy year.  Cheryl continued with her job at the Office of Shared Services; the contract which was supposed to terminate in January 2006 somehow continued to get extended until January 2007 – but this will be the final stint.  She is now working full time and is feeling the lack of free time.  One of the main reasons to stop working is the fact that a grandchild is on the way!!  Yes, Greg and Andrea are expecting a baby in February 2007 and this is enough to make any grandmother (and grandfather) start champing at the bit.  In anticipation of this event, Greg and Andrea bought a new “family-sized” house in August.
Cheryl’s mum, Esme, celebrated a big milestone – her 80th birthday in October.  There was a big party with guests attending from as far as USA, Singapore, Melbourne and Adelaide.  Lots of planning and preparation ensured a very successful evening.  She continues to be very health conscious – going regularly to the gym, swimming and aquarobics - and is also working part-time for a community-based organisation assisting disabled or aged persons.  
Another major achievement in 2006 was the renovation of the kitchen.  This had been a dream of Cheryl’s for more than 20 years and at long last she could afford it.  The whole exercise took more than a year – planning, researching, and selecting a builder.  This was followed by 10 weeks of dust, no kitchen sink, re-locating the essentials of a kitchen in a tiny part of the dining room, while all the time living according to the whims and time schedules of tradespersons.  The kitchen is still not completed – the glass splashback has encountered some delays – hopefully everything will be in and ready by Christmas.  But, on the bright side, the new kitchen looks big and fabulous.  We’ve had to buy some new furniture to do justice to it.
Arthur has upgraded his computer with a 24-inch monitor and new Mac Mini.  Cheryl now has high blood pressure and will have to be on medication for some time.  Flemington gets better at communication every day.  He turned 6 in November – sleeps more but still rules the household.  We didn’t do any travelling this year, but Greg and Andrea went to Melbourne and south-west Victoria in November and Nick and Devon drove across from Melbourne to Perth in October for the big birthday party and while there, made a short visit to Singapore which they thoroughly enjoyed.
This year’s photo shows the family in front of the birthday cake against the backdrop of the new kitchen.
2006 in Review