The Tans in 2013


We had another eventful year in 2013.  The highlight was the wedding of Nick and Peta in September. Cheryl was responsible for making and decorating the cake, so much of her year was spent worrying and obsessing about it.  However the time spent in planning and preparation paid off as the wedding cake was very well received.  This year's photo was taken at the venue in Perth's hills. Peta and Nick honeymooned at a luxury resort in Koh Samui.

Arthur's niece and her French fiancé were married in Singapore in March, and Cheryl, Arthur, Nick and Peta attended; it was a lovely casual mix of Asian and Western traditions.  Immediately after this, Cheryl and Arthur went to North Vietnam for a 10-day holiday covering Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa (a hill resort famous for its rice terraces and ethnic tribes). They had a most interesting and enjoyable time.  Then it was back to Singapore for a few more days before returning to Perth, managing to find time to catch up with some friends.

In July, Arthur's mother became ill and this prompted three more visits to be with her.  Greg also took a trip to see her.  Happy to report that her health is now much improved.

The grandchildren continue to provide much joy and entertainment.  Ainslie started full time school in Year 1 so now she only has her 'grandma' time through sleepovers during school holidays.  She is doing well at school and continues to have lots of extracurricular activities, with cheer-leading and basketball added to the list. Rhys is now a delightful 2-year old; he is fascinated with construction vehicles, and can play quietly by himself with his toys.  He talks a lot and is able to carry on a conversation and even argue.  He is very adept at using an iPad and continues to attend swimming lessons with Cheryl.

With 2 weddings and a holiday, Arthur has had his hands full of photographs and has devoted a lot of time this year to making photo albums.  Cheryl is still indulging her hobby of cake-making providing each family member with different and eye-catching birthday cakes (the grandchildren get more than one each).  Another activity that took up her attention was her involvement in 2 elections – a state (WA) election in March and a federal election in September.  In both cases she was the manager of a polling station; and felt a sense of civic responsibility. 

Flemington has slowed down, and greyed, considerably; he had 2 health scares: the first required an operation to remove a  suspected carcinogenous large mole and the next was an episode of vestibular syndrome.  Thankfully there was no cancer and the attack of vestibular syndrome was a one-off.  Cheryl's mother, Esme, went off on an African safari in August and had a very satisfying holiday seeing all the Big Five in action. She is currently in Adelaide for Christmas.