OUR 2007


In 2007 the next generation of the Tan family was ushered in. Our first grandchild was born on 9 February – a lovely little girl named Ainslie St. John Jia Li.  She has become the centre of our lives as well as her parents and other set of grandparents.  We take great delight in watching her grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.  Ainslie spends one day a week with us, and even Flemington looks forward to Tuesdays.  She is so cute and good-natured, quick to smile and laugh, and willing to go to anyone. The photo in this year’s Christmas card was taken when Ainslie was 7 months old.  (We started our tradition of photo Christmas cards after Greg was born and we have completed a full circle as our grandchild nears her first Christmas)

Both Cheryl and Arthur celebrated their 60th birthdays but there were no big parties. Flemington turned 7 this year. He still has 2 outings every day – in the morning with Arthur and the evening with Cheryl.  We remain amazed by his ability to communicate with us.   Arthur continues to swim regularly at the aquatic centre but Cheryl now has high cholesterol and is on medication to keep it under control.  She stopped work in January and having free time again, decided to make full use of the new oven in the new kitchen by indulging in her long-dormant passion of cake making  - trying out new recipes every weekend. Arthur’s contribution was to start baking bread at home.  Cheryl began walking for exercise 3 times a week with Flemington. However, when the federal election was announced, she decided to earn a bit of money by working at the Australian Election Commission for the whole of November.

Apart from becoming a father, Greg has changed jobs and commenced a MBA at the University of WA.  Andrea stopped work when Ainslie was born, but then started part-time work after 6 months. In May, Nick and Devon celebrated Nick’s 30th birthday in Vanuatu where they had a fabulous holiday.  Then in October, they bought a house in Tecoma in the hills east of Melbourne and now have 2 dogs (D’Argo and Zh’aan).  Devon completed a course in floristry. Cheryl travelled to Melbourne in October to help them move into their new home and also to attend the wedding of her nephew Graeme – Greg, Andrea and Ainslie also attended the wedding in Melbourne.

Cheryl’s mum, Esme, continued with her travels this year, visiting Singapore twice, touring the UK in August, staying in Adelaide in September/October and then travelling to Melbourne/Geelong for Graeme’s wedding.

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